Antari Upgrade Level 3 is now available.


Antari Upgrade Level 3 is available for purchase.. Please be warned this one is especially intense.. 🙂 

Meeting the Avatar

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Antari Devices and Procedures Level 3

“The previous to Antari upgrades, level one, and level two, were only really in preparation, for what will begin now. During the Antari upgrade level three you will begin to experience a being moving into your space, who will present itself to you as being a guide or avatar, which has been created in order to support and assist you in the next leg of your journey. The reason I say avatar is because I want you to understand this entity has been created by your higher self to be a perfect guide for you as you begin to step into realms of understanding and thinking which may be alien to your human mind set. In order for you to be able to navigate your way through the various stargates, and lenses, and experience the multitude of yourself within the multidimensional universe, you must first get out of your one earthly personality ego self.”

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For those of you thinking of purchasing any of the Antari Upgrades it is advisable to do them in order. 


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