Braiding the Self

The Star that illuminates a thousand Moons is now moving through the Zero point When I first woke up and realised who I was on the other levels, the first aspect that I integrated was my Angelic self, Shektar (or now I have come to realise it is in fact written Shektah – will explain more later), this being acted as my guide and advisor, as I navigated the other dimensions and integrated all the different Soul aspects that came together to create my multidimensional self. This being introduced me to who I was on my highest level, which was the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons. On this highest level I was the Universal Dreamer manifesting itself as a great Sun, which was at the very centre of the Universe, the Great Central Sun. I was taken on a journey up through all the dimensions and came to see the whole Universe spreading out from this centre point. In the centre was a huge rain-bowed lit Star or Sun. This is what others call the Source of all Creation.

The energy that emanates from this Star creates a matrix which extends across the Void, which the other Star and Planetary systems exist within. The Sun of our Solar System is connected to the many central Suns which are in the very centre of each and every sector of Creation. Our central Sun is called Alcyone, which is present in the Pleiadian system. There are many central Suns which all orbit the very Grand Central Sun or what I call the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons. Our Sun illuminates our world, bringing us light and all the other frequencies of light, we cannot see with our human eyes, to feed the planet to create life. Our Sun not only feeds light to the plants on the planet enabling them to grow, it also feeds us spiritual light directly from the Creator itself, the Universal Dreamer. In truth this light is the love of the Creator filtered down to manifest itself as a three dimensional energy, which our planet needs to enhance its life. Our Sun is fed its energy by the central Sun Alcyone in the centre of the Pleiadian system. This central Sun is part of a huge network of light, which connects all other central Suns and thus all Solar Systems into a huge matrix of solar light. All of these central Suns all come together to orbit around the very Grand Central Sun, the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons. On my highest level, in my highest expression this is who I am, as is everyone else on this level, as on this level we are all indeed One.

The Star that illuminates a thousand Moons, radiates light through the other central Suns and solar Stars bringing the living light library to touch the cells of our bodies, this in fact is what is causing not only ourselves and our planet to transform but the whole Universe is transforming too. The Star that illuminates a thousand Moons is in fact transforming. Many on the Earth want to ascend, travel up through the dimensions going from the third dimension to the highest level, where they finally get to meet this grand Star. I however have always known that I was not ascending, but in fact I was descending. I dropped down through the dimensions integrating the various Soul aspects or selves as I made my way to Earth. When I arrived I had to get into my body in the third dimension , this was a challenge , to bring down the highest light from the Star of all creation and anchor this into the cells of my physical body , it took me many years. Once I had made it into the third dimension I dropped further down and entered the second dimension, the underworld. The underworld some could call hell, a place of demons. Many challenges were brought my way , the challenges climaxing with me meeting Lucifer and healing the pain he carried and moving through him and removing his mask, to discover he was not a dark being at all but a being made of the ultimate light. He guarded the entrance into the void, a portal which I came to call the Zero. I passed through this zero point, taking with me all the aspects that I had integrated. I passed through the zero and voided myself. I passed into the void and recreated myself more than the sum of my parts and entered what I came to call New Planet. (Please see my new planet experience in my book, “The Mission of the One Star “.)

I spent ten days experiencing this New Planet reality, or (New Universal reality) knowing that this was where Gaia was taking the whole of humanity and also the whole of the Universe. I was totally aware that I was the Universal Dreamer awakening in my reality , there was no separation between me and my world, I was the sea, the shore and the love that passed between them. It was the most intense and amazing experience I have ever had and it lasted for ten days and nights, I was truly enlightened. As each human who has integrated all its aspects passes through this zero point, they will cease to be as they were, a being made up of many aspects, they will merge all the selves and recreate themselves something more than the sum of their parts. Once there is enough on the other side so to speak, they will act as an anchor and will pull the rest of the Earth and the Universe into the void, where it too will go through this process. To be brief when I was in this New Planet reality I experienced being at one with everything, this was not a mental idea but an actual experience on all levels. I walked past the sea front near my home and experienced what it mentally, spiritually, emotionally and most importantly physically felt like to be the sea, I could feel the sea in my body, I could also feel me as the shore and the bliss and love that went between them, it was so intense I fell to my knees unable to walk from the bliss in the body. I experienced being able to communicate with all life telepathically as well as knowing to my very core I was in fact god waking up in the matrix. This experience went on for ten days none stop it was totally awesome.

When I was in new planet I was asked if I had everything I wanted in this new reality, I was about to say yes, when I realised as amazing as it was, I was alone. I wanted to go back into the old reality and show others the way. I volunteered to come back and walk backwards along my path retracing my steps, so I knew the way, so I could guide others to New Planet. Little did I know that once I had returned I would fall into a deep and life threatening depression.

I screamed at my Soul what have I done wrong, why am I back in this reality? It was as if I had forgotten I had requested it. When I had made this request my Soul had told me that I was not really back in the old reality but it would appear as if I was, that I would make this journey over and over again, in every second of the day but my conscious mind would not recognise this and I would consciously think I was back in old planet reality. This was an illusion, I would be dreaming I was back in old planet reality but in truth I was only dreaming myself there. So really I am still in New Planet reality but I am entering into the dream of being here in old planet reality. My Soul also told me that in truth the highest expression of everyone in the whole Universe, were also in New Planet but sleeping, they had not woken up in this new reality and were continuing to dream they too were back in the old planet reality. I know this is hard to understand with a rational mind but I am hoping my readers are reading this with more than their rational minds and they will come to understand this.

My spirit/Soul, my highest self whatever you want to call it, is called Alloya, which means “all of you”; this is my name for the Creator of this Universe. I choose to channel this aspect of myself into the Earth story however I am not alone. We are all Alloya; we are all, “all of you”. So as Alloya wakes up in New Planet reality so do all others highest selves wake up too, as in truth we are all One. This is hard to grasp I know, in no way am I saying I am the Universal Dreamer in my ego or my Earthy personality, in no way am I saying that I am the Universal Dreamer and no one else is, as this would be impossible, as we are all the Universal Dreamer expressing itself as this amazing grand Central Sun.

When I first came back into the dream of old planet , big Alloya ( as I came to call her for short) showed me that this journey , walking the light paths from the highest dimension , through all the dimensions , to pass through the zero point to enter New Planet reality was going on over and over again . I was shown the way slowly, step by step, and then the process was speeded up until it was not clearly seen anymore and I began to think it had stopped. I do not know why I felt so lost I was still in New Planet but was choosing to enter the dream of the Universe and create for myself an old reality. I was supposed to stay awake and show the others, I thought I had failed. The process became so speeded up it was now a blur and I could not see myself walking the path over and over.

This process was no longer conscious; my conscious mind became preoccupied with the illusion of the old planet dream all over again. It did not matter how many times big Alloya told me I was in new planet , I was not aware of it and I am sorry to say I began to doubt. Doubt is an awful thing, it instantly creates a deadening of reality, my powers of creation began to dwindle, I no longer even felt like the Star and in my darkest moments I started to think I had been on some crazy trip and it had all been in my imagination. In a way it was easier to think it was a trip, rather than look at what I was really feeling, which was a deep feeling of failure.

So as the years passed I almost forgot the steps to New Planet, as I was no longer able to recognise it going on in my everyday reality. Yet big Alloya kept telling me, no you are walking so many to new planet, you would be amazed. I think even Alloya got tired of telling me this, as I dropped further into my depression.

At the very centre of the earth there is a Black Hole, this is the zero point or as Lucifer called it the “the ring that pass not “. He guards the entrance to the “the ring that pass not “, so all those who have still not transformed all fear and judgement, will halt at the sight of Lucifer and be unable to pass through, as they will not be able to recognise the divinity in the face of Lucifer and also will not be able to integrate him as themselves, yet another aspect. When I met Lucifer I was terrified, I shook from head to toe and even made a strange pining sound just like an animal. He manifested in front of me as a huge demonic being. He had the typical devil face with two horns one red and one black protruded from his head. He asked me in a loud booming voice.

“Who are you? “. I answered “Alloya “, he said “and what does Alloya mean”? I answered “all of you”. Lucifer said “so if you are everything then you must be me too”. As he said this something lit up inside me, I had the biggest realisation, he was the Creator too, and if I was the Creator then I was Lucifer too. As this realisation hit me, Lucifer pulled what was actually a mask from his face. Behind the façade of evil was an image of Christ as a baby, with the most incredible white light surrounding him, he whispered “come with me we are going to do something that has never been done anywhere in the whole of creation, we are going into the void” We passed together through the zero point the black hole in the very centre and I recreated myself more than the sum of my parts and created New Planet reality. The void welcomed me home. The void was the fertile soil in which I planted my seed of creation and New Planet was manifest, I then returned to walk with others along their journey. After this point I often had people write to me and tell me , that I was in their dreams and meditations guiding them , I had no conscious recognition of this what so ever .

As more and more people walk this path and enter New Planet, a hundred monkey affect will happen pulling the whole of creation through into the Void. All the different aspects that I had integrated representing all the other levels and the beings that reside on those levels will pass through too. . All races of beings are represented in my overall multidimensional identity. As I pass through the zero I take all others with me. Now some of these beings or races of beings will have problems with this. They will stop, unable to move into love for Lucifer and therefore are doing everything in their power to stop the process. You would think that it would be those of the dark realms which wish to stop the process; however this is not the truth. There are ascended beings that are refusing to love the darkness and pass through the zero point. These beings artificially ascended themselves into an artificial heaven, which has now become their prison. They are cut off from Source, the natural organic light of the Creator and are existing on artificial light and are creating artificial heavens. These heavens are not heavens at all but prisons.

The ascended masters are teaching light workers on the planet ascension techniques which are not designed to aid you to walk through the underworld to find Lucifer, and pass into the void, no they are teaching the light workers how to ascend to these artificial heavens, which the light workers believe are on the fifth dimension, when in fact they are low fourth. Once they ascend there, they will become prisoners and become spiritual light food for these ascended masters who are incapable of walking this path themselves, because of their spiritual egotism.

They are not the only ones who are having a problem with passing through the zero point. The Annunaki are also resisting walking this path, they not only do not want to give up their power over the old planet reality, but they also fear their annihilation. They are ego beings in the extreme and are not willing to surrender to the process, this is why they are doing all they can to stop this transformation. They are building mobile phone masts, pylons etc all across the Earth to create a false matrix, so people will not wish to move on past the illusion and pass into New Planet. It is not working. Also there are various races such as the Draco Reptilians, they have messed about with their DNA, so much they no longer have a body which is capable of passing through the zero. They would cease to be, very sad. I believe this is why they are desperately breeding Reptilians with humans, they are trying to create for themselves, a body they can project their consciousness into, so they too can walk this way to New Planet. Many think they are in bed with Lucifer , this is incorrect , the being that most are referring to when they talk about Lucifer is not Lucifer at all but an imposter , he is in fact a Reptilian / Annunaki hybrid ..

