Her Perspective

Book Cover: Her Perspective
ISBN: 1471680010

Whilst traveling with friends to a crystal dig, Alloya finds herself in an altered state. Suddenly, Mother Earth (Gaia) appears to her as a beautiful goddess. "I want to tell you my story," she says. Words and images flood over her like a continuous movie film for three days as Alloya is barely able to speak, drink or eat. Afterwards, she wonders how she will remember this amazing tale. The Goddess tells her, "Do not worry. This story you already know; it is coded into the cells of your living body. When you come to write my story, all of this will come flooding back." Journey with Alloya to the beginning of time as Gaia tells her true past. If you've ever wondered about your soul's many incarnations into various life forms created by Gaia or what really happened in the "herstory" of our planet, Her Perspective

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