Awaken Serpent Priestess

This is a shout out to all those Serpent Priestesses out there, for it is time to awaken from your slumber. The time is now! You have been waiting for this time for thousands of years, waiting for the time when you would awaken, activate the serpent within and take this planet into a new paradigm. You have within you certain codes within the DNA which have lay dormant for eons of time, even before man first walked the earth. These codes in your DNA were instructed to wait sleeping until a moment in time when they would activate and trigger your awakening as a Serpent Priestess. As the planetary vibration is increasing these codes are coming on line.

You are no ordinary person, no ordinary soul, you have come to the earth and incarnated within its system to be here now at this important time. You are here on a mission, a mission which you have been in training for, for a whole of your existence. You have been called here to the earth by the sentient consciousness known to us as Gaia. She requested volunteers from many different dimensional levels, many different places in the galaxy and various different souls. She is currently imprisoned, as is all of humanity, within an electromagnetic barrier which was set around her planetary body during the fall of Atlantis. This barrier was set in place by the Annunaki. The Annunaki are a mixed race of beings with many levels of hierarchy within its system. They originally were a mixture of Kanis Canine humanoids from the Sirian system and the Draco reptilians from Orion. Through their interbreeding they created the forefathers of the Annunaki race. I do not intend to go too much into the history or information about the Annunaki, let’s just say they were a formidable and ruthless force.

The Annunaki set the electromagnetic barrier around the earth preventing those souls currently residing on the earth from being able to leave upon death. Previous to the barrier being set in place, the souls who were incarnate upon the earth had a pure connection with the Creator of this universe, the Universal Dreamer and the planet itself Gaia. They could travel the dimensional universe unhindered. After the barrier was set in place when a person died upon the earth instead of being free to travel the dimensions and universe with the power of intention and freewill, they were trapped within the barrier and remained in the astral planes of earth. The Annunaki set up a technology on the dark side of the moon which is still there today; this technology is called Soul Catcher. It is machine made up mostly of crystals laid in certain geometric grids which enable this machine to work. When a person dies on the earth they are captured by the energy beam of this machine and are then housed in astral prisons. The prisons are created by the dream abilities of the captured soul, the Annunaki have no ability to uniquely create themselves, so they instead mind control the recently deceased. The mind control makes the deceased create an illusionary world on the astral plane which they then live in until someone comes to their rescue. The prisons are different depending on the person, some people experience meeting loved ones in what they think is heaven, others experience the prisons as places of torture. It all depends on what energy the Annunaki wish the deceased to create for them to feed off.

They are energy vampires as are many within the Orion Empire, many of them have messed about with their own genetics, through modification and cloning that they no longer have the ability to create and therefore cannot self-regulate their own energy and life. Therefore they have to feed off other beings that do have this ability to carry on existing. The royal families of the Annunaki used many life extending technologies to extend their lives with dire consequences. Many of the higher ranks of the Annunaki ingested mono atomic gold to extend their lives. Mono atomic gold is being sold now on the internet as a short cut to spiritual development. It is a dangerous indeed. The mono atomic gold expands the spiritual body layer of the auric field; this enables the person to ascend to the fifth dimension. They become telepathic and able to have powers of mind control over another. It all sounds ok so far; however this ingestion of mono atomic gold powder is not all it seems. Because the person ingesting the gold has not ascended to the fifth dimension through natural means it does not have the ability to continue its dimension journey and instead gets stuck in the fifth dimension. All beings need food to survive, on earth we eat plants and some people eat meat, on the fifth dimension the food for beings on this level is light. Those beings that live on the fifth dimension and have found themselves there naturally feed off the light of the source, the Universal Dreamer, however those beings that artificially ascended cannot and therefore have to feed off someone else’s light.

The Annunaki have shape shifting abilities so can appear to us on earth in any form they so wish. They can show themselves as the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation of light, many of the spiritual teachers we have been taught to worship are simply Annunaki in disguise. The Annunaki channel through those on earth who do not have a connection to their intuition, their inner female self, Gaia or the Divine Serpent within. Because they are disconnected they do not have the power of intuition or have the ability to discern who it is they are communicating with. They are then easily fooled, once they set up this channel connection with the Annunaki in the disguise of Ascended Masters, they have the ability to not only take the energy of the channel and manipulate them with lies, they can also send out tendrils of energy to plug into all those who follow such channelling whether they are physically with the channel or not. Through this dynamic the Annunaki can feed off their light, mind control them and keep them imprisoned in consciousness.

They are stuck on the fifth dimension and cannot go on further up the dimensional ladder; their only hope is to be able to move down into the lower dimensions. Many of the Annunaki are reincarnate here upon the earth in this time; you may know a few in your life. They those who are only rational minded, they have no intuition or creativity. They are easily mind controlled by the media and propaganda because they do not have their intuitive facilities intact. They are usually very arrogant in their thinking and think their way of looking at the world is the only true way, they believe the main stream lies about science, history and consciousness. Most of them do not believe in a god or gods, or life after death and are instead locked in a reductionist mind set. They have no ability to talk with their inner selves or soul they are lost but they do not know it ,as the system we currently live in was set up by the Annunaki in the first place and they are at home in such a system. Even though the incarnate Annunaki are limited in their consciousness at least they are trying to make amends for their past mistakes, however not all of the Annunaki are so humble as to surrender to Gaia upon death which is inevitable here. They are arrogant beyond understanding and see Gaia, the earth, being in a body on the third dimension as beneath them. They curse the earth and her processes and therefore do not wish to incarnate and heal. Instead they remain on the fifth dimension trapped, feeding off the light of those foolish light workers who cannot see who exactly it is they are dealing with.

