Alloya’s Top Tips -Tip5- “We Am”

Working with “ WE AM “

People ask me how I manage to work with 50 people or more in a seminar as if they are one being, my clients have noticed how everyone moves through the various stages of the meditations at the same time , as if I have perfect timing. They think I am tuning into each person at the same time and juggling plates until everyone is at the same level. This is not what I am doing as this would be too much for anyone’s brain to monitor 50 people. What I am doing to achieve this, is I am working in a collective energy which I call “ WE AM “.

Many people work with the “ I am “ frequency however there is another frequency which is just as powerful and more inclusive, it is what I call the “ We Am “. Even though the words “ We Am “ are not grammatically correct , it needs to be this way, so the “Am” remains, as this is a powerful word. If you say the word “Am” and allow it to resonate in the chest , it will activate the heart chakra and bring harmony where there was discord. It radiates an energy wave from the activated heart chakra , this wave ripples out from the auric field and calls other people and their energy bodies into a higher expression. By breathing in the words “ We Am “ and allowing them to resonate within your being , you will be asking the other energies in the room to also join you on this higher level. It is a collective frequency which asks the group to move into a collective higher expression. Working with the “ We AM “ in healing groups and seminars is an excellent tool for any teacher or healer, as it brings everyone to the same level, this enables the healer or teacher to guide the group, as if they are one being.

In order to work with the “ We Am “ you will need to go through a process yourself. It is not enough that you simply state the words, or even that you can feel them resonating in your energy body, it is much more challenging than that. A teacher who wishes to work with this frequency must have gone through some sort of ego death. Now I am not saying the teacher has to have gotten rid of their ego , but rather they have experienced a time when they went through an ego death and no longer experienced themselves as a separate being. The teacher has to know what it is like to live outside of the individualised human ego. The ego binds you to it through unresolved issues and wounds, if you want to work with the “ We Am”, you will need to release the charge which is held in these unresolved energy patterns inherent in your energy body.

Try this frequency out and you will see what I mean. Sit in meditation and spend a little time relaxing the body and calming the mind , taking nice deep breaths. Then imagine that the energy of “ We Am “ is an energy in the air all around your body. Breathe in really deeply and breathe in as much of this frequency as you can , and then as you breathe out let this ripple or wave of energy radiate from your energy body. If you do this correctly it will immediately bring up to the surface the wounds in the ego which prevent you being able to hold this frequency. But do not despair because this is a seventh dimensional frequency and is excellent at clearing through these ego wounds and imbalances in a very swift fashion. Be prepared to shake as the energy blocks are removed from your energy body, you may have overwhelming outbursts of emotions, crying , screaming etc. You may feel like you want to make some noise , growling or hissing is common, this is simply negative energies being released from your energy body. Do not pay them much heed , let them release, and do not try to figure out what they are about , just let them flow out of you. Some people feel like they want to vomit , but it is rare it is physical vomit often they urge and go through the motions but no physical vomit comes out , only energetic. Keep breathing in the “ We AM “ frequency and it will clear all of this from your energy body. It is not likely that you will resolve all your ego issues in one go , so be prepared to go on an intense self healing path to be able to work with this energy.

After working with the “ We Am “ and having cleared through your ego issues, you will notice that you are better able to be empathic and compassionate,as you will feel other people and their energetic condition much easier as if you are one being , which if you are holding the “ We Am “ correctly you are now achieving. Not only are you then able to work with groups of people because you are better able to put yourself in their shoes but you can also direct a group of people as if they are one. So instead of having to direct energy into each client in a seminar, you simply send the energy into the collective “ We Am “. It is also an excellent tool for those healers who work remotely at a distance , as it gives the healer the ability to put themselves in the energy body of their clients and they then can gain valuable information about their condition.

