A Miasm

“ Miasms are energy realities that exist independently of and within life systems. A miasm may be viewed as a localized pocket or concentration of energies comprising elements that do not enhance, stabilize or maintain the balance and well being of the larger life system. A miasm is a small energy reality that is part of a larger life system but is out of time and place with the overall direction and purpose of that larger system.”- Machaelle Small Wright. 1. Are you feeling blocked even though it feels like you have done the right things on your spiritual path? 2. Are you experiencing physical and/or emotional challenges that seem unreasonable in relation to the amount of personal healing you have done so far? 3. Are you experiencing resistance to asking for help from others, either friends or those you know can help you, or asking for the higher dimensional assistance that you know is available to you? 4. Are you receiving communication from ET friends that you know is helpful, but the experience creates feelings of discomfort or fear? If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may be experiencing the activation of a miasm in your energetic body.

What is a miasm?

As you all know there are many levels to your consciousness and you exist in one form or another on each and every dimension that makes up this multi-dimensional universe. You have an aspect or self-representing your soul’s expression on each and every level. Therefore for each and every level of consciousness, there is a body to act as a vehicle for that level. There are four bodies to the human expression, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, each one vibrating at a certain rate. The physical body is the densest, having the slowest rate of vibration; the spiritual is the highest, vibrating at a high frequency. Within the spiritual body there is a direct connection with the soul and its body or vehicle, the energetic soul body.

Within in this soul body you can often find blocks that have a direct affect on the flow of positive energy that enables the clear manifestation of the soul’s light in the realms of the physical body and the third dimension. These blocks within the soul body affect the lower dimensions and bodies and create severe imbalance in the lower vehicles, the mental, emotional and finally the physical. A miasm is a mass of negative electrically charged energy, which is seated in the energetic soul body. It is a mass of energy that is holding information as an electrically encoded mass of dense thought forms. These negative thought forms are often sourced from other lives and other realties, lives and realities that the Soul has experienced whilst journeying along it evolving path of consciousness. Miasms are thought to be the core and the underlying cause of all disease. In truth no disease sources itself in the physical body and the third dimension, in truth all disease has its roots in a miasm, which exists in the fourth dimension. Many of the complex diseases that you see manifesting in your physical third dimensional reality are coming from the memories, that you as a whole race of beings have recorded, from the experiences you have gathered from other lives and also whilst existing in other realities.

The human race also has its own collective miasms, which you are now seeing manifesting in your third dimensional world, as modern diseases such as the complex blood cancers and aids. The individual has its own miasms which manifest as disease, however these miasms are not entirely isolated from the rest of humanity, they are connected to the collective miasms, which the human race carries within its fourth dimensional body. Miasms are the way that you as individuals and also as a collective evolve and learn through disease and imbalance.

There are two kinds of miasms. One kind is a mass of accumulated information that has been gathered whilst experiencing lifetime upon lifetime. The miasm has woven itself into a self governing, self generated entity which has a perception of itself as being independent of the host, yet in fact it is the accumulated memories and experiences of the soul who has experienced negativity in its incarnated lifetimes. The miasm weaves itself from the electrical coding that is created whilst you are experiencing bad feelings. These bad feelings are translated into bad memories, which you then record. In this recording you are gathering the information as electrical coding, this weaves itself together and over time it has enough energy to create a pattern, which can begin to experience itself as conscious and individual. This is then said to be a miasm. The miasm is conscious of itself and can create a self-willing reality by harnessing the core life force of the soul, to create more and more negative realities, thus creating more and more bad feelings and memories. The other kind of miasm is not so natural. The above miasm is a natural development of negative energy; the other miasm I talk about is artificial. It has been created in its whole form artificially and inserted into the soul body by another being or beings. These are thought by some to be implants but they are not used in the same way as true implants, they are designed to inhibit those who have developed to a certain level, to prevent them from further travelling their pathway of enlightenment. There are many of you on the planet who are here for one purpose, to aid the planet in its shift in consciousness. You are star seeds, super hybrids, here on the earth as a support team, supporting the earth and all who live upon her, as she shifts from the third dimension into the light of the fifth. There are beings from other realities and dimensions that do not want the earth to ascend in consciousness, they have created means of preventing those who are here to aid the planet from doing their jobs. They have artificially created miasms, which they then insert into the soul body of those who they wish to stop.

Are you one of them?

A miasm can be seen or detected by those who have clairvoyant sight; there are many healers on the planet at this time, that have the ability to see these masses of dense thought forms, these miasms. Those of you who can perceive the aura can develop this ability to see and diagnose miasms within the soul body. When I look at the colours of the soul body I am amazed at the brilliance and the intricate patterns that the colours create, with this ability to see the wondrous beauty of the soul body, it is not hard for me to distinguish a miasm at work. It is unmistakeable, as its colours are often dark and its form cloudy. The patterns that miasm create are also intricate in design yet they are not beautiful, in fact they are often ugly and look like cancerous tumours, with growths and veins that I have even seen growing and overlapping into the chakra points.

