Alloya’s Top Tips, Tip 1– Earthing

Earthing- As we move forward in this age of transformation we are going through many energy shifts. It is very important at this time that we remained earthed and grounded, being connected to the Matrix of Gaia within the earth itself, provides nourishment to the energetic body, as it goes through the shifts and changes. We are electrical beings and just like electrical appliances we also need to be earthed and grounded. In our modern environment there are many factors that are working against this.

One of the main reasons that I have clients who have closed feet chakras, and are unable to connect to the earth chakra, is because of the artificial materials within the soles of their footwear, which is preventing a full earthing connection. The energy body cannot earth and ground through plastic soles of your shoes. Nylon and other artificial material in socks can also play a part in this. Rubber bottomed shoes prevent harmful EMF leaving the body , and allow electro magnetic frequencies to build up in the body causing imbalance and disease. You can easily tell if you are not discharging this EMF properly because when you take your clothes off at night, you will have an excess of static charge. This is seriously damaging to the energetic body.

Earthing shoesYou can of course buy footwear with organic soles such as leather or hemp. The most inexpensive way to earth yourself successfully is to spend at least ten minutes everyday outside with no socks and shoes on. Really plant your feet on the bare earth and breathe in the energy of the earth, as if you are breathing it in, through the soles of your feet and up your body. This exercise is usually enough for most people but for those of you who have problems with keeping your feet chakras open, you can massage your feet with a round smooth obsidian stone, which is the appropriate stone for the earth chakra and the feet. Deeply massage your feet and find the places which are sore , this indicates where you have blockage , massage deeper into those places, until the soreness is removed.

There are of course special shoes with copper strips on them to ground and earth but they are often very expensive , I prefer to use neodymium magnets. You can buy them very cheaply off the internet . You only need two small pieces the size of a small coin . Tape them to the bottom of your feet in the very centre of the arch of your foot ,where the feet chakra’s inner core is . Sit , read a book , watch TV , simply relax and let them do their magic. These magnets are super powerful so go carefully with them. They can cause toxins to come up to be cleared , they can cause discomfort and a little pain at first, as your feet ache as your chakras open.

If you want a more intensive grounding experience then buy a earthing sheet. They are excellent , you will sleep like a baby , wake the next morning without your normal aches and pains.

There are times when you might move into a earthing crisis , where you are having some sort of energy shift which you are finding hard to ride and you feel like you are floating and dizzy. This can easily be resolved with cold running water, placing your feet in a cold stream or a running tap , and also the wrists too , this will bring anyone back into their body and ground them.

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