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After a long flight

Many years ago now I went to Arizona to do some seminars. I was introduced to a lady who asked me if I would like to see some UFO photographs. I said yes I would like to see them, to be honest I was only saying yes to be polite as I have seen many UFO photographs and as interesting as they might be , when you have seen one blob of light in the sky you have seen them all. With this frame of mind I was expecting to see more similar photographs. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was to see.

I will not say the lady’s name as I do not have permission to put her name in this article. However I can you tell you briefly of her story. She had a cat who would ask to go out in the late evening and would sit in the same place in the garden and look at the night sky. It would sit there for ages without moving, constantly looking up. The lady would go out and look to see what the cat was looking at but she could not see anything. One day she decided to take her camera out and photograph the night sky where the cat was looking. When she developed the film she was amazed to see finally what the cat was looking at. In the sky was a craft, not a solid nuts and bolts craft, it was transparent, luminous and appeared too made of light. Inside the craft were beings. They too were transparent and luminous; the photographs clearly showed them, there were no mistaking them. In the centre of this craft the beings could clearly be seen around a control panel. It was incredible. She had many photographs of these beings, as her cat had been going outside for many nights. After some time the lady could sense them herself and also knew when they were around. I was amazed at the photographs, these were not the usual blobs in the sky other UFO footage had shown me.

After the weekend seminar she asked me and my friend if we would like to go on to a hill in Sedona and see if we could call in the UFOS. Of course I jumped at the chance. We met her and she was with a young friend of hers. She was a nice girl but something about her puzzled me. She had an oblong shaped light in her eyes. It was just above her pupil. At first I thought it was simply a light reflection, but as she moved her eyes up and down it would disappear behind her eye lids. I mentioned this to my friend and she too thought it was strange.

We climbed to the top of the hill and waited patiently for the ships to come. We did not see so much, a shooting star or a ship we could not be sure. Nothing seemed to have occurred. We went back to our hotel and slept the night soundly. The next morning I went to breakfast and met my friend and I was shocked to see she too had the strange oblong light in her eyes. I said to her “oh you have that light in your eyes “; she said “yes you too”. I looked in the mirror to see I too had this strange light. I went about my day and thought nothing more about it, this in itself was strange usually I would have pondered this but I was strangely unperturbed.

That evening my friend and I stayed with a friend before we were due to travel on to Arkansas. During that night I was woken suddenly with the whole room full of white light, which was blinding. I remember looking at my friend asleep in the bed next to mine, she slept soundly. I was a little scared and then I instantly went back to sleep. I thought nothing more about it until now.

I met a friend who had recently trained as a regression hypnotist; he asked me if he could regress me. I jumped at the chance and decided to look at what had happened that night. I must admit I did not have the courage to look to see if I had had been taken the night on the hill , but I was curious to see what the white light was that had woken me up in the middle of the night.

He counted me down and took me back to that night, just before the moment when the light had flooded the room. I found myself out of my body, standing looking down on my sleeping physical body in the bed. The room was a strange grey like the light from the moon was coming through the window but there was no moon that night. Maybe this is what it looks like when you are out of the body but have not astraly travelled on. I felt rooted to the spot and strangely heavy. My friend talked me through the process and asked me to go to the time just before the light. I was suddenly back in my physical body but I could also see with my astral body too, I looked out of the window and saw the night sky full of stars. There was what looked like a shooting star that passed across the sky as this happened I found myself saying “they are coming for me”. I had a little apprehension, not fear but a light butterfly feeling in my stomach. He asked me to go to the point when the light came into the room.

I heard a strange crackling sound, it was a combination of a static and what tin foil would sound like if you scrunched it up. All of a sudden there was the light, my whole room filled with blinding white light. The door opened and in the doorway I saw a figure all dressed in a white suit. It looked just like the suits you see people wear when they have to go into a nuclear power plant. The figure was about six feet tall and humanoid. I could not make out the figure’s face as the helmet screen was black. In its hand there was some sort of device, it was a small handheld black box, this is what was making this strange crackling sound.

The figure stepped into the room and then stepped to the side and behind the suited figure were four Zeta beings. Three of them were small about three feet tall and one who was much taller. They came to me lying in the bed and told me telepathically “we mean no harm, no fear “. They stood around my bed and then one of them proceeded to touch me in certain points on my head. Then it inserted something cold and metal into my right ear, it was not unpleasant but just cold. All the time the taller one stood at the foot of the bed and monitored the whole procedure. I asked in my mind why are you doing this and the reply from the tall Zeta was “we are checking you are ok as you have been on a very long flight”. I was not scared but puzzled. Several times they communicated to me that there was no need to fear.

I repeated this to my friend and he asked me if we could go to a time when I had been on this flight and I got such a strong no. I must admit I was disappointed I wanted to know where I had been on this flight. However I accepted the time was not right to know this and allowed. Once the procedure was complete the Zeta left, I wanted to know who it was that was in the white suit and very briefly I saw inside the suit. I was expecting it to be a human but I was shocked to briefly see a light being. It looked like a human but made of light. I wanted to find out more but I was already coming out of the regression. As far as I knew the Zeta and the light being left the room. I am going to try to go into regression once again very soon and see if I can get more information about where I had been on this long flight.