There are many Reptilian races in the Universe not all are aligned with the dark, as many of the Draco are. There was a race of Reptilians which have lived with Gaia since the beginning of her creation, this is the Crocodile clan. When I was in Egypt I met and fell in love with a Crocodile humanoid, he was a Nubian man. His kind had not evolved from apes but from a crocodile species. This species had been manipulated by a group of renegades coming from Sirius B, their DNA was messed up and they were unable to pass through the zero point. I felt such compassion for this race of Reptiles; I wanted to do something for them. I gave some of my DNA code and in the fourth dimension they created a hybrid being which had part Star human DNA and part Crocodile DNA. The being was amazing looking, a mixture of my Nubian lover and me. I left Egypt with a heavy heart, as I did not want to leave my Nubian man but I knew my mission was complete that I had given the Crocodile clan a great gift, and they would now be able to pass through the zero point and come to New Planet with the rest of the Universe. I live in hope that the other races having problems with this, will also relinquish their egos and come with us too.

Time passed and the years slipped by, fascinated with the illusion of the old planet dream I almost forgot that I was constantly walking backwards and forwards from old to New Planet reality and back again. Little did I know that unbeknown to my conscious mind I was indeed still making this journey. It was not until recently that I realised once again my path.

My friend and I were doing some Soul searching and I talked to her about how I get this strange vibration that runs through my body at night, it seemed to be coming from my bones themselves. This had puzzled me for a long time and considering I was in my doubting , depression phase I had not thought for one minute it was something good , I feared it was something bad like an astral attack but I could never get a definite answer from my Soul or rather I was so confused I would not listen. As I talked to my friend about this strange vibration she suddenly went into channel mode or what I like to call “the zone”. She said “are you connected to a Star?” I said “well yes I am a Star on the highest level, I am the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons”, she told me she could see clearly when I talked about the vibration, a huge Star in the very centre of the Universe that was going through some sort of transformation, she did not know if it was just being born or was going super nova. She said she could clearly see this Star in my upper chest, in the place of the new chakra which formed whilst I was in New Planet. This chakra was turquoise and when it pulsed it created immense bliss in my body.

She then moved more fully into “ the zone” and her face changed and for a minute she looked like the image my Soul had shown me, in the mirror when I had first asked what did my Soul look like. I knew this was truth she was speaking as my whole body went into the vibration that I only usually got in the night in bed. She then went on to say this Star was passing through a black hole. Suddenly my hair felt like it stood on end and the realisation of what she was seeing hit me full force. My god I thought I am still waking backwards and forwards and I now know that the highest expression that I am, as this grand central Sun I am now passing through the zero into the void. She told me that the vibration was because I had integrated this aspect of self, this Star into the cells of my body and everything this Star was going through I was experiencing in the cells. For a moment I was catapulted inside the cells and saw the same process that was going on, on this universal level, also going on inside the very cell. It was amazing. She told me that there were many monitoring this Star, as it moved into the black hole and, those monitoring the Star were also monitoring me and thus the Star, those monitoring and myself were forming a triangle of energy. I suddenly remembered the image or glyph big Alloya had given me when I first integrated her; it was a triangle with a Star inside it.

I cannot tell you how over joyed I was, not only to be given this information but to experience it first hand , having for a moment experienced myself as the Star moving into the void and calling all other aspects with it . This was a big confirmation for me not only to know we are still on track we are still moving along the path that was planned but also to know I had not failed. I was relieved. My doubt healed in a moment. I asked her who were monitoring the Star and I, she said oh lots of races of ETs, our Earth scientists and Gaia herself. It seemed my Star and I were of great interest. My friend looked at me and said “my you are a Star in deep consciousness “, these words lit my heart and I felt elated.

Our mission If you are reading this, you are no ordinary being. If you are reading this you are on a very special mission. Together we are trying to do something that has never been done before anywhere, in all of creation. What we are about to do is exceptionable indeed. I trust if you have found your way to this article that you already know my work and know about the multidimensional self and its integration. You know that our mission was to integrate all Soul aspects into the third dimension and then travel into the underworld through the lower dimensions, to finally pass through the zero point and then recreate ourselves on the other side, as a brand new universal reality.

Well we are well into our mission now, we have completed many phases. Now I am going to tell you what the next phase of our mission is. We are about to graduate from this universal school we find ourselves in.

You see you are not originally from this Universe, you come from outside this Universe, you are from infinite amount of Universes. You represent these Universes, as ambassadors, yet in truth you are these Universes. These universal manifestations are your dreams as Creator Gods. Each of you reading this is a Universe in the spectrum of the multi-verse. You as consciousness decided an adventure was needed, so you entered this Universe and began a detailed exploratory investigation of life in this fragmented place. Your mission on entering the Universe was to experience every manifestation of this Universal Creator’s dream. You projected aspects of yourselves into the various dimensions and sub-dimensions that made up this space, experiencing every facet of this splintered mirror.

You animated yourselves within every form, within every expression, even living lives in density. You walked paths of polarity, the light and the dark and integrated all aspects as self. You lit up on all dimensions and the “all that is “was then manifest. You were universal in consciousness yet fragmented as was the nature of this particular system. Your multidimensional consciousness was exactly that, a consciousness of many, a collective, a multi personality with facets which argued and challenged each other for dominance. This was reflected out, on to the dimensions themselves and in the lower planes, many wars and conquests abound.

You carried within your Soul signature the codes of all beings, all entities, and all races; you were the walking libraries of the Universe. You planted the seeds of all beings within the warmth of the Cosmic Mother’s belly and watched as forms were created in the Universe, forms of all expressions, all your dreams were made manifest, the Cosmic Mother birthed them all from her womb. You stand here as your human selves with all aspects integrated, all selves, past, present and future in all time lines, all parallels and all realities have now been integrated. You are no longer a being made up of many , separate and often with imbalanced personalities with their various agendas , you are now a new kind of being , a super hybrid. Now when you look at your Soul signature you can no longer see all the individual letters or selves which make up the signature, now it is a wave of energy. You have taken into your selves all dimensional aspects, as each aspect is added to the whole Soul matrix, new patterns are created as various aspects come together, new forms and races of beings are designed. These designs were recorded by many of the races, who are yet to pass through the zero point to create a completely new universal light reality. These races will use the information available in these star codes which we have created, to learn how to transform their particular race. All races are represented within the super hybrid matrix, as we pass through the zero, they will instantly be able to record the findings and use these findings to educate themselves, on how they can bring themselves to the point, where they too can pass through the zero point and recreate themselves as whole beings in the darkness of the void.

As you integrated each aspect into the physical body, the presence of the star codes activated codes within the DNA, the DNA itself created a template which was capable of holding each star code which represented each dimensional expression or being. Once all aspects had been integrated a morphing process began, where you merged all the star codes to create the ultimate universal seed code and you became the super hybrid.

This super hybrid Soul matrix then anchored into the DNA and finally you began to wake up in your reality. This was not the end of your journey; the next phase of the mission was then to begin. This was to call all aspects, all energies, all dimensions into the prime atom, the original core atom of your body. The mind would continue to create a normal reality and a normal life within the controlled matrix on the Earth but on inner levels the dimensional selves were beginning to compact in on each other, until only one aspect remained a merging of all others and their codes into the prime atom. This would create a Super Seed.

As each of you go through this process you also reflect out into the Universe this process and the dimensions are now beginning to fold in one each other and compact. You have already integrated and compacted all the different dimensional selves and their codes into the prime atom of your bodies, compacted yourselves to a single point, the one of yourselves. You now act as a force of gravity and will begin to breathe in the Universe and one by one the dimensions will compact. The place of the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons, on the highest dimensional level is going through this process right now, just as a mini version of this process is going on in the cells of your body. You are a microcosm of a macrocosm. You are calling all selves into one, all atoms into one, and calling all other atoms within this field into one, you are calling all into the Cosmic Mother’s silver seed. Contained within this seed is the information of the whole Universe. This seed would be held nestled inside the Universal Mother’s womb silently waiting its rebirth.

The Star that illuminates a thousand Moons has gone supernova. “ After the core of an aging massive star ceases generating energy from nuclear fusion, it may undergo sudden gravitational collapse into a black hole, black holes of stellar mass form when stars collapse in a supernova at the end of their life cycle. “ – taken from Wikipedia.

The Star has folded in and collapsed in on itself creating a black hole. At the centre of this black hole or gateway into the void lies a gravitational singularity, a region where the space-time curvature becomes infinite. The singular region has zero volume and thus becomes the zero point. This zero point becomes the “ ring that pass not “ The singular region can thus be thought of as having infinite density ,as it is the prime atom containing all of the codes of creation , the codes of all the multi-selves compacted into one , the silver Seed. The silver seed or Ecka seed will pass along the umbilical cord or serpent rope into the void, where the Ecka seed will suddenly and instantly burst forth and like a true flower of life synergy, it will create a new universal reality.

I Alloya, the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons, have inserted into Gaia’s matrix, the information that she needs to transform herself into a star. As I go through this process on the highest level, my human counterpart here on the Earth is also going through this process. In each and every cell of her body, there is a mini version of a process that is going on in the Universe. As the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons transforms, so do the mini stars in the cells of the human body. As my human counterpart experiences this process in the cells of the human body, Gaia feels this through the connection between bodies and gains knowledge on how to transform herself into her stellar self, to ignite her light body.

As with all developments along the integration process a code or symbol is given to wear within the light body. This star was symbolic evidence that I am in the beginnings of the process of becoming my Kristed self. This star is the one and only chakra, vortex of power within the 5d body. Just as all the different aspects merge into one, just as the dimensions compact into one; the chakras of the 4d body merge and become one. No longer will you experience the fragmentation of your multiself, no longer will you require the various chakras to express yourself through in your fragment, you will experience yourself as a Kristed perfect whole being. This star in the 5d body is a hologram of the Solar Logos process of transformation.

