Alloya’s Top Tips 4- Voiding negative people

Have you fallen out with someone , or had an argument or disagreement , only to experience what feels like a psychic attack coming from that person ? Do you suddenly have flashes of the person’s face in your mind , do you feel a stabbing feeling in the solar plexus, if yes, you are picking up on other people’s negative thoughts about you. It maybe that, that person is sending you negative thoughts but it is only through your sensitivity do you pick up on it .

We are all part of a greater collective of energy and when we have discord in our lives, in our relationships, we can set up an energetic connection between ourselves and the person we have problems with. It is not that they are sitting there sending you black magic , or anything of this nature , you are simply sensitive and connected to them through the morphogenic field. The very worst thing you can do when you are experiencing this, is fight with this person on an energetic level, is to move into a combative stance. You will only make the connection stronger and also place yourself into a negative space yourself. These negative spaces can attract unwanted attention from archonic parasites, and other negative entities. These negative entities can read your mind and know exactly how to trigger you, they are capable of producing psychic phenomenon and convincing you, that it is the other person who is sending you psychic attacks in energy. They feed off such negative energies which you produce when you are suspicious or in fear of someone. If they can get you to act out this drama, you produce lots of food for them and also all the people you are connected to through the morphogenic field, will be pulled into this drama too. 

If you fight energetically with another person,  you will only open up more and more channels and you will feel them even more. Often people get so paranoid when they are feeling this, that they will trigger unresolved issues within themselves, which will be brought to the surface. The archonic parasites can trigger you to get locked in the energy of your issues but instead of seeing them as inside of yourself , you will project them outside of yourself on to the person you are in a drama with. It is possible to see shadow selves, demonic entities and much more on the face of your enemy , some of it is your own shadow. The archons love to play the shadow game , bringing out the shadow selves of both parties and playing blaming and projection games. This locks both parties into a energy battle. They are the losers in such a scenario , the only winners are the archonic parasites. These entities want to hold us back because they cannot survive in our energy bodies when we are vibrating at a certain high level, so therefore they want to hold both parties in this negative game, as it produces a lot of energy food for them. These parasites rarely infect just one person in this drama , usually both are infected, both are blaming the other , and imagining all sorts of paranoid things about the other person. 

So if you cannot battle with this person what do you do when you feel this psychic attack. First of all close down your solar plexus chakra , you cannot stand in your power or resolve this, if you are feeling all of those churning feelings in your solar plexus. Imagine it closing as a flower would and then see and feel a protective golden shield of light over the solar plexus area. You can of course imagine what you like to achieve the same results but basically you want to close down the chakra and then place a protection over it , so you can no longer feel the negative energy coming from the other person and also you are no longer open for an archonic infection. Most people get infected through the solar plexus as this is the place of the ego and our sense of self. When we feel a moment of self doubt it often feels like a shock or punch to the solar plexus , this is the chakra opening with the shock of the self doubt , and if there are parasites around they can then enter through this split in the solar plexus and infect the energy body.

Once you have closed the solar plexus you will no longer feel that awful feeling of negative energy being sent to you, you can then find your balance and empower yourself. In order to stop seeing their face in your mind’s eye and not get caught up in a mental loop of thinking about that person all the time, ( which often happens when we are experiencing this kind of drama), you need to place them in the void. Imagine a image of their face and then see a doorway opening up which will place that person in a void. Then do not give that person another thought. If you do this successfully , that person can no longer find your signature in the morphogenic field and cannot latch on to you and therefore build a connection to you, through which you can feel a negative energy or thought form.

If the enemy is sending you bad vibes those will then be returned to sender , it is often the case that when you place someone in the void and void them from your life , the bad vibes turn back on them and they get any karma that is due to them. The universe knows how to bring about balance. Your job is to stay out of the way of the universe and not get involved. Do not enquire from other people any information about the enemy, as this will only make a connection again, place them totally in the void and do not give them another thought.

It is all about you controlling your consciousness so you do not get distracted into thinking about that person and making a connection again. If you find this part difficult then you have to admit to yourself that you have unresolved issues and there is a part of your shadow self which wants this drama. If this is your case ,i suggest you do some self inner work and resolve the issue which brings these kinds of people and dramas into your life in the first place. Why can’t you let go of this person , why are you continuing to think about them and bring them into your morphogenic field , why are you open to playing archonic games. Resolve these issues and you will no longer draw these kinds of people into your life and you will not be prone to an archonic infection.