We are activating your light body to take you to the stars

The Antari from Antares



The Antari are a group of high dimensional insectoid beings who I have been in contact with since the 1990. They are here in our time and space now to assist us as we increase in spiritual vibration and begin our journey home. High frequency tones and sacred notes of divinity are channelled through my voice. With the assistance of the Antari I am able to ground a high frequency template which will be embedded into your light body as you listen to the recordings, which contain both audible tones and tones outside our range of hearing. Light programmes are embedded inside the carrier waves of the Binaural Beats and Solfeggio tones, the Antari use these tones to act as a carrier wave or vehicle for their high inaudible frequencies. Please see the individual Upgrade pages for more in-depth detail about each level. With the first level you purchase you receive the EBook the Antari from Antares, however it is also available separately to purchase please follow the link below.

This book is a sharing of my experience of working with 11th dimensional beings called the Antari who come from the star collective Antares. It is a Light Body manual containing information about the various layers of the Auric Field or Plasma Sheath from their lofty perspective. It describes in detail the various layers and their functions.

The Antari describe the mechanism of the conversion of energy into Light via several different light devices within the Kether (outer layer) of the Auric Field.

The Antari are on a mission to assist us in transforming our energy body to be able to accept high vibrational star codes from higher dimensions. Within this book it is hoped that a glimpse into the workings of the Light body is achieved.


Hi Alloya,

I am in AWE!

With your work, your gifts and way of expression. You have been pulling together a master piece! Thank you so much for this outstanding piece of work and all the effort, love, and skills you put into it! It truly is the greatest gift to humanity. 

I listened to the audio several times, to hear all fully and to let my body get used to it as a bit of old fear programming showed up in the begining. It was amazing though!

It started with lots of energies, I felt them flipp the top of my head open, and they started perform profound healing, re-wiring and such. From that moment, it was like I was lifted up to another frequency/dimension/bubble (feeling my energy field expanding massively), for much more profound working on my system. A lot of colours and geometric coding came with it.

The high pitched ear ring I recognised immediately as I have it for ages and last months its exactly the same frequency as in your audio. I wanted to remember everything I experienced, I even thought this while listening, but it was such a profound journey… I forgot.

The part at 4:47- 4:57 is just so familiar. I want to indulge in it and listen to that looped a gazillion time. It does so much with me. Pure recognition of all that is. Whilst listening I just feel like a part where all is coming together and understood. Somehow its feels/sounds like a ‘plot twist’, I even sense myself looking trough antari eyes, moving like em. The way my head tilts.

Such a profound mantis healing/activation I never heard something like this probably ever. It truly is one of a kind. And has such deeplayers to it. Its -literally- out of this world beyind amazing. Music to my alien ears. I had amazing sleep after. Its so profound in its building up, the sounds… Its like being in a SF movie, but real. 

Its def a very unique piece of healing art!

Love you so much. Grateful & proud! 

