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Multidimensional Soul Integration

vsmallsmall1You are so much more than just a human being living here on the Earth, this is only one expression of your Soul. In truth you are a multidimensional being residing in one form or another on each of the dimensional levels which make up this Universe.

There are an infinite amount of dimensions but our human minds cannot comprehend infinity, so I use a 12 dimensional model in order to come to some sort of understanding. On the highest dimension on the 12th resides the Godhead, the Universal Dreamer , on the third dimension you are a human being residing on the Earth , in between there are several more dimensions , on each one you have a aspect or Soul self. The Overall Soul Self or the Multidimensional consciousness expresses itself on each dimension. The higher up the dimensions you go the lighter, the more none physical your reality becomes. There are aspects of self which are not in a physical or even a semi physical body but are pure energy.

You as this multidimensional being are made up of selves residing on the various dimensions. Your overall identity is a merging or collection of all these different aspects or selves.
In this workshop you will learn how to access and integrate the aspects of the Soul that are contained in this divine self. Learn how to retrieve all Soul fragments and understand the impact of Soul agreements. Discover the hidden meanings in your relationships to your loved ones through the exploration of your Soul contracts. Empower yourself by bringing the higher frequency expressions of yourself into your body and life. Learn how to channel, heal and express the various multi-dimensional aspects.

On the other dimensions you can experience yourself as a variety of different energies; these energies are held in the d.n.a of the body and can be accessed to bring you useful tools and abilities in your everyday life. Channelling these frequencies can enhance your healing and can be used to heal others. Use these frequencies to transcend old behaviour and negative patterning and access your true divine self. Learn to express your divinity and live it in the creativity within your lives. Open up your creative and inspired connection to your Soul and bring the truth of who you are here into the third dimension. Gain deeper meaning in your life and remember your Soul’s choice for coming here to earth at this time. This workshop is open to all, whether experienced metaphysicians or complete beginners!

Contact Alloya if you are interested in attending this seminar or organising the seminar in your local area.


Your Soul resides on all dimensions in many different forms all coming together to make your Multidimensional Identity