An Elven Story – Chapter One – First Meeting with the Elves

When I moved to Cornwall one of the first things I did was look for a wood, even though I love the sea, I was not content wandering the cliff paths I sought out the shade of the trees. During my visit to a local wood I was overcome with sadness, I began to cry and did not really know why. As I sat upon a rock by the tumbling stream I could hear a song being sung, not by a voice but by the passing of the breeze through the trees and the babbling of the stream. As I listened carefully a melody began to form in my mind and after a while I found myself humming along. It was a sad song full of melancholy. As I continued to hum I found myself moving into a trance, I was no longer myself. As I looked about me I was no longer in the third dimensional wood but in another reality entirely. The trees had a shimmer about them, their colours so much brighter and sparkles filled the air. As I looked down on to the water of the stream as it rolled over the rocks I could see faces staring back at me. As I looked I began to see faces everywhere in every leaf, bough and stone. Suddenly from behind a tree walked an Elf. Not a silly little man in a red hat, but a tall slender being. It was male or that is how he seemed, he stood tall decked out in green attire. He carried on his back a bow and arrow, around his waist was a small pouch which had Elven runes upon it, I felt it contained some sort of magic. His hair was black, straight as a dye, his eyes were the most piercing green I have ever seen. He looked me straight in the eyes, and made me catch my breath, as I gasped in surprise, he completely disappeared.

Every week I made my trip to this woods hoping to experience the Elf again, but nothing happened at all. Then one evening my friends and I decided it would be fun to visit the woods at night. We made our way into the woods, tripping over the roots of the trees. We had the intention to quietly go into the woods, instead we crashed about laughing at our stupidity for not bringing a torch. We decided that we would not take the lower path as it was muddy and we did not want to fall into the stream, so we took a higher less trodden path. We walked into a bush and could not find our way out, one friend even got his lighter out and got on his hands and knees trying to see or feel for the path. We laughed about it at first as it was a funny situation to find ourselves in , however as time passed we came to the realisation we could not get out of this bush , no matter which way we turned, we could not find the way out. Suddenly I could hear the song once again much louder this time and this time there were words. Even though they were in a strange language some part of me knew what they meant. It was a sad song about the fall of the Elves, and how a family of Elves had made their home in the woods but year on year the woods were getting smaller and smaller, man was once again cutting the trees.

Suddenly I was no longer surrounded by trees, no longer stuck in a bush, I was in an underground tunnel. As I walked, the walls of the tunnel went from being run down and in need of repair, cobwebs and lichen covered the bricks, to glistening in a strange light. As I turned a corner I could see flaming torches on the walls which now looked more pristine. I began to hear music not just a song in my head, but instruments too, fiddle and drum, as I walked on I could hear what sounded like a party going on deep inside the earth. I began to smell cooking, something sweet like apple pie.

Suddenly up ahead I made out a figure not much taller than myself. In the pale light I could see what at first looked like a boy, naked and muddy. Then I looked to his feet and saw he had hooves and a band of hair went down his spine and ended in a long tail. His eyes were completely black but not menacing but strange indeed. He was beckoning to me to follow him then he began to whisper my name. I felt I had no choice but to follow I was curious that cannot be denied but I was also a little concerned , because I remembered the stories my grandmother told me about the fairies and if you enter their world you will never get out. My trance deepened and I felt like I was hypnotised I began to follow this strange being. All of a sudden I was catapulted back into the bush, hearing my friend say “I have found it I have found the path “. As I came back into this reality my friend was holding my hand something I had not felt at all, whilst in the tunnel. He helped me find my way out of the bush, it was funny, and the path was literally only two steps away and could have easily been found. I realised we had been spelled, magic had trapped us inside that bush. My friend was concerned about me ,as he said I went silent and my hand had become really hot , then he said it felt like he was only holding the hand of my physical body and that I was no longer inside. I tried to speak and tell him what I had experienced but I could not find any human words, instead out of my mouth came a strange but beautiful language, the language of the Elves.

We moved from the bush and found a fallen log to sit upon and we all took our place and I began to sing. Something I never do in public as I fear my voice is not so sweet. However this time my singing voice was amazing as if it was not my own. I sang a sad song of lament whilst my friends listened in awe, with tears rolling down their cheeks, even the boys shed a tear. If that was not surprising enough the strangest thing was my accent, it was no longer a Middle English accent but Irish something I could not create. My friends were puzzled and a little scared, so we ran from the forest to the safety of our car. We spoke for a long time about what had happened and my friend said “I think you are an Elf”.