I looked at the star burning in my chest and saw that it was an eight pointed star within a circle. I researched and discovered it was symbol of the Sun God Ra, and represented becoming the Solar Logos. It also represented the alignment in space and time, the Divine Cross above and the mundane, Terrestrial Cross below, as above is below. It was also the Star of Inanna, Ishtar; Goddess of the Light bearer .It also represents realising balance, the eight paths of the Buddha. I remembered this chakra (that this star represented) and its activation, from the time I was in New Planet (please see this within the book “The Mission of the One Star”). It pumped bliss; it pulsated with energy so strong I could feel what felt like warm water pouring out of it into my blood feeding my body and Soul with power, light, truth and bliss. It was turquoise and silver, I do not know if this is the colour for everyone as my Soul colours are turquoise and silver, maybe others would see different colours depending on which colours correspond with their Soul signature. With this chakra activated I knew I could open it up somehow and step through it into other worlds and dimensions. It was my own Stargate. Whilst in New Planet I felt like a small child learning to walk, you would think if you knew you had such an ability you would want to use it, however I was so aware of my light body and its Merkabar and how easy it was to crash your space ship, I refrained from trying anything as adventurous as dimensional travel. This star burning on my chest was like a device within my light body which activated my Merkabar vehicle , once I had mastered this I would have the ability to walk through Stargates again just like I had many eons ago.

This appearance of the star in my light body was a good omen. It meant I was on my way to compact the dimensions into the silver seed and take that seed through the serpent tunnel through the zero or null point into the void and recreate myself and my Universe into something which was more than the sums of its parts. I saw this amazing silver seed passing through the labyrinth of the serpent tunnels to pass through the ring that pass not guarded by Lucifer himself ( not the perverted version feed to us by Annunaki lies , no the real bringer of light the Morning star). To pass through into the void to instantly burst into the flower of new life, and a new universal reality.

The dimensions are deconstructing, the first dimension, second and third has already deconstructed, and they no longer exist for you. When you watched your body from the ceiling of the Indian hospital bed you saw your body’s atoms disintegrate. You pulled all the energy from these lower dimensions within your physical third dimensional body, into the fourth dimensional body and ascended your energy into the fourth dimension. You are no longer in truth in the third dimension; you are in the fourth.

When I was in India I got super sick with E Coli poisoning and ended up dying in hospital. I left my body and spent what I think was roughly 3 days looking down on myself from the ceiling. I was with my Over Soul, discussing whether to leave the Earth and go home to my original home planet or stay here on the Earth and complete my mission. After much deliberation, I finally gathered together the atoms which were swirling beneath me and recreated a body to project my consciousness into . Little did I know at the time this was no longer my third dimensional body but my 4d body. I wrote an article called “Dead and do not know it “, in response to the information from my Soul family , that I was no longer manifest on a 3d world but a 4d. This made sense as the world around me began to resemble an illusionary 4d reality, with all its pit falls and traps. Now it seems I am at the point of deconstructing my 4d body, to move my energy into the 5th dimension. (I do not totally understand this concept from my human mind and I think you may not too, but sink down into the intuition and stay with me, maybe together at a later date it will make more sense. For now I am just going to write what is coming to my consciousness and let it flow).

I will also need to deconstruct my chakric system merging all energies into one chakra which will then anchor me into my 5d body, the entry point being the chakra in the upper chest. As the dimensions implode on each other they pass through the zero point and the consciousness enters the next level. On entry into the 5th dimension and the 5d body, the 4d body and dimension will deconstruct entirely. I will then become my Kristed self and walk the Earth as one of many Kristed beings. The 4th dimension and the 3rd dimension are very close in vibration it is easy if you have nothing to compare it with to mistake the 4th dimension for the 3rd. My reality and causal consequences are more prominent in this 4d reality than the third. I have become aware of the layers of manipulation which are occurring on this level, how I am often being manipulated by those with various agendas. There are so many energies and entities affecting us and manipulating us on this level, some even think they are helping us evolve yet manipulate never the less.

As you deconstruct the 4d reality all codes , information and experience records will be uploaded to your sixth dimensional self template and will become a library for other beings to gain access to information about how all the races on this 4d level ascend , they will gain access to the 4d constructs ascension data. As you deconstruct the 4d body lots of control mechanisms will fail. Lots of beings who are connected to you on this level will cease to be in your reality and their influence will cease. The Annunaki grids will no longer have an effect on you, you will not need to rationalise to know, you will have clear and concise access to higher wisdom. You will be more open-minded, you will no longer have Annunaki doubt and confusion codes. This will free up restricted parts of the brain and information will flow easier and the headaches will cease. Thinking of the self will no longer be negative as often these self loathing thought patterns are implanted by the Annunaki artificial matrix, called the Net, which holds you all in an illusionary controlled matrix prison. Formulas for living in truth will be spontaneous and free flowing. The electromagnetic pollution will no longer affect you and the poisoning will cease. All electrical imbalances both within and without the body will balance, and no longer have a negative effect. Many programs will be shut down.

The Draco Moon manipulation will be turned off What was the Draco Moon programme? I could feel this strange tingling feeling in my brow almost an itching, what was this moon symbol which itched in the place of my third eye. Before the Draco Moon programming can be turned off, you must remove an imprint you have in your third eye, the Crescent Moon. You have Moon Goddess programming. This crescent moon is a control mechanism; it has been preventing you from using your inner light to manifest your reality. Yet this symbol has many layers, this is only the first in many levels of a control over your third eye and the reality that your vision chooses to manifest as reality.

The Moon is reflective; it has no light of its own and only has light through its reflection of the sun’s rays. It is easily manipulated and influenced through emotion and the inner worlds of the psyche. This crescent moon symbol which can clearly be seen in the place of the third eye within your 4d body is a symbol of levels of control. The symbol meant that you were an open passage way to the other dimensions especially the astral realms in the 4th dimension. The Draco Reptilians who control the moon satellite used the Moon Priestesses, which they captured when they conquered the Moon Ark.

The Moon was originally a wonderful Ark, a seeding vessel, an amazing mother ship which travelled the galaxies seeding life on planets which were capable of sustaining life. This Moon Ark was a Pleiadian Ark ship. The Pleiadian Gods / Goddesses travelled the galaxies seeding plants, animals and later human life upon the planets they discovered. The love that emanated from this Moon ship could be felt by the consciousness of the discovered planet and the consciousness of the planet took energy from the stories of the love making of the Pleiadian Gods and Goddesses to create new life upon its surface.

The Goddess Isis was at the helm, she was the mother seeders of many of the planets in our Milky Way galaxy. You were one of her Pleiadian Priestesses, who travelled with her seeking out communication and communion with the consciousness of the discovered planets. You trained in the inner arts, working on the high astral planes to commune with all inner realms of discovered planets. This is why you have the ability to communicate with Gaia; you were trained to communicate with the female in all form, especially the Goddess within the Earth body as Gaia. You had a deep and reverent relationship with the Mother of Creation, the Cosmic Mother. You were an adept mystic and medium.

Life upon the Earth was seeded and left to its own development, unattended it attracted to it some unwanted attention from the Draco Alliance. Now it is far too big a story to go into as to who is who within the Draco Empire, but lets just say they were made up of many races, from many places, that they side with service to self conscious alignment and thus attract many rogue groups of beings, many with dark agendas. Draco is one race of Reptilians which made up the core of this empire, however do not think it is a reptilian alliance only, there were many more different races within this empire, some of which are human. For ease I will simply refer to them as the Draco or the Draco Empire.

Diane the Pleiadian Goddess took the Moon Ark to the Earth to protect the Earth from the influence of the Draco attention. The Moon being the carrier of much life that now existed on the planet, it was in communion with the Earth, it was compatible with the electromagnetic grids which aligned the planet. The Draco fought a hard battle with the Pleiadians. Diane became known as the Goddess of war after this battle. The Draco took the Moon and changed it, wiring into its grids electro-magnetic scalar weaponry. The Moon now hard wired to act as a transmitting device, acting as a way station between the Earth and Mars which was now a Draco base. The Draco could stay on Mars but through the Moon they could manipulate and influence those on the Earth without being exposed, as being the ones behind the manipulation.

The Moon manipulated many phases upon the Earth, the rising and falling of the tides, the harvest and sowing of crops and the moon cycles of the female. Through these basic life constructs the Draco were able to control food, and the propagation of the human race. The Moon not only affected the third dimensional living of the humans on the Earth, the Draco also controlled the inner astral dream realms of the humans through dreams, ceremonies and rituals. The Draco had the ability to mind control however their power was limited. The Draco captured many of the Pleiadian Priestesses which were upon the Moon Ark, when it was captured by the Draco forces. They mind controlled these Priestesses through torture and blood ritual, using the Priestesses almost like psychic batteries. Through using the mystic power of the Priestesses, the Draco were then able to transmit frequencies which could control the Earth population through the astral realms. They used the Priestesses as portals or doorways into other dimensions; they used the Priestesses as they had keys within their genetic codes that opened stargates. The Priestesses had been trained by the Pleiadian Goddess Isis to open naturally forming stargates, so they could travel interdimensionally. The Draco held the Priestesses captive and harnessed their abilities to open stargates and portals into other realms, opening wormholes between sectors of the dark Universe allowing forces to swarm into battle zones without using travel. They could jump through these portals and travel vast distances in a nano second.

The crescent moon symbol was brazed into the foreheads of the Priestesses to act as a mark to distinguish their slave owners and also their function in the Moon’s manipulation of the Earth people. This symbol was ritualistically marked upon the head and third eye by invoking astral demonic entities which touched the astral 4d body and then controlled it through manipulation and mind control. The Draco harnessed the Priestesses abilities to be able to open stargates, invoke other dimensional beings and work on the inner realms, in which they were impotent. The third eye should wear the sun emblem upon it, to depict the light that comes from the inner organic light, which creates reality along the lines of the choice of the residing Soul. The Moon however acts only as a reflector, only manifesting that which it is programmed to manifest. Thus the Draco took control of the Priestesses ability to create with inner vision, mind controlled them to create realities on the Earth which would hold those present on the Earth in psychic prisons. The Moon limits us to see the light which is reflected off of creation, as if the seeing and the vision are separate. Instead of seeing reality as a reflection of what is there, the eye should radiate and project out the inner mystic light to create reality along the lines of choice of the residing Soul.

The Moon is a planetary body converted into a semi-artificial body capable of travelling into interstellar space. The Draco trashed the moon and moved the moon into orbit around the Earth and caused the Earth to wobble on her axis. This moon influence was now controlled by the Draco and mankind especially the female through her cycles, she was manipulated. The Draco created a bio-computer which created a net of mind consciousness, a mind prison all on Earth are plugged into. This is the false matrix. The mechanics of this matrix are on the Moon. The net is a psychic worldwide net, this is the false astral 4d realm, an illusionary Draco prison designed to keep us dumbed down and available as an astral food source. Many of us are having dreams of being eaten; this is the reality of these astral prisons leaking through into our dream states. Many Reptilians and astral entities feed off us on this level. Once this influence is turned off we no longer will be manipulated in our dream realms and we will be able to move higher into the higher fourth dimension, where there are more levels of control. 4d is a plane of manipulation and control. The Draco controlled the woman through symbols, talisman and spells to disrupt the connection that the women had with the consciousness of the planet Gaia.

