Alloya’s Experience of New Earth Reality – Taken from The Mission of the One Star 1991

For some time, I had considered giving up smoking. I thought it would be too difficult and hadn’t given it any really serious effort. One afternoon in late March, I sat smoking a cigarette in my front room. I thought to myself, “Oh, I wish I could give up these things.”

Alloya (Spirit) said, “If you trust me and follow my guidance, I will help you give up smoking and it will be a pleasurable experience.” I could feel the intensity of her intention as it seemed to ripple through my auric field. “OK”, I thought, “I will.” I then stubbed out the last of my cigarette.

Alloya explained to me that she would help with the nicotine cravings. She said that every time I felt the awful craving, the wanting in the pit of my stomach, I was to breathe in deeply and fully and call her energy into my body, especially in the area of my stomach. I was to let her energy take away the craving and the fear that is a usual withdrawal symptom.

So, for the first evening, every time I got a craving, I took a deep breath and called Alloya’s energy into my stomach. At first, all it seemed to do was take away the craving, but as I did this more and more, I noticed that I felt happier, more alive and energized. I was very excited about what my life would look like without tobacco, but there was something more. Some part of me was very excited and apprehensive about something. At first I thought it was just the giving up of tobacco, but, no, it was something much bigger. There was a part of me that knew what I was heading for, and with any new experience, there was excitement as well as fear. Something of cosmic significance was about to happen. I could sense it building.

The first night passed without incident. I slept really lightly, and awoke early in the morning around an hour before dawn. As the morning light shone in through my curtains, I could literally feel something happening to me. It is very difficult to describe it in words. It was like an energy that was dormant in my body was waking up. I felt really happy. This was not my usual state of being. It wasn’t a general feeling of well being but a feeling of pure happiness.

I dressed and began my day. I was aware that energy ran through my body, intense, real. My body would occasionally go into fear as the new energy entered it. My Spirit, Alloya, guided me to breathe and move in various ways to integrate the energy. For the rest of the day, I was amazed as I watched this energy journey through my chakras. Alloya explained to me that energy from the highest dimension was travelling through all the many layers of myself to anchor into the planet. As the energy passed through each chakra, blocks to its path would arise in order to be healed.

Now, I have experienced this type of healing before but this was going on without my conscious direction. It was literally happening to me without my control. I was aware of other lives and selves that seemed to be connected to each of the chakras. Finally, at the end of day, the energy entered my base chakra and anchored into the ground. The experience was very intense and real. As the healing of the base centre was completed, the energy subsided and the experience came to a close. I felt back to normal again, back to my usual state of consciousness. I went to bed only to get up some time later after tossing and turning, unable to shut down my mind and sleep. You could say that it was because I craved a cigarette that I could not sleep, but it was something else. I felt that my consciousness was elevating beyond anything I had ever experienced. I felt so connected to my Spirit that I could hear her voice clearly and loudly in my head. She explained to me that I was going to have an incredible experience that I was going to another reality.

She explained to me in detail that I was entering a level of consciousness that allowed me to move up in vibration. This elevation would allow me to dwell, if only for a short time, in a reality that was free of illusion and dense energies. “You live in a world of illusion, a world made up of belief systems. These belief systems create your world,”

Alloya said. “You cannot see true reality through the veils of illusion that permeate your dimension. The space that you are now entering is free of illusion.”

As I entered this new reality, this New Planet, I could literally feel my negative belief systems as energy constructs leaving my body. I felt so energized and healthy. I dressed and began my day. My intuition was alive and very predominant. I could feel it clearly, guiding me to eat certain foods and drinks to aid my body in its detoxification.

All I could eat for the next seven days were pounds of bananas. Alloya explained to me that bananas were not only very good at aiding the body in its detoxification, but also held an energy that was a comfort to the body whilst it raised its vibration. This made sense to me, as bananas had been a comfort food to me when I was a child. Alloya also explained that they contained high concentrations of magnesium and potassium. These minerals were brain food.