As the months passed I began to feel called to the woods, I had no car of my own and the walk was over five miles but I felt like my feet were as light as air ,as I made my way across the fields. Not long after entering the woods, I would once more feel myself falling into trance. I took to sitting inside bushes on purpose, this time hoping to once again enter the world of the Shee. Often I would fall asleep and wake soaking wet as it had rained. I felt drained like my physical body was a heavy overcoat which was weighing me down, it was hard to get up and leave. I wanted to stay in the woods and be with the Elves but I could sense them laughing at me, because I was not in the right kind of body to be able to make the woods my home. I remember one day in particular, I had been in a deep trance, sitting in a bush just a step or two off the main path. Two adults and two children were talking loudly, trampling the path without a care, making enough noise to wake the dead. I sat in silence and hoped they would not see me there, what would they think of me sitting wet through in a bush. They walked on by me, with their feet only inches away, they did not see me at all. Maybe they were so focused on talking and making noise they had not noticed me, but then their dog came passing by. Now surely he would sense me, smell me at least, he did not even turn my way and carried on with no awareness that I was there. It suddenly dawned on me that maybe I was no longer human, no longer in my physical body, maybe now I was an Elf.

I made this trip to the woods every week and each time the experience got more and more intense and clearer. Once again I could see faces everywhere and began to sing the Elven songs of the trees, each one had a special song of its own. As I sang the tree’s songs I could see how they appreciated my tune, their branches would sway when there was no breeze and the faces in the bark would smile back at me. They communicated with me and told me it had been a long time since they had heard anyone sing their songs.

I found there was a special way to walk through the woods, it was called the beautiful way. Upon entering the woods I would take off my shoes and socks and walk with bare feet. I would not step on a single plant, or even a broken branch, if the branches of a tree barred my way instead of moving it aside, I would curve my body around the branch not to disturb anything in my passing, not a single sound did I make. The woods were not big it only took half an hour to walk from one side to the other , walking the beautiful way meant that it took me four hours. As I concentrated on not disturbing anything in the woods once again I fell into a deep trance, faces appearing everywhere. Suddenly the Elf I had first seen hiding behind a tree, walked directly into the middle of my path and in a clear voice demanded to know who I was, and what I was doing in their kingdom. He seemed to be a guardian or security guard of the woods. Instead of telling him my name Alloya, I found myself saying in a clear and proud voice, “ I am Edain de Kerri “. Where I got that name from, I had no clue at the time. It just seemed to leak from my mouth. “ Really “he said, “ Well in the case you better follow me “. He then walked into a crowding of thick trees. I followed him, as we came out of the other side of the thicket of trees, I saw that I was in two worlds. I could still see the third dimensional woods but overlaid on top in shimmering colours was the home of the Shee. He led me through what looked like courtyards, I could make out other elves shimmering, as if they were like heat from the road. As I walked on I could feel the energy getting thicker and thicker as if I was entering the inner circle of the Elves. I walked past what I now call guardian trees there were two at each junction of the path, I found myself touching them and asking for permission to pass.

Suddenly I came across a mound of rocks with an old oak tree sitting upon the top, it had been hit with lightening and it had split the trunk of the tree, so it created an entrance or doorway. The Elf beckoned me to step into the tree. I felt scared as if something big was happening, I also felt like I was going somewhere where humans were not allowed. As I made myself comfortable inside the tree and closed my eyes, I felt a spinning feeling, it made me feel a bit sick. I seemed to move into a dream and my inner vision became really clear. I found myself in an underground hall with the roots of the trees making the beams of the ceiling. The room was full of Elves. Sitting on a wooden throne carved with magical elven runes sat the queen, or I presumed it was the queen because she had a crown of seven stars upon her head. She beckoned me to sit at her feet.

The conversation was dreamy and I fear I forgot most of it but what I do remember is how she reacted when I answered her question about the woods. She basically asked me for news of other elves living in other parts of the great forest. I suddenly realised she thought that her small little wood was a mighty forest, forming in my mind’s eye I could see what she imagined lay beyond her borders. I suddenly realised she and her kind had woven some sort of spell around them to keep them secret and none of them had left the woods for hundreds of years. I have never felt so much pain than that day when I had to explain to the queen that the woods were no longer a mighty forest but now was only a small wood. She asked me how could this be, and with tears streaming down my face I explained to her, man had cut down the trees. I projected images into her mind of what it looked like beyond her borders , no more oaks , no more trees, only fields for agriculture and stone brick houses, and the concrete roads of man. I watched her face change from puzzlement to horror and then anger. I thought she was going to strike me as she raised her fist in the air, I took a cautious step back, as beautiful as she was there was a power in her which should not be taken lightly.

