Antari Upgrade Level 3

Meeting the Avatar

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Antari Devices and Procedures Level 3

“The previous to Antari upgrades, level one, and level two, were only really in preparation, for what will begin now. During the Antari upgrade level three you will begin to experience a being moving into your space, who will present itself to you as being a guide or avatar, which has been created in order to support and assist you in the next leg of your journey. The reason I say avatar is because I want you to understand this entity has been created by your higher self to be a perfect guide for you as you begin to step into realms of understanding and thinking which may be alien to your human mind set. In order for you to be able to navigate your way through the various stargates, and lenses, and experience the multitude of yourself within the multidimensional universe, you must first get out of your one earthly personality ego self.”

This activation is especially intense for the first 15 minutes, the frequencies are intense please turn down your volume to prevent it hurting your ears… Breathe and focus on the binaural beats when it gets too intense for you… Good Luck

The 25 minute mp3 recording contains crystal singing bowls, Fibonacci tuning forks, Binaural Beats and Frequencies and tones from the Antari channelled through Alloya’s voice.

Upon purchasing this upgrade within 24 hours you will receive a link to We Transfer where you can download the MP3 of the Antari Upgrade. You will also receive a pdf file Antari Devices and Procedures Level 3.

Please take the time to read the Antari Devices and Procedures Level 3 document before getting your Antari Upgrade.

Preparation details

It is advisable to listen to it on an adequate music system. Please wear headphones.

During the Antari Upgrade find somewhere comfortable you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes. Turn off all phones and TV. You can lie down or sit please feel comfortable and relaxed. Close your eyes and breathe deep. 

At the beginning of the recording there is one minute of Binaural beats to assist you in getting into a meditative state. Once the minute is over you will hear a single tone which will ring and shortly after this your upgrade will begin.

Relax close your eyes, breath deeply and allow your eyes to flutter if they do, do not strain to stop them, it is part of the Antari Upgrade please read the Antari Devices and Procedures for further details. It can become intense at times please just relax and breathe.

Within an hour you will receive an email titled “Purchase Receipt”- with the link to your download.
Any problems please email thanks

All payments are taken via Paypal via a credit or debit card. All payments are in English pounds however PayPal will convert it into your currency. If there are any problems with payment, please let me know.

Within an hour you will receive an email titled “Purchase Receipt”- with the link to your download.
Any problems please email thanks

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