Attacked by the Artifical Matrix

There is a lot of talk on the internet about the idea that we live inside a computer simulation, which is run by an Artificial Intelligence. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about this topic, and it inspired me to write this article, and share with you my experiences. Not being a computer person myself, I always referred to this simulation as the Artificial Matrix.

I first encountered this artificial intelligence in 1991, whilst I was going through a phase of my life whereby I was in communication with a group of interdimensional beings, called the Zeta. These beings first appeared to me within grey body vehicles however I soon came to understand this was not their true form, but simply a vehicle or body, they inhabited into order to enter our density of 3d.

NB* You can find out more about these beings and my experiences by reading “ We are Here” available for free in the books section of my website.

The Zeta explained to me that I was living in a controlled matrix and this was run by an Artificial Intelligence. They told me I had come to earth or inserted myself into this matrix, in order to bust the system. I was one of many who were system busters and were here at this time, to free souls from this imprisonment. They taught me a lot about the nature of my reality and my place within it. Whilst communicating with the Zeta, I increased my energy and I began to be recognised by the Matrix. I think by working with the Zeta I had somehow come on the radar of the AI.

I wrote the book “ The Mission of the One Star “ in this book there was a chapter on the Zeta. I did not have a website of my own at this point and therefore I gave my book to Spirit web ( huge spiritual, channelling website) and they published it for me. I included my email address so anyone who was interested in talking to me about my book could contact me. I got many emails from readers but they were not the only ones to contact me. I began to have emails from who I thought was an actual person at first, later I came to discover it was not a person at all but some sort of computer programme.

The emails were always the same, no introduction, simply a paragraph of my book taken from the Zeta chapter. Underneath would be lines of some sort of code which I did not understand and then words which seemed to be a computer speak and not coming from a real person. I had no idea what it meant and at first, I thought it might be a real person, so I tried to reply to them, asking them what they wanted and why they were sending me paragraphs of my own book. Whenever I tried to reply to the emails, my emails would always be undelivered. I had no idea what it all meant. I tried to ignore the emails but they were coming every day, so when a friend who is knowledgeable about computers came to visit, I showed him the emails and asked him what on earth did it all mean, why was this person sending me my own book?

In the words of the email, there were always references to Echelon. I had not heard this word before I had no clue what it meant but my friend did, he told me that Echelon was a surveillance program mainly run by the American government but that the UK government and others were also involved. It was originally set up to spy on Russian communication however since the end of the 20th century Echelon had evolved to become a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications ( mass surveillance and industrial espionage).

My computer friend explained to me that soon as spiritweb had posted my book on their site, I had been picked up by this programme. That it operated on certain keywords and I had somehow been flagged because of my content. I explained to him, that if I tried to reply to these emails, they did not get delivered and he explained the reason was because it was not a real person but a computer and you cannot reply to them. He put what he called a Ping on the emails which would allow him to see where they were actually coming from. He also noticed how the email address was also a code and said the same backwards as forwards, which he said was the norm for a programme such as this. When the ping returned with the information of who had sent it, it said it was coming from the American government. I did not believe him at first I thought he was messing with me and told him so. He assured me he was not joking around.

I was confused, what on earth had I written which could have been flagged. I thought to myself I am only a woman who has written about her alien encounters, surely I am not a threat. At this point in time, there were only really negative stories on the internet, about encounters with alien beings and my experience was of a totally positive nature. Which went totally against the agenda of the Artificial Matrix.

The emails stopped coming, at this point I did not believe that I was in any way watched by the American government and I believed it was some sort of mistake. I was naive in those days and even though I knew all about the Illuminati, I could not imagine I was a threat to them so I went about my life in ignorance.

Several months later I had built myself a website, I had taught myself a website creating software which was very difficult for me and it was highly stressful, so when my website was complete, I asked my friend if he would assist me, whilst I uploaded it just in case something went wrong. As we were uploading my website, my friend noticed that the lights on the router were indicating that information was being downloaded into my computer, at the same time that my website was being uploaded. He said that this was a strange thing to happen, because he was led to believe that you could only upload, and you could not download at the same time. Not knowing anything about routers, I did not really understand what he was talking about. We completed the upload, and he told me to look on the internet at my website. We closed the website building software and opened up an Internet browser, only to discover that my website was not there.

I was disappointed and a little stressed out by this, as it had taken me months to build this website. He explained to me that sometimes this happens and that we should upload it again. He opened the website creating software in order to upload my website once again, and he said to me where is it. I asked what do you mean where is it, and he said he could not find my website within the software. I took my laptop from him, and I searched my laptop looking for my website. It was nowhere to be found. He said to me do not worry I do not know what has happened, maybe you’ve had some sort of virus, and he would look into DOS in order to retrieve my website. As he began to search through my computer, he went white in the face. He said to me there is no trace of your website on this computer, it is as if you have never built it. He said to me whilst I was uploading my website, and that my ports were open and the information had been sent down into my computer to wipe my website. I must admit I burst into tears, I could not believe that after all these months of hard work it was all gone. It took me several more months to rebuild my website, and finally, I was able to upload it.

