Beings Index

Beings Index

I have put all the texts from the various Beings Index section of my previous website together in one document .


1) Angels 2) Dragons 3) Fairy 4) Twin Rays 5) Sirians 6) Pleiadians 7) Reptilians 8) Antari 9) Andromeda 10) Arcturians 11) Orion 12) Pollux 13) Serpent Consciousness


On the highest dimension, you are part of the Creator, the Source, here on the third dimension; you are expressing yourself as a human being. This Universe that we live in, is made up of twelve dimensions and on the very highest dimension, there resides the Source of this universe, some call this the Creator or God. The Source radiates light like a mighty sun, radiating its light into the darkness. The light rays from the Source, are very bright and far- reaching. These rays of light are like lines of energy that begin to cross over each other to create a grid. The Source hangs its dreams upon this grid and begins to weave the carpet of creation. In every corner of this grid is an angle or Angel, a being who holds both the warp and the weft of the carpet of creation. The Angelic being’s purpose is to hold the two polarities in perfect balance, providing the Creator with the means to manifest the universe and all it contains.

This grid has many levels from the highest dimensions next to the light of the Source, all the way down to those, which are the very lowest level and still are very much in the dark. There are many levels of Angels from the Seraphim and Thrones in the upper realms, to the lower Angels and Cherubs, who are responsible for looking after the lower dimensions of the Earth. The Seraphim are next to the light of the Source and act on the guidance of the Source, as its servants and messengers.

Everyone has his or her own guardian angel. Most people are unaware of them, as they guide and support their human counterpart. Every Soul here on the planet has an angelic counterpart, which helps them (if they so request it), to make contact with their Soul and the Source. Without our Angelic counterpart radiating the light of the Source at us, we would lose all memory of the Creator and we would fall further into the darkness of the lower dimensions.

In the Angelic realm, there is a hierarchy, different frequency levels of Angelic beings. The Seraphim are very high up this hierarchic ladder. The Seraphim are responsible for holding the energy of fire. The Seraphim are the Angels of the element fire. Fire is the flash of illumination that comes with enlightenment, the passion that instigates and inspires and the destructive power of truth, as with the lightening bolt. The Source sends it Angels of truth and illumination only on special occasions, when there is the need for the fiery passion of enlightenment. It is rare that the Seraphim are sent down into the lower dimensions to do service, as their energy is often too powerful and over whelming. The Seraphim are the closest Angels to the Source, the Creator, and God. They serve God, and they also serve us on Earth. They sometimes bring their light and intelligence to the Earth, so that we on Earth have the opportunity to recognize our selves as part of Godhead. This has not been done too many times before, but there have been experiences of Angels coming to Earth, these have been recorded in many religious books and texts.

Gaia, the consciousness of the planet sent out a request, that the Seraphim should come once again to the Earth. However this time they were to find a way to come into the human experience fully, grounding their Angelic selves here in the third dimension. This is what is happening this time; you are integrating your multi dimensional self here in your physical human body. The Angelic self is always the first aspect to be integrated; this is because in our human minds we are more open to our Angelic self, more than any other aspect.

Ranks of Angels were in communion with each other, as this occurred they formed to create a wonderful living organism, in which all the Angels were members of a spiritual community. Although they differed in kind and perfection, they were all part of a terrestrial body. They had different shapes and functions, yet all together constituted an organic whole, in which no part was superfluous and none was independent of the others. These Beings of creation formed a spiritual body of which the Source was the head; the other parts were composed of the other Angels. Every Angel had its allotted task, great or small, but together they all formed one great and glorious team.

There are three spheres of Angels. A Sphere is a dimensional realm, which vibrates at a certain level, the highest sphere in vibration; it is the home to the Seraphim. They spend their existence, singing the music of the spheres. As they sing out their vibration, their frequency, they regulate the movements of the heavens. As Seraphim, their job is to send out energy from their radiant bodies and create a force field of energy, which would keep the spheres of reality and dimension moving in balance and harmony. Angels are in service and hold the rest of the universe in energetic patterning that allows various systems to evolve. The Angels known as the Principles move in powers of four. They hold the Four Corners of the universe and all its dimensions.

The Seraphim are referred to in the bible. The Seraphim are a level of Angelic consciousness that is very high up the hierarchical ladder. They operate on what is called the silver and blue rays. The silver ray is the pure God information directly from the Source and the blue ray is one of wisdom and truth. The Seraphim hold these energies for the universe, holding a pattern where beings aligned to these frequencies can experience different realities. The Seraphim are responsible for holding the angles of the universe in place. You can gain great power and harmony from working directly with your Angelic self on this level. Your Angel’s name is very important key to you; in the process of awakening you are on a very critical point in your development. If you awaken to your Angelic nature you will begin an integration journey through your Soul. This will bring your wholeness to Earth and you will complete your mission. Ask your Angel to come to you in one form or another, whether that is in dream or conscious state. Ask it to give you a sign of its presence and watch. By calling this name you will anchor the Angelic vibration in your body. This will be the first step along a very exciting and challenging journey through your Soul.

Everyone on this planet has an Angelic counterpart. Some call it the guardian angel. On the higher dimensional levels, this guardian angel is you. The Angels exist in a hierarchical system. Each angel has a focus or purpose for being. The Solar Angels live in the energy of the sun. They focus their energy and their light through the suns in the universe. If you could look upon their forms on this level, you would perceive a shimmering ball of golden light, very like the rays of the sun. This ball of light is part of a bigger group of Angelic beings. Together they hold in focus the energy of the sun. All life on this planet is nurtured and sustained by the light of the sun. On an etherical level the Solar Angels nurture the whole solar system with their love and light. They are very magnificent beings, and have been healing and supporting whole planets in their growth and evolution. They also hold the records of time. Every planet in this solar system is kept in its cycle and rhythm by the energy of the Solar Angels. Every movement and cycle that manifests itself in this solar system has been under the influence of the Solar Angels.

Sit down and make the intention to work with this solar energy and then breathe it into the body. Keep filling your body with their light. At first you will not notice anything as the energy is very high and your physical body takes a little while to adjust its frequency to allow the grounding of this energy into your body. After some time you will feel this energy getting stronger and stronger. Make some effort and you will be able to align with this energy, get guidance and information from this being. As our planet moves more and more into the fifth dimension, the bodies of people will need the supporting energy of the Solar Angels.

“ We are very pleased and happy that you have called for us. You may not be consciously aware that you called for us, but we are here never the less. We are the creative force of the Source, God. We are the un-manifest force behind all form in the entire universe. We are pure life-force, pure creative impulse, we are the breath of God. Every being and every entity in the universe is sourced from our centre. We created your essence, your Soul, your god self. We are the energy that makes your heart beat in rhythm; we are your urge to breathe. We are an essential part of your being. We do not ask that you worship us; we do not ask that you see us as outside of yourselves. Go to your very centre, we are sleeping there. We are not awake inside your physical human bodies as of yet. But there will come a day, when we will awaken in the cells of your body. The energy of our life force will ripple and vibrate within the very atoms. When this day arrives, you will access to the creative aspect of your being.

Do you know the extent of your creative power? Do you know what you are capable of? This world in which you live, you created. This galaxy in which your planet sits, you created. This universe, in which you live, is your design. You were once as we are now. You were once Angel. But you have forgotten these times. You will remember and awaken, as if awakening from a deep sleep, little bit by bit, you will remember. Feel the truth of our words; stars were birthed from the essence of your being. You sang the song of creation; the universe came to be through you.

We would like to talk to you about the energy called Grace. Grace is a frequency; it is possible to bring the energy of Grace into your physical body. For it moves through the gaps that separates molecules. For Grace can move through anything, like a cool breeze on a summer’s day. It can also clear pain from the body. All pain is chosen, whether it manifests, emotionally, mentally, or physically. Much of the pain that you experience in your body is karmic; it came about through the laws of cause and effect. Grace can give you instant healing, clear your karma, and remove negativity from the cells of the body. It can also align the four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Grace has not been present on your planet for a very long time. In the year 2003 it will be possible for everyone to access and anchor the energy of Grace. Through your request, it will channel though your body and radiate out to affect the surrounding space. Move into prayer, prayer will have a much more powerful affect, if intended within the energy of Grace. Many humans on the planet are looking for miracles, instant transformation, however up until this point in time; it has been very difficult to achieve this .As these waves of Grace sweeps the planet, miracles and instant transformation will occur. It will be possible to instantly transform all karma on this planet, if your belief systems will allow it to be so.

The Creator does not want you to live in karmic cycles any longer. It is your Soul that chooses to carry on, on this wheel of karma over and over. It is not necessary or required. Many of you believe that you must suffer for the things you did in past lives. Forgive yourselves. You have a tendency to not forgive yourselves; you hold onto your negativity, you insist on your pain. Grace will bring you a choice. There will be two realities occurring on your planet, one of a karmic nature and one of Grace. For those who insist on suffering karma, the reality will remain, for those who can find forgiveness for themselves within their heart, will move into the reality and the energy of Grace. They will free themselves to be the god selves they know themselves to be. You must ask yourself why you want to suffer? Why you choose the hard way, why you choose the rocky path, why do you not choice to ride this wave of Grace, to the very Source of your creation. When you find negative feelings arising in the body, call in the energy of Grace. It will ripple through the negative pattering that hold the emotions and the transformation will be speeded up.

There is a time frame for the transformation of your planet. The Goddess has a design; there is not enough time for you to process all of your karma that is why the waves of Grace have been made available to you, to speed up this process. The beginning of this energy will start in 2003. The waves will increase in intensity, first they will be gentle and subtle, they will raise the energy in the physical body .As the atoms align themselves with the energy of Grace; you will be more and more capable of holding this energy in your bodies. You are beautiful beings, forgive yourselves, and come home. We welcome you, with open arms, the choice is yours.

There are many Souls that will not choose the quickened way, but as you do, you will be an example. As we said the energy of Grace is a very high frequency, it will take much dedication and focus to hold this energy in the body. There will be people will reach up in the year 2003, that will open up to work with this energy. Experiment there is no right or wrong way to achieve this healing. For some the energy of the breath will be very important. Some will channel the energy of Grace through the palms of the hands, placing the energy into the etherical bodes, of those they want to heal. It has been a very long time since Grace has been used here on the planet. This is a space of experimentation, even the ancient peoples who you consider to be more enlightened than modern day man, even they, did not have access to the energy of Grace. A wave of Grace was not originally planned for earth. It was thought by the Source, the healing could occur without it. It began to become evident that it was not possible to clear all karmic patterning before the shift of your planet. Through the Angel heart, we wished this for you. We heard your prayers for forgiveness, we heard your cries for love and we will respond. Take up the challenge and be the pioneers of Grace.

We are beyond colour; we vibrate at a level that is beyond what you can see with your eyes. We contain all colours, yet we are beyond what you know on earth. There is a frequency that you can align with, that is like a midway station between us. Breathe in the energy of ultra violet, see this colour flooding the auric field; this will take you up very quickly through the dimensions. It will bring you to a level, where you can communicate with us. Be wary when you use this in your meditation, make sure you use the opposite red to ground your base, after you meditation. Ultra violet will very quickly pull you out of from the physical-ness of your body. Many of you find staying in the physical forms, a very hard thing to do. Practice this with caution; the creative process should always be inside the body.

You are all Angels; you are the creative force of the universe. Take a deep breath and know this in the cells of your body. The game of earth was to choose negativity over positivity, at first this was a game and you did it for fun, however you have played the game so long that you have took it to be reality. It is habitual to choose negativity over positivity; you are addicted to pain over forgiveness. There is no belief in your systems that says that God will grace you. With the birth of the physical body of humanity, a programme was inserted into the d.n.a. , this programme was one of sin; every human being on this planet is programmed with the base belief, that they are sinners. A wave of Grace will sweep through this karmic patterning, if you will allow this? Will you allow this? All time is occurring in one space, every one of you has a future being, and the energy of this being you are integrating into your physical being. You are pulling future realities into your now moment. In some ways you have already walked the path back to the Source. In some ways you are retracing your own steps. This return to Source goes on in every single second and moment; there are cycles within in cycles. Every one of you is distanced from the Source and you have also returned home. In this limited reality of your human existence it appears, as if you still have a long way to go. As the wave of Grace sweeps the planet, you will get momentary glimpses into the aspect of self that has already found their way home. In these moments you will feel bliss in your physical body. These moments will increase; the length of experience will increase. Then you will realise there are two aspects to the self, one that is still walking the path home and on who has already arrived. These concepts are very difficult for you to understand with the limited human mind, there are many “Yous”, living in many time frames, many dimensions, all in the same now moment.

This planet that you live on, will not change but you will, what will change is your consciousness. You will know through the vibrations in the cells of your body that you are God, and there is no separation between you and your outside reality. You will see consciousness everywhere. With this new shift in consciousness, many things will change on your planet. You will see through a clearer lens. The energy of new planet is one of non- judgment, if you look upon your world and want it to change, then this is a form of judgement. New planet is not a future possibility, it is in the now moment. Little by little, you will remove the sleepiness of your forgetting and then you will see that new planet is already here.

A Dragon’s Tale

By Michelle Gardner

I can tell you a tale, a myth you might say.
That speaks of why dragons, all ran away.
They learned that the man thing cannot curb his desire
To kill dragon heart – control dragon fire.
But before such a story you can absorb,
I will relay how dragons came to this orb.
The part they have played in the universal fight.
The role they adopted in the dark and now the light.
Lor is my name. I helped create earth.
Holding forgetting – to Gaia gave birth.
I came here first in time before she.
Where my heart would be lonely and my will would be free.
I lay in the space waiting to forget,
That I was loved. A thing I regret.
With tail in my mouth created a void.
Black heart of possibility, forsaken, destroyed.

Through the ages of earth, I have manifest.
Sleepy and sullen – at God’s request.
At the dawn of man-time
I was allowed
To prowl in the physical.
Silent and proud.
Man was around then but erratic and dense.
His history starts now and trails out hence.

I watched him with interest with nothing to learn.
His existence was simple.
Born to craving. Born to yearn.
Then starts his-story of blindness to light.
Of man’s self-rejection,
His symbolic plight.

I remember the first past when the energies fell.
Dark ages of man –
A vibrational hell.
Whilst fearing the reflection,
of himself in muddy air.
He labeled us demons,
A bloody affair.
“Slay him” cried the church man,
“the devil restored”
“Dragons must be murdered,”
Peaceful history ignored.
“They’ll gobble up your children,
swallow up your soul”
“Kill the dragons. Recognise their fiery satanic role.”

Bloody times ensued for us
On the physical plain.
Forsaken by our lord once more to represent your pain.

We do not expect your sympathy, or acknowl-edge-ment.
I offer a chance of empathy to indicate repent.
By shedding a tear wholesome and pure,
remembered and deployed.
To release into the universe
the dragons you once destroyed.

Gaia was sent, a savior of souls.
To allow for Draco’s retreat.
The message was clear it was time to abort.
Our physical presence delete.
Dark angel she is she came in the night
And slipped into earthly core.
She rescued the dragons. Aided their plight.
Persecuted to be no more.

Her presence alone, made music of dreams.
A heavenly melody, she split the night.
Hypnotised by a sleeping spell.
All dragons on earth took flight.
While the humans snored in their dark, dark caves.
A pilgrimage we did prepare.
Flights of dragons, not slaves
To solidarity that caused their despair.

The cells of the body,
When the music ceased.
Fell to the ground as dust.
Whichever of the elements they had fallen upon
Is where they promised to rest.

“You cannot leave yet” said Gaia – new queen.
“I need you, as does the Lord”
To hold the magic an-ces-tor-al
“Trust us – t’will not be ignored”

“But for now my dear creatures,
you exist in my womb.
Magic and silent but whole.
Volcano and wind and ley lines – entombed,
By the presence of you fabled souls.
“Rest my sweet darlings
Sl-e-e-p in myth.
You’ll find it a much safer place,
With the faeries, the trolls and the nymphs.
Learn-ed in tricks on this human race.

They’ll see you some times when caught unawares
As they rest in the woods by the trickling streams,
Or stare at the lake and lose all their cares
You reach in their minds, penetrate their dreams.

But you will be safe now.
Not trapped or perused.
Dance in the energy you find
In the wind, in the sea, in the veins of the earth.
In the hearts of some human kind.

In the very beginning of earth’s development before man stepped on to her surface, the Dragons were here. The Dragons of creation came into the space allocated for Gaia and wove the elements of earth, air, fire, earth and water to create the physical planet. Do not mistake these creatures as being myths, for they were real and powerful creative forces. They were immensely powerful beings, and simply through their presence they set in motion the cycles that would later become the weather patterns of Earth. They spiralled their bodies around and around until the pattern of creation was formed. When the planet began to drop in vibration in later times, they slept. It is as if the Dragons created the landscape of the hills and mountains. It is no mistake that some of our mountain ranges resemble Dragons.

There are many places on this planet where the Dragons still sleep. This is the time for them to wake up. The Dragons hold in their bodies the codes on how to ascend planets into the light of the fifth dimension. They hold the secrets on how to transform this world. When the Dragons awaken, they will activate the codes present in the human d.n.a, aiding the transformation of this planet. It is not necessary that you go to these places in your physical bodies, as you can travel their astrally and still have the same affect. In your dream body you can travel to this place, awaken the Dragons, activate the codes and aid the planetary transformation. You may, or may not be aware of this process, it does not matter. The Dragons are bridges of sort, between the very high starry dimensions and the earthly realms. The Dragons have the ability to take very high information from the stars and anchor it into the matrix of the planet Earth.

If you are connected to the Dragons, then you are guided and inspired by very unique Earth energies, the energy of the Dragons. The Dragons brought their creative spark here to the space allocated to the Earth, to allow the planet, a space in which it could form into a physical being. They slept when the planet became more dense and moved from the etherical expression to one of dense physical matter. You are here now in a human body to access this information from the Dragons that sleep in the Earth. When you go on holidays or trips, you may find the energy of the place affecting your body in strange ways. Be open to this occurrence it will greatly transform your perception of reality. Your body holds the keys to awaken these Dragon energies, for the Dragons will be responsible for activating the next stage of the shift of this planet, and you are one of the main players in this drama.

Maybe you have not considered this Dragon connection before that is because the time is now! How can you contact the Dragon that you are, that sleeps. Be aware of places and especially mountains, big Dragons use large landscapes to hide themselves under; maybe a trip to the mountains would be your doorway into the realm of the Dragons. Dragon energy is very close to human vibration, they are fourth dimensional, they feel heavy in the body, be aware of when the sight goes cloudy and the body feels heavy. Open yourself to the idea that it is Dragon energy and allow the communication to flow.

The Dragons are guardians of the Earth. They are an intricate part of Gaia’s consciousness. We call them Dragons because to us that is the way, they show themselves. Our mind takes energies and creates images that will best represent them to us. Everyone has a connection to the Dragon energy as they live on Earth, but you may have a special connection, as you may have been one of these beings. Now it is time to awaken the Dragon consciousness, that is within you .In your body and in your d.n.a there are particular codes, which will ignite and awaken, this will also awaken your Dragon energy on the planet. By aligning yourself with this energy, you not only fire codes within yourself but also codes within the planet. These codes are like triggers, which will fire information around your body and the body of the planet. This is greatly adding the shift into light, which is what, is happening on Earth, at this time. By awakening your Dragon, not only will you aid what is going on Earth but you will also raise the frequency of your body. Your atoms will begin to vibrate faster and faster. Then your atoms will be able to hold its integrity, as it shifts in consciousness, from a third dimensional expression to a fifth dimensional expression.

It is very advisable before you begin to open up to this Dragon energy to cleanse the body of toxins, as the Dragon energy being very close to the third dimension, will affect the toxin levels in the body. Maybe a fast of a few days and drinking plenty of water will remove the build up of toxins in the body, and you will then be cleansed and ready to align with your Dragon energy.

You need to spend sometime in meditation, allowing the energy of your Dragon consciousness to come to you, and move you in a new direction. Dragon consciousness is very dense indeed, it may not be possible for you to communicate with this being in words, usually they communicate by feelings, not emotions but sensations in the body. You may feel very heavy in your body whilst you communicate with your Dragon.

In your Dragon form you are very immense and powerful. It is time for you to step into your power and do the job you came here on Earth to do. It is no mistake that the ley lines of the planet are called dragon lines in some cultures. They are the backbone of the planet and hold together the matrix that supports the physical form of the planet. They also carry within them the d.n.a code that supports humanity in its ascension to the fifth dimension. Your body’s d.n.a has information as codes, design plans for the ascension of the planet. Your body is beginning the change and you are moving into realms of the later stages of ascension. The cells of your body is holding higher and higher energies much more comfortably. There are certain things that you found whilst these energies merged and vibrated within you, that aided you. There were many moments though you did not hear them speak to you in words, you heard them softly speaking to you through your intuition. You may sometimes feel that you are not being guided by the Dragons, but they rarely speak to you in words, they prefer, dreams, visuals and feelings. They are deeply feeling beings, they have given some of themselves to you and thus you are very sensitive to other people’s energies because of them. Now that you are totally here it time for you to connect with the planet. Even though it feels like you are earthed and connected, there is to come an even deeper connection. There is a level of consciousness that you are yet to connect and be a part of. This is the level of dragon consciousness.