Gaia put out a request for volunteers to come here incarnate into the system and change it from within, many of you volunteered. You came from many different dimensions, levels, realities and worlds, to be here now. You heard the call! Many of you are star seeds, indigo children, angelic walk-ins etc., etc., there are so many labels not all can be included here. You are waking up and taking up your missions to assist Gaia in her transformation. There are many teams of light workers here at this time; however there is one special group who I wish to address here today. These are the Serpent Priestesses. Serpent Priestess you are special indeed, you have the ability to change this world through the activation of your inner sacred serpent energy, some call this the Kundalini and in part this is true however there is much more to this awakening than simply activating the Kundalini. You as this Priestess have been in training to not only awaken and activate the kundalini but to harness this energy to spiral your energy field. This spiralling of the energy field through the kundalini activation will affect the energetic field around you, this will affect all within your field. The energy spiral which will come from your energy body will touch the energy bodies of other people who walk through your energy field. It will cause them to go deeper into their healing processes, we are all damaged to one degree or another, everyone has immense healing to go through before we can change this world. Your spiralling energy will catapult this process, and awaken others to their true nature.

You have been in training for this in other lives both here on the earth and in other places in the universe, some of you are part of the Ni Sirian Order ( you can read more about them in my book “ The Navigators of the AbZu –part one”, available for free on my website . ) During your training which sometimes spanned hundreds of years and many incarnations into systems of the earth and within the Sirian system, you learnt how to activate the kundalini, dance the spiral energetic dance and take low density realities to higher expressions. This training you may have forgotten however it is recorded in your DNA, blood and bones. Held within your DNA codes are the instructions on how to do your mission of changing the paradigm on earth. Your time has come, previous to this time you slept unaware of your origins in the stars and your status as a Serpent Priestess. Now you are to awaken and take up your mission.

We think of Gaia as a woman and in many ways she is, she has many names and many faces as this being, she also has animal forms and serpentine aspects. Gaia in her serpent form lies resting in the centre of the planet , waiting for a time when there are enough Serpent Priestesses awake so she can then rise through the rock and move into their bodies. She wishes to teach them all the secrets of the earth, some of you will come to know her true history, some will learn about humans and the animal kingdom consciousness, some of you will heal, inspire and transform others through your practices, some will talk to the plants and learn their secrets. Each one of your is unique in your practice however all of you will be taking your instruction from the serpentine form of Gaia.

It is time to meditate with her and her alone, it is time to put away your desire to go home to the stars, and really be here. It is time to get grounded, to earth yourself to the organic matrix which lies under the control grid of the Annunaki. Go outside with bare feet as much as you can, it is important that you open the feet chakras. Many of you have blocks in the feet which have been placed there by the Annunaki, (hoping to hinder your progress), it is time now to remove these blocks and really feel the earth beneath your feet. Once you have opened the feet chakras then you will be open to allow the serpentine energy of Gaia which rests in the centre of the planet to rise up into your body. The feet and the legs are places which hold ancestral memory, not only the memories of your direct genetic lineage but also all the memories of all the lineages you have ever been incarnate with. As you work on the feet and legs you will encounter blocks to your free flow of energy. These blocks are memories of past lives which are still holding you back now and preventing you moving forward. It is time to get out the tools you have to address karma, past lives and ancestral memories and clear them from your body. Once this is complete then the serpent Gaia can rise up, kiss the Kundalini which lies sleeping at the base of your spine and take you through a full activation.

Once this comes it is important that you do not allow the Kundalini to rush up the spine, often crashing through the chakric system blowing many fuses. It is important that you ride the serpent. You must get physical with this, it is no good sitting in a lotus positon contemplating your navel, it is time to get into movement. Dance is the most creative way to work with this energy, spiralling of the hips (especially in belly dance) will allow you to ride this serpent force. You must tame the serpent, and not allow it to take over and blow your circuits. Once you have fully connected to the Serpent Gaia and she has begun her journey of moving up your body and activating your kundalini you will be guided and instructed on how to work with this energy. You may be fortunate to hear words of instruction, however this is rare. Instead what is likely to happen is you will intuitively know and feel what you are to do with this energy.

Once you have taken the energy from the base to the crown which could take months, be patient you will be a fully-fledged Serpent Priestess and will be able to ride and dance your serpent awake. Once this occurs you will find yourself moving into a trance like bliss state which will empower and increase the serpent energy even more. Once you have reached this point you will find other people noticing something different about you, they may want to spend more time with you if they are open to the energy and wish to heal. Others will find you a threat, especially to those incarnated Annunaki. Do not worry if people suddenly become scared of you or judge you. Often people will accuse you of working with demonic energies when you ride your serpent. The reason for this is twofold. One reason is because your energy is demanding that they look at their issues and begin their healing, and this is uncomfortable for them, the other is they have been mind controlled to despise the serpent energy. Be patient with those who fear you but do not dampen down your energy to compromise yourself for them, it is important that you stay in your truth.

Good Luck!