Biggest hug and much love, Kim


Hello Beautiful,

Apologies for the long delay on this!  To be honest I can be very slow to complete tasks much of the time due to the exhaustion etc and I wanted to make sure I had read everything in the books before I went ahead,  I think it was in alignment this way as now I have also had some time to reflect on the changes woohoo. I felt guided to listen to your upgrade once a day for 3 days in a row and will now continue to listen regularly ♡
I had been praying to the Source for ‘Acceleration’ when I received the answer to my prayer in the form of Alloya’s email about the Antari Upgrade which is finally available to humanity. The Antari Upgrade has been an extremely purifying and powerfully enhancing experience for me, I was guided to listen to the transmission once a day for 3 days in a row and each time it was vastly different yet with the same level of intensity and something I will continue to listen to regularly as I honestly feel the benefits will be ever growing. The first time I listened to the recording I was aware of intense geometric energy and light tangibly travelling throughout all my body levels and layers and specifically inside my head and a penetrative scanning sensation on the left and right hemispheres of the entire body. I sighed huge breaths of air and had the gentle physical pressure sensation of the Antari touching the tops of my feet followed by R.E.M with my eyes which I surrendered to following Alloya’s directions. The second time I listened to the recording I experienced tingling on my crown chakra, third eye and then deeply in my solar plexus and I was specifically shown a incident in a past life where a powerful man stormed into my room in the middle of the night while I was sleeping and physically attacked me – I have always had a deep fear of being attacked and a physical trigger response in my solar plexus of intense fear and physical pain throughout my life so this made a huge lot of sense to me. This fear was triggered intensely in my solar plexus whilst rewatching this event and then slowly released – I was then shown that this same fear is projected/manifested into my current reality and a clearing happened. I was also shown another timeline on a operating table with some tall dark 10ft ET’S, I was conscious and not in fear but was pinned to the table by my solar plexus – I felt this event or connection is also being cleared and replaced with a tingly feeling of love and warmth throughout my body. The 3rd time I listened to the Antari Upgrade I again had the similar scanning sensations particularly in my head, face, pulsing inside my mouth and Sushumna Central Nadi channel and solar plexus. but this time my limbs were gently twitching and shaking, I was being given some messages and also could viscererally feel negative energy being removed from my body in long streams of dense cold air through the heart chakra. After completing each upgrade I am tingling with a love feeling and my field feels purified. I am often trying out different practices but I can honestly say that I feel significantly different and that an ‘Acceleration’ is happening in all areas of my life, after some integration time I am able to notice that my negative patterns are slowly decreasing, I feel more guided to what is my highest good and most impressively I feel that I am able to see more clearly through the Maya or illusion as if viewing reality as a projection of the mind on the screen of Consciousness.
Thank you so much Alloya for this service and I hope you and the Antari continue developing more levels ♡
I hope it’s not too long! please feel free to crop it or improve the punctuation
Thank you again soo much for your kindness and generosity with this sacred gift, I really really appreciate it and was in desperate need of a helping hand
Love & Blessings

Sandhya ♡


Dear Alloya,

It started with seeing patterns and the laser beam and being anchored very deeply….the energies rises up from my legs until the womb and I am getting really hot and feeling a blissful sensation…several times. At times I would sense and see the Antarian with their amazing techniques and work. I saw flower patterns and a lotus petalls open and close and then it started to spin.

When the sounds of the birds (is how I call it:-)) started I felt coming out of the matrix and lifted which was really euphoric to experience and I noticed that I was purposely being “distracted or guided” to a mindful scenario…very interesting technique. I felt many times my whole body and in particular my legs very bubbly and feeling a beautiful sensation in all of my cells and blood and dna.

At times I would feel my arms a bit, my crown, my spine several times and also in an image…being outlined….my belly for a bit and then back to my legs and feet where I felt Most of the time a tingling sensation. I also felt hoovering back into my body. At one point I also saw a laser beam with 4 beams and an octopus 🐙leaving my system.

It was such a beautiful and blissful sensation and experience all over…

Towards the end I noticed my dogs were also here and experiencing the tones and I had not thought about that. Soon after that my Daisy started to vomit but I felt it was important to end the full session and so I called her with me as I was feeling she felt the same as me…and she was with me for the rest of the time so sweet and my other dog was next to her to look after.

They did distract me a little but nevertheless the whole sensation kept on going.

It was a marvellous experience and also to feel and sense the Antari from so close, so full of knowledge, love, wisdom. My heart was hot all the time and I was guided to my heart every time:). I noticed my dog Daisy had the same blissful sensations as me. A lot happened and at a certain Time I also felt a bit unconscious but very lightly not like a big drop out…but short and also a few times a very slightly flickering with my eyes. I haven’t been able to remember all the details because I wanted to surrender in the moment the whole time.

I am wondering if I can listen to it more often;).

It’s so amazing. How were you able to create this?

