An Elven Story – Chapter Five – Atlantis

I asked Edain De Kerri, had her kind lived on the earth at the same time as the Atlanteans and what could she tell me about these times.

Edain De Kerri – We lived side by side in the world of men of high vibration, glorious were their form, high in the towers of their now sunken lands. Elven kin walked with human high priests/priestesses, each allocated an Elf born as their teacher and guide. We held the records of men, as mortal were their lives, waiting for their next incarnation in the summer lands. We taught them magic of both the earth and of the mind, we spoke secrets of consciousness to conjure and inspire. We held the books of records written in the hand of the soul, for the mortal path of men .Great work was done in these times and significant spiritual advancement attained amongst the adepts, guided by our Elven kin.

Corruption always seems to come to men even those of high mind, they seem more open to the influence of the dark power which sleeps inside. Whatever the cause it cannot be told but the result is evident indeed. Man became corrupted and fell from a great height during the glory of those days. We watched on from inside wooded glen to see how this all transpired but as the frowns of men became deeper still, we knew war was to come. We lived apart from man in an angle of mirrored light. We lived in another dimension, at a right angle to your own, so close in dimension we could come and go as we pleased. Many a mansion we did make in the roots of trees. The war was torture to watch but watch we did from behind the mirror there. We gasped and wailed as we watched the trees falling under the destruction of man.

The waves crashed overhead and many were lost in the waves, several floods, not just one as the history books do say. Many of our kin made their home beneath the waves, others sort the hidden caverns of the Earth Mother as their new home, now we were not safe to roam, around the earth because of the foul of men. A seal was placed around Arda of electromagnetic intent, placing us in imprisonment, a barrier, a border, a prison wall, barred our way. Though we were imprisoned we were still healthy of mind and memory, confused yes but after time we could once again see. We knew who we were and who we had been, some of it remembered as if a dream, yet other memories as plain as day. The men fared not the same as Elves, their minds began to delve into darkness as it was foretold long ago.

Fragmented in consciousness, a split of the mind.

No longer were they able to understand Elven kind.

Confusion of language and misdirected intent.

Began to be aimed with malicious relent.

No longer were these men able to converse and debate.

Now they were only full of hate.

Their eloquence gone, their manners uncouth.

We Elves began to become aloof.

We retreated to the western isles and deep into the forest there.

We lived for many more hundreds of years without a care.

With the great fall, humans were reduced to practically cave men, they totally lost their minds and became quite unfit for Elven contact. In disgust, many Elves left this dimensions through open gates which were present at that time in the centre of the stone circles, quoits and henge. All over the British Isles, Europe and beyond there are stone circles and dolmens which were originally built by the Elven race. The Elves taught man how to measure the earth, track and map the ley or dragon lines which empower the organic grid of Arda. Together they built a giant network of portals. Through these stone circles the Elves could pass from the surface world of the humans to the inner worlds of the Shee.

There once existed in the Atlantic Ocean, opposite the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, a large island, which was the remnant of an Atlantic continent, and known to the ancient world as Atlantis. The description of this island given by Plato is not, as has been long supposed, fable, but veritable history. This mighty nation, overflowed into the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River, the Amazon, the Pacific coast of South America, the Mediterranean, the west coast of Europe and Africa, the Baltic, the Black Sea, and the Caspian.

This Antediluvian world was the Garden of Eden in the Christian Bible, and the Gardens of the Hesperides; in Greek mythology. The nymphs of evening and golden light of sunset, who were the “Daughters of the Evening” or “Nymphs of the West”. They tend a blissful garden in a far western corner of the world, at the edge of the encircling Oceanus, the world-ocean.

The Elysian Fields were, according to Homer, located on the western edge of the Earth by the stream of Okeanos. Elysium was known as the Fortunate Isles or the Isles of the Blessed, located in the western ocean at the end of the earth.

Númenor also called Elenna-nórë, is a place in Tolkien’s writings. It was a large island located in the Sundering Seas to the west of Middle-earth. However, the inhabitants’ ceased their service to Ilúvatar and rebelled against the Valar which led to the downfall of the island and death of the majority of its population.

Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, by Ignatius Donnelly – The Asgard of the traditions of the ancient nations; representing a universal memory of a great land, where early mankind dwelt for ages in peace and happiness. That the gods and goddesses of the ancient Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Hindoos, and the Scandinavian were simply the kings, queens, and heroes of Atlantis; and the acts attributed to them in mythology are a confused recollection of real historical events. The mythology of Egypt and Peru represented the original religion of Atlantis, which was sun worship. The oldest colony formed by the Atlanteans was in Egypt, whose civilization was a reproduction of that of the Atlantic island.

Atlantis perished in a terrible convulsion of nature, in which the whole island sunk into the ocean, with nearly all its inhabitants. A few persons escaped in ships and on rafts, and, carried to the nations east and west the tidings of the appalling catastrophe, which has survived to our own time in the Flood and Deluge legends of the different nations of the old and new worlds. If these propositions can be proved, they will solve many problems which now perplex mankind; they will confirm in many respects the statements in the opening chapters of Genesis; they will widen the area of human history; they will explain the remarkable resemblances which exist between the ancient civilizations found upon the opposite shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the old and new worlds; and they will aid us to rehabilitate the fathers of our civilization, our blood, and our fundamental ideas, the men who lived, loved, and laboured ages before the Aryans descended upon India, or the Phoenician had settled in Syria, or the Goth had reached the shores of the Baltic.”

Edain De Kerri – Humans and Elves once had a deep and meaningful relationship but that was many years ago. While, humans lost their collective memory during the great fall of Atlantis, the Elves did not. In those days there lived humans of especially high frequency. They were Mystics, a tall and sylphlike people. Generally we Elves, were the closest to the humans and were regarded as advisors to them. Some of us became soul friends, to the Atlanteans and became deeply involved with them “

Atlantis-haunted: Tolkien and the Bent World -A Robert Moss vision of Atlantis. –

A recurring dream of the drowning of Atlantis was the inspiration of some of J.R.R. Tolkien’s greatest work. As he described this work in a letter:

This legend or myth or dim memory of some ancient history has always troubled me. In sleep I had the dreadful dream of the ineluctable Wave, either coming out of the quiet sea, or coming in towering over the green inlands. It still occurs occasionally, though now exorcized by writing about it. It always ends by surrender, and I awake gasping out of deep water. I used to draw it or write bad poems about it.

Tolkien came to suspect that the dream of the downfall of Atlantis may have been ancestral memory, passed down through the generations, especially after his son Michael shared similar dreams with him before they had ever discussed the dreams of the father. Tolkien spoke of his “Atlantis-haunting.”

In many unfinished drafts and sketches, as well as in his most famous works, Tolkien attempted to describe the fate of Atlantis before and after the fall. He gave it many names, settling on Númenor for the civilization at its height, and Atalantê – directly evoking “Atlantis” – for the drowned world. In The Lord of the Rings, Tolkien transfers his dream to Faramir, dreaming of the fall of Númenor. The short fourth book of The Silmarillion, titled Akallabêth (The Downfallen in Adunaic, one of Tolkien’s invented languages) we are given Elendil’s account of the destruction of Númenor.

For me, the simplest and earliest of Tolkien’s many versions of this theme is the most stirring and provocative, hinting at a workable geography of a deeper reality that may be directly relevant to our condition today. This is a two-page sketch for “The Fall of Númenor”, published by Tolkien’s son Christopher at the start of The Lost World and Other Writings, volume 5 in The History of Middle-Earth. In the story outline Tolkien describes how, when the gods decided to punish the Númenóreans/Atlanteans for their crimes, they “globed the earth”.

The Gods therefore sundered Valinor from the earth, and an awful rift appeared down which the water poured and the armament of Atalantê was drowned. They globed the whole earth so that however far a man sailed he could never again reach the West, but came back to his starting-point.

This was the creation of what Tolkien came to call the World Made Round. Before the bending of the world, a traveller could sail West in a straight line towards the realm of the gods (though few humans were welcome to go all the way). Now, in our “bended” (or bent) world if we travel west and keep on going for long enough, we merely come back to where we started. On a higher level of reality, however, above the clouds of our consensual hallucinations, the Line of the Gods still runs straight. Unless you are an elf, or at least an elf-friend, however, you have little chance of finding the straight path. Tolkien’s dream of Atlantis not only spurred him to become a world-maker, a master shaman of the imagination; it made him a world-remembered, offering a vision of the sources of our human condition and a possible path (through travel in dream and in time) of transcending our bent condition. Makes you think twice about the possible merits of being a flat-earther.”

