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About Alloya

DSC_0201Alloya is the author of several books , articles and podcasts all on the subject of soul integration and the many healing opportunities that this provides. Alloya is a qualified Hands on and remote Healer of the London College of Healers . She has been practicing for over 25 years . She has been a Facilitator and trainer of the Jann Wiess Transformation Process, since she was 23. She is an intuitive, empathic, channel/healer who can access soul records and provide detailed information about past lives . She provides distant remote healing sessions and a variety of different readings. She has extensive knowledge of different dimensional beings , soul identities, universal construction and much more. She can provide you with many different services, check out the soul reading and healing pages.

Alloya has designed a soul integration process to integrate all the different aspects which make up your multidimensional identity. She assists you in removing all that stands in your way to be able to fully integrate your soul into this human experience. She has experience of working with many different people, working on many different levels and can accommodate all no matter where on the path they are .  Alloya works with many different beings to support you along your journey  , star beings, extra-dimensionals  , nature spirits and much more. Alloya has a passion for working with the Goddess of the earth Gaia , and can asisst you too in making a connection. She works with the serpent power of Gaia which resides both in the earth as ley lines and within the body as the kundalini. She can provide you with useful tips and advice on how to live outside of the control matrix and free your consciousness.

“I woke up to my multidimensional identity when I was 21 years old .  I  had many strange experiences whilst I was very young, none of them have left my memory. Night after night unable to sleep I was visited by the Extra- Dimensional beings , ( many of them were what we call aliens, I no longer think these beings are from another place in the vacum of space , these beings are in no way Extra- Terrestial but Extra- Dimensional.)  I thought they were my true family as I felt no connection to my earth parents and in fact found living here on earth in a human body very distressing. I would sit on the window sill of my room, looking out at the stars, calling to my kin. Their arrival was always the same, the stars would begin to spiral and from the centre of my vision, a portal of light would open. It was not bright but misty and without definition. From the centre of this opening portal, a face would appear which was the face of the Zeta. Night after night they visited me and many times we flew up and down the road  ,looking in at people sleeping in their beds, as somehow I could see through the walls of their houses. Sometimes I would go aboard their ships which were controlled by thought. I remember being taught how to pilot a small  craft. In the centre of the craft was a triangle raised on the floor on which I sat. In order to keep the craft in flight and balanced I had to keep myself in a balanced state of thought and emotion. This was harder for me to achieve than it was for them, as they seemed to be without the drastic changes in emotions, their energy being more constant. I remember clearly having to concentrate on keeping my inner self calm and focused in order to keep the craft in flight.
All my life I have been able to see or sense other beings from other dimensions. I could see fairies and nature spirits playing in the woods, my Grandmother told me the stories about the fairies, which captured my imagination and triggered many memories in my mind. It was not until I went to school and talked to the other children that I came to realise that not everyone could see what I could see. I did not want to to be different so I learnt to close down my extra -sensory abilities, to be normal like everyone else. I tried to put away my silly fantasies, and grow up. I fell into a deep depression during my teenage years and spent my alone times planning my suicide, however I did not have the courage to actually do it but it was a comfort somehow empowering to imagine it. I was lost, there were big holes in my memory and the remnants that I did remember were so confusing, all I knew was I felt desperately alone and out of place here on the earth.

When I was 21 years old I had a massive download of information about who I was , and what I was doing on the earth. This download continued for several weeks until finally I was given my spiritual name by my higher self. Alloya Ye Ra Har . Receiving the name kick started a process of soul integration which took nine years to complete. I discovered that Alloya was made up of many different types of beings and expressions, each residing on a different dimensional level. During this time my higher self showed me her consciousness in its entirety, and I came to realise that she was a universal being, a multidimensional consciousness. My higher self guided me to integrate all these different energies into the physical cells of my body, and within this process I began to transform.My awareness opened fully and I healed and transformed myself, to the point where I was able to go out into the world and teach others.

I trained and qualified to be hands on healer with the “London College of Healers” and then opened my own practice. I treated many people with a variety of illnesses, during which I discovered that I was more inclined to working with people with emotional and spiritual problems. During this time I realised that the reality we experience is created by the beliefs that are held in the body and that we need to reprogram these beliefs, in order to live our lives as our Higher Soul Self intended. So with this in mind, I then went on to train as a Facilitator and Trainer of the Jann Weiss Transformation Process. This process addresses the issues and negative programming that is present in the cells of the body, which aids the creating of negative realities. I wrote the book “The Mission of the One Star”, which guided people through the integration process of the Multidimensional Self. It was a great success and still is the backbone of my work. I then went on to work with people, helping them integrate all the different aspects which make up their Multidimensional Selves.
I can assist you on your journey of personal self- discovery. I can provide you with the tools to discover your inner source of power, so you can come to the realisation you too are a multi-dimensional being which has more than one self, existing on many levels at once. I can aid you in the removal of negative beliefs, programs and emotions from the cells of the body, enabling there to be space for the integration of your multidimensional identity. I provide a variety of distant private sessions, which you can read about in the healing sessions section of my website. You can find many new articles by visiting the articles page, as well as new podcasts and meditations on my You Tube channel. Or you can follow me on facebook.

I hope you enjoy my work and if you would like to chat with me, I am always open to communicate with you by email.

Please contact me at :

All my love and light Alloya ॐ

 vsmallsmall5Fifth dimensional extraterrestrial selves volunteer to incarnate into the third dimensional reality and take on human form to aid the mission of transforming planets to light.