I began to look at this symbol of the crescent moon. It was a symbol of my Moon Priestess programming. I was beginning to deactivate the programs within my 4d body inserted into the chakric system. Like triggers or key codes these symbols were imprinted into my 4d body in this case in the place of my third eye. These triggers were mind control triggers which the Draco used to control my mediumistic abilities for their own devices. I was used by the Draco Queen which lived in deep caverns below the Moon’s surface. There were 12 Moon Priestesses which were captured when the Draco captured the Moon Ark. These 12 Priestesses were mind controlled themselves through torture, electromagnetic technology and astral manipulation; they became shadows of their former selves, with no freewill of their own they were zombilistic. They were only activated when they were needed to perform the Draco’s rituals, then they became their ritualistic puppets.

Were these programs still running in my incarnation now, was I still being manipulated through my 4d body via the symbols or spells that were inserted into my chakric system. I think the answer to this was an undeniable yes. What other programs did I have running in the back ground of my conscious awareness? At this point I wanted to know what I had to do exactly to remove these programs from my 4d body. Energy flooded into my awareness and body it was the presence of Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. My Pleiadian sisters were assisting me, I closed my eyes and opened to their energy and process and began to work on deprogramming myself from this Priestess programming. As each program was deprogrammed, a next layer would come to the fore. Isis/ Dianna Priestess Programming is a mediumistic programming which enabled my mind control masters the Draco to use me for rituals, and stargate navigation. The symbol of the crescent moon was a key to layers of programming another program was the Avalon Programming. The High Priestesses wore this symbol on their forehead; it was an indication of their role in the Moon Matriarchy. What was all this about with the Moon programming, I did not fully understand but intuitively knew it was something much bigger than simply a set of Draco programming. I closed my eyes and went into meditation and saw the Souls of those incarnate (who had this Moon programming within the 4d body) on death instead of migrating the dimensions to the source of all creation, through the passageway of the sun and stars, I saw them rise up to be caught with Soul catcher technology on the Moon. The Draco had a bio computer which was catching Souls who were passing over and took them to the moon in their astral bodies, where they were imprisoned and were used as emotional / astral /psychic food for the 4d Reptilians. It seemed there was a correct way of migrating the Soul through the solar ascension; however this route was blocked by the Draco and their technology. They were recycling Souls by capturing them and making them return to Earth with their memories wiped over and over again. Some device had been placed in their 4d body which kept them constantly in this loop of reincarnation. This device was the crescent moon in my forehead. I deactivated the moon.

On learning this I suddenly remembered a meditation I had , I was a Pleiadian Goddess, (just to make this clear I was not a planetary Pleiadian who travelled in space ships) , I was a star consciousness , one of the Seven Sisters . As this being I was able to navigate the Universe via portals and stargates, I held the keys and was a stargate keeper. I remember as this Star being opening up a stargate into the fourth dimension, it opened out into the great Giza Pyramid. This was a well travelled route for beings of our kind, as we often came to Earth to teach humanity about the stars. As I came down into the space I was caught. Four devices were positioned around me, which enabled the Draco to capture me. They used sound and light to harness me and they put me into what looked like a clear crystal saphonagus. I knew I was bound and imprisoned. These Draco were using me as a reality Creator. They took the creative divine energy which I carried within me, as this Pleiadian Star Goddess and used it to create illusionary worlds in the astral realms. Places within the astral where the Draco and their overlords could imprison the Souls of humanity. I knew as this aspect I was caught and imprisoned and my creative Soul energy was then siphoned off and then sent to ride the wheel of misfortune upon the astral realms of Earth, as a fully mind controlled and programmed being . I was used a bait to lure others into this false ascension matrix, a false heaven. I span my Merkabar field the wrong way calling all into false ascension or fallen systems.

Every time I had heard this word Merkabar, something inside me would go cold and I would feel something was not right with the Merkabar teachings which were all over the internet. I could not understand my feelings as so many around me were getting into the teaching of spinning the Merkabar to ascend. Everyone was getting into the Flower of Life teachings that came via Thoth. Ashyana Dean Channel of the Guardians said that Thoth was Annunaki dark avatar. He came to Earth to teach how to reverse the Merkaba, spinning it the wrong way taking energy into a closed system. Ashyana Deane calls this the death-star merkaba technologies. If you need to know more about death star Merkabar and fallen ascension read Ashyana Dean’s work, it is very in-depth and makes total sense to me, I had the feeling I should not be messing around with these death star teachings.

When I first woke up I had been given a book by a friend about spinning the wheels of the merkaba and the flower of life teachings. I opened the book read the first page and was about to look to the next page , my higher self came into my awareness very strong and said “ put that book away , this is not for you , they are spinning the wrong way , instead of taking you to the light it will take you to your extinction.” I was shocked by this I thought everyone who was a light worker had to do this, however I closed my eyes and in my inner vision I was shown images of not only light workers, but whole planets, galaxies and whole Universes being taken into collapsing falling realities. I had this death Merkabar programming running in my 4d body.

“The Tree of Life” teachings that were dispensed by the entity Thoth were in fact teaching the Metatronic Death Science technologies that the Guardian Alliance talked about. Thoth was of Orion/ Rigelian descent. In Sitchin’s “Calendar Tales” from “When Time Began”. He explains to us in great detail that Thoth taught the Moon cycles based calendar (which under his other name Quetzlcoatel became the Mayan Calendar).Here again was this connection with the Moon and its phases. Were the moon phases actually some sort of code, a set of triggers? I had got the information that the lunar eclipse were somehow artificial , the moon had been moved into the correct position to not only prevent the full strength of the solar influx which were coming at these times, but also to act as a symbolic trigger to activate the Priestesses with the crescent moon symbol brazen on their foreheads. Was this the mark of the beast?

According to Asyhana Dean and the Guardian Alliance, Thoth and his cronies had fragmented the DNA of those on Earth and have programmed out the stellar magnetic flow which enables the person to ascend through the stellar path and walk the path of Solarian.

Now beings ascend to the Moon where they are imprisoned until the next turn of the wheel. They are unaware of this manipulation as the stellar awareness has gone, replaced by the lunar awareness, which lies in the shadows of the subconscious. Those on Earth have become lunar and are therefore now easily mind controlled.

I realised as the process continued that I was decoding incarnated programs that were running automatically in my human Soul matrix. As soon as I entered my 4d body fully after the illness in India , I became more aware of these programs which were left running which were enabling beings from within the 4th dimension ,to not only hold me here but manipulate and control me whilst I was here. All day I would sit at work and think about how I was in a prison, how the walls of the prison extending past the walls of my office, out into my outside reality, into the matrix itself, how the matrix itself was a prison. The Zeta had shown me many times how this world in which we live is far different to the actual reality of Gaia. I had seen the two matrixes in Arizona.

The other matrix, the true matrix of Gaia herself, was woven by Grandmother Spider. The spider beings create the blueprints for the plants and animals which later manifest upon Gaia. Spider consciousness is an aspect of Gaia’s consciousness which exists on the first dimension, the spider creates a reality which enables those who live upon the Earth access to the fairy kingdoms, and the reality I call Avalon. At one point in Earth story the worlds of the humans and the world of the Elfin were side by side, however a split in realities had occurred caused by the Annunaki when they changed the frequencies of Earth from purely magnetic to electrical. Only those humans who were adept at navigating the dimensions were able to access these safe havens, of Lyonese and Avalon, these were the Priestesses of Avalon. That is why the Draco placed the crescent moon on my forehead so I no longer could project myself from my third eye and enter the realm of Avalon.

I wrote about this in my book “Her Perspective “, how I had gone with a group of women to meditate upon the crest of Tren Crom hill here in Cornwall. I had closed my eyes and was catapulted into another reality, I watched the Priestesses walking into the Earth to escape the arrival of the Patriarchal control. I had watched the Priestesses entering through the doorways into Avalon, Gaia’s safe haven. I was distraught with pain and now I fully realise why I was unable to go with them because I had been cursed with the crescent moon programming. I was no longer free to move between worlds as I had once done before. I was not human I was of Elfin kind but with the symbol burning bright on my fore head , I was made to create for myself a human form in which to walk within the walls of this 3d prison, Metatron’s cube.

Avalon is a Gaian made safe haven, a place where those on the Earth of Elfin and Fairy kin could go to escape the hordes of invading Patriarch Empire. No wonder I had cried my eyes out when I watched the Elves leaving on elfin ships to the Grey Havens in the film Lord of the Rings. I should have gone with them. Avalon is the realm which Gaia created for those who were leaving the middle Earth, to escape the arrival of the Patriarch. The Draco / Annunaki male orientated patriarchal energy was superimposed over Gaia’s nature matrix, and those who were pulled into this false matrix were then imprisoned. This imprisonment meant that those living in this prison were no longer able to anchor into Gaia and then lost the ability to call upon the spider consciousness to dream the dreams and manifest the reality they wished for. Natural magic was no more and people came to fear and later to disrespect and even later forget natural magic existed at all. In Avalon magic was possible with the energy of Gaia, true Earth magic, talismans and spells were not needed like they were in the false matrix prison.

Who had made this prison?

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron the so called Archangel was also an imposter, not an angel at all; he was just the prison officer of Metatron’s cube or prison. Metatron’s cube gives the holder of the formula if you like, the ability to create a third dimensional false matrix, through the creation of platonic solids. The elements are assigned to each of the five platonic solids. The fifth Platonic solid, the dodecahedron, Plato obscurely remarks, “…the god used for arranging the constellations on the whole heaven”.

We think that this being is coming from a very high dimension, this is false. All these beings are coming from within the 4d. Within the 4d there are many levels of realities. Many beings who are telling you that they come from the 6th for example are deceiving you , they are coming from the 6th octave of the 4d , they are not gods at all but imposters. The gods have been exposed as Draco, Annunaki, Sirian & Pleiadian beings, now even the archangels are imposters, this I always intuitively knew in the pit of my belly. We are being deceived by beings imposing as gods and angels. I began to question many of the sacred geometry teachings that were on the internet , were all these different and complex geometric shapes and forms somehow holding our Merkabar fields in certain patterns ,to act as a conduit for falling systems. If I followed the teachings, how did I know I was not somehow aiding the fallen agenda, was I an instrument in their plan to stop Earth’s true ascension. If I span my Merkabar fields in the direction they were teaching how did I know I was not anchoring our Earth and in fact the whole of the milky way system into a black hole which would take us into a fallen finite system. There was more to these patterns and shapes, than I first thought. The sixth dimension is a place of geometric shapes and factual structures, it is a cosmic language. It seemed that a being like Metatron had the ability to manipulate and deeply understand this language and set of codes, and had in fact used this knowledge to create patterns in the matrix which would call systems into fall.