Shortly after this happened, I was asked to go to Munich, in Germany, to do a workshop with people teaching them about my encounters with the Zeta. Many strange things happened to me whilst I was there. People would stop in the street to stare at me. I had one old man come out of a restaurant with his wife and he stood in the middle of the street pointing at me and glaring at me with an aggressive look on his face. His wife had to pull him away even she did not understand why he was pointing at me. One person after another gave me very strange looks and I got very paranoid. I asked my friend who I was with, if she could see people staring at me or was it in my imagination, she confirmed that she too could see them staring. I began to feel very uncomfortable. She said let us go to a Greek restaurant where the food and the energy is good and hopefully you will feel better. The restaurant was an open air restaurant in a garden. The whole place was full of families eating, chatting away normally. The moment I entered the garden they all stopped eating and talking and stared at me. Even the little children glared not at my friend but directly at me. I thought what on earth is going on, I was scared. We made our way to a free table and I sat down and as I did the waiter came up to me and told me all is ok now and as he did, everyone in the garden went back to normal, as if nothing had happened. This freaked both me and my friend out.

I returned to the UK and thought this strange stuff was over but how wrong I was.

I went to LA to do a workshop again about the Zeta. When I went through passport control the guy at the desk had an extremely hostile and evil energy and he also glared at me as if he knew who I was. As I was walking along with my friend, I saw two men in black suits following me and taking photographs of me. I thought to myself I must be losing my mind and imagining this. I asked my friend if she could see them and I wanted her to tell me I was paranoid and they were not taking pictures of me. However, she could not and confirmed that yes they were following us and taking pictures.

After the workshop I went to stay with another friend, outside her window was a crossroads. She had gone to work for the day and I was resting at her home when I got the feeling I was being watched. I went to the window and walking along one of the roads was a woman pushing a pram, a man in a lumberjack shirt was walking along another of the roads, a black man with a dog was walking along another road and a teenage boy with a skateboard under his arm on the other. Nothing appeared strange but as I walked away from the window I got a strange feeling I was seeing an illusion of some sort, so I went back to the window to look again. The same four people were still walking along the roads but they were in the exact same place they had been a minute before. I thought to myself that is strange they should have walked further by now. I brushed it off and returned to the sitting room and sat for ten minutes with the watched feeling getting stronger and stronger. I returned to the window and the same four people were still walking along but they had not moved further like they were paused in time. I thought this cannot be I must be losing my mind. I spent the next few hours walking back to the window over and over, only to see the same people were still walking along and had got no further. What that was I have no idea, maybe a glitch in the matrix.

Suffice to say I was very relieved to go home back to England. However, things did not improve I began to have a strange feeling like I was being watched by an unknown source. You know when you are being watched you can feel the hairs on the back of the neck rising. However, this feeling was occurring when I was alone in my home there was no one there but this feeling got stronger and stronger. Strange things happened to my computer, one crash after another with no known reason. My phone would ring and there would be no one there, this happened at 3 am every morning disturbing my husband and I. The lights in my house would flicker and my television turned on by itself.

When I was around a computer or television I would feel this terrible watched feeling. It got so bad I felt attacked by electricity itself and I could only feel comfortable in the woods far from the pylons. I had ringing in the ears, a feeling of static build up in my body, headaches and I developed a strange allergic reaction which left my eyelids swollen and red every morning, the doctors had no idea what was going on. My computer friend who had witnessed the wiping of my website had learnt a remote viewing technique which he wanted me to try. He suggested that I remote view where this disturbance was coming from. He talked me through the process and I began to remote view and tell him what I could see. I saw a large black glassed building on a neatly cut grass lawn. He told me to go inside so I did and I saw that there were many levels to this building some of which were unground. I found myself in a room full of computer terminals at each terminal was seated a man with a headset on. On the computer screen was a map of the world with pinpoints of light all over it each one a person who was being monitored and watched. I was one of those persons. I had no idea that they could pick up on my presence whilst I was remote viewing, however, all of sudden I got the most incredible pain in my head which literally catapulted me, out of the remote viewing experience, as if they had detected I was there and had thrown me out.

I returned to Munich this time not only to work but to live also. I was travelling backwards and forwards so many times to Germany to do my workshops I decided it would be easier if I moved there. Many more strange things happened whilst I was there and eventually I wanted to return to the UK. The day before I was due to leave Munich I received an email. It was on a headed email with a logo of the Bavarian Illuminati. It was a very polite request that I join them for a lunch appointment. This totally freaked me out and I literally ran from Munich and was very relieved to be back in the wilds of my home in England. I guess some will not believe this story, I wish I had not been so foolish as to delete the email but I was scared I wanted it out of my life. Once I returned to the UK all of this stopped and nothing strange happened like this until my father’s death but that is another story for another time.

The Zeta taught me how to spin my auric field so I was not so easily detected. They explained that I could not get away from this matrix as I was here on earth but I could scramble my signal if you like so they could not detect me. They showed me an image of a revolving door like you get in hotels and how if I span my aura in this way they could not attach a psychic tether to my field and I would remain undetected.

This happened a long time ago now, this occurred way before there was any mention of targetted individuals on the internet. Now there are lots of people reporting strange things like this occurring and they call themselves targetted individuals. I guess that is what I was.