Alloya’s Top Tips _ Tip 8- Walking the Beautiful Way

One way to really get grounded and walk with Gaia is to walk the Beautiful Way. Go to a forest, wood or place of nature. Go alone so you can be fully focused and in the present moment. Take your shoes off and walk barefooted. Walk through the forest, easy you may say!

The aim of this walking meditation is to fully ground to your feet and the way to do this is to walk this place of nature without moving a branch, stepping on a plant, or breaking a twig. It may take a long time to walk a simple route, as you are to become one with the forest, focus on your breathing and on each out breathe take another step. You will need to pause regularly, as you bend your body around an overhanging branch. Do not do this in haste, be patient and find your way through the forest without making a sound or creating any movement. Stop as many times as you like and take in your surroundings, expand your aura and see and feel all that is in your field.

When I did this meditation it took me 3 hours to walk a path through the forest, which would normally only take 20 minutes. With every step, I moved deeper into a trance, which enabled me to see the auric emanations of the trees and plants. One hour into the meditation I was hearing nature spirits all around me, seeing them in their emanations playing in the trees.