There are signs you are working with your group in “ We Am “ frequency, one easy sign is that everyone in the room will take a deep sighing breath at the same time. You, yourself will take this deep sighing breath a split second before the other people in the room take theirs. You are driving this breathing without being conscious of yourself doing this , the reason you do not notice it is because if you are holding the “ We Am “ correctly you will not have any awareness of yourself, you are no longer an individual being yourself , instead you are the group, through you the group is taking these healing deeply sighing breaths, because you are holding this frequency. You will feel waves of energy moving through the people as if you are all one. You cannot direct this with your individual consciousness and certainly not your will because soon as you do, you fall out of “ We Am “. Magical healing of large groups can be achieved by holding this frequency.

How did I learn this you may ask? I learnt it from a group of seventh dimensional beings who called themselves the Zeta, as they originated from the stars of Zeta Tauri. They are a collective hive minded race and they have no concept of separation or individualised consciousness. To them all is “ We “. They merged their consciousness with mine and for a while I experienced myself as one of them, I experienced what it is like to have a “ We “ consciousness. They took me through month long processes whereby I processed out many wounds which held back my human ego and my consciousness in general. After months of training I was able to move into their collective consciousness fully and experienced myself as a hive mind which they called the Web. They taught me how to hold the “ We Am “ frequency for a group which improved my work incredibly.

Be prepared for challenges though if you work with this energy , it is fine to work with a group who have come to you for a healing seminar , but if you work with people out in your everyday life be prepared for strange things to happen. I made a whole carriage of people on a train get off and move to another carriage because I was holding the energy of “ We Am “ , the reason I did this was because there were a group of aggressive people drinking and hassling people. I thought at first they were leaving the train as they all suddenly got up to leave but when I got off the train later myself, I saw they had simply moved to another carriage. I had not done anything or spoken a word to these people , I simply closed my eyes and breathed in the “ We Am “ frequency. But what was funny is that all the people left not just those who were hassling people. It turned out there was some sort of group karmic dynamic going on with all the people in the carriage and soon as I raised the energy , they could no longer play out their dynamic and therefore left the carriage to get away from this high frequency. This will happen if the people cannot raise their energy to this “We AM “ level which is quite high for most. If they are incapable of raising their energy to this level they will leave the space.

It is also a very good tool to see if someone is genuine as a channel or not. When I first worked with this energy I experimented in my everyday life , one time I went with friends to see a channel. It was in America and it was during a time when I was travelling and doing seminars in the states. I had taught my friends how to hold “ We Am “, earlier in the day. We went to see a channel who seemed to have a cult following , as she was channelling Ashtar from the Ashtar command. As we went into the venue my friend suggested we hold the “ We Am “ . I thought it was a good opportunity for me to see how it works in a group who had not experienced it at my seminar. We settled into our seats and began moving into “ We Am “. The channel sat at the head of the room and closed her eyes and began to move into a head space to channel Ashtar. Nothing happened. She opened her eyes and said she was having trouble tuning in and would we wait. She closed her eyes, nothing happened, then she began blaming everyone in the room, chastising people in a mean way , telling them she was sick and tired of channelling and it was about time someone else did the channelling. I think she was trying to distract us from realising that Ashtar or who ever this being was could not come through whilst we were holding this “ We AM “ frequency. Who ever this being was that she was channelling in her weekly groups, was not a high being as it proclaimed. If it was Ashtar and he is an ascended being then he would have no problem coming through in this frequency , but he could not. The channel began to become enraged and starting punching herself in the head and screaming, who ever this entity was was now turning on her . The group disbanded and I felt a bit guilty afterwards because even though I had not directed it what so ever, as I could not stay in my will and be able to hold “ We Am “ , I knew in a way I had done this by holding this high frequency. I found out after that the people in the weekly groups all woke up out of some sort of mind control and all realised they had been losing power to this woman and her Ashtar entity. Many wrote and thanked me after as they realised I had supported them in freeing themselves from her spell.

Work with the “ We Am “ frequency and if you would like to share with me your experience I would love to hear from you.