I began to look more closely at these geometric shapes and codes, it seemed we were held in a reality which was made up of these shapes, that the whole Universe on this level was made up of these fractal patterns and they could it seemed be manipulated and used for dark agendas. Metatron and others of his kind had manipulated the geometric codes of the Universe on this level and had created black holes and rips in the fabric of the Universe, holes and rips which whole systems could fall through to their oblivion.

I have the six pointed star in my birth chart, soloman’s seal. I had always wondered what that meant and now it was becoming clear. It was a seal whose purpose was to close something in thus trapping it, to do its bidding or hold it, so it will not escape. Solomon’s seal the Star of David was designed to do just that. Solomon used this seal to seal in the Jinn in bottles with the Star of David on the top. Lilith is imprisoned in the centre of the planet in a prison with no door with seal or symbols imprinted into the walls. Now it was making sense, I was being held trapped inside my physical form by this six pointed star. Who ever had placed me in this 3d prison had done so with amulets and geometric magic. Metatron’s cube was a spell or illusionary net placed within the Soul of man to trap him here in this false matrix, so it could not only be controlled but its power and energy could be tapped into to create more illusionary realities to act as storehouses of Souls, these Souls becoming the energetic food for those fallen beings. This cube and its magic formulas prevented those Souls who were seeking higher truth from passing back and forth between the dimensions.

Our body is made up of 6 Protons 6 Electrons 6 Neutrons, 666, this is the Carbon structure of the Cube, this is the number of the Beast. The six pointed star was holding me prisoner within my astral body, which was being used as a food source and a Creator battery for these fallen beings to use to create more prison realities. My star fits nicely inside Metatron’s cube in fact is an important part of it. As Lilith they had trapped me within a maze of geometric hexes and spells, using my energy as their source of energy which they used to not only hold the walls of the prison together but they also used my energy to power other illusionary worlds which also acted as prisons for all the slaves imprisoned in the 4th and 3rd dimensions.

In myths of Lilith she is seen as the goddess of the demons the ultimate Jinn. When I talked with Lilith this is what made her so angry and deeply sad, she told me she was not a demon but a Creator goddess which had been entrapped in the planet, imprisoned by these so called angels, and used as a battery. She showed me how they built monuments upon the leylines and crossing points, so they could feed off her energy which ran through the planet as ley or dragon lines. Lilith is considered a jinn because she is trapped in this reality and form, by the sixth pointed star, this is seen as Lilith’s star, it is not her star at all it is the symbol which imprisons her. No wonder they wanted to keep Lilith out of their reality, she would of recreated paradise for humans to live in and they would come to know, they were equal to the gods and the gods would lose the control, they had on the humans. Also from this imprisoned state Lilith’s energy could be siphoned off and used for evil, just as the Isis Priestesses had been used by the Draco in their rituals.

Metatron brought the template for the monetary system. The monetary system and its codes are the functions of the cube. The various currency signs are symbols of the powers themselves. I had always thought the dollar bill looked like a serpent trapped behind bars. Lilith is the serpent Goddess, even depicted as the serpent in the Garden of Eden; she is trapped behind the bars, of this monetary system brought into manifestation by the device which is Metatron’s cube. The creative energy of the serpent which also represents healing as the Greek caduceus is being trapped and used to create false realities here on the Earth. Many take the dollar and its encoded symbology and through this create false realities inside the cube, in which to imprison humanity. We are all slaves to money are we not? I am yet to discover the meaning of the other currencies but as the dollar is the number one currency in the world, then I have to decode this first .The dollar bill is also a sign of Lilith’s entrapment . We are living in false realities surrounding the creation and use of money , if we did not have to be slaves to the dollar, we would be free to realise we are infact Creator gods and can rearrange our reality through our creative divine power.

I did a meditation healing session with a friend I had complained I was always poor and had no money; she took me through a process to attract money to me. She channelled Metatron and filled my Soul matrix with all the various monetary symbols, at the time I thought this was a good thing, as I needed more wealth, little did I know he had in fact programmed me with more codes from the beast cube. More codes to entrap myself in this prison reality as Lilith.

Was Metatron another name for Satan, as he is the angel who brought the beast cube to the Earth and his number is 666.

I was starting to see a hierarchical structure with Metatron at the top of the pyramid. Metatron – also known as Satan the Lord of the Death Star governor and controller of the Host of fallen angels some posing as the light,Micheal, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael etc Who guide and are the controllers of the fake ascended masters – Sananda, St Germaine, and the Great White Brotherhood etc Who instruct and are the controllers of The Galactic Federation of Light / Ashtar Command / Sirian Command – posing as the light & the The Draconian Empire / Annunaki / Orions/ Greys etc- posing as the dark but all on the same team controlling through the matrix of freemasonic talismans the Illuminati Global Elite Humans /Masonic Alliance.

The Masonic occult symbols which are so prevalent in the Illuminati’s world are designed not only to control the human population but they also control the Illuminati themselves, no one is free all are controlled by those above. One of the main Masonic symbols is the check board pattern of black and white; this is the chess board which the fallen play with the Illuminati as the chess pieces. Both the light and dark side were puppets to the fallen angels who possessed them to make them do their bidding in the lower realms of the 4 dimensions, the first, second, third and fourth dimensions. Now I was starting to understand this Empire , Draco/Annunaki/Orion Alliance were not at the pinnacle of the pyramid of power at all , they were almost at the bottom , above them were fallen angels who were using them as hosts to bring about their plans in these lower dimensions. These fallen angels or angelic imposters were running the show with Metatron watching.

This is what the Guardian Alliance has to say about Metatron.

“ In reality, the Death Science teachings and technologies progressively mutated the DNA, and entrapped the consciousness within a biologically-induced state of false euphoria — while systematically dissolving the organic evolutionary potential to achieve Genuine Eternal Life BioSpiritual Star-Gate Ascension. “

I had seen this on my journey through the dimensions on the way back down I had stopped at the 4th dimension to be shown the many levels which we contained within, many hells and many heavens are manifest in this astral world. Those who were ascending and going to heaven or so they thought were now imprisoned in a light prison , kept in euphoric states whilst their life force , their divine power was siphoned off and used as food for these fallen beings. The ascension teachings of the New Age is designed to cause worship of these fallen beings, to stand in the glory of this false light gods, so we feed them our power. Why should we worship any one or any being, if we are all the Creator then we are equal to these beings. The dark hierarchy is clever in deceiving many of the light workers on the planet that if they only look at the light and ignore the dark it will indeed go away, they are blinding them to the false light from heaven. Many will walk this path of ascension, many will enter Metatron’s “pillar of fire “and ascend to heaven, through working with the death metatronic teachings. They will have no idea they are not ascending to heaven but an artificial created heavenly prison, where they will live in bliss whilst their very divine life force is siphoned off and used to create more prison worlds.

The Guardian Alliance talk about how “ in ancient times, both the Illuminati-Human races and their ET Illuminati-Elder-kin directors KNEW that every biological life-form represents a “biological electromagnetic quantum,” which exists in a symbiotic bio-electric interrelationship with the electromagnetic structures inherent to the Planetary Templar and Star-Gate system. The Illuminati intention was to harness this “raw biological power” of Earth’s most “genetically advanced” Angelic Human species, by cultivating the human biology into a “vessel” through which the interdimensional frequencies of the distorted “Metatronic Code” could be “electronically channelled en masse” into Earth’s Templar.

If a mass of Angelic Human bodies could be genetically mutated to “run the frequencies of the Metatronic Death Code,” then a critical quantum of the “collective human body” could be used to create “quantum override” of the organic electromagnetic coding of Earth’s Star-Gate Ascension Passages, which are “electronically keyed” to the organic Angelic Human genome. Once such a “mass of Metatronically-coded biological electromagnetic human quanta” was created, masses of humans could then be “guided” to perform specific “spiritual energy rituals” at various key “Sacred Site” locations of Earth’s Templar, during the “all-important periods” of Earth’s SAC Star-Gate-opening “Ascension Cycles.”

It was working all over the planet people are working on this project without even knowing what they are doing. They are aiding this false ascension. I had warned people over and over not to do these rituals at the sacred sites, as they did not know what they were doing yet many of my warnings went unheeded. I remember a group of people who were on an Earth connections workshop had performed a ritual at a sacred site here in Cornwall; I had turned up late a bit on purpose because I was not into rituals and it did not feel right. I watched as many forgot what they were supposed to do and laughed and messed about, it looked like the ritual had fallen apart and to be honest I was relieved but did not know why. As I stood there a woman poured a glass of red wine over the standing stone. As she did I felt warmth on my legs only to look down and see the whole of my trousers covered in blood. It was not the time of my period and I had never bled so much ever in my whole life. I was shocked and embarrassed and left in my car to go home to change. My whole body hurt I felt like I had somehow been sacrificed on the astral level.

So maybe the Guardian Alliance are correct many are indeed doing these spiritual energy rituals at key sacred sites. Many will do these rituals at key points in time in the next few years. Of course the date we are all aiming for is Dec 2012. However there are other days which are also encoded and deeply manipulated dates, such as 11.11, November 2011. Many will be go to sacred sites all over the planet at this times and open themselves to god knows what in the name of their “ Light work” but do they really know what they are doing , do they really know what and who they are opening themselves up to and why. I fear many do not.

Now a thought came to me, I had always had intuitive doubts about the Mayan calendar and the December 2012 date. I always had a sneaky feeling it was a hoax of some sort, like there was some sort of manipulation going on. Was the calendar a set up, so those who thought they would ascend at this time instead of ascending to the 5d world of light or so they thought , would they be taken into a false heaven which really was a prison camp. I had a firm warning, my higher self told me to warn many that during the time of December 2012 there would be lots of false stargates, wormholes opening in which many would volunteeringly enter to go to their ascended hells. I was also told that to beware the 11.11 date too, that this date had been taken over. Originally it was an escape route for all those who intuitively knew the 2012 was a trap to escape through, however this date had since been taken over by this dark cabal and those who choose to walk through these stargates would enter not an ascended 5d world but a false 4d prison.

Many will leave some by death through Earth changes, some will leave aboard the Galactic Federation of Light’s ships, some will pass through the artificial stargates and wormholes at these two pivotal dates. I was to go nowhere, stay with Gaia. Many years ago I went and sat in a tree in my woods near my home and as I communed with the tree, Gaia talked to me full of presence. She told me that there would come a time in the future when lots of ships would be seen in our skies and some would land and the governments would announce they were communicating with the ET visitors. She told me that the very first to come would not be who they said they were, they would come in peace and full of light , but they were not of the light at all, but were imposters. She told me not to under any circumstances go with them; she made me promise I would not leave but stay with her. She even said I was not to leave with them even if they looked like my Soul family as these dark beings could fool me with shape-shifting abilities. She said remember the first to make contact are dangerous and not to be trusted. It was years later that I discovered that many were gearing themselves up to leave on ships with those beings they called the Galactic Federation of Light and these would be the ones to make first official public contact with the masses.

