The Parting of the Ways

The Parting of the Ways

There is occurring in this reality we call earth a grand shift and parting of the ways. This parting will become more evident as the months roll by. In November 2019 during the 11.11 doorway this parting of the ways began. The Zeta told me about this parting of the ways many years ago in the late 80s.

They told me the following:

There will come a time when souls will have to choose between two realities. One reality would take them on a time line whereby they would become totally 100% enslaved by the New World Order. The other reality would also be challenging but it would result in moving into a higher frequency and manifesting new planet which is what I called it back then. Some call it heaven on earth, or the golden age.

The Zeta told me that I would feel very clearly the time when this parting of the ways was going to occur. I felt this in November 2019 when the β€œstory” about the coronavirus was first breaking into the mainstream media’s news. Since that time I have seen evidence that there are at least two different realities going on in this same space at the same time. The Zeta told me that when the parting first began these realities would lay side-by-side, and people would not recognise that there were two realities going on, but after a while once the realities began to part, it would become more evident that there were two realities going on in the same space at the same time.

When they first explained this to me I was rather confused. I didn’t understand. They told me that after a while it would be possible to walk past someone in the street and if they were not resonating in the same reality as you were, you would not really recognise them there, and they would not recognise you there either. The Zeta told me it was not so much that they completely disappeared, it was just that they were so far away from your resonance that they did not come on your radar. The Zeta told me that these two realities will be in the same space at the same time side-by-side for quite some time but after a while they would begin to part so much that one reality would disappear to the other.

I have had direct experience of this before. One afternoon I was with a friend and the Zeta came and began to spontaneously channel through me. They were explaining to my friend the difference in the energy of truth and lies. They were explaining that no matter what the intuition had the ability to recognise the difference between truth and lies. Every time they spoke truth through me they would make me stand up, and every time they spoke lies through me they would make me sit down. It was a way for me to feel the rising and falling of the energy.

They did this for over two hours before they finally left and I was back to my normal human self. I was a little embarrassed because there were other people in the room I thought that they must have thought I was rather strange standing up and sitting down over and over again. So I went to them and I apologised to them that I’ve been acting strange. They looked at me puzzled they said to me that I haven’t been acting strange I had simply been sitting there talking to my friend for the past two hours. I asked them if they’d seen me standing up and sitting down over and over again, and they said that they hadn’t seen me do this and I had been sat there entire time.

The Zeta explained to me that it is possible to have two realities going on in the same space at the same time. And it is possible for one lot of people in one reality, to not experience what people in another reality are experiencing. They explained to me that when the parting of the ways occurs, these two realities will become more and more evident, and it is very important to stay grounded in your truth in your resonance as to not be pulled into the opposing reality which is vying for your soul.

Like I said above one reality the people would stay asleep. They would not awaken they would not come to realise that this entire world is being led by a group of people who have enslaved us through generations. They would not awaken and throw away the shackles of their enslavement and take humanity into the golden age, instead they would remain asleep within the matrix.

The Zeta explained to me that in the beginning, when the parting of the way first occurs, and the two realities are still sitting side-by-side together in the same space, that there would be much confusion as one lot of people who were completely asleep in the matrix would be experiencing one reality, and those of you awakening from spell of the matrix would experience a completely different reality.

The Zeta said that whilst these two realities are going on there could be a lot of distortion and confusion going on between people. If one person from one reality was having a conversation with others from another reality, they may come into distortion, confusion and arguments because they will want to insist that their reality is the only one in truth there are two realities going on at the same time.

The Zeta told me that those people who stay to sleep within the matrix with overtime would lose the connection to their soul, and their higher self. Many people have commented especially recently that a lot of people are acting as if they are soulless beings. They all seem to be under a deep hypnotic spell of mind control. There is a lot of talk on the Internet as to whether some of these people that we see in our world are indeed part of the matrix and do not have a soul and some call them NPC’s. None Player Characters.

Since the beginning of the parting of these realities I have noticed from a distance, that many of these NPC’s are very easily triggered when they are faced with the truth vibration and information. We are living in an age, whereby much is being revealed; the shadow cannot hide any longer and is being brought into the light. These generational families of darkness, who have been controlling our world for hundreds of years, are slowly being exposed. This exposure is being brought about by waves of light that are hitting our plane. These waves of light will only increase in intensity as the months role by revealing more and more of the darkness. It is very important that you do not succumb to fear when this happens, but it is also very important that you do not turn your back on what is revealed. Those who remain asleep in the matrix will find it very difficult in the coming months as more of this is revealed.

Since the 1111 doorway of time 2019 I have noticed that these two realities are beginning to shift and part. It seems those people who are still hypnotised by the television, and are still mind controlled by the lies of the mainstream media, are snoring within the matrix. People are desperate to wake up their loved ones, but they are often met with hostility and anger.