I would need these minerals to balance the chemical nature of the brain whilst the pineal gland in the centre was activated at a very deep level. Alloya explained to me that all humans were going to have their pineal glands stimulated, pushing them into the next level of development, aiding them to enter this new reality. I also drank pints and pints of water, flushing out my system. It wasn’t like I chose to eat just bananas and to drink so much water; my intuition demanded it. The energy of bananas was perfect for me. If anyone sat next to me eating something like chocolate, I would feel almost faint and nauseous. As soon as they moved away, I was fine. It was as if my intuition was so loud and strong that I could feel the rightness of the bananas and the wrongness of any other food substance. It was as if my auric field was responding to the energies of food. Anything that was not in harmony with me was very obvious because of the symptoms I was experiencing.

The water helped flush out the nicotine from my system. As I sat there, I could see clouds of yellow tobacco smoke leaving my aura. Every time I felt the nicotine craving, I could see clouds of smoke billowing around me. I asked others if they could see it, too, but they said they could not. I could literally see the nicotine leaving my energy body. My energy levels began to rise in intensity. With every breath, I could feel fresh and cool energy entering my body.

The only way that I can describe it is as when you breathe in a strong decongestant, it makes your face and nose feels cool and tingly. This is how my whole body felt. I was so energized. I felt so fit and strong, not only on a physical level, but on the other levels too, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Breathing seemed so important. I seemed to be able to breathe in much more air and energy than usual. You could say all of this was because I had given up smoking. But I knew it was so much more than that. This was the beginning of a spiritual experience. I breathed deeper and deeper, filling my whole body with alive and intense Prana, Life Force. Never had I felt the Life Force like this before. I had studied Tai Chi and Yoga. Breathing exercises and their affects were no stranger to me, but this was so much more powerful. It was effortless! Even if I breathed shallowly, the prana seemed to penetrate my body with such force that it began to become ecstatic. I felt so alive. The energy was building. I felt like I did when I first fell in love with my partner. Only this time I was falling in love with myself. Every breath filled me with so much love that I began to swoon.

There is something that I need to impress on the reader. This was no ordinary experience. This was so powerful I found it very difficult to accept that it was going on. All my life, I had searched for this enlightenment, but always doubted that I could achieve such a state. Yet, now, here I stood with Spirit rushing into my body. Usually I had to meditate for some time to be able to hear Alloya’s voice that clearly, but now, her voice was constant and loud.

Alloya guided me through everything, what to do, why I was doing it and so on. I had so many questions, some of a personal nature, some more of a cosmic significance. Alloya spent most of the second day talking to me, giving me lectures almost on reality and the part I played in it. I saw how reality was created and as the energy rose even more, my outside reality began to reflect my inner.

The only draw back to this energy intensity was that it made me slightly too energized. I could not sleep. This distressed me somewhat. You see, I had the tendency to be an insomniac anyway, staying awake for days. As you can imagine, it puts a strain on your sense of well being. So, finding myself awake at four in the morning was not so pleasant.

Something else was occurring that was very different to the experiences of the daytime. Instead of being held in ecstasy, I was beginning to experience fear, a strange fear, one not dissimilar to the states I had experienced when I was an insomniac child, lying in bed, unable to sleep, imagining monsters and the such like. I felt like I was regressing back into a child-like state. Alloya explained to me that when a higher energy enters the body, during an experience such as this, codes in the body are activated and fear comes to the conscious mind to be cleared. This was no ordinary fear. I can remember saying to myself; “It feels like there is something out there. It is big and dark and is out to get me.”

Even if I killed myself, it would still get me. There was nowhere to hide from it. I felt like I was being tested by the dark forces. In my mind, I was very aware that on higher levels there is no right and wrong, good and bad. Evil and dark forces were to be honored and loved, but in this paralyzing realm of fear, all my childish nightmares came back to haunt me. I spent the entire night battling with my evil, my darkness, my demons. As you can imagine, I was very relieved to see the first rays of sunlight coming through the gap in the curtains. Alloya came back to me with such intensity that I gasped with surprise. She explained to me that she hadn’t left me alone during the night, but that I was incapable of hearing her guidance clearly because of the fear I was in. The fear had clouded my reception of her voice. She went on to explain that the so-called demons were real, and the dark forces had sent them to me to test and tempt me, to challenge my perspective on myself. They had wanted me to think I was insane, or that I was experiencing some kind of mental breakdown, a psychosis. Yet even in my most awful hours of torture, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that what I was experiencing was real, true, and was a very important spiritual experience. Alloya praised my fortitude and once again I felt her love enter my body.