All dates have been manipulated by this dark cabal, was the Mayan calendar now a trap? Had the Mayan calendar originally been a good thing or has it since been taken over, I cannot answer this question yet , all I know that these numbers come from within Metatron’s cube prison and they are codes , like the sequences of locks. The Illuminati think they are worshipping the true Lucifer but they are not he is an imposter he is Metatron/ Thoth/ Enoch. Did Enoch give the Illuminati the keys to build this Metatronic prison cube as our reality? The true Lucifer like Lilith is encased in stone in the bowels of hell.

11.11 Doorways to false ascension. Be fully present during the time of 11.11 (November 11th 2011). Many are looking to this time to ascend or transform, however it is not only the light workers who are waiting for this time, the dark cabal are waiting for this too. Many false ascension gateways will open at this time. The dark cabal have the technology to create wormholes which can take the fooled into ascension prisons mainly on the Moon and Saturn. During this time focus on the true organic way and if in any doubt do not pass through the doorways which open. The organic path will stay open to all those who have chosen to go to New Planet , it is not a one time opportunity, these organic gateways will open for all over the next years, you will not be left behind. If in any doubt talk to Gaia ask her to show you a sign so you know for sure you are walking the path to New Planet. The same with the December 2012 time, many illusions are being set up to fool those who cannot stand in their truth and are open to be duped. Listen to Gaia for she knows the way, all other beings are either misinforming for their own manipulated agendas or they simply do not know the way and are only guessing. Remember this has not been done before we have never been to New Planet reality before as a whole consciousness, so no one truly knows the way.

It is as if many who resist the transformation of the Earth and her family are putting in place many devices to trip us up on a way to New Planet. As we walk through the underworld, along the dark passage there are many pitfalls which could trip us up on a way to a new 5d reality. It is important at this time that you only listen to your own inner guidance and not be fooled or misled by others and other beings who are trying to divert you along false ascension paths.

I must say there are those who will walk these false ascension paths and in no way is this incorrect for them as it is perfect for their level of learning as a Soul. It is correct for them to pass through the false wormholes that the secret black ops of the shadow military have created with their time travel technology given to them by rogue groups coming from Sirius B. These Sirians have given the technology to our shadow military and they with the Sirians and other groups within the Orion/Draco Alliance are creating wormholes into our space and reality. Many will walk through these wormholes and inorganic stargates to their own imprisoned ascended realities. You will not be one of those to walk through the inorganic stargates. If you are reading this text then you are one of us who are coming to New Planet.

Like I said lots of false stargates and wormholes will open up especially during the time of 11.11 and 21.12. Those who are guided to pass through these gates will move on to the next level of the game within Metatron’s cube. For that is what the cube is, a multilevel game. It is a game of polarity, light and dark in duality. All the battles between light and dark had occurred not on the higher dimensions ,as you have been told by religious texts and later new age channelling coming mainly from the Galactic Federation of Light , no all these battles have been played within Metatron’s cube. We are inside a cube of reality, a game being played by fallen angelic beings, the head of which is Metatron, the game master. It is your mission to graduate from this cube, this game.

It is important as we move closer and closer to these encoded dates that we do not fall into the game of light verses dark, good against evil. Those who enslave us within this cube want us to do just that, to find a common enemy and focus on this, then we are pulled and chained to the game which is being played out inside the cube. It is important that we remember we are light and dark, good and bad and that we play both sides, only then are we free to unlock the codes and stargates which hold us imprisoned within Metatron’s cube. Metatron and his host of imposters have done us a great service, we have learnt a lot about ourselves whilst residing inside this cube. We have however tired of this game and are now ready for graduation. We are being offered by Gaia a way out of this prison. I see myself standing inside this cube now. For those who do not know they are inside a false and manipulated matrix, they will not see the dark passageways, the gateways, the labyrinth; they will continue to see the coloured illusion which is imagined inside the cube. You and I on the other hand will begin to see the façade lessen and every now and then we will be able to see the walls of our prison. As we walk along through the labyrinth we will turn many corners and be faced with two gate ways one which is the correct way out of the labyrinth and one gate which is false and only leads to yet more levels within the cube. Many will pass through the false gateways and continue to grow and ascend but within the controlled cube. They will never really ascend to the 5d but will continue to stay within the 4d cube. They are not ready to graduate, they have not completed the years they need to complete, in order to get their degree in creation, they will need several more turns of the wheel before they are ready to go to New Planet. You are not one of these, you are ready to escape out of this prison to the 5 dimensional New Planet. So as you come across these gateways especially during the times of 11.11 and 21.12 etc, you must be super careful you do not fall for the illusion and walk through the wrong gateways. How will you know which is the correct gateway?

You must be in your truth, which is? You are the Universal Dreamer; you have created all of this, all of the dimensions, the cube, the stargates everything. You have sent aspects of yourself into this creation so you could play the game from the inside. Not only did you create the structure but you also created all the characters within the game, Metatron, the Galactic federation and the Illuminati, you are everything and everyone, even those who we like to label the dark. Only by coming to this ultimate realisation will you be able to stand in your truth. There is nothing to fear, your truth will illuminate the right gateway for you.

Imagine if you are one of those who follow and worship other beings outside of yourself, then you will naturally want to walk through the gateways which take you to an ascended master’s version of heaven on Earth. You will give your power away to the gate keeper, usually one of the ascended masters, angels or Metatron himself. You will enter a world which you think is 5th dimensional and ascended when in fact you will still be within the cube, living in a higher version of current Earth reality, held in artificial bliss by those of the Galactic federation of light . If you are reading this, this is not your way, there will be no gatekeeper who you can give your power away to, you will have no one holding your hand, you will have to walk through the gateway alone unassisted by all angels, guides, ET family, everyone and anyone who has supported you thus this far, will no longer be present, this pathway you will walk alone.

The halls of Amenti

The Halls of Amenti are the dimensional passageways or rather a labyrinth deep inside the Earth entered by a portal in the Great Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt. Initiates pass through the portal or stargate present in the King’s chamber and enter this series of tunnels, passages ways and temples deep inside the Earth. It is possible to ascend through walking these dark ways, only those of a certain lineage could open the stargates and pass from one level to another. The Halls of Amenti provided passageway to one who has to pass through on its way to ascend out of the time dimensional reality, Metatron’s cube. Within the Earth there are hidden within the Secrets of Amenti, the mechanics of the ancient Halls of Amenti Star Gates that sleep in Earth’s core.

It is written that “the sarcophagus in the King’s chamber was used for the adepts as one of their final tests. The pyramids were built precisely along powerful Earth energy lines known as “ley lines” and used by the Gods in their ritual workings. Beneath the great pyramid is the Halls of Amenti, the womb of the Earth. The adept would lie in the sarcophagus in the correct position so a powerful beam would hit the third eye chakra”.

This was exactly what had happened to me when I visited the Pyramid in this lifetime. To make a long story short I had entered the pyramid and the caretaker made everyone leave but me and two friends, then he had lead me to lie in the sarcophagus , instructing me to lie a certain way , which I did . I felt my whole body being flooded with information , my body twitched and rushed with energy I could feel things popping inside the cells of my body and when I asked my higher self what was going on, I got told to lie still they were activating the star codes in my dna. To this day I was not sure what had happened to me that day. Was I being used as a key to open the stargate into the halls of AmentiIt was at this point that I had a dream where I was talking with Buddha. I woke up at the tail end of his lecture. He said to me “there are two paths to ascension, one is correct and leads to complete and organic ascension. This ascension is possible through the star fire and the other way, is to pass through artificially created stargates, which take you to a fallen artificial matrix which the Annunaki and many others are currently trapped in. The star fire in your blood, openings the organic stargates and allows stellar magnetic energy to flow through the bloodline, bringing all into the path of Solarian, this gives you the ability to magnetically navigate your way through the solar ascension. “

Things were starting to make sense. I had known for some time that I was made up of many different races of beings, infact I was made up of them all, being a super hybrid; all were represented in my Soul matrix. I knew that as I cleared the karma of the various aspects that made up my Soul matrix then I was also clearing the karma of each individual race. I knew that I carried the signatures of all these races and as I walked through each one of the stargates in the halls of Amenti, I would be able to record how I did this and send this information to all the races represented within my being, so they too could find ways of ascension and thus continue their races development. Time is running out for many of the fallen races, realities are collapsing, they have to find ways of moving through organic ascension quickly or when the whole Universe moves into this new expression, if they did not have the correct star codes within their Soul matrix they would pass through the zero point into the void and they would cease to be. Many races were counting on me to show them the correct formulas to organic ascension. Maybe this star fire was the key.

It was a complicated business braiding all the different lineages together; it had taken millennia of planning to get Soul family groups back together within my DNA, to now take them back to the stars to bring them to the point of superluminality, would we succeed. The mission is to bring them to the point of being able to organically ascend themselves through implosion the nature way to ascension, rather than through inorganic artificially created stargates. Many races had already attempted inorganic ascension and have ascended themselves into places where they were now trapped the Annunaki being only one of these fallen races.

Asyhana Dean calls this organic ascension, “a fast path EVAC called Star Fire, which is an Inscension (in toward the Core), as opposed to an Ascension through the Outer Domain Star Gates” Instead of ascending myself through the higher dimensions via the artificial stargates or wormholes I was to turn inwards on myself and compact all selves into one and thus take myself through the core, ride the waves of Star Fire to a new creation.

In Ancient Egyptian cultures a substance called Star Fire was considered to be the life-giving extract from the divine menstrual blood of the Goddess. Star Fire was the menstrual essence of the birth Goddess. The Oxford English Dictionary describes the menstrual action as “an alchemical parallel with the transmutation into gold.” In ancient Egypt, menstruum was ritually collected from priestesses, known as the Scarlet Women. These women were known in the original as “beloved ones”, and via various translations, as “whores”. (But these women were never considered to be prostitutes or adulteresses — the contrary interpretation being a contrived strategy of the Roman Church in their bid to denigrate the Scarlet Women.) This was my connection to Lilith, Lilith is the star fire in the blood of the Priestesses which was abused by the Draco, no wonder I had reacted with bleeding during the ritual at Tren Crom hill.