I have been trying to wake people up to what was coming in the future since the late 80s and I was always met with hostility and anger as many people cannot take the truth vibration. During the 1111 doorway 2019 it became very evident to me that not only had the beginning of the parting of these ways begun, but my job to wake people up in this way was over. I really feel that if people are not awake now and they never will be. It is time for us now to look to our future, look to our new planet and a golden age and move away from this old reality in our perspective and energy. This is not possible to do if you take the New Age mind set of only focusing on the positive. This in itself is a disempowering mind set which will not take us into the golden age.

We have many challenges and obstacles to come, and the months ahead could well be very dark, but we need to breathe and be brave now and give our ancestors something to be proud of and stand in our truth. Do not challenge those other people that are living in the other reality, but instead live in the truth and the resonance of New Planet.

The very first thing you must do to unplug yourself from that old reality and take your position here within the new planet frequency is to get rid of your television. The television is a mind control tool for the elite. They have been programming your subconscious mind directly through the flicker rate of the television, the colours and the sequence that they flash those colours in, and many NLP neuro-linguistic programming cues. They are not called television programs for nothing.

If only you could see what you look like when you are sitting watching the television and you are totally entranced and hypnotised. I have always found watching people who are watching television to be an extremely disturbing thing to watch. Many of those people will sit down with their mouths open, with no light or life shining within their eyes, deep within a hypnotic trance, absorbing mind control. Your mind is not your own if you are still watching the television, if you do not stop watching the TV you might turn into an NPC.

The propaganda lies and programming that is currently being pushed upon your television as regards to this lockdown and the takeover of the New World order, is designed to lock you in a fear vibration, and this will only hold you in the old reality, and prevents you from moving and ascending into new planet frequency.

Those people who are watching the television daily, and especially those who are watching the news, are really rotting their brains. I watched a video on you tube that had, within it a clip taken from the Channel 4 News which is a main stream media news outlet here in the United Kingdom. The news clip was supposedly taken inside a hospital at the peak of the pandemic, and was designed to bring people to fear as they showed doctors and nurses rushing around attending patients who was supposedly dying of the coronavirus.

Lying upon the bed was not a person dying of the coronavirus, but a plastic mannequin. This mannequin had hinges in the elbow, a hole in his neck, and very badly drawn on eyebrows. Not only that but on the wall behind the mannequin there was a notice which clearly told people not to eat or drink around the mannequin. It was clearly obvious that this video clip was not of a hospital in the height of the pandemic, but it was taken from a training video.

When this was aired I asked many what they thought of this particular video. Not one of them noticed that the person lying on the bed wasn’t a person at all, but was actually a plastic mannequin. Like I said the television is rotting the brain.

Even though the Internet is much better in fact that they use a different refresh rate and the mind control programming is not so intense if you are not following any of the mainstream characters of the matrix. However, it is very important that you have discernment and always be aware of what it is that you are absorbing. There are many undercover gatekeepers on the Internet who are stealing your consciousness. You after a while will come to realise that you’ve given your power way to people who are actually working for the elite. They have been put in place to act as controlled opposition to steer your consciousness as you awaken.

We have been mind controlled since the day of our birth, we have been mind controlled over so many different subjects it is layered upon our awareness. When you first wake up you will have a peeling away of these layers to reveal more and more truth. This can be rather disconcerting at first, and can be tricky to handle, on a mental level.

It is often at this time that you can get stuck in a split consciousness, one part of yourself will believe old beliefs, and the other part of yourself as you awaken will come to realise that you have been under mind control.  As your beliefs are challenged it can be difficult as your beliefs are shaken and taken away from you, your foundation feels rocky, and it can put you in a vulnerable state.

When this arises, you will often have questions like who am I, where I am from, where am I now, what is it to be a human being, what is the Earth, etc.

Many of you will run to the internet for the answers to these questions and instead of finding wise beings for council, you will often come across these paid controlled opposition gatekeepers. Even though they look like they are all separate agents, they are not behind the scenes they are all working together to a secret agenda. I highly suggest at this time that you seek counsel of people that you trust and resonate with, people who you have a personal connection with, and do not rely on the characters that are currently running the new age community.

How do you know who to trust, and who to rely on in these delusional times? I highly suggest that you do not follow any of these main characters you find on you tube. Over two years ago nearly all of the channels that were actually resonating in the truth frequency were kicked off you tube, what remains is a structure of gatekeepers and their copycat followers. Unfortunately there is a lot of narcissism in our society, and it seems that the new age community attract these kinds too. There are many people online; creating YouTube videos who are simply copying the information which is actually distorted information coming from these gatekeepers.

People are eager for your awareness and consciousness and it is more important at this time than ever before, for you to decide which reality you are going to focus on. I have many clients come to me with their own personal experience that do not resonate with many of the stories of current stories on the Internet within the New Age community. I just want to reassure those people that they should not doubt themselves and their own experience, and they should realise that many of the stories being currently pushed by the main characters on you tube within the new age community are lies and mind control tactics designed to steer your awakening.

I wish you well along your journey of awakening. All my love alloya πŸ™‚