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Transformation Healing Process

vsmallsmall3In this workshop you will learn a powerful and extremely affective healing process that can transform your life. Emotional problems, relationship issues, lack of personal power and freedom can cause us to have blocks to our life force in our bodies.Emotions such as anger, sadness, and fear are held in the body by an electrical charge that vibrates at a very low frequency. These blocks prevent us from stepping into our divine power and living the life that we long to create. Science says that high frequencies and low frequencies cannot exist in the same space at the same time, by implementing this healing technique we bring high energies into our bodies and allow them to sit with these dense and limiting emotions and belief patterns. The high energies clear the pain that is held in our bodies giving room for new and elevated perspectives on our life situations. Using high energies we can move away from our limited self-expression to a more balanced and powerful expression of self.

This workshop is for those that are just stepping onto a self – healing path, who wish to clear the negativity from their bodies, to connect with their with a higher perspective . It is for complete new comers to self-healing with an intention to transform. Learn this technique to further yourself and take home with you a useful and practical tool for changing your life. You will be provided with a safe and loving environment to explore yourself and bring about the changes you want.

This seminar can act as a foundation for the Facilitator training .

Contact Alloya if you are interested in attending this seminar or organising the seminar in your local area.


You are a divine co-creative being , creating your own reality