She told me to leave and take my bad news with me and I was escorted out of the hall, by the Elf who had shown me the way. Suddenly I was back in the third dimensional reality, I was covered in mud, my hair was soaking wet and my clothes stuck to my body, I was cold to the bones. I felt like I had been expelled from the hall at a tremendous speed, I was disorientated and confused, did that just happen? I walked home my feet aching , in fact my whole body ached and hurt as if I had been beaten up, I dragged myself home and sat in front of the fire , crying for many hours.

As time passed I began to understand my experience more and more, the Elves of the woods had indeed cast magic around themselves, living inside a bubble of their own making. Inside this bubble they had cast illusions which they lived within. In their reality they lived in a mighty forest pristine and without damage from man, but in my reality it was not a mighty forest but a small woods, which often had litter strewn about the place. Outside of its borders there were only the signs of man, tree stumps now stood where mighty oaks had once stood. Farm buildings and fields of cattle was all that could be seen.

It took some time before I could muster up the courage to go to the woods again, after the experience. However I could feel the Elves sort of calling me, I dreamt about the woods and the Elves and after several weeks of trying to ignore it I finally returned. The trance came easy as soon as I stepped into the woods I began to hear singing and felt myself moving into an altered state. This time there was no Elf to greet me but I already knew the way, passing the guardian trees asking for permission to pass until finally I came to the tree, the entrance to the Elven underworld. Once again the feeling of spinning and feeling sick and then my vision opened up and I once more found myself in the hall under the tree. There was an air of tension in the room and the queen was not there yet, many different kinds of Elves stood around talking in low whispers. I could not make out what they were saying. The queen entered the hall followed by a strange looking being. He was tall but bent over his head and face hidden by a hood. At first it looked to me as if he wore a dark brown cloak but as I looked closer I could see it was not a cloak of fabric but a cloak of bark. He took his place beside the queen and she began to address the Elves, there were hushed arguments with several of the Elves who did not look the same as the others, they were darker, their faces not as beautiful and fair as the others. I gathered from what I could hear that they came from another place and had travelled a perilous journey to arrive there.

As I listened carefully I came to realise they were talking about going to war. I was shocked . As I listened I suddenly realised they wanted to go to war with man. It seemed I had stirred up some trouble showing the queen what the land looked like outside of the border of the woods. The dark elves wanted to go to war, they announced they had dark magic which they could use against the humans, causing them ill health and general bad luck. It was a powerful magic but it had not been used in several centuries, and from the gasps of horror on the faces of the light elves, I realised this dark magic had consequences for the Elves as well as man. One Elf light in face but stern stood up and hit his fist upon a table, demanding to be heard. He announced his name which was Abilrane, he seemed to be a commander of some sort, and he talked about how his people were talking about taking action against the humans for the crime of cutting down the trees. Many agreed in murmurs, others shook their heads. The queen sat silent listening to all that was said. Two dark Elves stood up and demanded they be given the permission to go to war against the humans ,but they were quickly silenced when the strange being dressed in bark stood up to speak.

The hall went deathly quiet and I held my breath. This strange being who wore this cloak of bark, pulled down his hood and I saw his face. He looked completely like a tree, this kind of face I had seen in many of the trees as I fell into a trance. I wondered who he was. As if she could read my mind a female Elf standing next to me, whispered that this being was an Eldar a wise tree spirit, it reminded me of the Ents in Lord of the Rings. He spoke so slowly and deep, with a strange cracking sound as if woods was splitting inside of him as he spoke. He had been sleeping like most of the trees and he was not too pleased with being woken from his slumber, but he had been requested in court for council, so now he was here. I could see from the other Elves’ faces that this being was wise indeed and his word would be the final one.

In a deep voice he told the Elves to quieten their voices and listen to their hearts, and to remember the Elven way. Which was not to harm any living thing. The dark Elves looked down in shame as it became apparent that they had indeed broken this Elven law and had harmed humans who had strayed into their territory. He then said that there was one who could act as a go between, between humans and Elves, to give Elven messages to humankind. This was to be tried before anything more serious like war would be considered. I looked around me to see who he was talking about, then I suddenly realised it was me. I went red I am sure and I looked at my feet, I felt deeply embarrassed and did not know why.

But she is a human what is she doing here”, the dark Elves glared at me. The queen said “ this is true she does look like she is a human but let me tell you she is no ordinary human ,for she has the soul of an Elf.

A kriren “ the dark Elves shouted, “ they are banished, the unclean, the soiled, surely she must die

The tree wise spirit hummed a deep and resounding hum which once again quietened the hall, giving the queen space to speak. She spoke slowly and with authority.