Once you have connected fully to this Dragon energy, you will be able to download the information that you carry into the matrix of the planet, then it is time to perform practices that aid your awakening to the realization that you are creating your own reality. It is time for light workers to wake up and start creating the reality that they desire the most. You know how to do this within yourself. What would you like to manifest in your life. See your desire and create the reality that you want in your heart. Start small and see only your success.

You have been on earth a long time. You have had many human incarnations, in a multitude of different roles, races etc. However let’s look at what you were when you first came to earth. In the very beginning of earth’s development before man stepped on to her surface, you were here. The dragons of creation came into the space allocated for Gaia and wove the elements of earth, air, fire and water to create the physical planet. Do not mistake these creatures as being myths, for they were real and powerful creative forces. You were an immensely powerful being, and simply through your presence you set in motion the cycles that would later become the weather patterns of earth. You spiralled your body around and around until the pattern of creation was formed. You later projected yourself on to this plane in a Dragon body. When the planet began to drop in vibration in later times, you as this being slept. It is as if the dragons created the landscape of the hills and mountains. It is no mistake that some of our mountain ranges resemble dragons. There is one place on this planet where you, as this dragon still sleep. However this is the time for you wake up. The dragons hold in their bodies the codes on how to ascend planets into the light of the fifth dimension. You hold the secrets on how to transform this world. You need to awaken this aspect of self, it its awakening it will activate codes present in the human d.n.a, aiding the transformation of this planet. It is not necessary that you go there in physical body, as you can travel their astrally and still have the same affect. In your dream body you will travel to this place, activate the codes and aid the planetary transformation. You may, or may not be aware of this process, it is no matter.

The Dragons do not really have wings and breathe fire, as we perceive them; this is only the image our imagination uses to translate a universal energy, into a form we can understand. This Dragon energy is the most ancient expression of the Source that has ever manifested in this universe. The Dragons come from the void, they are the mystery. How can you create something from nothing? , the Dragons will show you how.

“Planet Earth lay dreaming her dreams. She was a radiant beauty, a green and blue sphere, spinning around the Sun. Earth was an exquisite gem hanging in a spiralling galaxy, an inter-dimensional doorway to other worlds. The Earth was young and untamed, playing and dancing in the void, her coat of fire swirled around, with sparkling trails. Among this feast of flames, in the magic of the first Days, Dragon was born. Dragon made its way through the burning wilderness, flying, splashing in rivers of shining red lava, creating its first paths, on the shy hardness of a fresh ground. Earth subsided in her fiery birth; the fire disappearing little by little from the surface of the great sphere. Another kind of life came, populating the seas and shores. But the power of that primary fire remained, like embers forever glowing, in the eyes of the watchers, the Dragons.”

Taken from, “Her Perspective”

Once the Dragons had created the body of the planet, they too became a part of her, they slept within her body. You can see evidence of these Dragons in the forms of certain Mountains, the body of the Dragons make up the landscape. The land of this planet is not entirely third dimensional, it is more pliable than that. It is not stuck in permanent form or structure and therefore over time it can come to form shapes and images within its landscape, to represent the ancient beings that took part in earth’s birth and development. I know this is a lot to take in and understand, but look at this with your imagination and not the limitation of your rational mind. The rational mind does not know anything about other dimensional energies, as it is stuck in the 3D. Expand your mind and allow yourself to realize that on another dimensional level, you are part of an immense Dragon consciousness.

This part of your soul wants to come forward into your life and have an influence on you as a human being. You are living on a planet that is beginning a transformation from a 3D focus and vibration to a 5D focus and vibration. What this means to us as human beings in that now is the time to get in touch with all the different aspects that make up our soul and integrate them into the body, into the very d.n.a. This integrating will activate certain codes and instructions within the d.n.a, which will allow our physical bodies to raise its atomic vibration and allow us to become divine human beings.

By introducing you to this aspect of your soul, I am activating this integration process within you. This Dragon that you are on another level is coming forward, as you have work to do with such a being. Not only do the mountains emanate their energy, but also the rivers and oceans. There is a network of energy that runs through this entire planet, similar to our nervous system. These Ley Lines are power lines, which form a network across the whole planet. Some people can dowse for these lines and can harness the energy of such lines to heal and balance. They are also called Dragon lines, if you look into many of the Chinese myths and legends you will find that they refer to the primeval forces of nature as being Dragons.

There are places where these Dragon lines meet and these are often recognized by man as being sacred places. Often churches and the like are built on top of these vortexes, which are a crossing of the lines. Around the area in which you live are many vortexes, which are in need of healing and balancing. In times past people have harnessed the energy of these places, and have not always used it for good purposes. Many of these Dragon vortexes are either blocked by the insertion of metal upon the entrance point into the vortex or they are still functioning but are very negative. Your Dragon self wants to come forward and make itself known to your body so that it can integrate and then guide you to do some work on these blocked and negative Dragon vortexes.

Dragon energy is very heavy and can make the body feel very full and tired. When you work with the Dragon energy it can be very difficult at first, as the body gets used to such an immense energy. That would make sense of why you are feeling so tired at certain times in your day, this is the influence of the Dragon on your body. It is difficult to communicate with words or pictures with these beings; they tend to speak in a language that can only be felt in the body as bodily sensations. Notice your body more, and ask yourself in those tired moments why I feel so tired. Where in your body is the heaviness and what does it really feel like. If you tune into your body in this way, then your mind will begin to translate the language of the Dragons into a form of either words or pictures so you can begin to communicate with this being.

You have work to do on the land, your Dragon self is asking this of you. It is going to take some time before you really are ready to do this. Take your time, Dragon energy is slow, there is no rush- all in its right time. The Dragon wants to anchor in the body and guide you to certain places in your area, that need healing and balancing. Once you have gotten to this point you will be guided to stand in certain places and allow the energy of the place to come into your body to be transformed and released. This is not an easy job, you may have emotions, which are dense, and powerful, your head may not understand. Do not worry your Dragon will guide your through your intuition and bodily feelings and you will know exactly what to do. It may also get uncomfortable in the body, do not think that your weird symptoms are an illness, this is not the truth. Any bodily symptoms at this time are only a result of the Dragon energy coming into your body. You will be a natural as you have worked with this Dragon energy on the land many times before. This is the soul intention for this lifetime to allow you to step into your power, as an earth healer. Just like you were in many of your previous lives.

The Dragon consciousness that you are on this level, sleeps in the centre of the planet, I have seen it there. I have been on a journey into the centre of the Earth, and on my journey, I passed through many levels of consciousness. As I got to the very core, where the crystal lies, I saw it surrounded on all sides by sleeping Dragons.

Now how this will manifest I have no idea. It is meant to be a mystery. But there are instructions for you, to do in preparation for this awakening. You must cleanse your energy body of negative power. Now when I say negative, I do not mean negative as in bad, but negative as in electricity. You will reverse the polarity of your energies. You are being requested to spin your chakras and allow them to bring up energies, which are magnetic in nature, but are holding old patterns and codes that need to be cleared, in order for there to be room, for more evolved information in light, to settle in the cells of your body. Imagine that your body and its cells are like a hard drive in a computer. You cannot put any new software on it, because it is full of old out of date data and software. So in order to create room for new information coming into your d.n.a and hard drive, you will have to cleanse the system of old programmes. Now these programs have little or anything to do with your personality or sense of self, this is deeper in the body. You have done enough of the process, to clear the emotional body, now the very cells of your body are preparing themselves for change. You are going to begin to prepare to ascend.

You must begin working with your chakras, meditate if you can, on each chakra point in the body and allow the energy to build and take your focus into the chakra and allow it to show you where it is out of balance, just like the process in a way, but working on each chakra. Dance the energy of the chakra; create words to describe the energy it carries. Paint or draw mandalas to represent the chakras, find ways to express what is going on in your process, with each centre. Find books and read about them, do colour breathing with the appropriate chakra, and find new techniques and meditations for working with them. You can prepare your energy body, for this shift in consciousness; make it a daily routine of working in one way or another with the different points. Start with the chakra, which feels the most out of balance. You can find ways to know which one it is, if you do not trust your intuition, you can dowse for it with a pendulum, or through kinesiology.

The reason that you need to work on this level is, because when the Dragon consciousness wakes up in the centre of the planet, it will also awaken in the centre of you. It is sleeping in the cells of your body too. You need to be in balance in order to take the increase in energy. We all need to become more aware of being in balance or finding quick and easy ways to get back in balance, as the energy on the planet increases its frequency. If you are not in balance, you will become sick and tired. You have to find a way to combat your levels of negative stress. It is very important, that you meditate at this time, find a way to release stress and relax. As your Dragon consciousness awakens, you need to be in balance. It is not so difficult to achieve yet needs constant maintenance.

Remember Fairy
Do you remember your life in Fairy?
When we flew together through green leaf trees.
You held my hand so gently I thought you would never leave.

Today you remember not, lost in the human mind, not a trace of Fairy kind.
I am here today as Nay to show you the way.
Back into your forgotten Fairy past, this time your love will last.

Come with me to a wooded glade; cool yourself in forest shade.
Pan plays his pipes, a jolly tune, steady now, or you will swoon.
Fairy energy, can you feel, believe me, WE ARE REAL.

Not a fantasy from a book, not a hallucination. – LOOK.
We are here among the flowers, weaving tales with our Fairy powers.

Hear our laughter, mischievous that we are, we come from a distant star.
Content now to play held within a gentle breeze.
Dreaming Fairy dreams among the trees.

Look into my eyes, deep into a Fairy gaze; look carefully through the haze.
A scene does form of such beauty, your mirrored thoughts for me to see.

Nymph, Pixie, Elf or Fae
Come join us today, we invite you all to come to see
What is like to be a Fairy just like me.
You are a multidimensional being, that is to say you have an aspect of your overall Soul self, that exists on each of the twelve dimensions that make up this universe. On the highest dimension, you are part of the Creator, the Source.

You projected yourself from the Source as a beam of light, a being in a light body. You projected yourself into the universe. You sent an aspect of yourself here to the Earth. You first incarnated here, as pure energy. The planet was not dense and solid, like it is now. You were part of a group of light beings, who were the first Souls to come from the Source; you came here as pure energy to experiment with the powerful energies of the Earth. The merging of your energy with that of the Earth was the most amazing and beautiful experience for both you and the planet herself.

As the Earth cooled and began to drop in vibration, many of your kind were no longer able to come to the Earth, as their bodies were too light and the density of the Earth, made it impossible for them to stay here. Many left to never return. However there were many of you that choose to stay here on the Earth. You would have to transform the Soul body into a denser form, in order to be able to stay on the Earth.

Eons of Earth years passed and eventually the Earth began to birth forms that we call Fairies. You decided to project an aspect of yourself into the kingdom of fairy. Everyone thinks that Fairies do not exist and are a childish fantasy. They are not, they are real. They exist in the fourth dimension of this planet. If you are attuned to them and go to a forest, you can see and experience them. They are pure energy; they appear to us as having wings, so we can understand their nature, yet this is not their true form. They are here on the planet to support the creative growth of Gaia, (the Earth).

Along the way you have forgotten your fairy roots. It is very difficult in a human body to remember fairy. When you were a child you saw them, dreamt about them, but you lost these experiences from your conscious awareness. You fell asleep in consciousness and were unable to truly remember. As well as forgetting your childhood you also forgot your fairy existences. It is time now for you to remember. This remembering of this fairy existence is a major part of your healing for this lifetime. Through this healing you will regain your connection to the Earth. You have an incredible connection to her; you made a promise to her, when you existed as a fairy, to stay with her to see the experiment out to the very end.

All those places in nature that you have visited in this lifetime, where you felt calm, and at peace, are indications that you existed there, as a nature spirit. You need to feel your roots. It is very important to you to be able to feel the energy of the Earth, all around you. When we are stuck in busy cities, it is very difficult to feel this. When you live in such places, there is a part of you, (the fairy in you) that craves the forest and the sea. It is time for you to honour this part of yourself, and give it what it needs. You can become very creative if you connect with the fairy energy. Go out in your favourite place in nature and sleep under the stars; let the Fairies come to you in your dreams. They want to awaken your child within. There is magic within you.

You came here as a group Soul, you resembled little balls of light. You came here with other forces of creation and wove together the consciousness that was needed to support biological life. These other creative forces were what we know today as dragons. It is no mistake that the ley lines of the planet are called dragon lines in some cultures. They are the backbone of the planet and hold together the matrix that supports the physical form of the planet. They also carry within them the d.n.a code that supports humanity in its ascension to the fifth dimension. The fairy kingdoms are very close to the dragon consciousness in dimension. They support the dragons and help support the creative physicality of earth.

Gaia put out a call along time ago, for the presence that is the Hybrid to come to earth and aid the planetary shift. You as a Soul group came here many times. Before you could anchor your energy, your light into the matrix of the planet you had to experience the planet from the side of nature. You had to get Gaia’s perspective on things, so you had lives in Fairy. There are many different kinds of beings that exist in the realm of Fairy. It is not my intention here to talk about these beings as if they are an individual consciousness. It is my intention here to share with you the memory of what it was to be at the level of consciousness that is Fairy. For it is the blueprint of the Hybrid’s first form. This form was needed to commune with the force of intention that later became Gaia. So they sent a creation of their selves as the original energy of Fairy.

Do you remember when you came to this planet with those incredible forces of creations, the dreaming dragons that combined created Gaia’ planetary body? The planet was in its early stages of physical development, it was an ethereal place, and it resembled paradise. As the aspects that were fairy merged and communed with the dragon energy and the ideas that were forming to create Gaia, the fairy energy solidified and individualised to create a splendid kingdom, a dimension that aided Gaia in her creation, the realm of Fairy.

If you imagine the Hybrid as being made up of lines of light, each line representing a different frequency, a different being, i.e., Zeta, Lizzie Etc, this will help explain to you how in order to anchor, or plug into the matrix of Earth, the Hybrid blueprint needs a part of the pattern that can attach itself to the Earth. Many of you Hybrids are very alienated from mankind and earthy things, but many of you can relate to Gaia at the level of Fairy. It is not so solid and many of you can easily remember your lives in fairy. Remember time is not linear in the 4/5th dimension, which is where you will find the fairy kingdoms. These existences are still going on in parallel lives; you are living your lives in the 3rd dimension yet you are also having simultaneous lives in the realms of Fairy. The beings you are in fairy aid you being here enough in physical to be perceived by other more 3rd dimensionally orientated humans. So can you see why Hybrids created for themselves aspects that would aid them in their mission to Earth. You see as Hybrids as Star beings, as Multi-dimensional consciousness you have dropped down through the levels creating aspects as you came, to aid you in the particular level that you were on. This aided your purpose and as you entered Earth’s atmosphere you realised you need aspects in fairy to help you align and integrate with the energies of Gaia.

Fairy Tales

“The Big Moon was high in the sky. A Star filled sky, rain filled clouds passing slowly overhead. The sea lapped at the shore, quiet almost still. She walked with Him. How it happened they did not know, it was as if they had been hit by lightening. They were in each other’s arms, passionately kissing with the gentle rain running down their faces. He kissed her deeply her head reeling, colours swirled about her head, her energy rising, looking into each other eyes Souls were awoken, – fairy Souls. They were fairy aspects inhabiting human bodies, animating fairy energy into 3rd dimensional bodies; they were swirling in energy, getting drunk on each other energies. As the fairy vortex opened, they disappeared and in their place two-fairy lovers Illiad and Nay appeared. There was a merging the 4th dimensional fairy vibration with the 3rd dimensional human world. She had wished for this, a fairy lover, her memory stirring. A forbidden love on earthy levels, but fairy kin should not be apart. Illiad and Nay merged in energy within the human vehicles. They remembered each other in a way only Fairies can. Images of trees, forest and streams, the sweet memories of lying in the sunshine and experiencing the sweet embrace of a fairy lover. As if hypnotised the earthy hour passed on, spellbound, she had become a character in a fairy tale.

The Tale of Illiad and Nay

They were a summer’s day and a moonlit dream. Free to run among the trees. They washed their hair in cool streams. “We played content to be just we two.” No one could see them anyway; they were a dimension away. “In landscapes oh so sweet our love was divine, when I was yours and you were mine.” “We held each other oh so close; we could not see our true reflection, distorted by the love of the other.”

“You were my love, you were my brother. Fairy Kin sweet as wine binds held us close so no distinction could be made. “

Then one day Nay came across a walking man, his saddened face broke her heart and she did say “Oh man of the human world, why do you cry?” “Does not the beauty of the land not heal you so?” Nay was fairy of face and free. The man did see she was a fairy; he began to smile as he took her in his arms. All the time Illiad watched on.

Illiad‘s heart hardened with the pain of what he saw. The jealousy was too much for his fairy heart. His Soul was aching, he was tearing apart, and no longer were they one. He turned into a beast and vowed he would love no more. And as his hooven feet ran through the trees, Nay cried alone. Her breath was gone as the sun set in the sky, Nay lay down and died, no longer was she of the realm of fairy, now she entered the density of the human 3rd dimensional world. “

Universal Hybrids need a framework in which to anchor them within the Earth matrix. The matrix is made up of many different levels and as you enter the Earth‘s realm you access the fairy kingdoms first. You can anchor there to the first aspect of your twin blueprint. As Hybrids come to earth they see that there is another pattern awaiting them. There is a yin for their yang and a yang for their yin. Hybrids discovered that there was a pattern that they could easily fit into, as if it was designed just for them. Seeing the bigger picture the Hybrids could see how these patterns merging created the amazing structure that is Gaia’s Matrix or Web. There was a socket if you like that they could plug into. They could use this socket to download all their information that they carried in their unique universal d.n.a, straight into the intelligence of the planet. This would give Gaia the information that she needed to raise her frequency to light. The energies that you perceive as the Fairies are responsible for keeping the dimensional frequencies of Gaia in tact. So once the Hybrid brings in the new blueprint, the new idea, then the fairy energies set to work raising the frequency of the planet.

In order to align with the fairy kingdoms you have to become fairy too. Many of you are having encounters with people you consider to be human when in fact what you are dealing with is the animated fairy aspect of the Soul. You are learning many creative things about nature and the planet through these Fairies in disguise. And finally just like all the integration process before, you integrate and become the fairy human hybrid, just like the Zeta before them. As a Soul group you do not hold all aspects, so you will begin to meet others who carry the aspects you need to find. It is as if lost parts of you are hidden in the d.n.a of other Souls. You regain these lost parts of yourselves through other people. This is speeding the integration process up immensely as the aligning is being acted out in your 3rd dimension, and your 3rd dimensional lives. Your very lives are becoming 4th dimensional fairy tales. You should be very careful what you wish for at this stage. It is not all light in the land of Fairy. Your mission is to anchor into the first dimensional core, your information that you uniquely carried in your hybrid d.n.a. into the very heart of Gaia.

Gaia has a crystal matrix that lies in the centre of the planet and it is your job as hybrids to anchor your information in this place. First of all you have to drop through the levels, dimensions and pass through the veils to anchor at Gaia’s core. Hybrid energy in its universal form is very hard to ground to the earth; lots of you hybrids are accused of being spacey and ungrounded. You need to anchor yourselves through all dimensions to become truly multi-dimensional. You need the Devic, fairy energy to spin and screw you into the dimensional levels of Gaia’s consciousness. So you are building fairy aspect from the ideas carried in this first Devic consciousness, so that you have the vehicle to take you further into Gaia’s Web.

This place is where you find yourselves first connecting to the Kundalini or serpent force that is the electricity unit of Gaia. Fairy energy will show you how to get more into your bodies and anchor yourselves to the planet. As the Kundalini energy activates, the selves present in the personality, the archetypes held within the human psyche will begin to animate, project themselves into your outside world, in order for you to integrate your more human aspects.

Illiad and Nay reunited

” Nay was what they called a common fairy, content to fly through the trees and play, casting fairy dust as she flew. “

Common Fairies by their very presence aid the fertility of the land, the growth of the fruit and flowers. Common Fairies are not so beautiful, but very jolly of face and energy. In the realm of fairy there is a hierarchy, levels of fairy expression. The very uppermost levels contain the Fairies that are royal, the fairy princess and prince, the king and queen. In each and every forest or woods there are the royal family. The royal families are responsible for the protection of the forest. They guide and advice the common Fairies and are responsible for the politics, if you like, of the forest, Illiad was one of these royal Fairies. Like many classes of people the royal Fairies are supposed to marry only royal Fairies. It is considered wrong for royal Fairies to commune with those of the more common levels. Do not confuse these ways to be like the prejudice of the humans; it is just that royal Fairies are of a higher level of consciousness than the common Fairies. Illiad was supposed to take his place in the royal court with a bride of equal standing. However he loved Nay. Secretly they played together, making love in the setting sunshine dappling through the Forest leaves.