As the sun rose higher and higher in the sky and its rays shone into my room, I became aware of the energy that it came with it. It entered my body and I felt my vibration rise one level higher. I could feel my pineal gland activating, and as it did so, the colours changed. Colour was absolutely incredible. It wasn’t like a trip where the colours are distorted and bleed into one an-other. They were clear, sharp, and bright. It wasn’t as though my vision had changed like it does through the influence of drugs. It was like the colours had become alive. They seemed to have an inner glow. As I looked around my room, a vase of red roses grabbed my attention. The energy of the colour red was so powerful! I could feel it passing into my body, activating the base chakra to which it belonged.

Alloya explained to me that colours have this affect on us all the time, but in the veiled reality we live in, we are incapable of seeing their true iridescence. I found that as I went about my morning business, certain colours seemed to jump out at me. As I went through the day, healing the various levels of my being, certain colours would aid the healing. This was not a thought-out process; it happened spontaneously and naturally.

As I looked at the colour, I could feel its energy enter my body via the relevant chakra. Alloya explained to me that I was now entering a world of the most incredible beauty and that by paying attention to the colours that were prominent in my reality, I could breathe them in to my body and they would heal and raise my vibration.

To say I was obsessed with colour was an understatement. Every different colour gave me a different sensation and feeling. Looking around my home, finding as many different hues of colour as I could, I was amazed to see how the various colour energies affected me. Turquoise seemed to be my favourite. You see, all these energy shifts were difficult for my body to integrate on its own.

I soon found a friend in turquoise. It soothed my body and made me feel calm and safe. My energies were rising and I was beginning to feel quite speedy. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I was quite shocked at how different I looked. I was beautiful, radiant. The pupils of my eyes were permanently enlarged and deep and glossy. Other people started to comment on how I looked. Some thought I was off my head.

Later that day, I walked through the park. As I turned the corner, I came across a large bed of beautiful tulips, all of different shades of red, yellow, and purple. I saw their beautiful colours, which were enhanced by the strange inner glow. I could smell them. They were very pungent and heady. Then, I heard them! I could actually hear them singing the most amazing high-pitched melody. They seemed to be enjoying the sunlight, basking in it. For them, it was an almost sensual experience.

“Wow!” I thought. “They are so beautiful.” The energetic response that I got from those flowers was incredible. It was as if they heard my appreciation of them and were repaying the compliment in love energy. It literally rose above them, all their colours swirling about in patterns. It flew towards me and enveloped me. My knees went weak. I sank to the ground. Their energy entered my body. I gasped for air. It was so ecstatic that I was beginning to swoon.

After some time, I rose to my feet, a little embarrassed, hoping that no one saw me. They would think I was weird. As I got myself together, I was amazed at what I could see. It is hard to explain. It was as if the entire park had come alive. All the trees and flowers seemed as if they were bodies, with arms and legs and incredibly beautiful faces smiling at me. They were all smiling. I could literally see the characters of all the plants around me. It wasn’t as if my eyes had distorted. I was not hallucinating. This was real. I was seeing with new eyes.

“This is incredible. It’s as if I just have to shift my focus only a fraction of a degree and I can see it.” I thought to myself. “It is here always, just a change of focus. Change from a focus of fear, to one of love,” Alloya had said. She was right. It had always been here but I was so locked into fear, into the illusion, that I could not see the incredible reality that I really do live in.

I spent the next few hours lying on the grass, breathing in the various colours. They would envelop me and soak my body in their frequency. Alloya explained to me that not only could I breathe in the colours, but I could literally breathe in any energy. I would look at a tree and breathe it in. The energy of the tree would envelop and enter my body. It was totally mind blowing. I was sensing completely how it was to be a tree. It was so beautiful. I was like a child, carefree and very happy, laughing at the amazing things that were happening to me. I walked home along the seafront
The sea was awesome. I could feel the energy of the sea in my body; I could feel it ebbing and flowing within me. I could feel my self-being the sea, the shore, and the love that went between them.
It was rather overpowering. You see, it was one thing imagining these types of experiences happening; it is another entirely to be actually physically experiencing them. It is one thing experiencing this sort of thing momentarily; another experiencing it constantly. My body was beginning to freak out. It was having a hard time integrating the experience. I could hear my body consciousness saying, “Wow, this is really going on. I am really in another reality entirely. And it is real.”

