Brain Hemisphere and Brow Chakra alignment-Level 5

Artwork By Christian Poppe 

For those of you who have been following the Antari Light Body Activations, this is Level 5 of this series. It is designed to be a tune up to assist you in integrating the previous four activations. It can also act as a stand alone meditation and therefore, can also be used by those who have not received the previous activations, but would like to have a sample before purchasing and to receive a valuable tool to help relieve stress and aid sleep.

This is a Antari Brain Hemisphere Rebalance recording designed to assist you in rebalancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It is approximately 15 minutes long and contains high pitched Solfeggio Tuning Forks, Binaural Beats, & Antari Tones. It is meant as a precursor to lucid dreaming or deepened state of sleep. It can also assist those with insomnia.

This is not an activation as such, but rather a necessary tune up in the Antari series. The light body is like a computer which is having many downloads installed upon it. Every now and then we need to reorganise our computer and give it a defragmentation procedure. This is what this recording is designed to do, to assist you in reorganising the files in your Light Body and to bring yourself to a state of balance before moving on in further activations.

This recording is designed to stimulate the hemispheres of the brain and bring them into balance. This procedure is often done during a Light Body Activation session with the Antari.

LightBody Activation Session

By being in a balanced brain state a person is more able to communicate with soul and have access to innate wisdom which comes from being in this balanced state. The Antari work with sound and frequency which they create by stimulating the brain. The brain responds to their energy by creating its own tones (some of which are inaudible). The brain begins to sing.

The brain is separated into two halves (hemispheres), and each area is primarily responsible for certain functions. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. The halves are connected at “the midline” primarily by a thick bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum, the vehicle by which a constant stream of information crosses between the left and right brains. The Antari use these recorded tones as carriers for higher inaudible frequencies which directly stimulate the brain to come into an open and balanced state. As the brain comes into balance a rainbow bridge of brain waves forms along this mid-section as the Antari perform their activations.

The tones in this recording are in the high range of 900 hertz and above, many are not heard but felt as they are of such a high tone, they are inaudible to the human ear. Each time you listen you may find that you can hear different tones each time, this is not because the recording is different but the tones your brain is producing is different. Yes that is right I said the tones your brain is producing. Did you know that your brain is a musical instrument which can produce sounds of its own. The binaural beats create two tones for each ear but it is when your brain is entrained by the sounds it produces a audible hallucination or third tone. It is the third tone your brain is creating which makes the listening unique each time. This form of music is Fourth Dimensional, it is created in the astral realm and first felt in the ether before the brain responds and creates the appropriate sound to the particular frequency of energy it is being stimulated with. As your brain goes through the procedure it will create different tones some of which may even sound disharmonious as it recalibrates and finds it balance. A sensation is felt as the tones move from ear to ear until the balance occurs and then the Brow chakra comes into full balance and sometimes inner vision is possible. Many see a whirling spiral or carousel spinning around as the third eye or brow chakra opens up. It is important at this time not to focus too hard on this but rather allow a dreamy sleepy focus like when you are falling asleep. The colours purple and green will often be the colours first seen but as you relax into the tones and bring yourself to full balance violet will flood the vision. This violet light is created by the third eye as your chakra opens up. Breathe deeply and relax and allow your conscious awareness to travel into the violet light as this is a carrier wave to assist you in entering the astral or fourth dimension and to begin to lucid dream.

Please do not listen to this recording whilst driving or doing anything dangerous as it is designed to put you in an altered state.

The download of this recording is for FREE

I want to say a big thank you to those of you who have purchased the other four activations and also give a free taster sample to anyone considering purchasing the activations but not sure of what they contain. A side note the other activations are much more intense and are 30 minutes long with accompanying detailed documentation.

Download for free the 15 minute MP3 recording Level 5 in the Antari Light Body Activation series.

NB* some people are having an issue downloading from their phones if there is any issue with the downloading of this file please email me at and I will send you a link to download from We Transfer. Thank you for your patience, love Alloya.

Preparation details

It is advisable to listen to it on an adequate music system. Please wear headphones.

During the recording find somewhere comfortable you will not be disturbed for 15 minutes. Turn off all phones and TV. You can lie down or sit please feel comfortable and relaxed. Close your eyes and breathe deep. 

Within an hour you will receive an email titled “Purchase Receipt”- with the link to your download.
Any problems please email thanks

Within an hour you will receive an email titled “Purchase Receipt”- with the link to your download.
Any problems please email thanks