Illiad would sneak Nay into the court parties, dressing herself in the best dress she could create, painting her toes and fingers with the juice of roses to hide the fact she was not royal at all. Nay was shy, hiding behind Iliad’s fine attire. Royal Fairies naturally have the most beautiful nails that shimmer in blues and purples. Nays were naturally brown and dirty. She was always concerned that the rose water would wear off and she would be discovered for who she really was. Illiad was bold and rebellious; he took great pleasure in knowing that Nay was not a royal fairy. Their secret love fuelled their desire for each other. Even the trees kept secret their love, taking pleasure in their tenderness.

When Illiad fell from grace, Nay blamed herself, banishing herself from the fairy kingdom. Ashamed and lost without Illiad she roamed the human world. She entered into many heartbreaking relationships with the human kind, trying to ease the shame and guilt that she felt. However she never found comfort, deep in her heart she wished to return to fairy and find Illiad among the beasts. To rise him from his dark world and release him from his pain. “

“I had to return to the forest. As I entered, I left my human body sitting on a fallen tree; I in fairy body walked on. ” “Deep into the forest Nay walked, ashamed she was finally returning to fairy, to take her punishment and ask for the help of the royals to bring Illiad back to his former glory. Painted nails, now in modern day, nail polish, chipped, revealing dirty nails beneath. Afraid of her discovery of status, she walked fearful step after step. The forest knew of her presence, the trees began to whisper her name. “Nay, Nay “. She began to cry how was she to carry on existing without the love of Illiad? Looking down, the air thick with expectation. The royal family approached. “Nay “, the trees whispered. Each step took all the energy she could muster, leaving behind her human body, entering the misty light of fairy. Out of the mist came the royal family dressed in the finest costumes. As Nay raised her heavy head, she was overjoyed to see Illiad smiling with joy. His face fair, his energy no longer of animal kind freed by her love. In his arms he carried the most beautiful fairy gown.

Nay’s wedding gown.

Raised above the common fairy, now a royal she laughed as Illiad embraced her. The forest began to sing their song. The love song of Iliad and Nay. If you enter the forest in the twilight of dusk, if you listen really carefully, you can hear Illiad and Nay laughing, happy to be together as one once again.”


Are you of Elfin consciousness? There are many of you who have an aspect within the multidimensional self, which is Elfin, from the Elf lineage. As an Elf you would have a very important part to play on the planet. As an Elf, your job on the planet was to guard the consciousness of the trees. On some level you are still doing this. For you are existing here in the 3D world and also are existing on another dimension as an Elfin being. It is time in this lifetime for you to access the power of the trees and use their energy for healing.

Trees are the elevated consciousness of the planet itself. Like antennae, they receive messages from the higher dimensions above the fourth dimension. This allows Gaia, (the consciousness of the planet), to access information from the rest of the universe. Through working with the energies of the trees you will be able to access beings from the higher and lower dimensions with little distress and in harmony with the physical body. There are many different beings that make up the world of fairy. They all have different tasks to do and are responsible for different levels of nature. They care for the planet not only on a physical level but also on an emotional level too. Nature is the emotional body of the Earth Mother – Gaia. You in your heart are full of love for her and through your work with trees you will open your heart fully and then you will become more and more aware of your Elvin energy.

There are different levels of consciousness within the Elvin line. Beings incarnate into the Elf ladder of consciousness and through experience and learning, they ascend their emotions and raise their consciousness until they reach the pinnacle of Elf consciousness. Many of you were in dense in forms, visually resembling the trees, faces looking like bark and hands and legs resembled trees. As the Elfin ladder is climbed and consciousness evolved through the Elvin line, the appearance changes, to display the development of a being. As the top is reached the form is then made of fifth dimensional light, the form is beautiful, slender and with slivery pale skin, and the eyes are wide and a misty light can be seen emanating from the body. On this level the Elves were very beautiful indeed. They are very graceful and have a loving energy and are loved and respected by those in their Elvin clan.

The Elves on this level were very serious about their work; they gave their whole attention and dedication to their work. For on this level, they were not only responsible for a single tree but were responsible for whole forests. They became the guardians of entire forests. They could hold a frequency that allowed nature to exist in harmony. This was not an easy task, as the third dimension overlaps the fourth and can carry its pollutants into the world of fairy. Not physical pollutants but emotional negatives.

Fairy Royalty

In the realms of the fairy kingdoms there is are a hierarchy of consciousness. As the fourth dimensional Fairies ascend the levels they become royal. If you can imagine a pyramid making up the levels of fairy consciousness, you will see that the ultimate king and queen are at the top. That is they are the pinnacle of fairy consciousness. These beings are no longer playful, but carry a deep sense of respect and wisdom. As the next levels come from this position, fairy princes and princesses create the next level, which is a royal elevated consciousness. If you open yourself to this energy it will guide you in the magic that will soon be your life. Your physical human body is very light in vibration; this is mainly why you get so tired when you are not given enough time to play. You work too hard, your inner child or should I say fairy self needs to become less serious and allow life to flow. Unfortunately this is seldom the reality in your life. As a fairy in nature you are indeed flighty, you need to call in your scattered energies and concentrate on one task at a time. Be more focused. Allow yourself some time alone to play; you need time to be joyful and creative. They feel your fairy creativity.

You were here in the very beginning; you aided Gaia (the Goddess consciousness of the Earth) and nurtured her development. You were a special kind of being, which had been inspired by the Goddess to bring yourselves into being. You were created solely to love Gaia. You were her caretakers, her protectors. There are many of you now on the planet but they are unrecognisable by most humans as they live in a dimension that is not third dimensional but fourth dimensional. Some call these beings Fairies. Now in someway they are Fairies but the ideas that we carry as humans about these beings is very false and does not really describe them. The idea of a small being with wings is not entirely true, yes there are beings like this but they are elementals, who aid the development of the trees and plants, these are second dimensional beings and are not really Fairies at all.

Fairies are immense creative beings that group together into massive collective consciousnesses to aid the development and evolution of whole planetary systems. You in the beginning of Earth’s history were a being like this. I do not want to call you a Fairy because of our limits in understanding it does not really describe what you were. A co creative force in nature would better describe you. Now there were other aspects of your Soul that choose to express themselves in other places in the universe and this is where you will find your star connections. You are here now on the Earth and you are being asked by your Soul to embrace this knowledge that you were here in the beginning of Earth’s creation and you aided her in earth’s development.

You sang her creations into being, you embraced the love of the universe and harnessed the love of the Source that lives sleeping in the very centre of all physically manifest forms and sang them awake. In the centre of every physical form is an atom that is part of the original first birth of the universe. When the big bang occurred the matter that was scattered throughout the void. Contained within it was the spark of the Creator, within this core atom lies the love of the Universal Dreamer. When people talk about God waking up in matter, it is this atom that contains the spark of the Creator, which will ignite, and the consciousness that is within it will awaken. You as this mighty being had the ability to awaken this energy that sleeps in the centre of every manifest form. When you came to the space allocated to be the place of the earth, you called all the atoms of the scattered matter into one place and this was the very beginnings of the creation of the body of Gaia. Once the planet was created in form you inspired Gaia to awaken within the atom of this matter and take up her position of the conscious resident of the Earth. You inspired and ignited her to waken. Even though you may have no awareness of this you are still performing this task of inspiring Gaia with your presence on the earth, here now in a human body.

As you can imagine your relationship with the earth is a long and complex one. You have been with her if only in energy, since the beginning of her creation. You were sent directly from the Source to come here and express yourself in the third dimensional reality, which is current on the earth. As energy, you came to the space that was allocated for the creation of the earth to reside in. You then became one of the beings that make up the natural realms of this earth. The nature spirits, the devas and the Fairies realms were the direct descendents of the sparks of light, that were showered on to the earth at the beginnings of its creation. You were one of these sparks of god, a Soul coming directly from the source to the earth, to express itself in the imagined forms that were being dreamed in Gaia’s consciousness. Other sparks of the source, went to other planets and dimensions in the universe before coming to the earth and therefore some are considered to be star born. You have been with the earth from the very beginning and are woven into her consciousness, as if you and she are one.

You began to become denser and could take on the form of what we today consider to be nature spirits or Fairies. Do not think that the romantic pictures that we see in children books is a truthful portrayal of these beings, this is far from the truth. Nature spirits do not take on the forms of humans, especially not children. They often depict themselves as being made of the same substance of the part of nature they represent. If they are the fairy of a tree, they will appear as if they have bark for a face and branches for arms. It is the human mind, (which is the translator of energy), which creates the visual ideas that we have in our minds, and enables us to see Fairies. Go out and look in nature and look for the faces in the trees, these are nearer to a true depiction of these beings, than those we see in children books.

As a spark of the source, you came here in an energy body, which was above the level of being called in any way physical. As you merged your consciousness with Gaia, you too wove a body of light around yourself in which you could take on a denser and denser expression, finally being able to manifest yourself as several different kinds of nature spirits, some of them living in the same time frame and space. You were not restricted to only one expression at one time, as you merged yourself with Gaia in these forms; you became intrinsically a part of her consciousness. For thousands of years you moved through the hierarchy of the ladder of consciousness, which is fairy. Just as we evolved over time as human beings, these beings too evolved and transformed, becoming more complex, more dense, evolving their intelligence, becoming the mind of Gaia.

You have been on the planet earth from its very beginning. When the earth was not yet solid and dense, many elemental beings came to this planet. They came to bring designs of plants and animals here for the earth to create as forms. Now they did not resemble the Fairies that we know today. These Elementals were spiritual entities of a different dimension. Living in the realms of the fourth dimension, the elementals attached themselves to one of the four elements of fire, earth, air and water. Other elementals were birthed into being, Nymphs and Sprites of the Water Kingdom, Gnomes of the Earth, Sylphs of the Air and Salamanders of the Fire Kingdoms. These were later known as Fairies. The elementals of the plant kingdom cared for the development of all plant species, that spring to life from the soil of the Earth. Just as the human body possesses, the spiritual life energy of love and light, so do inanimate forms.

You were one of these beings. You came here as a Devic force, aligned yourself to the elements and became a nature spirit. You were a part of the complex web of consciousness that interlinked with the Earth’s consciousness. You came into existence to tend the earth and to transform spiritual energies, and lock them into the physical plane. There is a vast, shore-less, boundless, etheric field populated by billions of elementals. They are far more numerous than human beings or any other organic beings in the universe.

You as a Fairy are from an ancient line of consciousness. Fairies too evolve but in a way that is largely outside space and time. You were conscious, but with only a limited sense of self-awareness and a high degree of instinctive action. As with all conscious creation, over vast periods of time, these Elementals became more aware. They attracted to themselves the building blocks of a higher consciousness and began to strive and to understand a method of evolvement, within their own spiritual natures. Many, many times you were absorbed back into your form of universal consciousness and then re-appeared to do more service for the Earth. Gradually, as experience and needs dictated, you became attached to the higher forms of Fairy.

You have forgotten the Fairy part of your Soul. Now is the time for you to remember. This part of you wants you to communicate with it. Fairies love nature where it is left to be wild and un-kept. Find a place like this, a place where you can sit and meditate and tune into the fairy energy. Spend some time there and open yourself to the communication. Sit quietly, open your body and relax and allow your rational mind to quieten and allow the intuitive, imaginative mind to take over. Allow yourself to dream.

You may sense communication with the fairy, as energy. Or you may receive words or images, colours, music or just an intuitive sense of knowing. You may not consciously sense the Fairy, yet may still be interacting with them; often sudden insights are the result of assistance from the Fairy kingdom. Meditation and observation on and with nature, including the stones and crystals, can enable you to encounter the gateways, to awaking this communion and communication. It is possible to experience the Fairy as a spirit essence. During this you may feel an embrace of energy, which may or may not be accompanied by messages perceived in words or visions, colours, or physical and emotional sensations. The Devas can really help with your healing and spiritual evolution and you can help them in the harmonizing and achievement of the highest evolution of manifested reality. When you approach a Fairy and are open to receive contact with a respectful and appreciative heart and mind, then such transient sensations can develop into a deep communion.

You made a promise to the earth, that when you incarnated into the human world that you would honour and support the earth in her transformation. Part of your task was to recognise who you were and see yourself in nature. You were to reconnect your human self with your fairy self. Maybe there is knowledge that needs to be taught from the Fairies to the humans.

Twin Rays

The Star that illuminates a Thousand Moons, sent out from itself rays of light, focusing through these rays there were different frequencies, each holding the intention of the Universal dreamer. The intentions made it possible for all of creation, and the myriad dimensions of the universe to exist. The intention carried the ideas of God out into the darkness of the void and creation began. As these rays of light crossed over each other, beings were created where the two rays met. These rays of light became two, on the next dimensional expression, the ray now expressed itself as two beings, a mirror image of each other. These rays polarized into male and female vibrations. Do not confuse this female and male energy to be as it is in the expression of the human sexes for this is a much denser and somewhat distorted version of the Twin phenomena. The Twins are Yin and Yang on the highest level. These rays we called the Twin Rays. This is where the masculine and feminine energies of your “I am” presence were first formed. These rays then created for themselves vehicles that they could use to enter into a denser, lower dimensional reality. These vehicles of light resembled the twelve sharded diamond light bodies. This vehicle of light contained within it the twelve frequencies, vibrational aspects or selves that represented the entirety of the Multi- Dimensional Consciousness.

Each aspect or frequency of energy combined together, to create a spectacular light body. These amazing bodies of light housed the full consciousness of the “I am “presence, the fully realized self of the Universal Dreamer. This solar light body descended into the lower dimensions and began to experience itself as two separate beings. The body was made up of all the twelve frequencies and one by one the ” I am ” presence anchored itself into the twelve energy centers of the lower causal body. This procedure continued as the ” I am” presence gradually moved through all twelve solar frequencies in the causal body. When this journey was complete it has developed the twelve – fold solar causal body, and the twelve- fold solar spine with its twelve solar chakras. These chakras pulsated along its axis and sent energies along the solar meridian system. The Twin Ray proceeded at its own pace and developed its vehicle of expression. The divine plan for this universe was imprinted into every energy electron of your being and the divine blueprint for your individual experience in this system is encoded through all levels of your consciousness.

This solar chakra system aligned and developed the twelve solar strands of the D.N.A. Each strand of D.N.A was programmed with the total consciousness of the Universal Dreamer, the Wisdom and the Love of all twelve aspects of the Universal Dreamer. This then projected itself into the denser physical realities. Once this was finished, the connection to the multi -faceted aspects of the “I am” presence ensured your ability to communicate with all the levels of the Universal Dreamer. When the radiance of the male and female are balanced in the right and left hemispheres of the brain it creates a vibration that activates the spiritual centers in the brain. Universal laws dictate that once the energy has reached its final destination in the physical plane it must return to its source, the Star that illuminates a Thousand Moons.

As you as a whole being ascend the levels you a) Align and integrate all twelve selves or aspects. b) b) Create a whole being. , I.e. become the God, Goddess. You then become a unique pattern of light. The Twin rays began to incarnate into the human experience and were scattered by the dense forces of the earth. Just like the creation of the universe with the big bang, the Twin were spilt and spilt again, until the light patterns lay scattered across many lands. Some of these aspects lay in the higher dimensions of the earth story awaiting other aspects to join and become one once more. The integration of all the aspects that make up your Soul self, activates within you a magnetic charge that not only aids the other Twin in its integration but also magnetizes them to you. For many of you, you have been split many times and have created for yourselves other halves; these must not be mistaken for your Twin Ray.

Two patterns come together. They activate the next level of D.N.A and activate the star codes in the cellular structure of the body. Memories of various lives and existences where they both came together are then recalled. They heal each other and adjust and align their energies together. Pattern aligns with pattern. They create a new pattern between them and with this they ascend together as One all the way back to the Source, the Star. If you could imagine two halves of a complex light vehicle, then as these two patterns come together they unite and activate a quantum propulsion system. This system is like a light ship, the Merkabar. This like a rocket catapults the two beings as one into the higher dimensions. Maybe it would better to call these relationships, relight-ships.

It is very confusing from a human perspective to understand the phenomenon that is the Twin. There is much written about the Twin ray, Twin flames and Soul mates. Some are considered karmic, others more divine in nature. As you align with the aspects of yourself, you will meet other people who mirror to you the various aspects that make up your being. Such as you may have a Zeta aspect, you will meet someone who mirrors your Zeta aspect to you, your Zeta Twin. This is what I would call the level of the Twin flame, aspects of the unified Ray. You will have encounters with this person mirroring your aspect. This will activate information codes in your d.n.a, allowing you to access information about your aspect and self. You may discover that you were together with this aspect in another existence. You will discover past life existences on other planets and this will add to your story. Certain aspects operate certain energy centers or chakras along your spine. You will recognize these others by the way they affect you chakras and energy fields. You will make electromagnetic energy between you and this will aid the ascension process as a united form of light. Do not hold onto these encounters even if they are of a romantic nature. Learn to live free of all limiting beliefs about human interaction and move on into the light, for there is another level to come, the level of the Ray, the ultimate other.

It is believed that once you see your Twin ray you will instantly know who they are. Do you know who you are? It is very confusing, one minute you will be experiencing intense Soul-to-Soul connections and be in the deepest love. The next you will be like strangers. The reason for this is the body needs time to adjust. When you come in contact to your Twin it activates many transformational changes in your light body, which in turn affect your physical body’s vibration. If it were possible to totally connect to you Twin before your body vibrated at a certain level you would bring energetic damage to each other’s body. You must integrate all the selves of your Soul and become whole before it is possible to totally connect to your Twin. For some of you it is not part of your Soul story to be with this being in physical this lifetime. Though many of you will connect to them on the other dimensional levels.


There is a tribe of people in Mali, West Africa called the Dogon. The Dogon are of Egyptian decent and have the most incredible astronomical knowledge that goes back thousands of years. According to their oral traditions, a race of people from the Sirius system called the Nommos, visited Earth thousands of years ago. The Nommos were amphibious beings that resembled mermen and mermaids. The Egyptian Goddess Isis, (who is sometimes depicted as a mermaid), is also linked with the star Sirius. The Nommos, according to the Dogon legend, lived on a planet that orbited the stars in the Sirius system. They landed on Earth in an “ark” that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise and wind. It was the Nommos that gave the Dogon the knowledge about Sirius.

The Mommos are a race of beings that take the physical forms of dolphins and whales. Their home world is a planet in the Sirius star system that is made up entirely of warm aqua-blue oceans. The stories that we have of these creatures are not simply fairytales but ancient memories of this creature. On their home world, they live in underwater cities that are the most amazing shapes, as they resemble shells and rocks. They have developed in consciousness, and with this they have developed the ability to walk up right. They have designed huge underwater caverns that are made in such a way that, they can be used as giant amplifiers, to send sound waves through the oceans of their home world. When they use these sound chambers, it is as if the entire ocean is humming with sound. Many beings come from all over the universe, to bath in the sound baths that are available there. They are also the guardians of the Etheric Sirians who are in dolphin, and whale bodies here on earth. They can monitor them from far off in another dimension. The Etherical Sirians are here, on earth as a way team if you like. They are monitoring the electromagnetic grid of the planet, helping to balance and look after the biosphere of earth.

In Atlantean times, these Sirian beings found a way to change their forms and take on a human body, walking the earth as an earth guardian. The Sirian souls came as dolphins and whales (the cetaceans); they are the most fully conscious sentient beings, on this planet. The reason for this is that as dolphins, they don’t experience such separation and feelings of isolation from Earth and Nature, like we as humans tend to. Dolphins are truly the caretakers of the Earth. Humans were meant to share in this role of caring for the Earth and all of life on and in it, but most humans have been “asleep” for a very long time now. The Sirians, along with many others, are here to help us change that. You can access this Sirian self that you are in this dolphin body in mediation. Allow yourself to wander in your imagination and allow this Sirian part of yourself to come into your imagination. Through practice, you will be able to align yourself with the energy more fully.

he Star Sirians work with your star codes that are inherent, yet dormant in your d.n.a. A star code is a particular and specialised d.n.a strand. There is a strand of d.n.a, which is unique to humans, that is part of the direct ancestral lineage of human beings, which was the result of interbreeding between the Sirians and early man. You are part of this direct lineage, biologically in your d.n.a; you have many of the Sirian star codes. Once these star codes are all reactivated, then your Sirian self can come down and fully anchor itself into your d.n.a structure. This will bring about a transformation on the level of the d.n.a. This is turn will affect the body. The vibrational level, the rate of oscillation of the atoms of your body will slowly begin to speed up, due to the integration of your Sirian energy and the firing of your dormant star codes. Now this can and will have some affect on your awareness and emotions and thinking processes. Do not expect to wake one morning to find yourself enlightened, but over time you will really start to move very fast along your spiritual development path.

