Archon Update

 My previous articles about the parasitic archons, has generated a lot of communication with people via email about this phenomenon. I have noticed that a lot of people are putting personalities upon these beings , and also thinking they have an agenda. I have recently discovered that this is incorrect. The personalities that some are experiencing are reflections of their own shadow selves , in a way these archon beings perform for us a great service because they clearly show us the parts of ourselves which are still in the shadows , the parts of ourselves we would rather not look at. These beings do not have personalities but what they do is highlight the shadow sides of those who they are attaching themselves too. If you are angry at these archons or worse in fear of them ,then this will attract them even more . They are not beings with a personality and their only agenda is to feed. They are parasites and they only wish to continue to survive and what they feed off are negative emotional states and the energy created from these. They will trigger you to feel fear, anger and a range of negative emotions so you continue to provide for them the energy or food that they need. These negative emotions are yours , they are generated from what is contained in the shadow of yourself.

These beings are parasites , worms if you like, if you discovered you had worms you would not fear the worms or hate them , you would simply find some medicine to get rid of them. These archonic parasites are energy forms, that are similar to toroidal serpentine energy doughnuts the same energy formations that we see creating life. The only differences between the parasitic archons and the life creating toroidal energy formations ( which i call the silver serpents ) are the silver serpents create self sustaining life for themselves , where as the parasitic archons cannot self sustain and therefore they need a host they can feed off to continue to survive. Simple !
So please remove your fear and anger towards these beings as it will only open you up for more infection. I suggest you perform the obsidian light meditation on my website daily until you are sure you are clear of them , and then it would be helpful if you occasionally maybe once a week ,perform this meditation just to keep up your spiritual hygiene.

It would also be helpful if you looked deep into your shadow and got to learn about your shadow self, as it is often the shadow which is denied which then has to manifest in your outside reality to get your attention. The problems we see in the world are only reflections of our denied shadow selves. If everyone on the planet suddenly embraced their shadow selves and cast the light of attention upon the shadow then the negativity we see in our world would disappear . The negativity would no longer need to be manifest in our reality as we would have embraced and healed our shadow selves.

Many in the new age preach that we should not look at the shadow and we should only be positive at all times, this is a state we would all like to reach at some point in our spiritual development but we are not there yet. We will never reach this true state unless we embrace and learn from the shadow. By turning our backs on the shadow and forcing ourselves to only look at the positivity or the light , we are creating the shadow to be much bigger and much darker. To look at the shadow is not to create more of it as some think , this is a psy-ops created within the new age by the Illuminati to fool those who are not brave enough to look at the shadow , because of their fear and denial the shadow only gets bigger and bigger. It is time to be brave and turn around , look your shadow squarely in the eyes and see it as yourself , the denied part , the shadow of yourself. Then see how your shadow has run rampant upon your planet , and vow to heal out your own inner shadow and then and only then will the shadow no longer need to manifest on the outside and our world will finally become the paradise it was always meant to be.

I wish you all the luck along your journey all my love alloya đŸ™‚