Antares 11D self – Channelling

Antares Star Goddess

“ I call to the Dreamer that sleeps within, awaken from your slumber for you have been sleeping in the illusionary realms of this earth plane and now you are to awaken, to raise your consciousness to great heights, to remember who you were before you entered into this dream state. There was a time when you walked the earth in full consciousness, awake and true, however, that is a long time ago and memories have forgotten. Your world holds remnants of those days in many of the ruins of stone that litter the land but for those with no eyes to see, all they see are rocks. Evidence of ancient cultures stretching back into time can be seen in the lie of the land. There was a time when you had full memory of these days, but your memories have been fading as you pass through death and into new lives in a reincarnation cycle, living life after life or so it seems. You are dreaming and within this state many illusions are manifest, lives lived, dreams dreamt all within the matrix, all within the illusion which blankets the earth.

There was a time when you walked the earth in ethereal dream bodies made of light, you moved through the trees like a shimmering mist. You called platonic solids around your light form and over thousands of years, you began to walk in bodies that took on a light form of matter and were more humanoid in appearance. Modern earth humans in whom you now share your home were not present at this time, you walked the earth plane thousands of years before mankind came about. Scientists tell the age of the earth they have no clue for time does not function in the way that they think and therefore it is impossible to age the earth through the rational mind of men, for she is ancient indeed. But even Gaia is not as she once was; even she has fallen under the illusion. It is as if there is a dream cast spell placed upon this plane which cuts off a person from their true inner self, their divine spark of light, it is this illusion which is beginning to fade. In the fading of this dream reality, the light will flood your plane and your consciousness, bringing many changes to come.

There have already been many shifts and changes of consciousness, within the peoples of the Earth, and that is why you are seeing at this time so much chaos and confusion within the human collective. It is the symptom of the Grand Awakening. There are those of you who have been through a spiritual Awakening experience whereby you came to realise in the very core of your being that you were not separate to the source, not separate to the godhead, not separate to the universal dreamer, but were in fact, the universal dreamer itself, simply dreaming an avatar of itself here. You are all unique beings, and you would have had this experience in your own unique ways. For some of you, this realisation has carried you like a wave of consciousness into your future. For others, this realisation, this Awakening, has rocked them to their core and brought about fear and imbalance. For as this realisation activates within your core self, it also activates a self-healing process, which will carry you like a wave into this new future of light. Your world has been shrouded in darkness and in mystery for far too long, in the coming years and months that pass, much will be revealed, for lies currently bind your world. These lies shroud your world in darkness and in confusion. As the light of the source radiates from your chest, all lies will fade in the rising of a new sun. A new dawn is coming.

You ask when this will occur as if you can set it in time and this is the very thing which prevents an instantaneous awakening and a new dawn. The minds of men are held by time codes which have been in operation for hundreds of years, casting men’s souls backward in time, recycling, reliving, over and over caught in the net of a fisher of men. Past lives, they are called but in truth, this is incorrect as it is only your perception of those lives which lies in your ideas of the past. For all lives are illusions lived inside the matrix. Upon death, a soul is caught up in a net of energy that surrounds your plane. It was put there long ago to enable souls visiting earth to experience more than one life at one time. Before the confusion before the fall, it was possible to come to earth and incarnate into many bodies all at once. Those of you who did this knew at this time that there was no separation between you and you were simply playing with the idea. However, since the net has been put in place all has been forgotten.

This net is fading as the new sun casts its first light at the dawn of a new era in soul evolution. As this new light floods your world this net of consciousness will reveal itself and just like a scroll it will roll back and reveal the heavens above. There are many more stars in your night sky than those you currently see. Those visible stars are only those who vibrate at a slow enough rate that a human eye can perceive them. There are many more stars that vibrate at a rate just beyond your human perception. There will come a time when the net rolls back and reveals this splendor. The light of these newly revealed stars will flood your plane recasting you into a divine tomorrow. Light reveals all that hides in the darkness much will be revealed in the coming cycles of human consciousness. Many shadows will be cast as the rising of this new sun occurs and in those dark shadows, those who resist the light will congregate.