I had heard a lot about this new reality from my guides and other sources, but nothing had prepared me for this experience. It was just too incredible. Yet, it was real beyond any doubt. That was what my body was having such a hard time with. It could not come up with any logical reason for my experiencing this. Yet it was real and definitely going on. Body was amazed if not dumbstruck, in awe.

Intuition guided me, or rather propelled me home. It was as though there were a path preset for me to walk. It was as though there were a force field, running like a stream. It would come from behind and below me, enter my sacral centre, and pass out in front. It was like surfing. I could feel the energy in my body. As long as I breathed deeply and completely let go, I could surf this energy. Effortlessly, I could walk really swiftly. I did not feel any of the usual strain and discomfort you have in your limbs when pushing yourself in walking hard.

Alloya explained to me that this was how my intuition should be all the time. We usually experience momentary flashes of intuition, guiding us to go places and do things. The rest of the time, we seem to just float along and hope for the best. Alloya explained that it should be a constant source of energy that guides your every action.

It was not hard to know when I was flowing with the intuition and when I was not. The energy would drop off, just like missing the wave and I would feel like I was stumbling in my action. As soon as I relaxed, let go, and surrendered, there she was in all her glory, the river of intuition, guiding my way home. This new talent, intuition, was beginning to heighten my awareness of moving in harmony with various energies. I could feel this river of intuition moving my every movement. I could completely let go. It was as if I were in a dream. In dreams, I used to sort of hope that I would fly and I would. This was the same thing. I could run along the beach, jumping large rocks at just the right time without looking where I was placing my feet. I was divinely guided. I could not put a foot wrong.

All that day I had spent the time in nature. There was a part of me that wanted to stay out in the elements, but I could feel intuition guiding me home. My body which was beginning to show all the symptoms of a scared rabbit needed nourishment and comfort. It was all getting a bit far out for body. On a purely bodily level, I was scared and confused. Nothing had prepared me for feeling energy so powerfully in my body. I went home, ate my bananas and curled up with my turquoise jumper.

In nature, in the elements, the whole world was alive and creative. I did not expect the objects around my home to hold this energy, too. Every ornament in my front room had its own personality. I was amazed how each one held a story of its creation, purely on a physical level, the consciousness of the materials that made it up and the consciousness message that it held. Certain ones were personal to me; others held energy unique to my partner. I spent all that evening casually rearranging my ornaments, putting them in just the right places so that the energy of the room was balanced. The ornaments acted like ritualistic implements. It is very difficult to explain this, but it was like there were certain positions and angles that my physical objects needed to be in, in order to be in harmony, to influence the energy of the reality. Each object could be used in a ritualistic sense, to heal, ground certain energies, or act as focal points for contacting other dimensional beings.
When I finally placed, through intuitive guidance, the last ornament and turned it to its right direction, it was as if I had opened a door. It was a key to another level. My room, now in its right configuration, acted like a control room on a spaceship. If I moved to various areas and focused on differing objects, I could access the different energies that the object represented. Each ornament was like a transmitting and receiving device capable of receiving and transmitting messages as frequency.

Again, unable to sleep, I spent the whole evening balancing my house. It felt like, in a symbolic way, I was building my own spaceship out of my house. I could see how I was building my very own Merkabar. Again, I want to impress upon the reader that this was in no way a rationally thought out process. My intuition guided me or rather moved me physically as if I were being controlled, but in a loving way, to place my objects in just the right places.

As the sun passed beneath the horizon and darkness came on once more, the demons returned. Once again, I fought the demons. I went through level upon level of fear programming. I spent the whole night curled up in a blanket with my teddy, fearing that the darkness would take me away. Lots of belief systems came up to be viewed and healed and released.

I was skinned alive. Layer upon layer of my psyche was ripped away, exposing my vulnerability. It wasn’t a fanciful thing. It felt very real. I could see dark clouds enter my room and I could feel them just as intensely as the energies of the flowers and trees. They crept inside my body, showing me all the things I loathed about myself. By day I was in heaven; by night I was in hell. There were times in the darkest hours where the dark ones almost convinced me that I was mad and what I was doing was evil. This belief came from way back in a past life when I was killed for speaking my truth. My family had proclaimed that I was evil and was doing the devil’s work. They had put me to death. It was a hard fight to release all my inner fears, fears that in this incarnation I did not even know I had. With relief, dawn came. Alloya returned with the sun and the demons paled in the light. It was such a contrast of realities, one so tortured, and the other just as painful because of its beauty.