When I had the dream during which I had talked to Buddha, I was shown two paths one contained lots of artificial stargates or wormholes all guarded by what looked like Annunaki security guards. The other way was a river of blood with naturally forming stargates which appeared as stars throughout the blood, I knew when I awoke from this dream that I was to find a way of ascending or rather inscending by riding the star fire in the blood. Star fire gave me the ability to inscend this must be what the Draco had controlled in me to open stargates, was there something in my DNA, my lineage which enabled me to have a key to unlock organic stargates.

Taken from Asyhana Dean and the Guardian Alliance text.

“ (Planetary Star Fire Cycle) because the Star Burst was not a large enough reset to protect the Eckasha/Ecka level from the Budhara Gravitron technologies Star Fire was initiated in the grids. Star Fire is a cycle of pulling inward on the Inhale of Source, into what is called the Jhardon of Edon Middle Worlds. In simple terms the contraction/inhale back into Middle Worlds Source is the Star Fire process. Star Fire, as Star Burst, is natural part of our Creation Cycle (within the bigger Star Born Cycle of the Cosmic Light Body) which we would normally cycle in, in an extremely long period of time. Star Fire Cycle allows for a very big leap in time which takes us directly into the Middle Domain Worlds if we can hold the frequencies necessary to live in such a system. As the Star Fire progresses, the planetary 12 Star Gate system will need to be progressively closed due to the high frequency of the Hub pulses associated with the Star Fire. In their place, Arc of the Covenant Gate system will be coming back on line. Before Star Burst and Star Fire we were travelling a path of Ascension that took us vertically up the Star Gates (SGS). – The Ascension path through the SGS can be progressive and slow or as we found out in Hetharo/Hethalon, it can entail leaps along the way of our ascent. Star Burst represented a very big leap to the other side of the Hub into our Parallel Ecka system. When Star Fire was initiated we learned there was also a very fast, intense through the Centre route that took us into the Middle and Inner Domains. This is a quick path inward toward the Core rather than the much slower path vertically and the inward to the Core of Creation”.

“Star Fire in the blood “ This sentence imprinted itself upon my mind and I could not let it go, it rattled around. What exactly did Buddha mean the correct way to ascension was through the star fire in the blood? What was this star fire?

Star fire is the San Graal, the song of the blood. It is the blood song which gives you the ability to magnetically dance or navigate gene pools and all corresponding Soul families through the stellar vortexes, to travel through the serpent cords to ascend to the stars by walking the Solarian way. The Solarian way is the ability to navigate through stellar stargates. The fuel for this is within the blood, it is your star fire. Excite the passion, ignite the fire in the blood, bring a moment of bliss to the heart and the Universe begins to sing. The many silver serpents entwine through harmony and become the serpent rope, which turns in on itself, creating the serpent tunnels through space and time, travel these highways of light to the portals in the sun.

I could see pictures in my mind of my dna in the blood creating patterns and these patterns somehow were affecting my universal reality , creating vortexes within the fabric of the Universe, vortexes which I as my consciousness could travel down to come out at another star system via , a star gate which was within the sun. When ever I had wanted to astral travel around our Universe, I had always used the portal in the sun, I was instantly magnetised to the sun and passed through on my way to other dimensions or sectors of time and space. I thought it was a cool way of beginning the process of astral travel; I had no idea that this was a set path way for other beings that were travelling here from other dimensions and other sectors of the Universe. It seemed that this was the organic way to travel, other races needed space ships and wormholes or artificial stargates created in order for them to navigate the Universe, they did not have the ability to pass through the stellar gateways, as they had lost their ability to ignite the star fire in the blood.

I wanted to make sense of what I was seeing in my mind. I was shown how the DNA was affected by the patterns that formed from the harmonics and patterns that came from the heart. So I began to research on the internet and that is when I came across the work of Dan Winter. I suggest anyone who is here on the mission of finding a way to new planet so they can record the DNA route for all members of their Soul family to follow, read and come to understand fractal science, of which Dan Winter is a master.

His work is amazing and even though I do not usually have a head for science, this science I already knew on some level. As I read his work something began to happen to me. It was as if I had a screen next to my right eye, and upon this screen I was being shown a visual educational informative video which was being played along side the information that I was learning via reading Dan’s work. Within this video I was shown the land of fractals and patterns. I began to see Dan’s theories as fractal patterns and processes. I understood these concepts totally as if I was already a master of this language and dimension but had somehow forgotten. When ever I was not sure of what I was reading I would look to the screen and instantly see the fractal pattern or process organically growing and moving, and instantly I would know what Dan was talking about. I thought to myself this language of fractals is more complete and more at ease than any other language or method of learning I had ever come across. This language is how beings from outside the cube communicate. Within each fractal I was shown such a wealth of information it was far too much for my mind to explain to anyone else, I thought Dan was a genius as he had found a way to inform.

This fractal space and its symbols must be the sixth dimensional language I had heard so much about , I knew that this 6d was a dimension of codes, stargates, patterns , and fractals and that Alustra my dragon self had full knowledge of this language. He was somehow made up of these fractals he was the vehicle which carried my awareness through this dimension of fractal landscapes. He held in his body the star maps and co-ordinates of my travel. I always thought of him as being my personal space ship, my Merkabar. I began to see him not as a flesh and bone dragon as he has appeared to me before, now I began to see him as a fractal pattern, a pattern of perfection. He has the ability to navigate his way through this 6d space of fractalisation because he was a perfect fractal himself and thus used magnetism to travel from one place in the Universe to another. Like attracts like, this is a universal law, the law of attraction. Alustra had the ability to travel to anywhere in the dimensional Universe he so pleased because he was highly attractive pattern and therefore he was compatible with all other patterns in the fractalised universal 6d reality.

Star fire is in the blood, it is the ability to fire the blood with the energy of bliss.

Perfect sharing proceeds perfect branching which leads to perfect nesting, which creates progression, evolving Soul groups leading to the golden mean of phi.

When the heart is experiencing bliss it creates an electrical charge which creates frequency pictures in the sound harmonics of the heart. When someone is feeling bliss this electrical charge has the ability to embed itself into the DNA.

The spectrum emission of the heart, braids the DNA.

It is true the heart really does sing. If you are moved to tears of joy then the emotion of this plays the heart and thus the heart begins to send out from itself sound waves. The harmonics are created by the rhythms of the heart beat. The heart has seven chambers which is plays like an organ to create harmonious sound waves. These sound waves move out from the centre of the heart and weave around each other. Long waves that come from the heart harmonics entwine the short waves of the DNA and sound waves mechanically braid the DNA, into geometric patterns and this creates a sacred geometric ladder. The harmonics are perfect at the moment of bliss and because of this harmonic perfection an amazing process begins to happen. The sound waves create patterns, sacred geometric shapes, which become fractal. They are perfect geometry. These shapes are in perfect harmony with each other and because of this they are just the right shapes to compress or implode on themselves that is they fold in on themselves to create perfect compressed geometry. This compression occurs to the fractal pattern which was created by the harmonic sound frequencies which were coming from the heart, at the moment of bliss.

Emotions are the weaver of the long and short waves of the DNA. Bliss is the heart harmonics which braids the DNA.

If you look down through the DNA spiral from the top, you can see a hole in the centre where all the geometric patterns have compressed or rather embedded themselves so compatibly, and so in such harmonious structure that they begin to implode to create a black hole. This compression is made possible because of the harmonic attraction of the geometric shapes, Dan says that the heart become a fractal attractor at the moment of bliss. The way the DNA forms or braids into geometric patterning is a direct mirror of the process of integrating all the different Soul aspects which made up the multidimensional identity. Each strand of DNA, the short waves represent the many aspects that make up the universal identity. These short wave groups of DNA codes came together through harmonic attraction and create compatible sets or nests of these short wave DNA codes. These nests are representative of the Soul families coming together. The short waves represent each of the Souls; the nesting which then occurs through bliss enhanced attraction is the Soul families coming together. The DNA spiral then branches in perfect sharing harmony called branching, which is a representation of the perfect harmony between Soul families. This perfect branching goes on to create the tree of life, which is the pattern created through the harmony between all star nations. All brought about through the bliss of the Goddess.

The heart harmonics at the moment of bliss implode upon themselves and create a magnetic donut shape at the centre point. The heart harmonics ascends the ladder of frequencies climbing all the donuts within the DNA spiral, imploding as it goes. The DNA begins to braid to form a ponytail affect. If you plait someone’s hair eventually you will get to the point of having two small strands of hair in your hands, as these two strands cross they create what is called a Magnetic X. This is the X chromosome, the presence of the Goddess within the DNA; this is the point of bliss. From the mouth of the X of the Goddess comes a cascade of harmonics which pushes the wave lengths of the DNA braid through the hole in the centre at the speed of light. The frequency signature of the heart harmonics at the moment of bliss are so perfect in their fractalisation that they catapult the wave through the black hole at the centre of the dna spiral at the speed of light, the wave becomes superluminal. This is called the superluminal worm or the silver serpent.

The wave which gets catapulted through the centre of the fractal is like a serpent which rises up through the middle channel which runs up the spine, it is called the Sushummi. As the serpent rises up through the chakras which lie along the spine to the crown and as the wave catapults itself through the middle of the fractal, it too is seen as a serpent with an eye which has the ability to look and steer its way through time and space. The Buddha for example has this serpent’s head with a single eye on the crown of this head at his moment of enlightenment. The wave created by heart harmonics on the moment of bliss which affects the DNA and eventually implodes into itself, then catapults itself through the imploding spiral of the DNA and in this process becomes aware. Becomes conscious, and has the ability to then make decisions in its journey through the space and time. This silver serpent then begins to lucid dreaming and time travel.

The symbol in the upper chest of my light body is a fractal of the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons, Dan winter teaches that at the moment of compassion the heart harmonics are so orderly that they create a perfect fractal pattern that is so like the outside pattern, that is starts to implode on itself due to fractal attraction. This turns inside out the heart’s magnetism, this is made possible by the fact that the inside is now so similar to the outside. This is called becoming self similar. The appearance of star in my upper chest indicates to me that I am in a process of becoming self similar to the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons. Through this process I am becoming a solar being here on the Earth.

This process of compression is going on fractally within my DNA. I am going to superluminally send myself through the centre of the DNA spiral at the speed of light to lucid dream myself into a New Planet reality. I am weaving all the star codes of all races of beings in the Universe as the super hybrid into the braid of my dna , I am imploding my dna inwards to create a wormhole through which I will take all the races represented within my Soul matrix to awaken in the lucid dream, a new universal reality.

Remember how this article came about was, when I talked to my friend about the strange vibration I felt inside my bones during the night. Was that strange vibration, the catapulting of the silver serpent through the DNA hole at its centre. Was my heart racing in harmonic patterns, the braiding my DNA, and its implosion and the travelling of the silver serpent through the wormhole.