A miasm is held in a certain frequency, whilst within this frequency it cannot be detected by the physical senses or medical equipment, as it is not entirely third dimensional. Miasms sometimes can be perceived as if they are physical; when in fact they are really fourth dimensional. The fourth dimension is so close to the third dimension that a miasm can often be mistaken for a third dimensional disease and can be perceived by the host, as if it is physical and sourced in the physical. This can be misleading for those who wish to heal the disease, as they will go on to treat the miasm causing disease with third dimensional medicine and treatments. Treating the miasm as if it is physical and third dimensional will not heal the miasm and in fact can even irritate the condition. The successful treating of miasm-based diseases comes about by looking for the source of the disease within the fourth dimension and the fourth dimensional body. Treating the condition at its core will carry the intention to heal right the way down into the third dimension and thus the successful healing of the mirrored third dimensional disease will come about.

The fourth dimension is so close to the third dimension that is often perceived by others as a disease in the physical body, when in fact it does not source from the physical body itself, but its origin is in fact the soul body. The Soul body vibrates at a much higher rate than the physical body yet has a direct affect on the physical. Many diseases are not originating in the body at all, but are the after affects of an event, or series of events that have occurred in the soul body and are filtering down into the physical third dimension, to bring disease to the human body which can then be perceived by the medical profession. The reason many diseases are un treatable is because the medical professions do not recognise that the imbalance of the physical body is often the last reaction in a long chain of events, that have occurred on the different and higher dimensions of the overall being.

Everyone has one theme or set of issues that they replay over and over again throughout their life times, this sets up a pattern that they create in their lives in order to clear and heal certain lessons. If you look into the miasm it is not just a mass of accumulated negativity, it is encoded with information that relates to the issues you are carrying throughout your lives. In some way a miasm is not necessarily a bad thing, as it is packed with energies, which dictate that you experience certain things happening in your lives, lessons manifest in your reality, so you can move forward in your present life and also the enhance the overall development of your soul along its journey. A miasm is a sign of a highly developed soul who has moved through several lifetimes both on and off this planet. Not all of your lives were experienced as a human being on the earth; many of you have been many different kinds of beings who have existed on many different planets on various dimensions. Some of the information that is held in the miasm comes from the lifetimes that you may have lived on other planets in other realities. Now it is not necessary that you remember the lifetimes individually but it is important that you get to know your miasm and discover the information that it carries within it. A miasm does not show up unless it is time to learn from it and finally heal it too. The fact the miasm is showing up now is an indication that you have come to a point in your soul’s development, where you are to make a major leap forward and leave behind the negative patterning of your past.

Whilst healing a miasm you may notice that it will unwrap layer by layer, because as you can imagine miasms are often layered, it is a tight multifaceted mass of negative energy. A miasm can greatly affect your present life on the earth, as it is often the core of all imbalance, and disharmony in both your energetic body and also your physical body. A classic example of a miasm manifesting in the physical body is cancer. Cancer is just that, a miasm that has lowered its frequency, has become so dense that it has now manifest on the physical third dimensional level in the physical body. It is a negative energy; it is a lesson to be learnt. Because the lesson was not learnt energetically the miasm had to become dense and manifest itself on the physical as a disease. Detoxification of the physical body, can greatly aid the healing of miasms, as miasms need other negativity within the physical body in order to lock into the body. Therefore if you rid your body of the toxic build up, then this will also aid you in the removal and the prevention of the miasm manifesting in your physical body as a full blown disease. Have you ever felt so unwell that you have rushed to the doctors to be checked over convinced that there is something seriously wrong with you, only to find that after examinations and tests there is nothing wrong with you? This can be very puzzling, this is when a miasm is on the verge of manifesting in the physical body, it is affecting the physical body and causing physical symptoms, but on examination there is nothing wrong with the body. If this miasm is left unhealed then eventually it will manifest fully in the body as a disease. This is where spiritual healers can really come into play and aid those of you experiencing this kind of illness to heal. By healing the miasm at this stage many serious diseases are healed and not allowed to fully manifest in the physical. There is a way of healing a miasm a certain time, a certain stage in your spiritual development. If you are reading this, then this a time for you, when you are able to begin the work to unravel your miasm. Everyone has one, which is the core, it is not necessary to work on each and every miasm, it is only necessary to work on the core and the healing will affect all miasms. As all miasms are interconnected by working on your core miasm, you are also working on the collective and the universal. Your soul has guided you to this text to inspire you and give you sign that this a time when you can begin.

How to heal a miasm

There are wonderful shifts and changes taking place within you as we align with the powerful new energies manifesting on the planet at this time and within this transformation you will experience great opportunities to heal. These energies are switching on abilities of healing and self-healing that are latent within all of you. Within the very d.n.a of every human being there is a template, a programmed code that holds designs of perfect health. Each human can draw on this original blueprint for health. They can activate this program in the cells of the body and activate an inner light core, which lies dormant in each and every cell. With the activation of this inner light a great transformation occurs and the human will know in its very cells that is an aspect of a much greater being, the Universal Dreamer. It is all in the intention of your soul to heal out your miasms. It is not something that you can decide to do rationally the intention to heal has to come from your soul. The fact you are reading this text is a clear sign you are on the path of healing out your miasm. Your soul will guide you to various forms of healing, everyone is unique and the way the soul chooses to walk its healing path is unique to each and every one of you. Be open to the signs from your soul and walk your path bravely.

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