Thank you very much

Blessings and Much Love,



Hi Alloya

I’ve listened to the recording twice now. First time, I didn’t get my eyes flattered and I wasn’t sure if it worked. I was guided to listen to it again on another day. Second time, I asked my guides and higher self for assistance and set intention to fully receive the upgrade. I open my heart wide and felt love and gratitude for Antari. Then my body started to move and my eyes were looking upwards with eyes closed. It did get very intense at one point. My whole body was shaking in all sorts of ways with eyes flattering. I felt waves of energies all over me. I saw a beautiful multi colored Antati and golden sparkling light was circling around me. It was so beautiful.

I felt tired afterward and very thirsty all day.

Thank you so much Alloya for making this recording available. I’ve been looking for something like this and it was a perfect timing for me. I’m looking forward to seeing development. I will keep you posted. I can’t wait for the next upgrade! 😊

Oh, I’ve bought the Antari ebook as soon as it was announced. Now I’m thinking I should have bought a paperback! 😆

Much love,



  • Can I play the upgrade more than once?

Yes of course follow your own intuition this is an experiment after all J

  • How did you create this Alloya?

I created it with Adobe Auditions software, a binaural beats creator, and crystal singing bowls – the crown and the heart chakras,                                Solfeggio tuning forks and my voice channelling the Antari. Link to article about Solfeggio tones.

Link to article about Binaural Beats.

  • How do you channel the Antari tones?

To channel the Antari tones first I stretch my vocal cords and then I sit in meditation and await their arrival. They come in swift and                                          I simply let their energy flow through me making sounds through me which come as a response to their energy playing in my energy body.                               It is like making sounds to the response of a lover’s touch. It is an ecstatic experience for me and very out there. I do not feel human at                                all when they sing through me and I feel like the atoms of my form are dissolving.  I flow with their song and vibration and I feel very high                              indeed. They come in waves like they are coming from very far away and it rises and falls like building and falling. I see geometry in my                              mind’s eye which I understand completely in my Antari self but little in my human but I do not care it is an amazing ride!

  • How do you know when they will arrive or leave your reality?

I know when they are coming to work through me as I get signs in my outside reality to confirm this and also when they have completed                           some work through me and are leaving my reality. When I had completed the upgrade level 1 I was given a confirmation. My partner receives a               model aircraft magazine once a week in the post. It arrived seconds after the Antari had left telling me I could rest before they would be back for             level two. On the cover of the magazine was the title of an article which said “Antares is now flying”. It was about a model aircraft called Antares             which had been flown for the first time but to me it was my sign from the Antari that they has left and were now flying. I love it when my reality                    is in totally sync.

  • When did you first meet the Antari?   

I met them in 1990 and wrote only a few pages about them in my book “The Mission of the One Star”. I then went on to work with them in                            my healing practice for the next 30 years. I then wrote the book “The Antari from Antares”only a few months ago in 2020.


Featured Activation

Awakening the Anu which is a new vortex developing in the light body. This session is intense for the heart please be warned for those with heart conditions. 
Taken from Antari Devices and Procedures Level 2

“Isotropic manifold-

Waking up the Angel Heart or Anu.

Crystal singing bowls carry waves of healing into the heart massaging and rebalancing it bringing it to a point of transformation. Binaural beats assist your meditation and brain entrainment. Antari tones and healing vocal waves complete this upgrade.

During this upgrade the Antari after an initial preparation will begin working on the opening and the activation of the Anu or the Angel Heart. It will be activated in seven stages with recalibration in between each stage. This upgrade will begin the first stage of the creation of a new vortex or stargate portal in the Heart Space. Once this new vortex or stargate is complete it will enable you to be more conscious and directive in your journeying through your inner space or cosmos. You will have access codes given in later upgrades which will enable you to work the Anu stargate to take you into other dimensions and realities.”

Antari Upgrade

level Two
£ 30

Antari Upgrade

Level One
£ 50

Antari Upgrade

Level Four
£ 30

General Faq

Details of Activations

How to listen to the activations ?

Please make sure you have headphones on as the beats will not work if not. Please be relaxed and allow the energies.

How many times can you do the activations?

You need to follow your intuition and do them as many as you like be gentle.