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Antari Upgrade Level 1

Antari Upgrade Level 2

Antari Upgrade Level 3

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  • Can I play the upgrade more than once?

Yes of course follow your own intuition this is an experiment after all J

  • How did you create this Alloya?

I created it with Adobe Auditions software, a binaural beats creator, and crystal singing bowls – the crown and the heart chakras, Solfeggio tuning forks and my voice channelling the Antari. Link to article about Solfeggio tones.

Link to article about Binaural Beats.

  • How do you channel the Antari tones?

To channel the Antari tones first I stretch my vocal cords and then I sit in meditation and await their arrival. They come in swift and I simply let their energy flow through me making sounds through me which come as a response to their energy playing in my energy body. It is like making sounds to the response of a lover’s touch. It is an ecstatic experience for me and very out there. I do not feel human at all when they sing through me and I feel like the atoms of my form are dissolving.  I flow with their song and vibration and I feel very high indeed. They come in waves like they are coming from very far away and it rises and falls like building and falling. I see geometry in my mind’s eye which I understand completely in my Antari self but little in my human but I do not care it is an amazing ride!

  • How do you know when they will arrive or leave your reality?

I know when they are coming to work through me as I get signs in my outside reality to confirm this and also when they have completed some work through me and are leaving my reality. When I had completed the upgrade level 1 I was given a confirmation. My partner receives a model aircraft magazine once a week in the post. It arrived seconds after the Antari had left telling me I could rest before they would be back for level two. On the cover of the magazine was the title of an article which said “Antares is now flying”. It was about a model aircraft called Antares which had been flown for the first time but to me it was my sign from the Antari that they has left and were now flying. I love it when my reality is in totally sync.

  • When did you first meet the Antari?                                                                                                                                                                     

I met them in 1990 and wrote only a few pages about them in my book “The Mission of the One Star”. I then went on to work with them in my healing practice for the next 30 years. I then wrote the book “The Antari from Antares”only a few months ago in 2020.