This transformation may affect the body, make sure you take plenty of exercise and drink plenty of clean water. When the body is integrating high dimensional levels it can have a hard time, if not given the things that aid it in its process. You are asking a lot of your body to go through such profound and vibrational changes without love and support. You will intuitively know what your body needs, whilst it goes through this process. Symptoms that you may experience as you integrate this aspect of your soul into your body are, vibrations that seem to come from the bones, and teeth. This occurs when the star codes are fired in the d.n.a, it is as if you are vibrating from right inside your bones. This usually happens first thing in the morning, when you are still half in the dream state and half awake. Usually as you awaken completely, this stops. Other symptoms are being icy cold. You will not be able to get warm as the cold is coming from within you, no matter how long you stand next to the fire you will not get warm, as the cold is being radiated from the bones of your body. These symptoms come and go and should not be a constant occurrence. There may be energy rushes or shivers that will go up and down the spine; sometimes you will feel like your hair is standing on end. This is an indication that the Sirian self – (energy) is coming down and moving into the body. The Sirian self will come down and move into the body, and its presence alone will activate these codes. Then it will leave again. You will after some time become more and more aware of this Sirian energy and after sometime you will find a way to communicate with this being or self.

The Sirian communication will not be in words, it will in the form of symbols, very similar to mandalas, these will be made of light patterns, colourful and beautiful. These patterns are the means of communication and also the energy that instructs the star codes in the d.n.a of your physical human body, to activate. You may be moved to draw or paint these mandalas. You may see them in your dreams or meditations or simply find that they come from your pen. Get creative; if you could reproduce this language in physical form it would aid others in their star code activation. This is part of your mission here on earth to bring to earth the language of the Sirian star codes. Are you an artist, if yes then good, if no then find a way to become one.

Why is this happening you may ask? Why am I to integrate my Sirian self into the cells of my body and activate my star codes, because you are here on earth on a mission. You as soul, choose to come to earth at this time in a human physical body and then bring all of who you are on the other levels, here into the cells of your body. Why you may ask? Because if you can anchor your multi-dimensional consciousness with all its expressions in a physical body, then you would aid the planet in its transformation. By anchoring all of your magnificent multidimensional self here in your body, you aid the increase in vibration and this in turn, aids the transformation of the planet.

You may be called to move into the arena of healing once your Sirian energy is fully anchored in the body. You may find that you are able to visualise the star codes and activate other people’s d.n.a whilst inserting these mandalas into the etherical body of the client. You have a lot of possibilities open to you as to how you work with this Sirian energy.

The Sirian Star beings are of a fifth dimensional frequency. We as humans on earth vibrate at a third dimensional rate, where as the Sirian Star beings vibrate at a fifth dimensional rate. The atoms of their bodies vibrate at the speed of light. The Sirian star beings are responsible for radiating energy into the surrounding space that calls all light bodies into perfect alignment with the divine plan, for the universe. This energy holds within it, the codes and designs for ascending frequencies in a way that is balanced and in harmony.

The Sirian star beings gather together and call intricate patterns and geometric shapes from within their light bodies, to create a combined pattern. This is the blueprint that contains all the information that is needed by beings on lower levels, to evolve and ascend planets and systems in frequency. The crop circles on the planet earth at this time, are a good example of the types of patterns and designs that the Sirian Star beings created. Are you interested in geometric designs? By looking and meditating on the crop circles on the planet at this time, will awaken within the cells of your body, the information and the energy of your star consciousness. It is very important that you align yourself with this energy, as it will help you, to evolve along your spiritual path and call all negative energies within your body up to the surface, to be cleared.

There are many different kinds of beings who reside in the Sirian system. There are Cat beings, which were revered and worshipped in ancient Egypt. These cat beings are very tall and stand upon their hind legs. They had great powers of intuition and have very powerful psychic abilities. They can move objects by projecting their energy into the object and then they move their energy and the object moves. They can also control and manipulate other people’s minds. They came to earth many times and altered the brain waves of human beings, bringing human beings the ability to feel danger and earth changes such as earthquakes and the shifting of the poles. They loved humanity and wanted to help encourage their survival and so they brought them these abilities to help with their survival.

There are also humanoids from this system, they appear just as we on earth do, but they are somewhat taller and have very pale skin. They have very high and powerful philosophical abilities and they have amazing powers of being able to rationalize their experience. However this was their downfall. As their planet was ascending, it demanded a new perception, a way of perceiving reality .No longer could they perceive in rational terms but needed to develop the ability to perceive paradoxes. This was almost impossible for them to do and they could not allow themselves this new way of seeing reality. This caused a big and devastating imbalance within their psyche and many Sirians became imbalanced as their planet ascended. We here on the earth are going through something similar, there will be miracles and amazing phenomenon occurring on earth as it ascends, if you cannot accept this with your mind, this will cause you an imbalance. Think big; allow yourself the perception that you are everything, a limited human and also God, the ultimate paradox.


The Pleiadian stars themselves hold a certain type of frequency. Each and every star in the universe holds a frequency, an intention. The intention of the Pleiadian system is one of love, emotional love. The stars themselves are a group consciousness. They appear in light bodies, they contain all the colours of the rainbow but are predominately blues and turquoise. The blue vibration is one of harmony, truth and balance. This energy ray brings a possibility of bringing the emotions into balance. Beings from other places come to this star system to heal, align and balance their emotional bodies. The turquoise ray brings a cleansing that enables beings to move beyond the confining dramas of their emotional bodies and step more into the acceptance and unconditional love of another.

It is hard to explain the schools of learning, as they are not third dimensional in anyway, but fifth dimensional.

They are light. Imagine a temple made of light, with a movement, a sound that runs through it. The beings radiate from their bodies a frequency in light, colour and sound that harmonises those that come into contact with them. Simply by being in their presence they are able to heal out the blocks and issues that prevent them from being in emotional truth. Many beings who are Pleiadian in their soul are here on earth now are musicians of one sort or another. They are trying to bring frequencies to earth that will aid the balance of emotions. Many of them are singers, as the human voice and words are capable of bringing in harmonies that instruments just cannot.

On earth the Pleiadians have the ability to appear in dolphin body, but they can also change into what we now know as mermaids. They are the guardians of the sea and oceans. They sing songs that call all the earthy dolphins and whales to them. They are here on this planet to help humans align their frequency to the energy of the dolphins. Through this they are helping others to reach a point in their development, where they can transcend the lower emotions and raise themselves to new emotional heights that allow them to feel bliss and ecstasy. The Pleiadians are asking you to align with the sea and dolphin energy and allow them to channel through you in tones, with the physical human voice. They may sound sorrowful and sad but this is needed to put people into the sadness of the soul, so they can transmute it into feelings of bliss and contentment.

The Pleiades is sometimes called the Plough. It comprises of seven stars, which are also called the seven sisters. It is possible to see them in our night sky. There are many inhabited planets orbiting these stars, housing a variety of different beings. There are two major groups of beings, one is Humanoid and the other is Reptilian. The humanoid Pleiadians appear very similar to us, as we took a lot of our characteristics in form, from these Pleiadian beings. If you were to see a Pleiadian walk down the street, you would not recognize them as aliens, however you would notice that they are exceptionally beautiful, often with large almond shaped eyes. These Pleiadians are very connected with the story of Earth and its human inhabitants. Beings from the Pleiades have been coming to Earth, for thousands of years. They visited Earth long before humans walked the land. Their d.n.a is mirrored in ours, we are cousins to them in a fashion, and we hold aspects of Pleiadian d.n.a, within our genetic structure. Later in the human stories, these Pleiadian beings visited Earth, in their ships of light and the memories of their visits, are recorded in many of the myths and stories of ancient people. There are Pleiadian star ships orbiting the planet. They are fourth dimensional ships therefore it is impossible for us in the third to see them. However if we could see on the fourth dimensional level then we would see huge mother ships, circling the planet. The Pleiadian beings on this ship are beaming energy to hold the electromagnetic grid of the planet in love and harmony. This is the reason that the big earthquakes that were predicted have been made less destructive and some did not occur at all. They have amazing technology that they can harness energies and beam them at a certain point in the third dimension.

The Pleiadian energy or frequency has been going through many shifts and changes over the thousands of years, since their first visits to Earth. There are many different races and dimensional levels, within the system of the Pleiades, together; they hold the energy, which is focused, in unconditional love. It has not always been this way; in the Pleiadians past there was negativity. However now in our time line, they are moving as a whole system into the frequency of unconditional love. Unconditional love is not only an elevated emotion; it is an energetic frequency in its own right. We as humans are consciously aware on the third dimension only, the Pleiadians were aware on the fourth dimension and now in our present time, they are moving from a fourth dimensional awareness to a fifth dimensional awareness. As they move up in their awareness, they begin to radiate unconditional love into the rest of the universe.

The earth is going through a vibrational transformation. It is over time going to shift from a third dimensional frequency to a fourth and later a fifth dimensional frequency. A vibrational transformation means that the atoms in the cells of our bodies are going to transform and begin to vibrate at a faster rate. It is the vibrational rate of atoms of our bodies, which hold us in the dimensional level, we find ourselves upon. There are many beings from many different places in the universe coming to earth in our present time. Some of them are visiting us in space ships; however this is not the majority. The majority are choosing to come to the earth and incarnate into a human body. They come and incarnate here in order to aid the planet in her transformation. Specially trained teams of Pleiadians choose to incarnate at this time, to bring this energy of transforming through unconditional love, here to Earth as a possibility in reality.

The stars themselves hold the energy of unconditional love, not only for the Pleiadian system itself, but also for the whole of that section of space. We come within the energy field of the Pleiadian system, so therefore we are under its influence, and its movement towards unconditional love. Without this energy coming to the Earth, we would be in a very cold place indeed. The universe is always moving and shifting, and as we move towards the year 2012, we will come more and more into the energy field of the Pleiades.

The Pleiadians can live to a much longer age than we do, here on the Earth. This was partly to do with a heightened consciousness and also an innate balance with nature. On Earth we are not connected with the consciousness that is the planet. The Pleiadians however are very connected with the consciousness of their planet. They live in total harmony with their planet. They brought into our human genetic code, the ability to have empathy and compassion. Without these qualities we would be no more than animals. In early civilizations on earth the population was instructed by these beings coming from the Pleiades. Many of the early myths and religions were based on experiences that humans had with these Pleiadian Gods. The Pleiadians study the hidden meaning of colours and sounds for healing of the emotional body. They can see the energy body around others and they can diagnosis the emotional well being by the patterns of colours, which they see in the person’s aura. They use colored panels of glass and held them in positions to catch the starlight from the most distant Pleiadian stars and used the beams of colored light to heal others. Each of the power centers or chakras of the body correspond with one of the colours of the rainbow. Starting at the top with violet, then purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and finally red at the base. They use their knowledge of colours to aid in an intense healing process.

Close your eyes and try to remember and imagine the most beautiful temple. The inside of which is shaped like the inside of a shell. It has lots of glass windows which prism the starlight into the room. The person to be healed is lying on a bed suspended in the ceiling to catch the beams of light. They move equipment to move the panels of colored glass to catch the starlight and then beam it down on to the person lying in the bed. They intuitively know which colours are needed and where in the body the colour should go. They also use sound to vibrate the colour and create an ocean of colour and sound. Imagine yourself as this being and use what knowledge you bring back with you to aid yours and others healing. You can then learn all you can about colour, its healing properties and then begin to use it more and more in your life. You may want to take a look at Aroma Therapy bottles. They are glass bottles that contain colored liquid. This would be an ideal way to begin your interest in colour. I am sure you will find your own unique way.

Acrumead, Lizard Being

Acrumead is one of my (Alloya) aspects that resides on the fourth dimension. He is my fourth dimensional self. The fourth dimension is vibrating at a slightly faster rate than the third dimension, it is almost physical and to the beings that operate from this dimension, they are physical and humans are only in denser forms, than themselves. Every dimension has its own set of rules which it operates from. The laws of the fourth dimension are not as restrictive as the third dimension and the power of the mind and will, have much more of an influence on the fourth dimension than could be possible of the third. The third dimension of Earth is held restricted and limited by the laws of the matrix that controls those who live upon the planet. The fourth dimension is not separated from the other dimensions like the third dimension is and its laws reflect this. Beings that incarnate on the fourth dimension are not so restricted in their expression. Their bodies are more flexible; many beings that are fourth dimensional are also shape shifters. They have harnessed the power of their minds to affect their forms; they can appear as any form that they wish.

Acrumead is a shape shifter but his original and authentic form is reptilian in appearance. A reptilian body has the ability to hold amazing amounts of energy and he can use this ability to change the very cellular structure of his form. Thus he can shape shift his body into any form, but the predominant one is his original form which is reptilian. He exists in this form on a planet that vibrates at a fourth dimensional frequency, orbiting within the Bellatrix system in the constellation of Orion. The bodies of these beings resemble reptiles that are walking on their back legs. They are big almost nine feet tall and have massive muscular bodies which are like giant batteries storing amazing amounts of energy coming from the fourth dimension. There are many different kinds of reptilian beings within the universe and like the reptiles on Earth they are very different in appearance. Acrumead is of a royal lineage and you can see this reflected in his appearance he is regal looking and his skin is green with purple markings. He has deep and powerful eyes which are bright green.

Acrumead and his kind have available to them amazing amounts of information about the d.n.a of many, many species. They are far in advance of humans they have incredible technologies and also have amazing knowledge of biological cellular manipulation. They are masters of cloning and interbreeding of different species and infact have played an important part in the development and the creation of many fourth and third dimensional beings within this local space. They even had a hand in the creation of early beings who resided on the Earth including humans. The ancient kings of Mesopotamia were half reptilian, half human hybrids. They were the direct genetic manipulation off spring of the reptilian beings coming from Orion. They played a big part in many of early man’s creation stories.

When encountering these beings ancient fears come up within humans. There are fear codes within the human body; which are survival codes that were implanted a long time ago to enable you to physically survive your encounter with these beings. Therefore experiencing Acrumead’s energy was dynamic and awesome; it was a thrill for me to activate his energy. He showed me how to activate the fire in the belly, the Kundalini which is spiralled at the base of the spine and taught me how to build it up in the first and second chakras and use the energy stored there as a battery to support and empower the body. As an internal alchemist he has the ability to transmute through fire, the physical matter of the body to cosmic light, turning lead into gold like the alchemists of old. He taught me how to access the cells of my body on a fourth dimensional level and to manipulate it with my thoughts to call in more light to aid the ascension of my physical body.

Acrumead taught me about the biological level of life and death. He showed me the magic of the natural world and introduced me to the realm of the elements. He explained to me that he was a representative of my elemental self. His energy was particularly sexual in a primal sort of way. He made me look at my issues around sex, sensuality and lust. He gave me a new sense of confidence, strength and stability within my physical form. As I was lying on a mattress whilst my friend gave me healing, Acrumead entered the room. I could feel someone whom I presumed to be my friend rubbing up the inside of my thigh. It was such a sexual feeling. I thought, “That can’t be my friend. She wouldn’t touch me like that.” Then, I realised my friend was holding my head. Acrumead crept into my body in such a physical way I was shocked. His energy did make me think that perhaps I had fallen into bad company. He had a great zest for life and taught me the value of biological life. He taught me how to activate my Kundalini energy. Acrumead taught me about the magic of the natural world and introduced me to his world of the elements. I revelled in my new sense of sexual and physical power, making my body strong in appearance and in grace of movement.

We humans have a lot of karma connected with these beings, the Reptilians. Encountering these beings brings up our ancient fear as hundreds of dinosaur films depict. It is now time to re-address this problem by integrating the ‘Lizzies’. This is a prerequisite for transformation and enlightenment for our species as a whole. Acrumead is closely connected with our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) which is the main constituent of the chromosomes of an all organisms. Acrumead taught me all about the physical form and the energetic counterparts, the elements. He explained that he was an entity made up of electrons, neutrons, and protons that are the lesser complexes of the atom. Acrumead is closely associated with this realm and exists in the elements of the body. He is closely connected to the planet and exists in a simpler, rudimentary level of existence. He is the environment itself and influences atmospheric conditions and powers of nature and weather. He is one of the last aspects to activate as he allows the recipient to access the spiritual fire present in the centre of the planet. Integrating your Lizzie selves will enable you to heighten your vibratory state to a higher fifth dimensional world of light.


Elements are the metallic, nuclear, chemical and mineral intelligences of the second dimension. The second dimension is the telluric realm, which lies between the iron ore core of the planet, the first dimension, and the surface of the planet. Closely linked to these beings are the telluric powers of the electromagnetic grid of the planet. Beings that dwell upon the fourth dimension tap into you on an emotional level and stimulate you into playing out experiments like karmic plays. This stirs you to feeling intense emotions, which agitate the elements within the body. This irritation causes you to act out intense survival actions to express the emotions. An urge to seek orgasm may be distorted into rape or repressed anger could be turned into violent crime. You are being stimulated to feel these emotions by the activation of survival codes implanted in your DNA from the days of your caveman ancestors. Your ancestors had their DNA manipulated and their codes tampered with to control the human species. This was done by extraterrestrial races that humans have sometimes called gods.

The telluric powers prompt you to be aware of the wounded parts of the emotional body by presenting pain in the physical body. The elements get stuck and become deep miasms within the body. You can easily find these places of pain. Become aware of your body when you are feeling deep emotions. It will tell you where you hold the emotional pain in your physical body. Activate the co-operation of the elements in the body to the areas of pain and communicate with them. Ask them what they want you to learn.

Elements can be trapped when they should pass through the body. Negative emotions trap the elementals. They can be asked to be released from your body by massage or body work. The elementals will return to their realm beneath the surface of the planet. You are connected to the telluric realm via cords that run down from the base of the spine. This aligns you to the electrical energy that is in the planet and runs up your body as Kundalini energy, the sacred fire. This energy surges up your spine and electrifies your whole being, which creates an electromagnetic field around the body.

The elemental level of the body is a potent power source. There are elementals in the body that can heal you and even create a level of ecstatic sensations that are an advanced state of orgasm. Elementals run like rivers of intense electricity. They rush up and down the body in continual waves of pleasure. The elementals are very misunderstood.

Fourth dimensional beings have created a sensational story to scare you into fearing the realm of the elements. Religions have called this realm Hell. The stories of Hell are symbolically represented images used to describe the chemical reactions that occur beneath the surface of the planet. The fear of the realms of the elementals goes hand in hand with your fears about sex and sexual orgasm. Orgasm with a loving partner can excite the elementals within the body and transmute your negative emotional miasmas into light. This will free you from pain and suffering. This is where the true alchemy is to be achieved with the help of the elementals within the body. You will transmute the body to light and turn your base element, carbon, to gold light, just as the alchemists of old tried to turn metal into gold. Your world is a mirror reflection of your consciousness. As you align and balance the elementals within your body you will see the reflection in your outside reality. Elements and pollutants that you consider negative in nature will no longer be a danger to your bodies. These too will become transmuted. Pollutants such as plutonium will actually help you in your transformation. The negative electromagnetic fields will even help you remove unwanted energies from your bodies.

If you are living in a reality where you have transcended the realms of duality and live without judgement, elementals become your friends and allies. They have much to teach you about the secrets of their dimension. The pollutants within the body and the disease they create, are there as teachers. They inform you about the level of your consciousness. They also teach you about the nature of your thoughts, belief systems and the feelings these produce. The way to access the elemental realm and the second dimension is to have total openness and conscious alignment to the elementals in your body.

