I am an intuitive, empathic, channel, & healer who can access the soul’s records and provide detailed information about your journey and story from your soul’s perspective. I provide a guide through the dimensions, accessing who you are on each level, providing detailed information about who you were before coming to earth, your journey through the dimensions, and important information about why you are here on Earth at this time. I can look into past lives on the earth and past existences in other places in the Multi-Verse, and read important information to guide you through your life in the here and now.

I launched this website to reach out to my fellow Soul Family, who are spread across this realm. Initially I was given the task by my Soul, to find others like myself who are star born, StarSeeds from other realities and dimensions. As time passed my work developed to reach a far wider audience. I work with many different levels of beings from the stars and here on earth. I can provide you a listening ear, a warm heart & guidance to assist along your spiritual path of Awakening. I have over 30 years of experience working with clients providing various healing services, soul readings and seminars.

I have traveled extensively around the world, teaching Soul Integration, various self-healing modalities including Hands-on Healing, of which I am a qualified Healer with the Royal College of Healers. I am also a student of the Jann Wiess Transformation Process, of which I am a qualified Facilitator and Trainer.

I can answer questions that affect you on your highest level and also here on the mundane level of 3D. I can access your guides which are unseen around you and can give you their wisdom. I have been doing Soul Reading of various kinds for over 26 years and have over a thousand satisfied customers. I can give guidance and advice to assist you in your self-healing and your spiritual growth, as a soul residing in a human body. I am able to read the energy body in detail and can access this remotely and provide in-depth and powerful transforming healing sessions. My clients come to me with a whole range of issues, from physical body illnesses and imbalances, emotional congestion, mental confusion, spiritual distortions, implants, attachments, entity problems, and much more. I can cater to your individual needs and even design a healing just for you.

 I work with many different energies and beings from other dimensions, one of which, the Antari, 11D Beings who are experts in light bodywork, and transforming and upgrading activations. The Antari are a group of high dimensional insectoid beings who I have been in contact with since 1990. They are here in our time and space now to assist us as we increase in spiritual vibration and begin our journey home. High-frequency tones and sacred notes of divinity are channeled through my voice. With the assistance of the Antari, I am able to ground a high-frequency template that will be embedded into your light body as you listen to the recordings, which contain both audible tones and tones outside our range of hearing. Light programs are embedded inside the carrier waves of the Binaural Beats and Solfeggio tones, the Antari use these tones to act as a carrier wave or vehicle for their high inaudible frequencies. Please see the individual Upgrade pages for more in-depth detail about each level. With the first level you purchase you receive the EBook the Antari from Antares, however, it is also available separately to purchase please follow the link to the Store.