Up until this point, I had spent much of my time on my own. I was so absorbed into what I was experiencing that I hadn’t paid much attention to any other person. My partner was a little concerned about the fact that I could not sleep and said my eyes were rather paler in colour and I seemed a little hyper. That is all he saw. If only he knew. I began to try and explain what was going on for me. Wow! That was a bad move. All of the energy went funny. I felt sick and he looked annoyed with me. Then, I could not believe what happened next. I thought to myself, “Does he know what is going on? Is he experiencing this, too? Is he asleep and am I awake?” He looked at me and said, “Not all of us experience the same thing. There are two perspectives here.”

This immediately made sense to me. There were two realities, two perspectives here. One was of the ego and its awareness of reality in all its simplicity. And one was of soul, all knowing and divinely intelligent. It was so amazing because he or rather his ego was talking to a chat show host on the telly and wasn’t really addressing me, but his words were as if they were directly from soul. He even looked like soul. I could see it looking out of his eyes. They were so deep and glossy. He had this really knowing look on his face.

I expected him to wink any minute. I was so surprised I nearly squealed with delight and excitement. I said, “God, you are incredible! How did you know to say that? Are you experiencing this, too? “Greg’s ego said, confused and annoyed, “You what? What you on about? You need some sleep, you do. “Alloya explained that ego was body orientated and very connected to the rational and the third dimension. If I talked out loud, ego heard and basically didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about. She explained that if I wanted to talk to ego, I was to talk out loud. If I wanted to talk to soul, I was to speak in the head only. “Try it,” she said.

So I did. I asked certain questions in my head and the next thing he said answered them so profoundly that it was so hard to keep a straight face and not laugh and give the game away. So I started to via the conversation into spiritual discussions, giving his ego and rational mind a logical reason as to why he was talking in such a spiritual context.

It worked perfectly. It became a game between his soul and me. I would ask riskier and riskier questions and have to sit there and look at his mischievous soul whilst he answered through his unsuspecting ego. Wow, what a hoot!

It was cosmically hysterical. I spent the whole morning getting to know or rather re-getting to know his soul and mine. He told me all about the journey we both had together and apart. He confirmed all suspicions about past lives together as I viewed them on an etherical TV. screen that seemed to appear to the right of my vision. It was there to show me visual images that further described the information being communicated.

Over the next few hours until sundown, many of my friends came to visit, as it now was the weekend. Several of them commented about my energy and how wonderful it felt in my home. I could see how their energy interacted with each other and felt my spiritual, soul connections with each one. It was an amazing day if a little trying. It was very difficult to a) assimilate all the information which came to me via their souls, via their unknowing egos; b) integrate all the energy shifts that occurred in a healing capacity between myself and others; and c) experience all this and still make tea and on an ego, third dimensional level, act as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

As the night drew in, I was tired and scared. I began to feel really freaked out. I needed to sleep. The thought of going through another sleepless night, fighting the dark forces was almost too frightening to even think of. I was becoming confused. Maybe I was mad. If you stop and think about it, I was showing all the signs of a psychotic episode. My body was doing some very strange things. I would shake and could literally feel lumps of fear in my etherical body. It would writhe throughout me, making me feel sick. Something was brewing; I could feel it. It felt like I was in very dark space, a place where no light had ever been. Can you imagine such a place, a place so dark, so black, so completely devoid of light? I had got to the very core of my darkness. This was way beyond hell. I was so cold with fear. It was amazing. Two realities. One where I am sitting at home; another where I am in the very realms of death.

Stumbling, feeling out to find my way. The only thing to guide me was trust in myself and in the light, Alloya. I knew that some-how I had to do this alone. It was as if I were in an enormous dark cavern, cold and black. This was the densest reality there was, the home of the darkest fear and death. It was a test. I could feel that. I could feel, on the outer edges of the experience, angels watching me, waiting in anticipation to see what I would do. Would I pass the test?

