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Book Cover: Like attracts Like
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Kin awoke suddenly from her sleep; it was only a dream. The train had been traveling for some hours, tired and bored she had fell asleep, not concerned about missing her stop as it was the train’s final destination. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes trying to wipe the strange dream from her mind just as the train turned the corner to reveal an enchanting sight. The Mount black and cold stood stark against the setting sun, the bay tranquil the still, the waters lapping silently against the shore. The buildings of modem times seemed to fade into the background, all she could see was the central point of the landscape the Mount standing majestically against the horizon.

The bay stretched out in front of her, to others a beautiful yet ordinary landscape; to Kin the sight was strangely familiar, even though she had not been there before, now this was to be her home. As the train pulled into the station she looked back to the Mount only to see the formation of the coastline arching around the bay forming the rocky body of a mighty dragon. She could not shake the feeling that she had been there before yet in her mind’s eye there had been more trees. The others in the train seemed preoccupied with their own thoughts and seemed oddly insensitive to the strange energy emanations that seemed to radiate from the Mount.

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