Tolkien at the End of Time; Alchemical Secrets of the Lord of the Rings by Jay Weidner and Sharron Rose. – “ Tolkien , in discussing his tale of the rise and fall of this great kingdom of Men he tells us that there were three distinct stages, which have clear parallels in the Atlantean myth. At the dawn of the Second Age, the good Men who had assisted the Elves in their battle against Melkor and Sauron were gifted with great wisdom and an extension of their life-span to that of three times of most mortals. However, understanding the innate weakness of Men, the nature of Time and how achievements in the material world may lead to attachment and corruption, the gods placed a ban on the Númenóreans; that they could never set foot on the ‘immortal lands’ or even sail towards them. At first, the Men of Númenor, obedient to the laws of the Creator, did not attempt to sail West to the ‘immortal lands’ but throughout Middle-earth renewing and expanding their knowledge of the truth and the scope and nature of the World. All good Númenóreans, like their descendant the Dúnedain Aragorn, lived in alignment with the laws of the One and understood that death was not a punishment, but an intrinsic part of the Creator’s original design for them, and like Aragorn died of ‘free will’, when they felt it was time to do so. Yet, as the Second Age unfolded, and their knowledge of artistry, craftsmanship, and magic grew, rather than accept the beauty of this gift with grace and gratitude, many of the Númenóreans slowly began to perceive it with revulsion even coveting the gifts of the immortals. Living on an island, amidst the wide sea, they became masters of the art of ship-building and sea-craft. Restricted from sailing westward to the Blessed Lands of the immortals, they began to set their sights to the east, south and north.

Therefore, the Númenóreans journeyed throughout Middle-earth bringing knowledge of agriculture, tool making, and more to the Men of Middle-earth, who came to look upon these tall and long-lived Sea Men as gods. But as their delight in the nature of their lives grew, so did their desire for life-everlasting and always at the back of their minds was a yearning for the undying lands of Elves and gods. And so their inner turmoil increased and their bliss was diminished. As their fear of death increased, their wise men spent their days in seeking out ways to prolong life, but like the ancient Egyptians, could only discover the art of mummification or the preservation of dead flesh. They began to build great tombs and their minds turned with increasing frequency towards power and wealth in the material world.

Tolkien’s teachings state that as this cycle begins, the world and all of its inhabitants are totally aligned with deep spiritual principles, the natural world and shimmering realms of Divinity. It is a time of unity, splendour, grace and luminosity. However, as the cycle unfolds and these Ages metaphorically progress, from gold to silver to bronze to iron, the bulk of humanity moves further and further away from this pure, unsullied, essential knowledge and experience of spirit. As time moves on, there is a gradual distancing from the Primordial Source and descent towards an age of total materialization and concretization. With each successive Age, faith, integrity, and allegiance to spiritual values is decreased by one-fourth. The veils between the realms of spirit and matter become thicker, and our resistance to the forces of darkness becomes weaker. By the final Age of the cycle, the pure light of spirit is all but extinguished. Only a quarter of the original Divine energy of truth, virtue and integrity remains and even that energy diminishes with the unfolding of the final Age. This final stage of the cycle, in which we now reside, is known as the Iron Age. According to the texts, it is the Age our race has lived in for at least 6000 years. It is the period of time known to us today as history.”

The Isle of Elenna, the Elven name for Atlantis. Where the mighty kingdom of Númenor of the Dúnedain, was located on an island in the Great Sea, between Middle-earth and Aman. The land was brought up from the sea as a gift to Men. It was also called Elenna (“Starwards”) because the Dúnedain were led to it by the Star of Eärendil, and because the island was in the shape of a five-pointed star. The Dúnedain arrived at the island in the year S.A. 32, and the Drúedain refugees who dwelt at the Mouths of Sirion before the sinking of Beleriand, were permitted to join them. These Men rose to become a powerful race. A few of them, the Faithful, remained loyal to the Valar and friendly to the Elves.

The Valar displayed warnings to the Men of Elenna in the form of huge eagles, but they paid no heed to these manifestations. An earthquake light (EQL) is a luminous aerial phenomenon that reportedly appears in the sky at or near areas of tectonic stress, seismic activity, or volcanic eruptions. Were these eagles that Tolkien talked about the large Aurora eagles we see in the northern skies, were they a portent for the coming fall of Atlantis. In more superstitious times, the northern lights were thought to be a harbinger of war or destruction.

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