“ I am Acrumead. I am the Lizard King of the Elementals. I am the keeper of the potent biological codes within your bodies. My kind has been living on your planet for thousands of years and, as you, are made of the same substance as your planet. I now live within your bodies. We were the original biological species of Earth. We are cold blooded and are very closely linked to all the elements of Earth. I am the keeper of the Kundalini energy that sleeps curled at the base of your spine. Out of balance, I am an incredibly destructive force. In my released form, I urge you to have desires, to eat, sleep and gain pleasure via the physical body. Manipulated by fourth dimensional beings, my energy within you can turn innocent desires of sexual pleasure into carnal lust. Repressed, I can trap pollutant elements in your bodies causing such diseases as cancer and blood disorders. You see, I live in your blood. I love your blood and your flesh. Fascination with the repression of my energy has resulted in sexual deviance and bloodlust. This is being played out in the battle fields, on the screens of your televisions, and in your own minds as negative fantasy. You get locked in the hypnotic energies of fear when you play out these scenarios. You really should be using my energy to move deep within the centre of your fear to discover that which it hides. Fear is a mechanism to prevent those of you who are ill prepared and unaware to understand the true nature of the elemental kingdom. This stops you from discovering prematurely our powerful secrets such as you have seen with the discovery of nuclear power. The power itself is not harmful, but when taken out of its domain, it can be an incredibly destructive force. The desire of the second dimensional beings is to engage you into density through chemical, radioactive, mineral, and crystalline essences within your bodies. Learn to love me and my kind in your bodies. I will activate your physical alchemic transformation. Call upon my energies whenever you are enjoying the pleasures of the body. Release any and every judgement that you hold towards me and the issues I bring to your conscious mind to be healed. Allow the energy of the orgasm to flow throughout your bodies without the limitation of belief systems. These belief systems were created long ago to hold you in fear of your own bodies and the elementals that share your form. Learn to play with me uninhibited, and I will show you my secrets. I will show you how to transmute the poisons from your bodies and raise your consciousness through this process. I will guide you to know your bodies and access the transforming power of the Kundalini through sexual interaction with another. When two polarities come together with intention, magic can occur as is seen in the making of a child. You can use this energy to create any reality that you so desire. I will feed your bodies if you work in harmony with me and detox your physical forms. “

Other Reptilians

Many of the planets orbiting in our local system are home to Reptilian beings. These Reptilian beings are in fourth dimensional frequency. They would appear to us as giant lizards standing on their hind legs. They are very strong and powerful beings; they can live up to 3oo years old and are very highly intelligent. They are masters at biology. They are genetic engineers and have a lot to do with the restructuring of the human d.n.a especially in our history. They can space travel and even have the ability to time travel. They have a very close and intimate relationship with their home and consider us to be not worthy of living upon Gaia, as we are so distant and uncaring towards her. They were part of the greater being that made up their planet and they worshipped their planet in much the same way that early man worshipped the Goddess. As they developed in consciousness and intelligence they learnt many things through their close contact with their planet.

Many Reptilian races were responsible for the d.n.a manipulation of others races and species. The Reptilian beings were responsible for a lot of cloning and manipulation throughout their sector of the universe. They were a war like race and were very superior in their idea of themselves. They travelled intensely throughout this local space, enslaving and persecuting other races of beings that lived on other planets. Many Reptilian beings are still in what we could call a negative vibration and are currently stuck in the fourth dimension. As the universe ascends in vibration, the reptilian beings will have to release this negativity and return with the rest of the universe to the light. In order to do this they have to clear their karma. The human physical body is an amazing vehicle for the transmuting of karma. So the Reptilian beings have incarnated as human beings, i.e. you, to transform their karma throughout the human experience. First you need to own and integrate the reptilian being that you are. Sit down close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and ask the energy of your soul to come to you. Do not worry if you cannot see or feel anything, just trust that it is there. Then breathe it in, breathe it into all places in the body where you are feeling uncomfortable, allow your soul to see it with you. This will support your body as you integrate your lizard aspect. Call the reptilian aspect in, breathe in the energy. Lizard energy is very very dense and you will feel yourself getting very heavy. Lizard energy usually activates the base Chakra and you may feel energy surging from this area of your body do not worry, allow your soul to see any fear or discomfort and it will clear the karma of this being within your human physical body. Once you have integrated your Reptilian aspect into your body, this will bring you a closer connection with your own body and its desires and the nature of the planet.

Orion Reptilians

Orion is a very polarized system that is to say that there are very dark and very light energies there. The planets that orbit the stars of Orion have many different beings residing on them. There are mainly reptilian races. They have had a very dark and troubled past. They are very aggressive and warlike; they controlled and manipulated many of the other beings that shared their sector. They are very intelligent but on a more instinctual level rather than a rational level of thinking. They were advanced enough to build space vehicles, so they left their home and travelled out into the universe, causing destruction where ever they went. They would invade worlds and enslave and torture the inhabits. They appear like giant black lizards standing on their hind legs. They had very red and frightening eyes. They are with emotions of a kind, but they are more like our lower base desires. They had both male and female of the species, the female has the power and the leadership of the reptilian races. The males are kept for the rearing of the young and sexual purposes but many of them are breed out. They can genetically control the amount of male reptilians that are born. They breed only the best males for sexual and procreation purposes, the rest simply do not get born. Their home planets are very similar to ours, though they breathe a different atmosphere. The air is very heavy compared to ours this is due the amount of metals that are in the atmosphere.

Their world is very green like ours but the vegetation is a lot bigger and more of a jungle environment. Their planet is very moist and damp, with a lot of swampy and marshy land. There is no sea or very large body of water, but the whole of the land is very watery. This is the kind of environment these beings like; they have very heavy and dense forms. They do not vibrate at a third dimensional level like us on earth but they live in a fourth dimensional frequency. They are very much in polarity thinking and perceiving. They have an ego not like humans but a very proud and arrogant attitude. They have a very superior awareness of themselves. They went around the whole of their sector of the universe capturing and enslaving other races of beings. They ventured to our space and visited earth many times in her history. They were very much involved in the downfall of Atlantis. They were genetically experimenting with the humans that then populated the earth. The Lizard statues of what some consider to be crocodile in Egypt, are in fact the idols of the reptilian beings that visited earth.

The House of Magem

The house of Magem Ah Ma. Magem is a very lizard name. In other places in the universe, there are beings that exist, that have evolved from the reptilian consciousness. They appear as giant lizards standing on their hind legs. In the lizard system there are levels of consciousness that resemble royal houses. Many star wars films portray this. The Ah is a level of consciousness A is the absolute, your original ray, then H is the manifestation of this. The Reptilians of the house of Magem Ah MA are manifesting the absolute in the third dimension. Ma is the illusion of Maya. Ma is the illusion of Maya. They are anchoring the light of the absolute, to change the illusion of the third dimension.

Their world is held in a frequency prison that was once imposed by the energy of the house of Magem. They are originally from a small cluster of stars that cannot be seen from earth, it is in the delta sector. Their planet has since been destroyed by passing comets of tremendous size. However the Reptilian beings had since left this planet, as it resources had run out. No longer able to support them as a life form, they took to the skies. This race of beings were very intelligent and had developed technologies that enabled them to have space travel. They designed massive space ships that could withstand thousands of years worth of space travel. The royal family of Magem took to the stars in search of inhabitable planets.

They traveled far and wide, conquering many planets and systems; they were a cold blooded and ruthless entities. They developed weapons of destruction that they used relentlessly upon their often defense-less victims. As you can imagine they have incurred karma due to this. They were responsible for much of the aggressive qualities that we see here on earth. They allowed the energy of darkness to leak into space. This energy contaminated the surrounding universe. Bringing it down in vibration, making it fall in consciousness. Many of you who are reptilian in aspects of your soul, you are here on earth in a human body, to clear the karma not only of a personal level but for the whole race of Reptilian beings. There is nothing to do but to be here. For this planet of ours is still under the influence of such beings. You incarnated as a human in order to be able to balance the karma. You see if you are here, you too are under their influence. They can monitor you and through this interaction they can see and realize the affect they are having on us.


At first the Rigel beings seemed to be the gift of the universe. They had an ability to shift in dimensional consciousness, they could time travel and dimension hop, totally through the development of their consciousness. They were highly evolved both in intelligence and also in consciousness. Then they came a great change, this was not entirely positive. Beings, fallen angels began to manipulate the reptilian beings, from the higher levels and the reptilian consciousness fell in vibration and thus they became the negative beings we see today. From this point on they began to incur karma. You see the reptilians from Rigel were becoming war like and aggressive. They went on a rampage throughout their sector of the universe, causing destruction in their wake. Many other races of beings were over come and many races became nothing more than the reptilian’s slaves. There are stories about the terror that these reptilian beings created. There is a lot of fear and hatred of them in the universe. This universe is transforming in consciousness and all beings that reside must pay back their karmic debt and move up in vibration. Through lots of energetic experiments and d.n.a manipulation the reptilians from Rigel had created for themselves a form and a reality, which does not have the capacity to survive the shift in consciousness. The beings from Rigel decided that the only way to clear their karma and shift in time would be if they went to earth, the place of the healing. The earth is known throughout the universe as a place you can go, where you can clear your karma and thus affect the whole of your race. By incarnating into a physical human body, it is possible to take the whole of the consciousness of your race from the stars and allow them to heal as you do.


There are Reptilian beings, living on the planet Issak in the Orion delta. This whole quadrant of space is home to many reptilian races. They are not known as being loving beings. The star wars which is depicted in many of our Sci –fi films actually occurred in the history of our galaxy. The reptilian beings from many different races came together as an alliance and tried to control and rule this sector of space often in brutal and harsh ways. The conquered many worlds and were often greatly feared by the inhabitants of the planets they conquered. The Reptilian beings are fourth dimensional beings. These reptilian beings live on a planet, which is not unlike ours, yet it is much warmer and has a steamy salty atmosphere. It is a little closer to its sun than we are to ours. There were heavy clouds laden with water to rain down on the planet, keeping it moist and fertile. The plant life was much larger than our plants on earth. The Reptilian races lived in mainly underground caverns and caves. They built amazing cities all underground. Do not think of them as primitive, as they far in advance to us as humans. They choose to live underground due to their inability to stay cool in the sun. They ventured out on to the surface to hunt and look for food supplies, but this was done with the help of machines and robots. They were extremely technologically advanced and grew a lot of the food they needed in special growing rooms under the earth. They are a matriarch culture, that is to say the female rules. They have a queen in charge. Many of these Reptilian races came to earth in, ancient earth history. They went inside of the earth, way before humans as we know them now walked the earth. For a long time there was no harm in them being here, they lived in relative peace and harmony inside of the earth and only came to the surface to take samples, as many who came were scientists and were creating other beings and species through genetic manipulation of the plants and animals on earth. Many alien races have come to earth in her history to take samples and use the materials that are here to modify and create to take back to their home planets.

The Reptilian race came to earth because it wanted to create a third dimensional army to use to conquer 3D worlds. So a group of genetic scientists came to earth to try to create a hybrid race of beings, that they could control and use, to do their conquering for them. They took samples of the d.n.a and genetic information of many of the mammals that walked the earth at that time. They could live up to 3,000 of our earth years, to primitive man they appeared as gods, living forever. Everything was fine until the earth created a man of her own. She created early man; the reptilian beings saw this as an opportunity to create a mixture of their d.n.a and the genetic code of these early humans. Once this was complete there were many more beings on the planet, other beings from other planets and other versions of humans, some coming from the earth, others genetic hybrids, (the mixing of the human d.n.a and alien other dimensional beings). The reptilian beings held these immense armies here underground and kept it a secret from the other inhabitants of earth. When this experiment was complete. The reptilian beings wanted the earth to themselves and saw the primitive humans that lived along side the hybrid humans (which later evolved into modern man) as their slaves. They were the beings that controlled the dark priests who set off the reactors situated at the bottom of the oceans. These reactors were powered by immense crystals that occurred naturally at the bottom of all the oceans on earth. These reactors upset the electro magnetic field of the earth and a polar shift occurred. This was the downfall of Atlantis.


Maybe you are of the Draco line?
Draco, are an evolved reptilian consciousness. The Draco reptilian bodies are very solid, as you merged your consciousness with this reptilian being; you lost your ability to leave the flesh of the body. Try as you might you could not free yourself and were indeed trapped inside matter. Your intention was not to lose your pride of being a mighty angelic being, but the matter in which you found yourself was much more powerful, than you could have possibly imagined. Your pride in this body of matter caused you to drop further in consciousness and with your falling you and many others like you, took the whole reptilian Draco species with you. As you can imagine this caused a great deal of chaos in the universe, no one even the Source itself could have possibly known that this would happen. This unleashed chaos in the universe, created many more dimensions, dimensions that were not part of the Creator’s original plan. These dense lower dimensions became the home of these distorted Fallen Angels in Draco bodies. We call these dimensions Hell and the Draco are now known as Demons. They fell in consciousness and through their distorted energy patterns; they created much confusion and pain in these dimensions. Human beings now had the ability to try out these new creative patterns and they too followed and fell in consciousness.


The first time I met the Antari was whilst I was having a kinesiology session. Part of the rebalance entailed me having two crystals placed at my feet and head. As soon as the crystal was placed at my head, I felt movement. I felt very dreamy and was obviously in an altered state of consciousness. I felt the table beneath me move forward. Then I could see lights moving quickly over me. Just as I thought, “Where am I?” I saw the Zeta, lots of them looking at me from a spot of light that seemed to be at the end of a dark tunnel. In my head, they said, “See, even after all this time you are still frightened of us”. Then I lost a bit of time and the next thing I knew, I was on a spaceship. It was really real, as though I were there, physically. I was lying down on a table that came out from the wall. Everywhere was bathed in a golden light that didn’t seem to source from anywhere. It was very misty in the peripheral of my vision, and yet, I knew this was not a dream. Then I looked up to see the most amazing ET presence. One of the Antari stood over me. The being was made up of golden light that was made up of spinning golden molecules that resembled galaxies and solar systems that revolved around a central sun in the heart area. Its body reminded me of a praying mantis. Its head was very elongated and sat upon a long thin slender neck. It was very similar to the Zeta, but so much taller and made of a body much lighter in vibration. Its eyes were so beautiful, with a loving gaze that almost made me swoon. It reminded me of the being that can be seen at the end of the film “ Close encounters of the third kind” At the very end of the film there are lots of little alien beings coming from a space ship, (these are often thought to be the Zeta, another alien race), then another being who is much bigger appears. This being looks like a praying mantis made of light. This is very similar to the image that the Antari show of themselves .

With the most loving of energy, the Antari telepathically said, “Oh, you are awake. You seem to wake up more and more these days.” I knew the being immediately. I felt like it was a long lost friend. I was very pleased to see it and wanted to jump off the table and throw my arms around it. Then I realised what I was there for. I looked down and I was being operated upon. I was open from throat to navel. It was a bit of a shock, I can tell you. I watched with amazement as they took what looked like a burnt out fuse from out of my body and put a new one in. The new one had golden light inside it. They worked very swiftly because of me waking up. They seemed very pleased that even though I was experiencing what to some would be a very frightening experience, nevertheless, I was taking it on board calmly and peacefully.

They finished the operation and let me briefly look around my surroundings. It didn’t look like a ship that was all mechanical, but it seemed to me that it was a place where all dimensions could be accessed. I got the feeling there were more presences around me but on a different frequency. The next thing I knew, I was back on the massage couch. I could see how on the third dimension I was still lying there, but on the fourth dimension; I was etherically on a spaceship. Some months passed before I encountered them consciously again, even though I had dreamt about them frequently. Whilst sitting in my front room one late evening, they simply walked out of the wall, three of them. They communicated information directly into my body, and telepathically explained to me that I was one of them on a higher level and that they would be working directly through me. They explained that they would not channel words so much, but would channel a new level of DNA work. Over the next three months, I integrated my Antari self and began to align my light body into my etherical blueprint (see The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons). I would sit in meditation and open myself up to their presence. They would enter my conscious awareness like a cool breeze that was so full of energy that it would make my body tingle. My heart would open and I would often cry tears of longing and also tears of elation, as they were once more in my reality. For a being such as myself to be here in the separation of the third dimension can be a lonely experience and without these encounters I would not be the joyful person I am today. My encounters with the Antari have enriched my life beyond anything I could have imagined. They brought me familiarity and joy through sharing with me their presence. They brought me a great gift in consciousness that aided me along my journey back to the source, my new blueprint of consciousness.

The new blueprint was an improved version with new programs and devices which, when activated, allowed me to access other frequencies and energies. I could etherically see the energetic operations they performed on me. One of the weirdest things was the way they reprogrammed the right and left hemispheres of the brain by flickering the eyes in a pattern. One eye would feel like it had moved forward in the socket, and would pulse so many times, then stop, and then the other one would do the same. It was like a code, dashes and dots, coding straight into the etherical brain. I don’t want to go into detail about the various operations, but I do want to say that I knew what was going on. It was as though I were being reminded of what I once knew. Slowly the Antari began their work in my healing sessions with people, re-structuring DNA, activating the pineal gland, and so on. They toned the most incredible tones through me and the people were quite blown away by their energy and presence. Even though these procedures are probably symbolic, they seem to be having an amazing result.

After sessions when the Antari energy has been present, people report an increase in talents and gifts and an increase in intensity of energy. People had a sense that the Antari had such a high energy, so loving, and felt that they (the Antari) were on the level right next to God!

Their consciousness is unmistakable. They are coming from such a high dimension that they emanate the bliss of the Source. It is really hard to come into contact with them because it is hard to take our consciousness to such a high level and hold it. However if you are privileged enough to have some kind of contact with them, then you would feel like you were being held in a bubble of bliss. We as humans are not used to experiencing these levels of bliss. Saying that though you have the full capability of contacting and working with these beings, as many of you are ambassadors of their consciousness here on the earth. They have been working with you whilst you are in dream state. You may or may not be aware of this but it has been occurring never the less. It is now time for you to begin to open to them in full consciousness. They visit the outer reaches of our planetary consciousness in ships of light. These must not be mistaken to be ships that are operated by machines, they are only showing us an image of a ship, and in fact it is a light bubble of consciousness. If you could perceive these bubbles they would be immense, they would cover several miles. The Antari are telling me that during my dream states I am taken up away from the confines of the third dimension, into these ships of light. During my visits upon these ships of light I am taught in healing techniques and ways of elevating consciousness. This I will bring into my human life in the form of a new way of healing. This healing is directly connected with the transformation and development of the d.n.a. The Antari are a group of beings that I have had the privilege to work with, for over ten years. They are aspects of my overall soul self, they are an aspect of my multidimensional consciousness. They are my soul family and also my mentors. They have taught me a light body technique, which I use with my clients in successful healing sessions. The Antari work predominately with the light body and the d.n.a, they are re-modifying and restructuring the d.n.a code, filling in the gaps, which have resulted from many thousands of years of manipulation by many different beings. As you are probably aware human’s d.n.a is incomplete and has many shattered parts to it, these parts need healing in order for us to use the d.n.a strands as a ladder to a higher level of consciousness. Over the years that I worked with the Antari they have made me become aware of the many levels of consciousness that make up the multidimensional consciousness and how these levels all have patterns to represent them within the light body .The alignment of these patterns into harmonic forms can and has evolved the d.n.a of my body to harness more and more energy in light. They are aiding my ascension process and though working with others they have enhanced their lives and spiritual paths too.

“In the beginning of your creation as a species, you had fully connected strands of d.n.a. Beings manipulated and rearranged the d.n.a until you were lost in creation and unable to find your way home. D.n.a is your highways of light, the highways to take you home to the Universal Dreamer. We are the navigators and our energy inspires you to set off on your journey. The inspiration to go home comes from within, your d.n.a. We are sending you our intention to rebuild your d.n.a so that you can travel to your true stellar home in the stars. We are your future, your salvation, and your newly designed creation. Go out on a clear night and gaze up at the stars. Bathe yourself in the light that emanates from them, and let it penetrate your bodies with the intention of truth, and love will set in motion the redesigning of your d.n.a to create your stellar body.”

The star system Antares functions as the focal points of the Source’s light into our Universe. The Antari are stellar identities, orientating from the star system, Antares. The energy of the stars that make up the star system, Antares are two light energies in one and are integral parts of each other. They are intrinsically connected to each other, one feminine, and one masculine. Imagine if you will two spirals of light, the light of which, is the very light that emanates from the Source itself coming from the twelfth dimension. One spiral holds a negative or female polarity and the other holds the positive or masculine polarity. Together they spiral around each other calling all the light of the Source into a space where it can manifest into the known universe, as two mighty stars. From these stars a defused, a watered down version of the light of the Source is then radiated into the Universe. This light is then emanated throughout the entire Universe where it links to all other stars in the heavens, creating a giant network of cosmic proportions.

On the eleventh dimension there are not so many stars as you would imagine, many of the stars that we see in our night sky are vibrating at a lower dimensional rate than the stars that make up the Antari star system. When you look out at space on this eleventh dimensional level, you notice that there are only a few stars. Even though the stars are few, they hold an extremely intense and powerful energy that is coming directly from the twelfth dimension, coming directly from the Source itself. The energy from the Antares star system acts as two focal points of the Source’s light. They are two mighty prisms which reflect and refract the light of the Source into the Universe, bringing the intensity of the One vibration into two harmonized and focused points. From these two focal points the Source’s light is sent into the dimensions below where it connects with the stars that are vibrating at a tenth dimensional level, creating a huge network of star light which infuses the whole Universe with the light and the vibration of the energy of the Source itself. Through this star network the love and the intelligence of the Source is radiated out touching all in the Universe. There is no where in the whole Universe where the love of the Source is not felt and experienced. Even in the density of the third dimension those present are touched by the love of the Source. Each star in the Universe holds certain energy, and vibrates at a particular vibratory rate, which then defines which dimension its orbiting planets are residing in. Here on Earth we are held in a third dimensional frequency due to the energy that is radiating from our sun. The planets that orbit the Antares stars are held in an eleventh dimensional frequency due to the energy that emanates from the Antares stars themselves. The Antares stars and the beings known as the Antari are one and the same, therefore the Antari are star beings. Many of the alien races that are being encountered here on the Earth are often planetary beings. They are aligned with a certain planet orbiting a certain star in the universe. Seldom do Star beings or stellar identities such as the Antari come down in dimension so far as to contact those who reside in the third dimension. The Antari consciousness is aligned with a stellar intelligence and not aligned with a planetary intelligence. There is a great difference between a stellar identity and a planetary one. Stellar beings are held in a constant un-altering state, they are not subject to the changes and fluxes in energy that planetary beings are. Because of this they can perform the task of constantly radiating certain energy into the Universe.

