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Do you need a rebalance of your energy body, have you issues and blocks you simply cannot clear, then look no further as I can help you.  Do you feel that your chakras are blocked, your energy body out of alignment, would you benefit from a energetic rebalance.

Chakra Balance, Implant & Entity Removal, Karmic Clearing & so Much More . I have been working as a qualified Healer for over 25 years and can provide you with a powerful healing session.

Healing Sessions are set by appointment, allowing for a 2 hour session.  A detailed report is sent the following day, with information about what was performed during the session and any advice. 

Only £70

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I provide a number of different Soul Readings & can even tailor one individually just for you. The Soul Readings are designed to give you direction and inspiration along your path and help you resolve your issues whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

I can read the Soul’s records and  bring you the guidance and wisdom from your Soul, to further your spiritual path, give you the missing pieces to your story and help you be, all that you can be. 

The Soul Readings are delivered as a PDF file, via email by arrangement

Only £70

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The reading I received at a crossroads stage was a life-changing experience, its content being a confirmation of a knowing and feeling too sacred and secret to whisper out loud. It brought all the pieces together I needed to come closer to the core of my being, it helped me to find myself and my power!”

Sven Buys

Alloya’s knowledge is of a different order than one normally encounters. She has deeply touched me with her healings and readings and has enriched my life with a different view of my being in the universe.”

Binkie Dabekaussen



Please send an email to alloya@alloya.com 

Many thanks Alloya