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Come with me Alloya, on a journey from Source into the lower dimensions of manifestation. Pass through the star gates of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades to come here to this earth plane. As we take this journey together you will remember your passage and this will trigger dormant codes within your DNA and Light body. You are a starseed and that is why you are here reading this text today. Let me guide you through the stargates that brought you to earth.

This book is a sharing of my experience of working with 11th dimensional beings called the Antari who come from the star collective Antares. It is a Light Body manual containing information about the various layers of the Auric Field or Plasma Sheath from their lofty perspective. It describes in detail the various layers and their functions.

The Antari describe the mechanism of the conversion of energy into Light via several different light devices within the Kether (outer layer) of the Auric Field.

The Antari are on a mission to assist us in transforming our energy body to be able to accept high vibrational star codes from higher dimensions. Within this book it is hoped that a glimpse into the workings of the Light body is achieved.

Antari Activation Upgrade 2

Awakening the Anu which is a new vortex developing in the light body. This session is intense for the heart please be warned for those with heart conditions. 
Taken from Antari Devices and Procedures Level 2

“Isotropic manifold-

Waking up the Angel Heart or Anu.

Crystal singing bowls carry waves of healing into the heart massaging and rebalancing it bringing it to a point of transformation. Binaural beats assist your meditation and brain entrainment. Antari tones and healing vocal waves complete this upgrade.

During this upgrade the Antari after an initial preparation will begin working on the opening and the activation of the Anu or the Angel Heart. It will be activated in seven stages with recalibration in between each stage. This upgrade will begin the first stage of the creation of a new vortex or stargate portal in the Heart Space. Once this new vortex or stargate is complete it will enable you to be more conscious and directive in your journeying through your inner space or cosmos. You will have access codes given in later upgrades which will enable you to work the Anu stargate to take you into other dimensions and realities.”

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We Are Here !

This book is for those of you who are not feeling comfortable in the human world, feeling that you do not belong that you are somehow different. It is for those of you who look upon the image of the Zeta and feel a familiarity, a connection, a soul alignment going on.