Antari Light Language- Hand Movements

Everyone talks about light language but what is it really?

In truth everything in form is made up of sacred geometric blueprints. Not only are our physical bodies made up of these blueprints, and all the various other bodies that we have too, but everything in the universe and everything upon any dimension really in truth is a geometric radiation blueprint. As you ascend with the kundalini activation up into those upper levels in other dimensions, and activate those upper chakras, you will become aware of this geometric blueprint behind the entirety of creation. It is as if there is a labyrinth of geometric shapes and patterns through which the kundalini as an electrical current must pass and this has to be expressed in some form or another, within the physical body. All movements of the physical body, when they are done in this kind of ritualistic manner are expressing the geometric pattern which the electrical serpent energy is currently passing through.

Both the movements and the dance, and also the drawing of the geometric shapes and patterns, is your way of anchoring this extremely high energy here upon the Earth. It is all very well having all of this cosmic information and energy, but if we cannot anchor it into the organic grid of Gaia, then it is of little use to her. This is why when you go through a kundalini activation, you will be forced to either move your body into sacred dance, or mudras, or you may find that you need to draw the sacred geometry patterns, or you may also find that you were speaking a light language, or making strange tones and noises.

A dance, the drawing of the geometric patterns, and the speaking of the light language, is all our human physical body’s way of expressing this geometry in a way where we can then anchor into the organic grid.

On the 11th dimension is the geometric angled grid of the Angels. Imagine that you could see that as a grid of sacred geometry that went on into infinity in all directions. Imagine you wanted to translate all of the information in that geometry in a way that you could then channel it through your physical body and anchor into the organic grid. It is as if you have to dance, draw, or speak a light language, of these geometric patterns, in a set formatted way, like a code, to unlock all of the various chakras, to then pass the electrical serpent energy through.

You are passing your electrical serpent energy through the geometric shapes and patterns on all of the levels, and you are imploding those patterns compacting them into a single point, which then can be expressed through your physical body in one form or another. You will be moved to either dance, or draw these geometric patterns. The moving of your hand can feel like it is being taken over, it is like is the same as automatic writing. I know it is a bit disconcerting and strange to experience this, but if you really take a deep breath and allow the anxiety to go away and you allow your hand to move in the way that it wants, you will find that you can bring through even more information in these geometric sacred patterns. Even though your rational conscious mind might not really understand what these patterns mean there is a deeper part of you that understands this language completely.

Be aware that whilst you were dancing these patterns, or drawing these patterns, you were bringing balance and a clearing of distortion on those upper levels and therefore you were doing a great spiritual service for the entire universe by going through this process. Of course it had an effect on your personal individual self and soul, but it also had an effect on rebalancing, and recalibrating, the upper dimensions that were holding distortion from fallen angelic templates.

Not only do these geometric patterns and shapes that you are drawing represent the sacred geometry of the universe, both within yourself and within the outside reality, but they also represent you. You are an angled angelic entity. These geometric patterns are like a signature. When I went through my kundalini activation I was given a drawing, a pyramid with a star, in the right hand corner. I was told that this was a geometric expression of who I was on my highest level. I was the star that illuminates thousand moons, (which I wrote about in my book the mission of the one star), and this was clearly represented by a star in the right-hand corner. This was all held and contained within a pyramid which allowed me to become 3-D. The pyramid represents a container for the spirit which was represented by the star.

Lots of the Antari star Team began to have these very strange hand movements. Ivana Maricic contacted me right in the middle of her kundalini activation talking about strange hand movements and its connection to the sacred Geometry. It is from her reading above this information comes. She was the very first person who ever contacted me who spoke about the hand movements being associated with the geometry.

Kim de Jong contacted me next. She is already working with many different beings and downloads one of which is the Antari and she too does hand movements and speaks a light language and is a Light Worker Check out her facebook page for more details of her work.

One by one my soul family took up their positions and my heart simply became overwhelmed with joy that finally they were here.

Leonie Perz suddenly and spontaneously started reweaving the universe and honoured us with videoing it so you can all see what a light language mudra weaving can look like. Obviously everyone is unique and it can be expressed in many ways but the similarity between Leonie movements and my own are almost identical.

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The next article will be about the geometry….love alloya