You are a child of the Universe , birthed through the Womb of the Great Mother Goddess. You are connected to the Stars, Sun & Moon. You are here at the time of Great Transformation.

Your Soul has brought you here. Welcome , I hope I can be your guide along your path of Awakening. 


You are a Multidimensional Being, who has an aspect or soul self which resides on each of the dimensions that make up this universal reality. 

You are experiencing a  spiritual awakening,  soul integration & a raising of your frequency.  

Do you feel lost in the trees.

Do you need a guide to assist you along your way? 

Do you need a healer, teacher & guide? 

I am here to help you find your path through the forest.


 Soul Readings

Six Readings to choose from. Your Soul’s Journey, Relationships Readings, Past existences & much more. 

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 Healing Sessions

Six Healing Sessions to choose from. Chakra Balance, Light Body alignment & much more.

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Multidimensional Consciousness , Soul Intergration, Planetary Transformation, Interdimensional Entities, Star Beings. Mother Goddess, Ancient History, Elven Kin. Healing, Meditation Modalities, Channelling , poems.

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 Free Books

Created to assist you along your spiritual path of Awakening. 

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Healing Sessions

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Soul Readings

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