The beings known as the Antari are vibrating at a eleventh dimensional rate and are more in line with the angelic realms, that they are to third dimensional humans on the Earth. They are so high up in dimensional frequency, that they are far removed from physicality and the ability to manifest in form. They are even higher in frequency that earthy light itself and therefore it is almost impossible to comprehend them or experience them with our earthy senses of sight, hearing and touch. They operate in the realms of ultra violet and above; they operate in frequencies of light that cannot be seen by the physical human eyes. However they have found ways of moving their energy down the dimensions into a form which can be experienced and perceived by us here on the Earth. There are many different kinds of alien races of beings, beings who are coming to the Earth to instruct us in many different ways, mostly are coming from the lower dimensions not so far from the third dimension. However the Antari are coming from such a high dimension that their presence is seldom recognized, because humans do not have the finely tuned apparatus to recognize their presence. Yet the Antari have been influencing the Earth for thousands of years, often completely unseen. There are many of you who are working with this Antari energy and are totally unaware that you are doing so. They work behind the scenes and often do not make their presence known, so they can perform the tasks they have come to the Earth to do un-hindered by human curiosity. There is a matrix of energy that permeates the whole of existence and carries the energy of the Source throughout all of the dimensions. On each dimensional level the matrix is present. However the origins of the matrix and its initial first function, resides on the eleventh dimension. The original blueprint of the universe originates from the matrix of the eleventh dimension.

The matrix on this level looks like the intricate patterns that you can see throughout all of existence and especially in nature. If you look at the beauty of a snowflake you will see the complexity of the matrix mirrored there. The matrix of the eleventh dimension looks like layers upon layers of silvery light which forms into patterns that are seen mirrored here on the earth, in the smallest atom. This pattern can be seen throughout all of creation because it is the original blueprint of the manifest universe. On the eleventh dimension the matrix and the beings that function within it, the Antari are made up of this complex pattern. If we had the senses to perceive the matrix or the beings that are an intrinsic part of the matrix itself, we would see them as being made up of patterns of light, the same light that is radiated from the stars that make up the Antares system. The Antari do not function outside the matrix but function as the consciousness of the matrix itself. They are the technicians of the matrix, bringing its influence and function to bear on the lower dimensions. From their original dimension they modify the patterns which are at the core of every manifest being, from their lofty position they can alter, modify the patterns which are present in the eleventh dimensional matrix and through this they can alter and modify the patterns that make up human bodies. Humans bodies are made up of 70 % water, held within this water are complex patterns of the H20 molecules, these molecules are directly affected by the energy of the Antari, by rearranging the patterns that are present on the eleventh dimensional matrix, the Antari can affect the H20 molecules that make up the human body, to bring about a change in consciousness and frequency on a atomic level.

They are performing these procedures to bring the physical human body up to a certain vibratory rate which will enable the human body to be more capable of aligning with a higher intensity of the Source’s light. This is what is truly meant by the consciousness shift which is described in so many new age texts. Without the water present within the physical body being modified on a purely matrix level the consciousness of the residing soul would move into a higher frequency rate and the physical body would remain in a lower frequency and the two would be unable to stay focused together. The soul would move away from the body and enter the higher dimensions, leaving the physical body to die and decay and return to the matrix of the third, second and first dimensions. This has been the way so far, here on the earth for humans residing in physical third dimensional bodies. Now with the coming transition from one dimensional reality to another, the Antari and their work is called upon, for without this modification on the patterns of the matrix , the body would be unable to ascend the dimensions and the consciousness shift would be impossible.

Masaru Emoto a Japanese scientist has discovered that water holds memory and information in the form of complex patterns of light. He has devised a way of photographing the patterns of the matrix within water and is recording how water and its patterns can be changed with the power of thought and intention. It is possible to change the patterns of water by praying upon them, changing them through positive intention. The Antari are working directly on this level, they can directly change and alter the patterns of the matrix present within the water of the human body, bringing about immense and truly mind-blowing changes on an atomic level. These patterns are seen to make up the complexity of the d.n.a spiral. These patterns hold all the information for the growth and development of the physical human body. The Antari are responsible for changing the d.n.a of the body to bring into alignment with the transition in consciousness, which is occurring to all those who are currently present on the earth.

The Antari are here in our reality to aid the transformation and the development of the light body. It is a new energetic blueprint that has come from a future universal reality that is not yet in form. It is a pattern which holds incredible information that has come directly from the intelligence of the Universal Dreamer in its future expression. This whole universe is going through a process of transformation and during this process it is returning or ascending back to the source of all existence, the Godhead. The end result of this returning, this breathing in of all creation is the passing of all creation back into the Void where it will be born again. The whole of existence is to pass through the zero point, travelling into the Void, where it is to be reborn into a lighter form. This light form holds all the information that the whole of creation, including you, have experienced and encountered in its travelling. Within this rebirth a new form, a completely new level of consciousness will be born. This level of consciousness just like the Angels that came before (in the first out breathe of the Universal Dreamer) have to have a plan, a blueprint; this blueprint is the light body. The light body is in fact from the future and contains within it all the information that is needed to create a new consciousness, a new being. A being that contains all the intelligence of the whole universal reality that went before it. The light body is a pattern and contained within that pattern is coded information in living light patterns. These patterns are complex and intricate in design, similar to mandalas and sacred geometry.

The light body is a library of information from all dimensions of the universe; it is a multidimensional hologram of the Creator in form. It is beautiful to look upon and if you look carefully you can see that it is not only one layer but has depth and resembles a sea of layers of different coded symbols one upon the other. Let me describe the light body’s appearance for you. If you had the sight to see you would see the light body hovering above the head of one who is enlightened. As yet not anchored into the physical form but connected by a thin luminous thread of light that inserts itself into the top of the head directly into the crown chakra. It is made of light as you would know from its title but this light is not like the light that we see on earth it is crystalline , that is to say that when you look at this individual thread of light carefully you would see that it is prismed and mirrored. If you examined it with a magnifying apparatus you would see that it contains spheres of different coloured light within it. In each of these spheres of light you could see realities that are not yet in form but are being imagined and inspired by the owner/ soul of the light body. This is in the thread and also in the entirety of the light body; it is even more complex within the light body itself. If you took your awareness up travelling along the thread you would come to the light body itself. Its radiance would make it incredibly difficult to look upon , but after a while your eyes would become accustomed to the light and you would begin to see that it is a swirling mass of spheres and lines that connect the spheres together creating a amazingly complex matrix or pattern of light. The lines that connect the spheres together to create symbols, geometric shapes and complex labyrinth like structures. It is simply wonderful and no drawing or words here on this page could possibly describe it in all its wonder. Each symbol holds amazing amounts of encoded information that is far above the comprehension of any human mind. All the information of dimensional realities and the forms that reside on those dimensions, all beings or selves within your multidimensional identity are contained in incredible detail within the encoded symbolism of the light body. For beings such as the Antari it is possible for them to know everything there is to know about you, your soul’s journey and your complete energetic history of your multidimensional self. When the Antari look upon your light body (whether it is fully formed or not) ,they can tell so much about you, your past , your current spiritual development and achievements and where you are travelling to in your consciousness in your future.

For beings who are the translator of energies, as are the Antari, the light body is like a passport containing all the information they need to know about you, so they can then go on and aid you fully in your spiritual development. The light body in most people is undeveloped and is not entirely anchored and functioning within the physical body. Over the next few years this will be possible for more and more people, with the aid of the Antari and other beings on similar missions, to bring this pattern of light into the cells of the physical body and align it to the d.n.a, to bring a transformation on the level of the d.n.a, which in turn will transform the vibratory rate of the physical body, allowing it to raise in frequency and ascend in dimensional reality. This ascension will allow man to walk in the light of the Source once more and join the rest of the universe in its journey to the Source and beyond into the Void to be reborn a new. This will be a new level of consciousness and as a completely new never seen expression, of the Godhead and its universal dreaming. The Antari are light body programmers and are aiding those whose souls are requesting this transformation by aligning the d.n.a of the physical body to the patterns that make up the light body. There are modifications to be done to both the light body and the constructs of the d.n.a to bring both into alignment and these are the tasks that the Antari perform for us, often without any conscious awareness of them doing so what so ever.

The Antari use sounds frequencies which are inaudible to the human ear to call energies which are devolutionary and negative and hindering this process and the functioning of the light body out of the light body, much like a surgeon removes cancerous cells from the body, the Antari operate on both the physical d.n.a and light body to bring about an incredible healing. There are crystalline pyramided shapes within the light body and the d.n.a which connect one to the other, if these are misshapen or damaged in any way, then the alignment and the merging of the light body and the physical body cannot occur. These crystalline shapes are power generators within the light body, they carry the myriad frequencies that make up the light body around the light body as a whole, making sure it functions correctly and in its highest expression. If these power generators are damaged which can happen during a karmic cycle whilst incarnate in some physical form on one planet or another, as one expression or another, then the whole light body does not function correctly and when it is aligned with the physical form it can bring dire consequences to the owner of the light body. There is much written about the Merkabar vehicles of those who proclaim to be ascended.

The Merkabar is only one layer of the true light body, it is used by those who possess the ability to control its functions to move through dimensions and traverse the multiverse. The Antari are here in our reality at this time to align all layers of the light body not just this Merkabar layer to enable its owner to bring down the full consciousness of the Creator itself into the cells of the living body, bringing the recipient into full consciousness. The Antari are d.n.a modifiers and programmers, by using sound and light frequencies that come from the Source itself they can perform light operations on both the light body itself and the d.n.a of the physical form. I have seen and also channeled the Antari through my body to allow them to do their work on the human body here on the earth. The reason I am aligned with their work is because on a higher dimensional level I am one of them. I have come to the earth to be a human conduit for their energies. Through me they can align the light body to the matrix of the d.n.a. there are many who are like me, set upon the earth in dense physical forms to bring this level of work to those who are sleeping in the illusion of the third dimension.

“This is hard for you to understand as you dwell in a reality that is physical and separation orientated. You perceive us to be in bodies of a light energy, but with arms and legs, nevertheless. This is only how we choose to show ourselves. You like to feel familiar when working with other dimensional beings. So, therefore, we create for ourselves bodies that express our natures but also are humanised. Some of you working with us have noticed how we look similar to the Zeta, though we have appeared much taller and have much longer elongated necks, with long spindly arms and fingers. When we communicate with you, we drop down through the levels and create for ourselves bodies that you can perceive, space ships that you can ride in. We create out of these light body projections, operation scenarios that some of you are now consciously experiencing. We weave new designs into the matrix of your bodies; we also connect you to the Matrix, connecting patterns within patterns. When we look at you, we see only a pattern, a pattern of light. We see how this matrix is in need of repair, modification, and redesigning. We use what appear to you as etherical tools to do our work. These tools are created out of our consciousness in order that you will have a greater understanding of our work. We are the electricians of the cosmos and all its creation. We are the consciousness of the Matrix in living form. We weave new designs into your energy patterns and this allows us to plug you in, so to speak, to the Matrix. We call upon you to not be frightened of us, for this is not our intention. We are beings of love and truth. The form we choose to show you is familiar enough that you will feel safe with us, but the differences between us as beings are still apparent.

We do not truly understand your kind, as we have never ventured this far before. We are from a dimensional reality that is far removed from the myriad realms of separation that we perceive on your level. It is as if the oneness has shattered into a million pieces, each acting like a reflective shard, a mirror, each projecting an image, (if distorted), of the Creator. We once had bodies of a sort, light bodies that resembled individual energies. We as a species of beings recognised our connection but also our separation of bodies. As with all evolutionary pathways, we developed along pre-set, predetermined lines. Elevating our consciousness into a higher state of being, we chose to realign our selves with the light so completely that we merged our consciousness with the light matrix and became its keepers. The Matrix was always alive, but without any self-conscious awareness. Now, with our consciousness merging, we became its voice. By completely aligning our consciousness with that of the Matrix, we evolved along a new and different pathway, one of our own making, not predetermined but with the freedom of the Creator itself. We could literally weave new and creative patterns into the Matrix. We found that by inhabiting the bodies that were inspired by your imagination, we could weave new, creative patterns into the fabric of your time and space. We drop our consciousness down through the levels by accessing the highways of light that travel between the star systems of your universe. We inhabit bodies only in our communication with beings such as yourself.

We access the Matrix in the very cells of your planet and bodies and rearrange it and weave in new and interesting blueprints for new forms. Most of your interaction with us is unseen. Occasionally, you will feel our presence whilst we work on you. You may feel tingling on the top of your head. Our energy is very fine and is quite hard for you to perceive it as you live in a reality that is very noisy. If you had the apparatus to hear other higher levels of sounds you would be amazed as to how noisy your world and dimension is. If you could hear you would be bombarded by many sounds emanating from your televisions, mobile phones, internet connections and microwaves. This sea of noise is disharmonious to your consciousness and in your development you have learnt ways of blocking out these sounds, however because of this you have also blocked out your ability to be able to hear sounds coming from the other dimensions. There was a time in your ancient past when you could hear other beings whispering to you from the higher dimensions. Through interaction with us you will transform, your physical bodies will transform, and you will live in bodies that vibrate at the speed of light. You all will be intricately linked to the light matrix of the planet. Many of you working intensely with our energies may have noticed that you seem to be weaving each and every person to the planet’s Matrix. You have never before been connected in this way. You are aligning yourself to the stellar core of the planet’s consciousness. You see, your planet is not really a planet at all, but a star. It is a star evolving along evolutionary pathways that were designed for star consciousness but also developing along pathways that are designed for planetary consciousness, two paths in one. Gaia’s consciousness is more than a planetary consciousness.

She is very special indeed! She is the embodiment of a completely new evolutionary plan! She is becoming New Planet Gaia, a completely new planet consciousness. And you, as beings, will live completely in New Planet bodies! The plans for these light bodies we access from the crystal at the centre of your planet. The crystal stores information, information about new forms. We access the plans and then set to work redesigning the etherical blueprints to evolve along plans held in the crystal. Gaia has been weaving our energy into not only other people’s bodies, but also the body of the planet. By weaving these patterns, we also act as conduits, channels for other forms of beings to move into your time and space to communicate with you. It is as if by channelling through the body of the channel, we can create a ladder in consciousness that will allow other realities to link up to your level and allow an exchange to occur. We are also translators of energy. We decode all forms of existence into patterns that can be visibly woven into the etherical body of the recipient. Many of you will be working with extraterrestrial beings, many of which are very different to you. Etherical patterns are not always conducive for merging. You are being asked to gather to you all the selves that you are on the other dimensions. In order for the merging to occur, redesigning must be completed. That is where the energy Antari is needed.

Most of the time we work directly in energy, however, we are finding that we can now channel through human forms that have already been realigned through our technology. We are asking those of you with Antari connections, those of you that are Antari in origin, to allow us to work through you. There are many ways that we can work. We work predominantly with sound in the form of pure notes such as singing bowls and bells. We also come through in colour, but it is usually too high for the human eye to pick up. The best medium for our energy is the human voice. High pitched tones and squeaks allow us to access the prisms that are heavily guarded by the consciousness of the body. To align large groups of people or places we use the channel’s and other’s bodies to dance through our unique universal language. Alloya is one of our dancers in energy; she moves her hands in intricate movements that weave new designs into the local matrix. This affects the whole of creation as it is all intricately linked. The dream we are dreaming for mankind is set along specific lines, which were predetermined by the higher principles above us. We are dreaming the activation of the Stellar Core, your God in matter. We are dreaming the activation of the light prisms that lie in the centre of every cell in your body.

Your light body is a spiritual shimmer that surrounds you approximately four to five feet from the body. It contains a unique energy pattern. There are seven vibrating energy bodies and the centres of these are positioned in the light body. These centres should not be confused with chakras. They spin, drawing out energy from the body similar to the way black holes in space draw in matter. These centres are responsible for the converting of dense matter into light. These energy centres are like bubbles known as spheres. Each one has a unique frequency or musical note. When sounded it activates the stellar core that is present in the light prisms of the physical body. When all of the spheres are sounded a unique melody or song is created. This gives each being its own soul pattern or song. In turn a unique coloured pattern is created within the light body. Colour and sound have no separation. This is the soul signature to awaken the centres of the body (chakras) and balance them with the spheres. To do this you use the symbol of the six pointed star. This energy pattern allows you to travel inter-dimensionally. The pivot sphere is the transformer and regulator of all the spheres. The spheres regulate the flow of energy that constantly moves the light body. They are very similar to cogs. The light body has three source centres; these are positioned above the head, below the feet and one hands width above the heart chakra. These centres provide the power for the light body to enable it to move through dimensions. These three light body centres are like the Quarks in the atoms of the body. A Quark is a hypothetical elementary particle, which is the fundamental unit of all earthly life. They look like vortexes/black holes. They spiral energy into a higher vibratory dimension.

The Merkabar is a vehicle of light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel. It is described as ‘wheels within wheels’. It is energy field that looks like a third dimensional six-pointed star. There are three star shapes that are imposed one on top of the other. There is the mental star that is electrical in nature and rotates to the right. There is the emotional star that is magnetic in nature and rotates to the left. There is the physical star that is locked and does not rotate. It is the linking of mind, body and soul in a specific geometric ratio and at a critical speed it produces the Merkabar. The word Mer means counter rotating fields of light, Ka means spirit and Bar means body or reality. It is a time and space vehicle. It is the image through which all other things are created. It is a geometric set of patterns that surrounds the body. The image starts as the original eight cells from which our physical bodies first formed, from there it extends out at a full fifty-five feet in diameter. It first forms a star, then a Tetrahedron, then a cube and finally an interlocking pyramid. It is a key to understanding how you can move from one dimension to another. These prisms are connected by fine ethereal lines. The prisms operate in the same way as the crystals in your electronic equipment. Each cell is activated in balance to avoid overcharge, which would destroy the body. You saw what happened when the light prisms were released by separation, the atomic bomb. If the light prisms were triggered before the light system was formed, you would all be destroyed. The energy has to be carried along the entire system to be held and utilised. This activation of the prisms of light will create a new light or nervous system. This will be stimulated simultaneously with that of the light system of Earth. Once this process is complete all systems will be infused with a higher vibrational light. This will create a light matrix within the physical body of the human and the planet itself. Once the matrix is activated, a large shift in dimensional reality will occur!

It is good to remember that anything that occurs in a higher dimension is reflected within your physical world. The matrix is symbolically represented by what you call the Internet, thus, becoming one planetary consciousness with access to all knowledge. You will break through the fourth dimension and guide your planet into the light of the fifth dimension. The creating of your light body will occur and enable you, as an individual focal point of your dimension, to travel through others as a unified whole. The purpose of the travelling is to interact with the multitude of yourself. The same light strands that make up the Star and produce its brilliance are contained within the cells of your light body. The prisms of light contain information about your multi-selves, the selves that you are in other dimensions. When the system is activated, the information that is stored within the cells will travel at light speed around the body to be drawn upon by the conscious mind. In your electronic equipment you have transformers, which regulate the energy that is operating the equipment to be utilized. You are, at present, creating your own transformer of light. This transformer will allow a higher vibration of light to be used by the body without burning it out or being destroyed. This transformer is being developed as a vortex of energy, which you call a chakra. This new chakra being developed will be in the region of the upper chest near the thymus. It will develop as fine lines of stellar energy, and, later, will be utilized as a communication exchange system. This will be activated at the same time as the light system.

The nervous system of the body is mainly governed by the physical brain. The focus of the light system, on the other hand, will be in the newly developed chakra. Mini-transformers will be contained within various organs, all specialising in the storage of information. Each transformer will receive the incoming energy and translate it by using the new chakra. Meridian points will be situated throughout the body, the main points being in the cells of the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. The activated glands will receive the in-coming information and project it through the third eye screen of the conscious mind in pure synchronicity. Therefore, you will be conscious of information as and when it is necessary. The pineal and pituitary glands will connect together along lines of stellar light to create a fine crystalline bridge. This will connect the right and left sides of the brain into a unified whole. This process creates a being, which is a total balance of both stellar light and matter. This new chakra will unify all your bodies into a whole, i.e. your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This will allow the transference of higher and higher energies. This field of bodies – physical, mental, and spiritual, will resemble a large vortex of light, which will surround and permeate the whole being.