You are about to enter a phase of extremes between the light and the dark as this new dawn grows nearer. The darkest time is just before dawn. Hold fast my elven kin for there will be much for your concern, do not give in to fear as all crumbles around you. For much of your civilisations are built on lies, their foundations weak and without merit. The cracks in the foundations of human civilisation will begin to open wider and reveal that which has been hidden. You are in a time of Armageddon. The Great Reveal. Your world has been cast in shadows for far too long as the light of this new Dawn is cast upon your plane, those of evil intent will run to the shadows. The Shadows will become deeper and darker as the new light of the sun rises in human consciousness those who resist this light, will walk further into the Shadows, further Into the Darkness, and they will be consumed by it.

Many will seem as if they are in fact possessed by demonic forces, when in fact all they are is simply overwhelmed by their own shadow. As this new dawn brings a new light in human consciousness, all will need to face the darkness they carry within. No longer will you be able to turn your cheek to the evil in the world. For it will only take up residence within you. It is time to own your shadow and bring that into the light. There are things about you that you do not know, things that are hidden even from your own conscious mind. As the light of this new Dawn is cast upon your plane, many unresolved issues, memories, and distortions will rise to your conscious mind to be released and healed. This is the way of the light.

This process is painful it is meant to be that way it makes you know you are alive for you have all been sleeping half-dead in an artificially constructed reality. In the rising of this new Dawn which will be revealed to you, you will come to realise that many of your beliefs about yourselves, and the reality in which you live, are false indeed.

From the moment of your birth, you are cast into slavery of body, mind and soul. You are not free. Your prison is one of lies and distortion. You are held captive in a prison of consciousness, whose bars are invisible to your senses but they are there never the less. You live in an electromagnetic matrix, which is artificially controlling your consciousness at present. It is very difficult for you to awaken when you are held in this imprisoned state. As the light of this new Dawn is cast upon your plane, the energies of this electromagnetic matrix will begin to dissolve. As the bars of this consciousness prison begin to dissolve and fade much will be released from the depths of the unconscious mind. Much that was held within the unconscious mind will become manifest in the physical. It will be as if dark demons are arising from the depths of the bowels of the Earth and entering the human bodies, and taking over the consciousness of them. Many religious-minded people will perform rituals and rites upon these demonically possessed people thinking that they are possessed by outside negative evil forces. These people will not be demonically possessed but will simply be meeting the monsters of their selves and will be consumed by them. Do not give into fear when this begins to happen to people around you.

The Darkest Hour is always just before the dawn. It will seem to those who are of a sensitive nature is if the world has turned to the dark side. Much will be revealed to the collective consciousness, many lies and secrets that have been hidden for hundreds of years, many of them held as records in the vaults of the Vatican, will come into the public light. All will be turned upside down by the new revelations. Those with holy standing will finally be seen for the demons that they truly are. Many public figures that have enjoyed the worship and reverence of the people will be seen in their true light, showing their true colours, revealing who they really are and the deeds that they do behind closed doors. The puppet masters will be slowly revealed one by one. The curtain will finally be pulled back and all that has been manipulating your reality from behind the scenes will finally be revealed. Many will find this shocking, and there will be much mental disturbance in the months and years to come. It is important my elven kin those of you who have already awoken, move into a supportive and loving role, to take care of those human beings, who are being wiped out by this new wave of consciousness.

Lies have been perpetrated by those who you willingly give your power. These lies are so complex and have infiltrated human consciousness to the point that humans will now defend these lies as if they are the truth. People no longer have the skill of intuition bamboozled by snake lies of deception. This deception went unseen for many a year and those who peddle it have become complacent thinking they are hidden from view. The grand reveal will pull back the curtain and those who huddle in dark corners will be brought into the light. There will be much drama on the world stage, as the main actors fall from their positions of power.
Desperate men do desperate things, but desperate demons do the worst. Those who have been in power on this earth, who have wielded a sword of evil Intent, will finally be exposed. Even this will be not enough to awaken the general population, for they are held in a black magic spell, a spell of mind control and manipulation that they have willingly accepted through their ignorance. This spell will be broken but it will take many more moons. Question anyone and everyone who is placed into a position of power especially when their merit it unknown. Look for signs and symbols as those in dark congregations like to use this language which is unknown by the common man. A secret language is being spoken right in front of you, yet most do not have the eyes to see. Look for signs of the hands clearly shown in public but not understood by those watching because their meaning is unknown. Many of the world leaders, the movers, and shakers of your world use this secret code.”