Antari Upgrade Level 4

Waking up the Key of the Heart- Level 4

” Level 4 activation, is a gentle introduction to planes of existence upon which sound entities exist. Through the tones and sounds of these beings your heart is massaged and this causes certain glands in the brain to fire into action. This can enable you to feel the ecstatic heights of energy assisted by the Antari. This activation is the first in a series of heart activations which will build one upon another. Allow any emotions to come up and be released during this activation. If you fall asleep do not concern yourself the energies are deeply healing and many of the tones change your brain waves and can cause sleep.

Deep inside the heart chakra and space there is a secret compartment if you like. This place is one of divinity and it is where your spark of creation is stored. It is the place of the soul according to Hindu texts it is the Atman, the spark of life which animates your avatar here in this reality. The key of the heart is a key to unlock this place which was placed inside this space by the Antari as a symbolic key. The key is the first in a series of energy keys which are inserted and then activated in this heart space of the Atman. I assisted the Antari by inserting a key which looked similar to a tuning fork. This was placed in the heart space and then played if you like it began to ring like a tuning fork would if hit with a hammer.”

The 25 minute mp3 recording contains crystal singing bowls, Fibonacci tuning forks, Binaural Beats and Frequencies and tones from the Antari channelled through Alloya’s voice.

Preparation details

It is advisable to listen to it on an adequate music system. Please wear headphones.

During the Antari Upgrade find somewhere comfortable you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes. Turn off all phones and TV. You can lie down or sit please feel comfortable and relaxed. Close your eyes and breathe deep. 

At the beginning of the recording there is one minute of Binaural beats to assist you in getting into a meditative state. Once the minute is over you will hear a single tone which will ring and shortly after this your upgrade will begin.

Relax close your eyes, breath deeply and allow your eyes to flutter if they do, do not strain to stop them, it is part of the Antari Upgrade please read the Antari Devices and Procedures for further details. It can become intense at times please just relax and breathe.

Within an hour you will receive an email titled “Purchase Receipt”- with the link to your download.
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Within an hour you will receive an email titled “Purchase Receipt”- with the link to your download.
Any problems please email thanks

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