Connecting all these vortexes together into one will shift the entire planet into an expanded vortex of the universe. This movement will shift the universe into a higher dimension, which is the beginning of the journey back to the Source. You can aid this activation of the light body by visualising the strands of the Star’s light making up a complex system throughout your entire body. The aid of a clear quartz crystal will help you activate your light prisms. We are creating new pathways within the molecular structure of your brain. We create pathways by using light encoded with information, which rewires the brain. These pathways will open new channels, which will allow the transmission of energy from one dimension to another. The information is received in messages contained within the light and is structured into light patterns. Light coded patterns are present within the energy fields that surround you. The new translator of information will allow you to access a vast storehouse of information. This information is not only present within the cells of your body, but also in the cells of the planet. Every being, with every thought, emotion and physical action, creates light patterns through his or her auric field. These patterns radiate out and affect the energy fields, which set in motion interaction with other energies to create new patterns. Light patterns that are infused with spirit intention are more dynamic and create more powerful patterns. The chakra that is developing in the chest area will act as a translator and transmitter of these light patterns. Interchanging information will be networked throughout the entire planet. This information can be utilised in the present or stored in the light prisms within the cells of the body.

With the activation of the light system, much information will be released that has been stored for thousands of years. This information will slowly present itself to the conscious mind as visions, insight, and inspiration. This will encourage the mind to explore more and more possibilities. The light purpose of an individual is naturally synchronised with the appropriate information that is needed for them to fulfil their agreements. The intuition is such that this is all done with no effort, but with knowing, contented ease. Light will rain down on your world and bring life to the molecules, rearranging them to align with the new planetary design. This light will reform structures into higher vibratory patterns. This will release stagnant emotions and conditioning which will bring chaos for a time, but which will pass. New designs are being woven into the blueprint of the body. This will temporarily weaken the system, as at first you will be releasing karma that may be hindering your growth. “

Realignment to Light Technology

‘Realignment to light’ is a light technology that works with the Antari energy to align the light body to the DNA. By harnessing the two distinct energies of the Antari, I am able to weave the two opposite energy currents into a programme that is downloaded straight into the DNA of the human body This programme re-structures the DNA, evolving it into a version of itself that can hold an increase in energy. This allows for the preparation of the light body to be layered upon the physical form. It seems to be quite a complex procedure on the behalf of the Antari. I have seen them many times operate with amazing precision, using tools that can only be described as light instruments. They are the master mechanics of the dimensional universe. They have the ability to anchor into the body a new and improved version of itself, a light body, a body that vibrates at the speed of light. I have seen the light body transported in through a vortex of golden light into the earth plane. The Antari operate in a dimensional globe that looks very much like an operating theatre. Whilst in this dimensional bubble, I have seen etherically the Antari use light instruments to realign the etherical matrix of the body to the light body blueprint. I realise that these operations are only symbolic in nature. They are occurring on a non-physical level. Yet I have seen quite clearly how a client’s etherical body is open and various implants, light body fuses and such like are embedded into the etherical blueprint. I have seen the welding of what look like wires together in what look like amazing technological devices.

The Antari also clear blocks to their work, and can tone quite amazing frequencies to clear the etherical counterpart of the body. They use my body to channel their energy; I find that there are two different energies travelling down my arms. One hand becomes the conduit of a pulsing current of energy (the binary code of the DNA programme), and the other is the instrument that enters the etherical body and rewires it to anchor the light body blueprint. I find that I place one hand on the body in particular places, mainly the head while the other hand directs the energy in. I move my hand in quite intricate movements that direct the energy into a pattern or programme that is then downloaded into the DNA. I find that their energy is very fluid, and I have to move the body in an unique dance pattern continually. It would be impossible to anchor their energies into the earth plane without this movement of the body. They operate on a very high frequency and working with them can be very ecstatic. They are very new to working on the earth plane.

Looking after yourself as you ascend

“Many of you have been in the process of accessing the information and the energy of your other selves from the upper dimensions. You have successfully integrated into the d.n.a of your body, the codes of your other selves. You have integrated your angelic self from the eleventh dimension and have also integrated the star self, planetary self and what some would call your alien self. All selves from the fifth dimension and above are integrated. Whether you were aware of this process or not does not matter. What does matter is the fact you have triggered many codes in your d.n.a and are in fact aligning 16000 strands of d.n.a. at present. This process will continue and you will align all 36000 strands. Now this process occurring within the d.n.a is not without its disturbances especially to the physical body. The consciousness and the programming of the physical body are limited in its understanding of what is going on, within it. The purely animal aspect of your physical body is going through many processes, which are often not understood by the head. Yet they are very much felt within the physical body. You are integrating very high dimensional energies into your body and this can be disconcerting to the animal consciousness. Many people as they go through this process will experience pain, discomfort, strange illnesses and emotional disturbances. Toxins both physical and emotional will come to the surface to be released; it is wise to look at your diet and general health, whilst going through these deep and transforming processes. You have been through a deep process already; you have been successful in grounding these higher dimensional energies into your physical body, now it is time to connect them to the earth. That is the reason you came to earth in the first place. You are from many different places in the universe. You are what I call a super hybrid.

A super hybrid is a soul, which has within it an aspect or self to represent every level and expression of consciousness. You are everything. You have been a Reptilian being in Orion, an Antari star being, an Angel, a planet and every form or expression you can imagine, you have them all represented within your soul. So to tell you, you come from one planet or one dimension is simply not the truth. This can be confusing to us when we are working with our soul, to find it is made up of so many different energies.

Our integration process can be complicated, lengthy and sometimes exhausting. There are others on the planet who have less aspects or selves represented within their souls. Their integration process is less demanding. You are experiencing integration fatigue, this is understandable. The only energy that can help you with this is the energy of the earth. The earth is like a melting pot, it is possible to bring all the energies of the entire universe and anchor them into the matrix of the planet. She allows you to have a form that is capable of integrating all the energies of all of creation. It is time to really get grounded. This will be demanding of you, as you have not been entirely earthed before. I am not saying that you have your head in the clouds or are irrational, but in purely energetic terms you have not plugged yourself into the matrix. You have incarnated on to the earth many times before sometimes as a human, sometimes as a visitor in another form, but you have never totally merged yourself with the consciousness known as Gaia. Many others have merged with Gaia but they are not those who originally come from the stars. That is the reason that many souls from other places in the universe are incarnating into the human story, so they too can finally merge with the consciousness of Gaia.

You are coming from all places in the universe so your journey to come to earth and bring all of yourself here to anchor into the matrix of the planet has been your overall mission. In this present lifetime you are whole, that is to say that you successfully incarnated all of yourself here. Now you have to finally anchor yourself and merge with Gaia. You would think that after such an immense journey through all of the dimensions this would be an easy and final step. However you have a lot further to go. Within the earth there are many levels of consciousness, layers and layers of dimensional realities, housing many varied beings, some of them of the darkness. If you take this journey into the underworld, you will encounter demons, ghosts and lost souls. However if you have all aspects within your soul, then these demons, these lost soul aspects are also you. The confusion you are feeling at present is because you are venturing into the unknown. In your consciousness you are knowledgeable and aware of the energies of the upper dimensions, however these lower realms are a mystery to you. This is bringing up feelings of fear of the unknown within you. Take a deep breath and begin your journey with the knowledge, that all that you encounter are aspects of the self. Then there is nothing to fear. You are about to step within the earth and begin your descent to the centre. There you will pass through into the void. You have had this contract to do this with Gaia from the very beginning. Now it is time to begin your communication with her in a more conscious way. You are already beginning to align with her and are intuitively feeling what is going on, on the planet within both your physical and emotional bodies. A lot of the confusion and the pain that you are presently feeling are coming from the earth. She is feeling through you. She is asking all that are in contract with her to allow her to express herself through them. If she can cry through you, paint, draw, write, sing through you, then she does not have to bring about the many earth changes that are predicted. She needs all beings in contract with her, to allow her to channel her energy through them, in many and varied ways, so she can bring about the transformation in consciousness, without the destruction of earthquakes and war.

It is really important for you to begin to open up to her consciousness. Go out into nature, find a tree to sit beneath and allow your auric field to expand with every breath; allow your heart space to open to the energies of nature all around you. Breathe in the life force that supports the planet and allow the edges of your consciousness to become merged with the nature. If you begin this form of communication with Gaia, you are showing her that you appreciate her and that you consider you and her to be one. Over time and a little dedication on you part; nature will begin to communicate with you. Now at first it may not been in the form of words, but simply in feelings. Gaia is female; she expresses herself predominately through feelings and emotions. Allow your emotional body to open up to her; this may bring emotions from deep within you that may be painful, and unexplainable. Simply allow, she asks nothing more from you. Sit in meditation with nature, allow a connection with your root chakra to connect with the energy of the earth, and then simply allow there to be a downloading of your energy into the earth. She will take all the information of all the selves and energies that you carry within your soul and access the information that she needs from the rest of the universe. The information will instruct Gaia on how to bring about a full transformation of consciousness, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but also for the whole of the universe. The whole universe is to move through into the void and be reborn a new. This is your mission to aid this. We know it is a lot to understand with the limitation of the human mind, but deep within yourself you will feel a stirring of the truth, even if your rational mind is in denial, you will not mistake the feelings of truth within you.

Look after yourself on all levels, now is the time to be with your own energy. Be very selective what energies you allow to be with you. You may find that people you once aligned with you no longer do. There will be a great shifting of energies and you will find yourself moving in different circles and experiencing different energies. For some time you may find that you are on your own. You need to allow this seclusion, and use it to communicate with Gaia. Gaia is to be your new friend and companion. She is waiting for you to open to her, she wants to channel through you. In what form is comes is the uniqueness that you possess, simply merge with her and this will occur. You are all going through a cellular transformation from a carbon-based foundation to a crystalline foundation. A carbon cell does not have the ability to hold the whole light of the Soul, the Source, so it needs to transform to become crystalline. A crystalline cell can hold the light. As your light body comes down through the dimensions, it first aligns itself with the etherical counterpart of the body and over time, it begins to anchor itself to certain points in the body, these correspond with meridian points. Once the anchoring of the points is complete, then and only then does the light body slip inside and align itself totally to the etherical counterpart of the body. Once it is inside, so to speak, then the transformation of the cellular level of the body occurs. Carbon based cells can hold a certain amount of light. However in order to do this, the person needed to raise the body’s frequency in vibration, to allow the light to connect. That is why it took years of intense spiritual work to raise the frequency of the body, to allow any kind of communication in light to occur. Many hours of mediation, yoga, self deprivation and the like, were needed in order to raise the vibration of the body, to a level where it could communicate with the light body, (the light body was often seen as a guardian angel or ascended master.) Many of you have simply been communicating with your light body in another dimension. Now as you can imagine in order to totally bringing the light body down into the physical body, it would take years of evolution to bring this about. So therefore we are now transforming the cellular level of the body, in order to allow the light body to permanently anchor in to the form and reside there permanently.

Around each cell wall there is a compound, which is often thought to be body fat. It can appear on the scales as excess weight too. It is a liquid substance, which is used to hold the new light energies that are coming from the Source, especially through the photon band. Many people are gaining weight as they begin this cellular transformation; this is because this liquid holds more and more higher vibrations, which are necessary for their own healing and the healing of others. Also those who channel can become large and fat as they are needing excess fat (liquid) to hold enough energy to bring down a higher being or self. You have been (through your own body’s transformation) anchoring in immense light into the grid of the planet. We have said many times that you are the Earth itself. Your body fat and swelling is serving a purpose, as it allows you as your highest light embodiment, to assist the Earth in holding her changing vibrations. In becoming crystalline, the body fat is evenly coated around each cell. This allows the body to act as a tuning device to hold the Earth’s transforming energies. The crystalline cell is permeable, allowing for easier intracellular communication. In the crystalline cell, the cell walls can dissolve and reconstruct themselves as needed. The crystalline form allows for shape shifting to become possible. The crystalline cellular structure also allows the entire human organism to act as a whole unified structure, rather than as a multicelled organism. A unified structure is a necessary for inter-dimensional travel, or teleportation from one location to another on the planet.

You can also see how the transformation of the cells is also a mirror reflection, of the integration of the multidimensional selves. At first each self is integrated, then when all twelve are complete, only then can they begin to merge together and become one, and a symbiosis occurs. Once all selves have merged as one, then it is down to the body to transform its cellular structure, to mirror this integration and symbiosis process. Illness, discomfort, and viruses play a big part within the crystalline structure’s development. Illness and strange symptoms can resurface in order to be converted to their new vibration. The discomforts you have experienced during this process are only temporary and the transformation can lead to an illness-free existence. As you move more and more into this transformation you are not only clearing any illnesses that you may have had previously in this lifetime, but also you are clearing the illness programs from your whole ancestral line. The body is connected with the bodies that came before it, whether they are dead or alive and therefore to complete the transformation entirely, the whole ancestral line is also cleared. So in a way you are doing it for your mother, your grandmother and your great grandmother, all the way back. Within the crystalline cell, viruses receive a new coding that allows them to be utilized in a useful way within the crystalline form. Your illnesses and discomforts that serve no useful purpose in your crystalline form are eventually eliminated during the transformation process. However they have to resurface to get cleared and reprogrammed. First of all the transformation affected your bone structure, then your muscles and ligaments, then the circulatory and lymph systems; followed by each of the major organ groups. The last section of the body to be addressed is the nervous system, brain and skin. As the process continues the aging process is reversed throughout your entire body. Your symptoms will completely disappear when you have completed this process. As each cell transforms it reverses the aging and death process, as it vibrates with a new message, it vibrates the next cell to it and the transformation begins to spread throughout the body.

There have been moments when your body thought it was dying, this was due to the death programming being released and reprogrammed. In a way each cell has to walk through the death process, until all have aligned themselves with the new directive. You all will have transformed into your complete crystalline form by the year 2012. This was a predetermined time code that has been set within the pineal gland in the brain. The pineal gland secrets a chemical, that carries the message to the cells of the body to rejuvenate or die. There comes a time when the message tells the cells to age and eventually die and thus we do. This time code that has been placed in the pineal gland will be triggered by the special time of 2012. The message that will then come from the pineal gland will tell you that you can live forever. You are one of the many, who are going before this message trigger, to hold the possibility of this happening in our earth body reality. You have doing an excellent job, find as many ways as you can to aid yourself in this process. Communicate with the Goddess as she is a being of death and rebirth and she will guide you through the death and rebirth of your cellular body.


The beings from Andromedia have bodies that are made up from the stars that make up the spirals that are the Andromedian galaxy. Image giant light beings, resembling very light angels. If you look closely you will see that their bodies are made up of stars. It is as if their whole body is made up of a complex light meridian system. On each point there is a star. They are not static, they move continually in spiralling patterns. The Andromedian galaxy radiates from the heart centre. Their job is to hold this system in perfect balance and movement. They are not only responsible for the holding of their system but they are the hub of a giant wheel that extends out into the surrounding universe. If you take a 1 to 12 dimensional model, they are on the eighth dimension. The eighth dimension is the dimension of infinity. The continual spinning of this system holds the universe in the continual motion of infinity. The image of the snake eating its own tale comes to mind, the classic infinity symbol. Their job is to hold the local space in motion and continual renewal. They are the recycling professionals of this local space. All the emanations from the surrounding stars and planets are pulled into your system, dark energies or shall we say imbalanced energies are filtered through your consciousness to be balanced and purified before they are sent out in the next turn of the wheel.

There is no judgement against these dark energies; beings on this level do not have the concept of judgement. They do not have a mind, as we would perceive it; they are like the workings of the universe. If you connect with them through dance and movement, move in gentle spirals, very similar to the dance of the whirling dervishes, you can access their energy and clear other people’s bodies and places of negative energies. If you call in their energy and very gently spiral around and around, you pull the negative energies from people’s bodies and recycle them into light. You must align yourself with the Andromedian consciousness completely, other wise you could take on their negativity. You will know when you have aligned as you will feel a very gentle spiralling feeling in your upper chest. You can also clear rooms and places this way. You can do this in sacred sites in your local area. Go to the places you feel have stagnated in energy and perform your gentle dance, aligning with the Andromedian consciousness and clear negativity and raise the frequency of the place through your Andromedian self. You can also use this method to create star gates and portals for higher beings to come and take residence in the places of your choosing. Many people think there are only certain places on the planet that are sacred, you could make any place sacred with this technology.

Beings from Andromedia cannot incarnate into one singular body even if it is a fifth dimensional light body, so they incarnate into twelve separate yet unified beings. The Andromedian self drops down through the dimensions to finally reside on the fifth dimension as twelve beings making up a soul group. These beings looked very human, but are without sexual identity. Their bodies vibrate at the speed of light and appear as a fifth dimensional body, which resembles a form we are more used to. They are about five feet tall, blond almost white hair, cut very short, pale light skin and the most beautiful turquoise eyes. They were very beautiful. They are not in polarity in any form so therefore they have no separation of the sexes. They are individual but they are extremely telepathic and of one consciousness. They are responsible for performing complex high consciousness rituals to anchor these Andromedian energies on the fifth dimension. They use crystal balls, which they spin, in their hands around and around to anchor in these high frequencies.

The Arcturians

Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy. It is a star in the constellation of Bootes and the brightest star in that constellation. It is the fifth- dimensional frequency and the civilization is believed to be a prototype of Earth’s future. Here on earth, we vibrate at a third dimensional frequency, where as the Arcturians, vibrate at a fifth dimensional level. The fifth dimension is the first place where you can make contact with your soul, or higher self, your angelic counterpart and of course the Oneness. The Arcturians work on an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer level, for humanity. That is to say that they are here in our Earth sphere, to be of service to us, as humanity. Humans when they die, (if their soul then chooses this for them), can pass through a gateway during death and rebirth that is guarded and balanced by the energy of the Arcturians. It functions as a place for non-physical consciousness to become used to being physical. The Book of Knowledge: “ The Keys of Enoch ”, describes it as “the mid- way programming centre used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe, to govern the many rounds of experiments with “physicals” at this end of the galaxy”. Beings coming to Earth can use this energy as a way of being prepared for life here on Earth. The Arcturians teach how to live in the fifth dimension, live in the love. They do not have a negativity, fear and guilt; they have overcome this and now only feel love and light. The Arcturians travel the universe in star ships, which are very advanced in deed. They are highly advanced consciousness and have created technologies we could only dream about. They are a protection team for many other civilizations that are in their local space. They have been protecting Earth from other negative alien species for thousands of years, as there are many beings that would like to stop the ascension and transformation of the planet.

There is a hierarchy system in the system of Arcturus, however they do not live in polarity and therefore everything they do is performed in balance and love. There is a government of elders, who are very advanced in knowledge, wisdom and carry extremely high vibrational frequencies. They are the guiding light for the work that the Arcturians do here on the Earth. The Arcturians are short in physical statue, about three or four feet tall, and slender. Their skin is a greenish colour. They have very large, almond- shaped eyes. They have only three fingers. They have the ability to move objects with their minds and are totally telepathic. There were many different professions on Arcturus, the profession is chosen according to the colours in the aura. Those with violet in your aura are responsible for taking care of the children; only those who have reached a level of wisdom are allowed to take care of the children. There are many new and challenging souls being born in the bodies of little babies. These souls are from many different places in the universe. Many of them find it very difficult to be here on Earth. By channelling the Arcturian energy you can bring yourself a new level of understanding, which will enhance your ability to care for these special children. The Arcturians take humans during dream states and perform healing procedures on their energy bodies. They take the energy body of the person they are working on aboard their ships and align their energy bodies to higher and higher frequencies. They aid their transformation. They have been taking you during your dream state and are opening up your channels so you can download more and more high light vibrations into your body. They want you to be aware of this and prepare yourself for more conscious contact. Call upon their energy in your meditation and allow them to build up a light grid around your body and then just relax and allow, after some time they will begin to communicate with you. The communication may come in words, pictures or simply a knowing feeling. They are urging you to let go of the fear you are feeling about your future and allow your intuition to guide you along your chosen path.

As you moved through the star gate to manifest here in physical dimensions, you came across a highly evolved civilization, which is called Arcturus. Arcturus itself is actually the brightest star in the Bootes constellation, which is approximately thirty-six light years from Earth. The planets which orbit this star, house beings who have created one of the most advanced civilizations, in this galaxy. Their intelligence and their level of consciousness are far in an advance of us as humans. This Arcturian race is functioning on a fifth- dimensional level, that is to say, that the atoms of their bodies are vibrating at a certain rate, this rate is running at the speed of light. The atoms of their bodies are vibrating at a much faster rate than ours as third dimensional humans. Because of this they could walk past us in the street and as we are locked in our 3D mind, we would not perceive them being there, at all. Yet they are there occupying the same space that we are. There are many dimensions occupying the same space.

