Alloya’s Top Tips – Tip 7 – Power Animals

Power Animals and the Vision Quest

Do you need a guide in life, a personal teacher from Gaia’s kingdoms? Then you need a power animal or animal totem to guide your way. Each animal has its own unique medicine or energy, qualities which would benefit you as you walk along your path. One of the ways to find your power animal is to go on a vision quest.

Find somewhere in nature where you will not be disturbed and find somewhere comfortable to sit and meditate. Close your eyes and spend a few minutes relaxing and moving into a meditative state. Wait for either an impulse from within or you might hear a sound from the outside, something will make you want to open your eyes. Do not open your eyes until you feel this impulse and then open your eyes and sit and wait. Be very observant look to the skies for birds, look to the earth for animals or insects for all carry their unique medicine. An animal, bird, or insect will make itself known to you.

Once you have met your power animal, watch them carefully, look for how they move, how they move about their environment. Watch their behaviour as it can give you a message from Gaia. Cultivate the special qualities within you, the medicine that, that animal carries.

There are many websites who can tell you the meaning of each animal, so you can research them yourself but do not let other people’s ideas of the meaning of the animal cloud your vision, use it only as a guideline.

I was having problems with people walking through my property, no amount of private property signs seemed to work. I went the woods to do a vision quest to find a power animal who could help me with the situation. I sat down on a rock by the stream and closed my eyes for several minutes. All of a sudden I heard a loud splash as something dropped into the water. I opened my eyes and right in front of me was a brown Mink. He was beautiful with round black eyes and a shiny brown coat. He watched me just as carefully as I was watching him, he came so close to me I thought he wanted to get on my lap. I watched him move in and out of the stream, scouting his territory.

When I returned home and researched the meaning of the Mink I discovered his medicine was all about setting strong boundaries. I began working with the energy of the Mink in meditation and after only two weeks of doing this, no more people walked through my property.