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We are an eternal being, shimmering light through your world.

















We see depths of possibilities and beauty that most of you seem blind to see.






Welcome to Alloya.com


Here perhaps you will find some of the answers you seek.

Prepare for an exciting journey that will introduce you to the

Multidimensional Self and discover the true nature of reality.


You are a Divine Creative Mulitdimensional Consciousness .

You have a Soul aspect or Self on each and every dimension which makes up our Universe.

All these Soul Aspects all come together to make up your Multidimensional Identity .

We are in the Process of integrating the energies of these different aspects or selves,

into the cells of our physical bodies.

Once all aspects are integrated we are anchoring to Gaia's Matrix and activating her sacred star codes.

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All my love and light Alloya

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