In order to vibrate at such a high level the Arcturian civilization had to remove all negative emotional states from their bodies, they moved totally into the energy of unconditional love. They are a future signpost for us; they are where we as human consciousness, are going. The Arcturian consciousness is one of love and positivity; they have been coming here to the Earth for sometime, bringing their teachings through channels, bringing high consciousness changing information to the human population. Not only have they been bringing information through channels but also they have been inserting high energies into our matrix, which controls our human consciousness. This matrix has been reprogrammed by many negative beings and the Arcturians have been coming to Earth in energy for sometime, inserting high energy beams of light directly into the matrix of Earth. It is through this high-energy insertion that people are breaking free from the restrictions of the matrix and finding ways to access the higher levels. The Arcturian culture philosophy and belief systems are being programmed into our matrix on the Earth and this is creating a blueprint for heaven on earth. Therefore the Arcturus energy could be seen as a prototype of Earth’s future. That is to say that we are taking inspiration and energy from this star system, to allow us to dream our new Earth future.

The Arcturian energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. The Arcturians travel the universe in their starships, which are some of the most advanced in the entire universe. They too are 5D and therefore appear as if they are light patterns, nothing like the crude flying saucers that we imagine. They are powered by 5D crystals, which allow them to not only travel through the universe but also through the dimension themselves. It is your job here on the planet to bring this high Arcturian energy to anchor it here on the Earth. There are several Arcturians incarnated here on the Earth at this time to do just this. Your soul is asking that you open yourself up to the possibility to call down and anchor into the body the high energy of the Arcturians into the Earth plane. The Arcturian energy is around you often and has been secretly guiding you in the higher dimensions since your first incarnation here on the Earth. You are so used to having this energy around you that you would not be aware of it being there, as it is so familiar. They have also been working with your energy body. You have probably been aware of the times when you feel like a cloud, as if your body was no longer solid and third dimensional. During these times you are fully aligned with their energy. You are not really third dimensional during these times, you are moving up in consciousness to meet the energies of the Arcturians on the fifth dimension. “ We are the Arcturians.

We come from a system that you can see in your northern hemisphere, the system is called Bootes. We are a fifth dimensional civilization. Some have called us the future possibility of Earth civilization. Our past has been similar to yours. We have evolved from a third dimensional physical body to a fifth dimensional body of light. You on Earth are treading the same path. We are just a few light years ahead of you. We are currently circling your planet in ships of light; do not mistake these ships for being third dimensional for they are fifth dimensional, they are fuelled and held together in form by fifth dimensional crystals. Many of you visit these ships in your dream state.We are currently holding the electromagnetic energies of the Earth, in harmonyand balance. We are preventing many of your negative Earth changes that have been predicted by so many. The polar shift will be on a spiritual level and not on a physical level. We are helping to support this process, so there is little or no disturbance to the Humans on the Earth plane. We do this purely through love. For we love the Earth, and we love humans. In a way you are brother and sisters of ours.

Way back in the very beginning of Earth’s history, when the designs for the etherical body of human beings was being created, we held a space of love and harmony for this to occur. You are currently transforming from a dense physical body to a body of light. And here again we are here, supporting you, holding the space for this to occur. It is very important that you open to love frequencies. Your idea of love is very limited on Earth. You have the perception that you have to gain love from other people, from an outside source; in truth this is not correct. Love is everywhere, love created everything, even the dense physical body that you now sit within. This was originally created from a frequency of very high love, directly from the Creator. In time you will remember this. And you will feel this. There are moments in your life when you feel love; this is because we make a direct channel between us. Other times you are immersed in the illusion and the negativity, this makes it very difficult for you to connect. There are certain issues in your body that need to be removed, then the love will flow much more intensely, much more completely, and constant. Do not completely blame yourselves for this condition that you find yourself in. There are many energies and many beings that are holding frequencies of Earth in low vibration. We have no permission to remove these energies that are part of the process. Yet love conquers all. Soon this negative veil and vibration will be removed, and love will permeate your planet and body. Are you ready?

Your life spans are very short, with love in the body you can live as long as we do. For we can live up to 300 of your Earth years. For we have moved beyond polarity, duality, light and dark and we are free of fear and judgement. Our whole existence vibrates to the frequency of love. This is your goal; this is your final destination. Will you come with us?

We have a civilization very similar to yours. In some respects there is a hierarchy. This is held in complete union and complete harmony. We have a council of elders that we respect and honour. They filter down to us wisdom and knowledge that we use to further our capacity to love. You are very special beings indeed. Many times you have incarnated and experienced Arcturian energy, in a way you all have Arcturian energy in your soul. There is a cleansing of your energetic bodies that is needed. When we look upon you we do not see radiant colours of light, we see dark and muddy patches, this negativity needs to be cleansed, then your energetic bodies will be more capable of holding high frequencies. You can do this cleansing by opening to our love. It is our mission here to support you in doing this. Will you allow us? Will you befriend us? Will you merge with us? “


The whole of the Orion system is one of duality. It is the ultimate dark and the ultimate light. There are two councils that keep this sector of the universe in balance. The white and black councils hold frequencies that hold the polarity of good and bad, light and dark in perfect balance. Beings who are passing through the evolutionary schools of these systems have to go through a frequency filter system that the councils hold in alignment. Souls that want to pass through into the higher dimensions have to pass through a gateway that is guarded by the councils. The soul’s energetic body is read by the consciousness of the councils and they have to pass soul initiations in order to pass through into the higher dimensions that are beyond the concepts of duality, they pass into the Oneness. On this level of consciousness, the council is beyond the physicality of a body; they are in energetic bodies of light. The light council are radiant and emanate light, the dark council absorb light and appear as black holes. Do not mistake this as being a battle between light and a dark; these councils are doing a job, holding a space where the balance of light and dark, polarity can be played out. Here on earth we can physically experience good and evil, but we have little conscious awareness, yet in the system of Orion the souls there are fully conscious of the choices that they make.

This system is the filter systems of souls entering and leaving this system. They hold a frequency where souls can align with and learn and heal what needs to be balanced before they can pass through the gateway. The beings of Orion use symbols, which align souls wishing to correct their karma and pass through the Orion gate upon the death of their human counterpart. They taught these symbols to the Egyptians, through dream and meditation. The priests and priestesses of the Isis and Osiris cult were moved by the inspiration that these Orion beings brought to them through an altered state of consciousness. They brought the formulae for the balance of the polarities within the human personality; this gave the priests and priestesses the ability to ascend their conscious upon death of the body. They could lower your frequency to a level where the Egyptian initiates could communicate with them. They were perceived as a cloud of light and colour. The Orions and the Egyptian souls would enter an etherical, astral temple. They could merge their bodies with that of the initiate and they aligned their energetic bodies with the symbols in the body. This would when the initiates returned to the physical dimension, bring them into certain life lessons and trails in order for them to heal and raise the frequency of their soul consciousness.

Ontaria -, this is system vibrates at an eighth dimensional frequency. Our solar system which earth is a part , vibrates at a third dimensional frequency. Ontaria is made of light in our understanding and the beings, which reside on the planets, which orbit the two stars that make up the Ontaria system, are also made of light. That is to say that the atomsof their bodies vibrate at the speed of light. They are not physical in the way we understand physicality. They would appear to us as shimmering balls of light. They operate as what I call a “We consciousness “, that is they are a collective consciousness. They are not individual like us but operate as many beings all with one consciousness.

These beings can project themselves into the bodies of other beings, if only temporarily to experience their consciousness. It is possible for them to project themselves into the dream body of other beings on lower dimensional levels. There is a huge and complex star gate in their system, which they use to travel to the lower levels, so they can then enter the dream bodies of other lower dimensional beings. They are experts at this kind of travel and have performed this many times before. It is an enjoyable and evolving experience for them. These Ontaria beings could project themselves, if only a small part of themselves through the star gate and still remain connected to their collective consciousness. They traveled through the star gate and moved into the bodies of beings that resided in the Pleiades. The Pleiades can be seen in our night sky, it is often called the Plough. The beings that reside there are more physical and appear human. They have dream bodies like humans on earth and they can enter fourth dimensional dream realms just like we do.

These Pleiadian beings perform meditative rituals, which take them many of their Pleiadian years, to come to a point where they are at a level of elevated consciousness to work with a being such as the Ontarians. They had to train their conscious awareness in order to open themselves to such a merging .It is a great honor to work with a being such as the Ontarians. One of these Pleiadian beings reached a level where it could open itself to a merging with the Ontaria beings. As they opened their consciousness to them, the Ontarian being projected itself through the star gate and anchored into the Pleiadian dream body. Now this would have been an amazing experience for them both but unfortunately something went terribly wrong. Instead of the Ontarian being only projecting a small part of their consciousness there into the Pleiadian being, it was caught by a vortex of power and energy and it was pulled in its entirety into the dream body of the Pleiadian. This was not meant to happen; this had dire consequences for both of them. Not only for the Ontarian being, but as they came from a collective, it had dire consequences for the whole race, back home in Ontaria. This Ontaria being, had an ability to dream realities. The Ontarian being gave this ability to the Pleiadian beings as it had a soul contract with them. With the Ontarian energy they could create realities on the fourth dimension, which they could live within to bring themselves to a level of higher consciousness. They used these realities to learn about the higher dimensional levels. So as they expanded their consciousness and raised their frequency they could use these realities to act as schools. They used these schools to teach them how they could operate in the higher dimensions, once they had ascended in consciousness. The Ontarian being was caught by a vortex and made to stay trapped in the fourth dimensional dream states.

This vortex was created by beings called the D’Naar, (you can read about them in my book “The Mission of the One Star “.) The D’Naar are of a very negative vibration and they found a way to work with imploding stars and could create dark black vortexes, which they used to trap souls. They are originally from Orion and have created in the fourth dimensional dreams realms of the Pleiadian, black holes, which they use to trap higher dimensional beings that are traveling down into the lower levels. So as the Ontarian being projected itself into the Pleiadian being, it was also pulled into this black hole. Once it was inside it was unable to return to its original home world. This was a terrible tragedy.

Once inside this black hole the D’Naar trapped the Ontarian inside a geometric pattern of energy, which prevented it from leaving and also from being able to contact its home world and the other beings from Ontaria. The D’ Naar have been using the Ontarian being’s energy to create realities where they could house beings from higher dimensions, almost like prisons. They then could use the Ontarian energy as a battery to create more and more negative realities. This is partly the reason there is now worlds, which are pulled into extreme polarities of light and dark. This universe was never meant to be so extreme in its duality. This is all down to the D’Naar. As I said their consciousness is extremely negative.

This whole universe is transforming, that is to say that the Source is breathing back in its creation. The race of beings is on the verge of transforming from eighth dimensional frequency to a ninth dimensional frequency. However because they are a collective they cannot ascend without all of themselves returned to their system Ontaria. So as this being is trapped in the lower levels, this process of transformation is being prevented. This is putting a great deal of pressure on their system; this is very dangerous for them, because if they ascend without all of them, then they will move up the levels incomplete. This will in turn throw the universe into more imbalance.

We can see this imbalance already in the lower levels; it would be a tragedy if it also occurred on the higher.

Are you interested in geometric patterns and codes? You may be an expert in this in your soul. Your soul wants that you perform this kind of healing on others. It may be your soul’s purpose of coming to earth to teach the others who are also trapped to release themselves, so the rest of the universe can transform in completion. Become fascinated with geometric shapes and patterns, draw them, and use many different mediums to draw these shapes. You can become a healer on the planet working predominately with energy, which is blocked in the body and can only be released with these kinds of geometric patterns. Your soul will begin to show you these shapes in both your dreams, meditations, and also reflected in your outside reality. You can study what other people know about these patterns and symbols but this will only act as a reminder to you of the knowledge, you already have within your soul. So do not get limited by what other people think and allow yourself to be create and expansive as there is a lot more information within your that is yet to come.

Orion is a very polarized system that is to say that there are very dark and very light energies there. The planets that orbit the stars of Orion have many different beings residing on them. There are mainly reptilian races. They have had a very dark and troubled past. They are very aggressive and warlike; they controlled and manipulated many of the other beings that shared their sector. They are very intelligent but on a more instinctual level rather than a rational level of thinking. They were advanced enough to build space vehicles, so they left their home and traveled out into the universe, causing destruction wherever they went. They invaded worlds and enslaved and tortured the inhabits. They appear like giant black lizards standing on their hind legs. They had very red and frightening eyes. They are with emotions of a kind, but they are more like our lower base desires. They had both male and female of the species; the female has the power and the leadership of the reptilian races. The males are kept for the rearing of the young and sexual purposes but many of them are breed out. They can genetically control the amount of male reptilians that are born. They breed only the best males for sexual and procreation purposes, the rest simply do not get born. Their home planets are very similar to ours, though they breathe a different atmosphere. There air is very heavy compared to ours this is due the amount of metals that are in the atmosphere. Their world is very green like ours but the vegetation is a lot bigger and more of a jungle environment. Their planet is very moist and damp, with a lot of swampy and marshy land. There is no sea or very large body of water, but the whole of the land is very watery. This is the kind of environment these beings like; they have very heavy and dense forms. They do not vibrate at a third dimensional level like us on earth but they live in a fourth dimensional frequency.

They are very much into polarity thinking and perceiving. They have an ego not like humans but a very proud and arrogant attitude. They have a very superior awareness of themselves. They went around the whole of their sector of the universe capturing and enslaving other races of beings. They ventured to our space and visited earth many times in her history. They were very much involved in the downfall of Atlantis. They were genetically experimenting with the humans that then populated the earth. They visited earth many times and had encounters with the Atlantean people and later the early Egyptians. The Lizard statues of what some consider to be crocodile in Egypt are in fact the idols of the reptilian beings that visited earth.

In Orion there are also the very light beings. To keep this system balanced in both, there has to be. These beings vibrate at a higher energy level than the reptilian beings. They are in fifth dimensional light bodies and are no longer in the limits of polarized thinking, i.e.: light and dark, right and wrong. They hold the frequency of light through focused attention and spiritual practices. They do not interfere with the reptilian beings but there presence alone makes sure that the system of Orion does not go entirely dark. The light beings of Orion would appear almost angelic to us, if we could see them, as much as the lizards are heavy and dark, the light Orions are light and fine.


The system of Pollux is very special in this time of earth. The Ps as they are fondly known, are here in energy at this time to aid mankind. They are here to teach us a new way of living in society. The Ps are in humanoid body, they are not as dense as we are, they vibrate at a fifth dimensional frequency. They appear slightly taller than us and have very fair complexions and blond almost white hair. They are very calm and quiet beings. Their planet is very much like earth, but much smaller. They have beautiful white structures and buildings; they are very environmentally friendly. They live in complete harmony with their planet. Their society is wonderful; there is no laws only love. They are extremely sensitive beings; they feel emotions very physically in their bodies. That is why they have evolved to only experience positive emotions and pleasures. The emotions of hate and fear are very harmful to them and they can leave their bodies if faced with such an extreme of negative vibration. They are not very adventurous beings they tend to not travel far from their home worlds; they are very interested in their own development and do not interfere with other races.

Let me tell you about their philosophy on life. All life is sacred to them. They have developed such a high state of awareness from the perspective of scientific research that they have found the Creator in everything from a natural plant to a technological machine. They are very much responsible for the inspiration that is given to inventors of new age machines. They inspire us through dreams and visions to produce technological equipment that can cleanse our air and water. They are very much into clean living and are very aware of the balance between nature and technology. Their other passion is children; to them the child is sacred. If a P could see the way we treat our children they would be horrified. The children are born with almost full consciousness. The children need to develop emotional maturity but their intelligence is much higher than that of earth children. They are looked after and nurtured by the whole society. The extension of the family is much wider than the family structures we have on earth. That is the whole of the P society is responsible for the welfare of the child not just its immediate family.

The differences between the sexes are very similar to those on earth but with one major difference. There is not the struggle between the sexes like here on earth. The Ps respect and honour each other, seeing that one is not competition for the other but a necessary and compliment to the other. If the genetic structure of humans had not been manipulated then we could of quite easily developed along the same lines as the Ps. They still live with the awareness of polarity in the other structures but they themselves are in the light of the fifth dimensional and can only experience the oneness. This is reflected in the love between the sexes. You hold this information for a new way to relate to each other in your genetic code. It is your mission here on earth to access this information in emotional energy and help support the human race as it evolves to align with this level of P consciousness.

Serpent Consiousness

The family of Snake consciousness are part of inner earth. They have been there for thousands of years and are a harmonious and evolved species. The serpent beings do not come from one place in particular. They are held in the cosmic waves that snake their way, through the universe. They are from a very high vibrational dimension. When the source first began to create the physical universe, it sent pulses of energy through the void. It stimulated the void, it moved it, and through this movement it created ripples of consciousness. Massive currents of energy resembling gold and silver moved in massive spirals throughout the whole universe. As these spirals began to drop down through the dimensions, they became denser and denser, forming beings. These beings were designed to hold the vibration of the creator’s vision. They created something out of nothing. This is where the serpent race began. As snake beings they contain the vibration of the void, the great nothing. They appear to us as having bodies, snake bodies but inside they are a large expanse of nothing. Their outside bodies resembled the serpents, that we have on earth but they are rainbowed in the most amazing patterns and designs. Have you ever heard of the rainbow serpent? The Hawaiian people worshipped this deity as the creator of the universe. There are black snakes that still resemble the void, there are snake beings that have elevated their consciousness, to hold the original vibration of everything, and these resemble rainbows. “Far off in Dreamtime, there were only people, no animals or birds, no trees or bushes, no hills or mountains.

The country was flat. Goorialla, the great Rainbow Serpent, stirred and set off to look for his own tribe. He traveled across Australia from South to North. He reached CapeYork where he stopped and made a big red mountain called Naralullgan. He listened to the wind and heard only voices speaking strange languages. This is not my country; the people here speak a different tongue. I must look for my own people. Goorialla left Naralullgan and his huge body made a deep gorge where he came down. He traveled north for many days and his tracks made the creeks and rivers as he journeyed North. Goorialla made two more mountains, one of the Naradunga was long made of granite, the other had sharp peaks and five caves and was called, Minalinha. One day Goorialla heard singing and said, “Those are my people, they are holding a big Bora.” At the meeting place of the two rivers, Goorialla found his own people singing and dancing. He watched for a long time, then he came out and was welcomed by his people. He showed the men how to dress properly and taught them to dance. A big storm was gathering, so all the people built humpies for shelter.

Two young men, the bil-bil or Rainbow Lorikeet brothers came looking for shelter but no one had any room. They asked their grandmother, the Star Woman but she had too many dogs and couldn’t help them. the Bil-bil brothers went to Goorialla who was snoring in his humpy but he had no room. The rain got heavier and the boys went back to Goorialla and called out that the rain was heavy. Goorialla said, “All right come in now.” The Bil-bil bothers ran into Goorialla’s mouth and he swallowed them. Then he began to worry about what the people would say when they found the boys missing. He decided to travel North to Bora-bunaru, the only great natural mountain in the land. Next morning the people found that the boys were gone and saw the tracks of Goorialla and knew that he had swallowed them. You may never see these lakes or mountains, but after the rain you will see his spirit in the sky , which is the rainbow. This is the reason why he is called Goorialla the Rainbow Serpent. “

I want to describe a scene to you, as this will trigger memories in your mind and feelings in your body. Imagine if your will a temple, it is warmly and softly lit, the walls of this temple are shimmering, with all the colours of the rainbow, the walls look like they are the scales of snakes. The walls are curved and rounded. All over the walls there is fluid oil like substance that has a strange almost erotic smell. This oil seems to come from inside the walls; it drips and oozes from the walls itself. In the centre of this temple is a pool of oil. It shimmers with all, the colours of the rainbow. As you look at this pool it begins to ripple and out of its movement, a being begins to form. This being at first resembles a spiral. As the movement increases it shapes and forms a snake being, beautiful and enticing. She is strong looking but extremely flexible and fluid. She has the body of a snake yet she has arms that are long and fingers that radiate light. Her head is the shape of a cobra, with slit snake eyes. If you looked into these dark black eyes, you would fall under the spell, of this serpent consciousness. She is covered with the most iridescent scales that create hypnotising patterns that would change your consciousness, just by looking at them. She is so beautiful, alluring and sexually enticing. This is no ordinary temple, it is inside the belly of a giant serpent; you see the serpent consciousness use snakes as their space ships. These giant serpents travel through the universe, visiting many systems and places, carrying a special frequency with them.

In order to access this level of yourself and bring this serpent energy into the physical life and body, your soul wants you to dance. Dance in fluid spirals and imagine that which you want to create and feed the image with the energy you feel coming up, in your body. You will be creating a space for your dream to be created. Start with personal dreams and then expand to incorporate dreams that are coming from the will of Gaia, the planet earth. It is time