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Need a Guide to assist you as you Awaken to your True Spiritual Nature?

Alloya Ye Ra har



Soul Readings

I offer many written Soul Readings on different topics. I cater to Starseeds who need guidance and support, as well as those who are newly Awoken. 


Healing Sessions

I offer Distant Healing Sessions and Light Body Activations as well as a weekly Healing Clinic.


Antari light body upgrades

I offer Mp3 recorded Light Body Activations as well as many EBooks and publications from the Antari Mantis Insectoid Light Beings. 


Ebooks & Meditations

I offer many Free Ebooks as well as books to purchase through the Store. I also offer Free recorded guided meditations.

Let me be an Intuitive Channel for your Soul's wisdom

Alloya Ye Ra har

Featured Healing


  • Implant removal and dna distortion work
  • Celestial clearing – a procedure designed to address karmic distortions and other imbalances that come not from this human life but from existences you may have had in other realities.
  • Activation of certain light body devices which come on line as you raise your frequency.
  • Insertion and activation of dormant star codes which will enable further integration of multidimensional self as well as having then access to other dimensional races within your soul family.
  • An acceleration of the general energy in the light body to enable it to perform at a higher expression.

Upgrade the Light Body and turn on latent spiritual gifts & abilities

The Antari from Antares

Featured Activation

Awakening the Anu which is a new vortex developing in the light body. This session is intense for the heart please be warned for those with heart conditions. 
Taken from Antari Devices and Procedures Level 2

“Isotropic manifold-

Waking up the Angel Heart or Anu.

Crystal singing bowls carry waves of healing into the heart massaging and rebalancing it bringing it to a point of transformation. Binaural beats assist your meditation and brain entrainment. Antari tones and healing vocal waves complete this upgrade.

During this upgrade the Antari after an initial preparation will begin working on the opening and the activation of the Anu or the Angel Heart. It will be activated in seven stages with recalibration in between each stage. This upgrade will begin the first stage of the creation of a new vortex or stargate portal in the Heart Space. Once this new vortex or stargate is complete it will enable you to be more conscious and directive in your journeying through your inner space or cosmos. You will have access codes given in later upgrades which will enable you to work the Anu stargate to take you into other dimensions and realities.”

Starseed let me help you find your origin in the Stars

Alloya Ye Ra har

Featured Reading


Ever wondered where you came from before you entered the earth plane. Well here is your chance. I, Alloya offer a detailed channelled reading that will give you information about where you existed in the universe and what kind of expression or form you have taken. Ever looked at the stars and felt homesick like your home world is somewhere else?
Ever felt out of place here in 3D earth like you are used to a place which is higher in vibration?
Ever felt really lonely and unable to really understand the complexities of humans?
I with my many guides will answer your questions and guide you on a journey of discovery in the stars.

Discover the many Faces of your Divine Soul

Alloya Ye Ra har



"Alloya is your Cosmic Guide, aligned with the Stars and beyond! Truly divine guidance. Infinite gratitude "

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