Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Mission of the One Star

mission (70 x 106)
This book creates a unique ‘map of consciousness’ for the reader and uses that map to adroitly navigate the aspects of the multi-self. This book is more of a process than an idea. The reader is invited on a journey that begins with a concise description of the levels of consciousness in a 12 dimensional universe.

Any explorer of other worlds needs a guide that they can trust and rely on. Such a guide is not always easy to find – so Alloya presents many guides, all part of the self. She presents guides that range from a part of the body to a form of consciousness in the universe.

The book is not merely a collection of interesting opinions, and ‘strange theories of light and matter’, it is also a manual for elevating the consciousness out of the misery of separated 3D existence and into the bliss of the higher dimensions. The idea that, ‘you create your own reality’, has never been so attainable.

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Croatian translation free PDF

Misija jedne Zvijezde

My wonderful star friend Daniel , very kindly and skillfully translated my book the Mission of the One Star into Croatian for which i am very grateful .

Her Perspective

Event Horizon 3 (135 x 151)
While traveling with friends to a crystal dig, Alloya finds herself in an altered state. Suddenly, Mother Earth (Gaia) appears to her as a beautiful goddess. “I want to tell you my story,” she says. Words and images flood over her like a continuous movie film for three days as Alloya is barely able to speak, drink or eat. Afterwards, she wonders how she will remember this amazing tale. The Goddess tells her, “Do not worry. This story you already know; it is coded into the cells of your living body. When you come to write my story, all of this will come flooding back.”

Journey with Alloya to the beginning of time as Gaia tells her true past. Stir your own memories of ancient Serpent Priestesses who knew how to harness their potent kundalini power. Learn of Titans and Giants, Niburu, Lucifer and Draco, and of the magical Fairy and Devic realms. Discover the Dolphin People and why the dinosaurs really disappeared from Earth. Listen to Lilith – the first Eve – as she tells you how Adam was altered by the Anunnaki who manipulated our DNA and what really happened in the Garden of Eden. Hear what truly occurred in Lemuria and Atlantis and how the Elohim Twin Flames left the Earth, creating a never-ending longing in mankind.

If you’ve ever wondered about your soul’s many incarnations into various life forms created by Gaia or what really happened in the “herstory” of our planet, Her Perspective… will answer your questions. This compelling work will fill in the missing gaps, empowering readers as they discover our ancient origins and the glorious beings that lie dormant within us.

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Like attracts Like

20090610-12-landcorn (135 x 170)
Kin awoke suddenly from her sleep; it was only a dream. The train had been travelling for some hours, tired and bored she had fell asleep, not concerned about missing her stop as it was the train’s final destination. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes trying to wipe the strange dream from her mind just as the train turned the corner to reveal an enchanting sight. The Mount black and cold stood stark against the setting sun, the bay tranquil the still, the waters lapping silently against the shore. The buildings of modem times seemed to fade into the background, all she could see was th central point of the landscape the Mount standing majestically against the horizon.

The bay stretched out in front of her, to others a beautiful yet ordinary landscape; to Kin the sight was strangely familiar, even though she had not been there before, now this was to be her home. As the train pulled into the station she looked back to the Mount only to see the formation of the coastline arching around the bay forming the rocky body of a mighty dragon. She could not shake the feeling that she had been there before yet in her mind’s eye there had been more trees. The others in the train seemed preoccupied with their own thoughts and seemed oddly insensitive to the strange energy emanations that seemed to radiate from the Mount.

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Navigators of the AbZu Part One & Two

galactic-fractals-23 (130 x 170)
The Navigators of the AbZu is a journey through the geometric folds of the universe. The Navigator travels from the sleeping expanse of the Void to an incarnation here upon the planet Earth. The Navigator journeys through gateways of the stars, passing through portals into other dimensions.

Alloya travels through the levels of the cosmos, guided by the being known as Ananda Hari , Serpent Goddess. Ananda Hari tells the story of the many fallen races who are members of her serpentine family, for she is the Mother Aeon of all Serpentine kin. Within this book you will meet many different levels of consciousness , Silver Serpents of Light , Orion Queens , and the dreaded fallen Draco Reptilians and come to enquire as to the process of the Fall. Alloya takes the reader into the world of plasma sciences and puts together the missing pieces to her soul’s story aligning science , mysticism and imagination.

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Free PDF download of Part Two vsmallsmall5We are multi-dimensional beings; we exist on all of the levels, we exist on all of the creative universal realities that make up this universe in which we all live. We create forms and energy patterns to represent ourselves, on each and every level.