Alloya’s Top Tips – Tip 3 -The Dangers of working too much with Pendulums

Over the years of working with many clients, I have come across a very concerning phenomenon, within people who are using pendulums too much. I have had over fifty people who have come to me in a distressed state, depressed, and extremely paranoid, that they are being plagued by demons, or negative entities, aliens or psychic attack. When questioning them about their lives, they tell me that they use pendulums to answer yes and no questions about health, spirituality, the presence of negative entities, etc. I have watched them go from being grounded, rational individuals to being a paranoid wreck.

These people use the pendulum to answer questions , but they do not realise that the pendulum is not a magical tool but is an extension of their own mind. No one believes they can move a physical object with their mind and therefore they do not realise they are simply sending their electromagnetic energies, into the pendulum and are subconsciously making it move. It is simple to do, if I get into the right head space, calm and focused, I can make a pendulum spin, so high it is defying gravity. Now if I can make that happen and I do not have magical powers, then it is suffice to say that the pendulum is being moved by the person operating it. It does not take a physical movement of the wrist to produce this, only will.

The pendulum can only answer yes or no, that leaves no room for true wisdom and is limited to only two answers. People have told me that they have asked questions such as “ is that person sending me negative energies”, the pendulum can only answer yes or no and if you subconsciously want the answer to be yes, because you have an issue with that person, then of course the pendulum will comply and give you the answer you want.

I have seen highly spiritual people who had open and loving hearts turn into judgemental, attacking, egotistic raving lunatics because of working too much with pendulums. Often the person will start simply asking questions about health, diet, etc and then they progress and begin to ask emotional or spiritual questions. There seems to be a pattern to their downward spiral of mental health. Once the obsession has taken hold they cannot go about their everyday life without asking the pendulum questions, at every turn. They begin to think the pendulum is magical and holds all the answers and will begin to fight with people who think otherwise. This always leads to a paranoid state, where they think they are being plagued by negative energies or even entities. This ends in the person beginning to accuse others of black magic, cursing them, sending them negative entities and the such like. This results in them attacking people, making lies up about them and this only results in them ostracising themselves. This negativity they find impossible to recognise is coming from themselves.

When the person has exhausted all of their close friends and family, having accused them of illusionary crimes, the thought forms which they have actually created themselves, take on a life of their own and begin to plague the person only causing the person to believe their own delusions even more. They will experience demonic attacks or so they think. They will think that serious health issues such as high blood pressure, headaches, stomach pains etc, are the work of someone else sending them negative energies. This is dangerous as they refuse to see that their problem is a health issue and should be diagnosed, instead they right it off as being a demonic attack.

I lost a very dear friend to cancer because she refused to see her symptoms as a physical problem which should have been addressed as so , instead she thought her symptoms were a mixture between demonic attack and ascension Can you imagine how heart broken I was when she died with no treatment what so ever.

It is no mistake that a pendulum is used to hypnotise people, someone who is obsessed with pendulums is hypnotising themselves. Every time they ask a question which is based on fear and negativity such as, “ is that person sending me negative energies? “ , they are reinforcing the creation of this thought form. Often the person they are asking the question about is totally innocent and is not even thinking of them at all ,let alone in a negative way. The thought forms are based on fear and accusation and therefore take on a life of their own and begin to plague their owner , who thinks they are demons sent from the person they are accusing. The questions you ask a pendulum and the answers you get, will tell you a lot more about who you are than another.

My advice do not use them if you want a direct line to wisdom meditate or prayer , a pendulum can only answer questions whose answers are held within the subconscious mind, which is heavily programmed. If you continue to use the pendulum it can also throw the right and left sides of your brain out of balance, only increasing the confused and paranoid state.