This is going to sound crazy. And I don’t mean this on an ego level at all as I do understand that what I experienced was symbolic. I was taking the light, the light of truth into the darkest place in the universe. I was taking the light that had been downloaded to me via the sun in the daytime, taking that light to the densest place, the home of Lucifer. Now I don’t want to get all Bible-y on you, as it was my only way of understanding what was going on. I knew the story of Lucifer and Alloya used the stories I already knew to aid me in my understanding because I needed to understand and understand quickly. He was coming.

I can’t say that I physically saw him; I didn’t need to. Feeling him was quite enough. The fear was impressive. My body shook and I involuntarily made this strange pining sound like an animal does when it’s really scared and I couldn’t stop making the sound. He filled the entire room. It felt like I was going to die which was scary in itself, but what was scarier was that without the beliefs of my body that said this was delusional, I feared that Lucifer would devour me. There is a well known saying that when you are at the bottom of the pit that is when you find God. I was on the edge like I had never been before. This was one hell of a test. It felt like not only did my life depend on my success, but symbolically the success of New Planet Reality becoming real for everyone in the future was on my shoulders. Near to annihilation was how it felt. I had no where left to turn. I had to face him. So, face him I did.

The most incredible thing happened. I saw him as God. It was so simple. If everything is God, then so is fear. I felt the love. It was pure, mine, mine to give, my divinity. Not only did my soul face and love its enemy, but so, too, did my ego. We embraced lovingly on an energetic level. I had succeeded. Alloya explained to me that I had anchored the light into the darkness and now, in time, New Planet Reality would manifest for all. The process complete, the angels began to sing. I could hear them. The sun of another day rose in the sky. I had a new vigour that came with my success. I could feel this incredible power entering my body.

Light filled my body. I spent the next few days walking in nature. It was a beautiful. The springtime sunlight was bright and intense. Everywhere I went, I could read the story of the landscape. Everywhere held energetic stories of things that have gone on there before, not only in the third dimension and history, but on all the other levels, too.

I was experiencing myself as God, an intrinsic part of all creation. I could feel the consciousness of all the elements around me moving through my body. The awareness of my aura grew and grew. I stood at the sea-edge, feeling my aura growing so large that it was starting to incorporate the entire planet. It was at that moment that I passed out. When I came to on the beach, Alloya said, “It is time to go home and to sleep.” I went home and later that night I took a sleeping tablet. You may ask why I didn’t take one before. I couldn’t allow it in my aura. Now, at the right time, it was appropriate and finally I fell asleep after six days of no sleep whatsoever.

I awoke the next day; a little worried it would all be over. I needn’t have worried. The colours were still vibrant and alive. Alloya explained to me how I was God and created all that I could experience, even the people in my life. She showed me in no uncertain terms just how powerfully we create our reality. Without the restrictions of time in this dimension, manifestation was instant.

I thought whilst walking on the beach with a friend, “I feel so overly sensitive today. The worst thing that could happen now is if a gang of football hooligans were to come round the corner. I think I would pass out.” Just as I said it, this gang of about six boys all in football kit, kicking a can, singing football songs came around the corner. Both my friend and I looked on in on in disbelief. “You made that happen,” said my friend. This was getting to be a big responsibility. I needed to go home and sleep some more. I was really feeling the strain on my body. Alloya explained to me that I would, over the next few days, come down in vibration to re-enter the reality from whence I came. That I would forget I was God. That it didn’t matter because I would have grounded the blue-print of New Planet Reality into the potent soil of Gaia, Mother Earth. I can remember laughing, thinking it would be fun to go back and pretend I was not God anymore.

For the next three years, I had to integrate the experience. It was incredibly painful on many levels. I thought I had gone mad but the truth monster would not allow me to settle with that. It felt so untrue. It was a spiritual experience. I knew it without a shadow of a doubt and that hurt. It hurt because I was not in that reality anymore. I cannot begin to tell you how painful it was for me. There were times when I considered taking my own life.

When you take an experience or rather an energy so high and powerful such as I had done into your body, you cannot expect anything less than what I went on to experience, great pain, great sorrow, great loss and a great yearning to go Home.

For I am not from this planet or any other like it. I am from a dimension that does not even exist in our referencing. So to be in that reality and to be brought back into a denser reality was very distressing for me. However, now as I look back, I can now see how all the pain was a necessary healing and integration process. I am beginning to see how I never really left New Planet Reality but integrated it into a denser form. I am waking up in the densest dimension. Spirit in physical form.