This is true she is a Kriren , however she has found her way through the secret gates barred by the trees that know, and they have allowed her passage. Are we so arrogant as to think we know better than the trees? “

The dark Elves looked down and took her authority but I got the feeling that they did not agree with her. They began to whisper among themselves. Even though I could understand the language when it was spoken directly to me, trying to listen in on others conversations was much more difficult.

Come forward “ the queen said and gestured for me to stand next to her. As I took my place I could feel the energy emanations coming from her, she smelt sweet like ripe apples and the feeling was like being held in the arms of a lover. She gestured for me to speak. Just as the fear rose up in me as to what I would say, I suddenly found myself speaking in this beautiful language. First I announced who I was, Edain De Kerri, from the western isle. I did not understand my own words where did all of this come from. I spoke on for several minutes about the evils of man and how they are poisoning Gaia and cutting down the last remaining forests. I explained how the humans had weapons which they would use upon all those who tried to stand in their way, and how many loving humans had tried to stop the logging of the trees but to no avail.

Just as I was about to say more, suddenly I was shocked out of my trance, there was a man standing right next to the tree shouting for his dog. I was so shocked I was shaking. The man suddenly saw me there I do not think he saw me before. He too was surprised, then he gave me a very black look, rolled his eyes at me and then walked off. I could not imagine what I had done wrong to cause such a look.

For many more weeks I visited the woods every week but I was pained to find that every time I went there, there were humans there, making noise, trying to break branches off the trees, leaving litter everywhere. I spent most of my time feeling very angry and sad and took to taking bags to collect the litter. One time I went there to find that some people had been camping there obviously having a party, there were smashed beer bottles everywhere. I was distraught I cleared it up feeling I wanted to die rather than continue to see this blatant disrespect for nature. After this time I could not bring myself to go there any more it seemed no matter what time of day I went there or even in the worst weather, there were always disrespectful humans there. It has always puzzled me as to why people would purposely go to the woods and then to leave litter everywhere. Surely they chose the woods because of its peace and beauty, how could they then leave it is such a state. As much as I have compassion for people, I had no compassion for these disrespectors of nature.

I have since been back but it is not the same, trees have been cut down supposedly for woodland management, litter is everywhere, people leaving tents nailed to the trees, disrespect all around to see. I could feel how sad the woods felt , no longer was I able to enter the Elven world , it seemed I could not move into trance when other people were around ,as if their level of consciousness was overriding my own. I tried to get active , I tried to find out who owned the woods so I could alert them to the damage which was being caused, but it turned out it was a group of people and after much time spent searching for their contact details and writing to them , I finally gave up when I got no reply. I told many people of my depth of sadness and grief at seeing the woods in such a mess, they only looked at me as if I had just beamed down from Mars, and was talking a foreign language to them. No one cared plain and simple. Maybe the idea of the Elves to go to war was a good thing, after all an Elven heart can be loving and also fierce.

As the months past even though I could not bare to go back to the woods, the woods were in my constant dreams , night after night I would return there and continue where I left off. The most infuriating thing was I could hardly hold on to any of these dreams, it was as if the sunlight of the day made them fade into nothing. I knew I had experienced and learnt much during my nightly visits to the land of fairy but I could bring so little back with me.

As the months rolled by a feeling started to stir within me, a yearning for something that I had forgotten. I found myself day dreaming like I did when I was a little kid, images and visions of forests filled my mind. A Desire began to become aroused in my heart, which at first I did not understand. But as the weeks passed I came to realise that this desire was the desire to write an elven book. Often in meditation I would see scrolls with elven script written up on it .The Scrolls would dissolve into glittery starlight sparkles, which merged with my energetic body. I thought to myself, if I am going to write this book, then I will need some Elven Magic.

Druids have always been associated with sacred groves, and particularly oak forests. The root ‘wid’: to know, ‘Druid’ refers to those with ‘knowledge of the oak’, the ‘Wise Ones of the Oakwood’. The Sanskrit word, ‘Duir’, gave rise both to the word for oak and the English word ‘door’, which suggests that this tree stands as an opening into greater wisdom, an entryway into the other-world. The Druids performed all their religious rites in oak-groves, where they gathered mistletoe from the trees with a golden sickle and ate acorns as a way of divining the future. Certain trees may mark an entrance to the Other-world. These are portals to the Hidden Kingdom, and also the trees provide a home to Tree Sprites or other Silvarin Elves. They are known as Faerie Trees, Monants, Bile, Sceach or Skiough.

Elven history passing by

Only discovered with a scrying eye

Our origin shrouded in mystery

Only those with Elven eyes can see

We are the Hyberborians, Sidhe, Seelie and Fae

We are the Elven race of Eldar day

Luminous, etherical people of the living land

Guided with an Elven hand

Shaped and formed along our design

Beautiful and oh so fine

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Chapter Two