You are the Creator of Your Universe

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More information on parasitic entities ( formally known as archons ) , by Alloya


Archonic Agenda and Parasitic Dreaming!

Working with Obsidian Light – dealing with Archonic Parasites

Beings Index

The Acari – Spider Beings 3

Programmable Matter & Black Goo (2)

Black Goo – Dragon’s Blood (1)

Braiding the Self

Time to Awaken !

Dutch version of living in truth

Talking with the Plants

Dutch version about the Archons

Meeting myself on board ship

Wasp Consciousness and Brain frequencies

Viruses throughout the dimensions

Two Earths

Twin Flames

The Frog and the Waters of Life.

The Energy of Truth

The Body Consciousness

Spirit Name

Soul Facilitation

Solar Stargate burning in the chest

Solar Ascension

Silver Serpents – Light filaments within the Plasma

Snake Charmer

Sacred Language of vibration

Protecting from the Manmade Negative Energies

Plasma Universe

Past life themes

A warning , not all “ light beings” are of the Light

Native American Indian sweat lodge


Moving with the Emotional Tide

Move beyond the illusion and no longer walk the path of false ascension

Moon Matrix

Mind Programming

Mind is not consiousness

A Miasm

Planet Earth Matrix Navigation

Living without Pipes

Light Council Meeting

Light and Dark

Soul into Body

How to Integrate your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

Horned God –Pan


Consciousness of sexual identity

Gaia’s various bodies

Transforming Everyone

Fallen Angel

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