The Mission of the One Star

Book Cover: The Mission of the One Star
ISBN: 1291128247

This book creates a unique ‘map of consciousness’ for the reader and uses that map to adroitly navigate the aspects of the multi-self. This book is more of a process than an idea. The reader is invited on a journey that begins with a concise description of the levels of consciousness in a 12 dimensional universe.

Any explorer of other worlds needs a guide that they can trust and rely on. Such a guide is not always easy to find – so Alloya presents many guides, all part of the self. She presents guides that range from a part of the body to a form of consciousness in the universe.

The book is not merely a collection of interesting opinions, and ‘strange theories of light and matter’, it is also a manual for elevating the consciousness out of the misery of separated 3D existence and into the bliss of the higher dimensions. The idea that, ‘you create your own reality’, has never been so attainable.

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