A Coherent wormhole enables superluminal (faster than the speed of light travel) through the centre of the DNA.

The heart is a fractal attractor at the moment of bliss So what makes the bliss in the first place? Electrical fields become self aware and self organising and then nest to bring on perfect fractal compression in the moment of bliss. The agony of separation causes there to be compassion which is the moment of bliss which causes the start of the braiding of the DNA, which results in magnetic inversion in the DNA which creates the wormhole and thus takes all back to the stars through the Solarian pathways of light. So that is why I choose to come to Earth because here was the most separated point from Source, and thus the most agonising place to be . The agony of separation causes the compassion (which the fallen races have lost so therefore they no longer have the ability to create the moment of bliss and thus the process of ascending via the stars is not open to them and thus they have to use space ships to travel in through the artificial stargates and wormholes to travel interdimensionally and time travel). By coming here and experiencing the agony of separation (all my I want to go to my home planet) I was able to feel the compassion and create the moment of bliss when I felt myself as the Source for the first time. This moment of bliss created the heart harmonics which kick started the process of braiding the DNA and creating Soul embedding. This braiding is the weaving together of all the starcodes which I had contained within my Soul matrix. These starcodes are the codes of all the races which make up my being ie everyone one of them as I am a super hybrid. I came here to Earth as the conditions were just right to do this DNA braiding and I weaved my Soul and all its various aspects into the DNA braid. This braid moved into perfect fractalisation and created a ponytail affect which came to a single point to the magnetic x, which then kick starts the compaction and later implosion of the DNA. This makes me magnetic to solar origins and I then have the ability to ascend myself through the stars. I am mapping myself home through the stars and taking all the races which are contained within my Soul matrix with me. The various races which I represent will then read the radiation emanations I leave imprinted on to the Universe, as I go through this process, to act as star maps to navigate their way home too. So by finding my way home I am lighting the way for all those other races to walk the same path home. No wonder I am being monitored.

EnSoulment is the result of braiding the DNA.

The Solarian symbol in the area of the thymus (upper chest), this catches the sound of the heart, it is the skin of the speaker or the skin of a drum, the vibrations makes the sound, and from this comes the geometric shapes and patterns which are the harmonics of the heart. The Solarian symbol shows that I have successfully squirted myself at the speed of light through the wormhole to magnetically guide myself into the sun, as a test to see if I can navigate the stars , like a practice run. The Solar symbol is a fractal of the perfect god Source fractal when the DNA was braided inside the heart and the heart was playing perfect harmonics during bliss. It is the bridge between hyperspace and the endocrine system and the serpent juices –serotine etc.

Dan explains that fractal recursion creates both self-awareness and gravity as the attractor and ultimate centering force .Compassion embeds these waves during glandular magnetism. That is to say that love and compassion act as a magnet to draw waves of consciousness to it and thus this creates gravity. It is our attention here on the Earth and our love which compresses our fractals, to create the density of Earth. It is only through compression of the fractals that Earth exists at all. The Earth is a grand fractal attractor; this is brought about by our attention and love for her, our compassion. Gaia is a wonderfully complex fractal; she contains all the other fractals or patterns in the multiverse. Beings come here as they know they will move into perfect fractalisation with Gaia and thus through compassion they will be able to compress their dna , to eventually implode and move at the speed of light through the wormhole. Gaia is the only place in the Universe where all fractals can come and find a place to anchor into the flower of life. Was that why I was here? I am made up of all fractals, all beings throughout the Universe. Did I come to Earth with all my different fractals, hoping to find a place for me and them within Gaia’s fractal, so at the moment of Gaia’s implosion I will be able to implode with her and take all of ya (Alloya) through the wormhole, to create a brand new universal reality which is made up of all the fractals of my multidimensional identity.

The heart ascends the ladder of frequencies So it seems that my mission is to squirt myself with all my Soul groups and their DNA shamanically through black holes (wormholes) to the stars. The skin of the cube (Metatron) or egg is a barrier of the speed of light, in which we need to break through to escape the cube. When having tantric bliss we are squirting our DNA through the skin of the egg to go to the stars. Fallen races needed a pace to create a safe haven for the possibility of the star family rebirthing themselves in the stars. The fallen races do not have the ability to squirt themselves back into the stars and therefore needed to create a being that did have this possibility, so when we break out of the cube we go to the stars and take them with us. I am one of these beings, are you?

Many of the fallen races are stuck, they artificially ascended themselves through outside technology and chemicals and thus they do not have the organic ability to move from the place they are stuck. They have lost their ability to implode the DNA, they have lost their bliss. They are stuck in astral planes and thus need a food Source in order to survive. Many of these fallen beings exist on the emotional energy which we humans create, such as fear, anger, sadness and even love , joy and light. Not all the beings stuck in these places exist on fear, many feed off love and light that is coming from the humans on Earth. Many of the ascended masters are feeding off the worship and love energy of their light worker fans. They have created astral milk houses, these are places where humans go when they sleep and dream and even when they die and pass over, these are astral prisons which store these people in their astral bodies. They are then used as an astral food Source. Also when incarnate humans on the Earth follow many of the ascended master’s teachings, they often find that they are designed to allow the siphoning of energy from the worshipping light workers. These fallen beings have to eat the sticky stuff of our emotions as food because they cannot make their own gland bliss. St Germaine by getting addicted to the Mono Atomic Gold, Manna, Spice made himself a technological immortal astral body, but he cannot go any further as he is stuck. Ashtar command and many of the ascended masters could not make enough bliss gland juice to break the skin of the egg. So they are stuck and have to feed off our emotions as a substance to survive.

There is a lot of information about mono atomic gold on the internet I suggest anyone who is interested do some research of their own. I found out about this a few years back. I spent many days talking to the Goddess whilst I was in America, (you can read about this in “Her Perspective “ ).

During this time the Goddess explained to me how many of the ascended masters had artificially ascended themselves through eating a white powder made from gold. She showed me what this powder did to the aura and how it messed up the fractals. (Of course I did not know about the fractal implosion necessary for travel at this time, so I saw them more like patterns) She explained to me how it allowed them to cheat death and become immortal and live in a higher dimension but it was no short cut to true organic ascension, that it had a serious price. St Germaine was one of the many beings who ingested this powder and now is stuck and can only exist if he feeds of the energy given to him by his worshipping light workers. These beings are fooling many to follow them and give them their energy, but more dangerously they are also teaching others to follow the path they themselves walked to get to their false astral heavens. This powder is very dangerous and I do not recommend anyone take it, it is no short cut, perfect implosion is impossible once you have ingested enough of this powder. Many of these masters are instructing light workers on Earth, to work with the death star Merkabar mechanics to not only take themselves into a fallen system these astral milk houses but also to take whole systems and planets into the fall.

True organic compression will enable a recalibration of the geometric shapes that make up each persons fractal self , but also all the beings that they carry in their Soul matrix will also be given the chance to bring themselves in harmony with this process , so they too can then compress and implode their dna. That way when we finally implode and move down the wormhole we will be able to take all of them with us. These geometric shapes represent galactic files, and records, stargate codes for opening star gates, navigation maps for navigating through time and space, genetic banks, ascension codes, planetary, solar and galactic history, all of this will implode into a single point or vibratory tone. All races of beings on all levels will become healed, as we move down the wormhole to a brand new universal reality. So can you see by integrating each and every one of the multidimensional selves and their star codes( their fractals ) into the Soul matrix ,- the fractal , and then compressing through compassion into Gaia’s fractal and then imploding to travel down the wormhole we are healing the whole Universe, taking all with us.

The Holy Grail is in the blood Accept the entire spectrum of the freewill Universe.

Let’s just go through the braiding of the DNA and the process of catapulting it through the zero point one more time, so we can get it clear in our heads. The person feels bliss, this affects the heart which then beats a certain beat, which creates sound harmonics which vibrate out from the heart and are caught by the thymus gland, in the upper chest, the place of the solar logos symbol. This then begins to braid the DNA according to the law of phi and the golden mean ratio, (perfect harmonics). The braiding continues until it is a magnetic x, which then implodes, becomes perfectly fractally embedded or nested, it compresses to a single point and then one single wave comes from this compression and is squirted at the speed of light through the imploded black hole at the centre of the DNA. This single wave if converted into 3 dimensions becomes the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is the DNA folding itself into a perfect map of what is outside into the inside. The magnetism (emotions) of this configuration of the DNA energy wave creates a perfect map of what was outside is now the same inside. This is perfect self similarity that is to become that which is on the outside. This Holy Grail cup or energy wave form is then a perfect mirror of the outside fractal pattern which is Gaia’s grids. The Holy Grail energy wave has the ability to create climate and embed into the grid of Gaia the perfect fractal morphic resonance.

“If you braided the DNA in life forms with enough perfect fractality you arrived at magnetism in blood which was embedded or fractally attractive. The result was a creation of morphic resonance leverage on magnetic spins across great spectrum of scales. Essentially, you could in this way create a human wave form which had enough magnetism bending ability in the spin geometry of their DNA, to bend stars in the blood with the magnetic rush of feeling. DNA in this way became so psychokinetic that it is possible to magnetically fabricate ecosystems with the scale of stars.”- Dan Winter.

So what Dan is saying is that we have the ability to braid our dna during bliss in such a way that it creates a wave form which when converted into 3 dimensions becomes a mechanism by which to become self similar , to that which is in the fractal pattern of stars in the Universe. He is saying that we have the ability through bliss to anchor here into Gaia’s grid or fractal, the fractal pattern which is coming from the stars. It is possible to embed the star fractals into the Earth fractal. We are the means of bringing the stars to Earth. “The cup contains an inPHIknit amount of spin, it never runs over, it has no inside or outside, it solves the problem of separateness. It is the San Graal, because it is the song in the blood, because your ears ring with the magnetism of the land when the arc of your torus and the land are. One…” Dan Winter.

Was this what I was hearing, when I heard the ringing in my ears? Ever since I had moved into my new home I had, had this ringing in my ears. Not a high pitched tinnitus ringing, no a deep and resounding hum. I thought it was coming from the electric station up the road and had even called the electricity board out to look at it, thinking it might be faulty and that is why it was making this hum. No one else could hear it. I did not hear it anywhere else so thought it had to be the electric station but now I am beginning to think it might be something else entirely. Was I embedding my sound waves, my DNA signature, my fractal into the fractal of Gaia in this place? Was I and the land One. I had worked hard on aligning my new home and garden, had I unknowingly embedded the fractal of my DNA, into the fractal of Gaia in this place? Was the Holy Grail formation in the harmonics of my DNA magnetising to Gaia.

The grail cup is the

Perfect spin density,
Perfect information density,
Perfect recursion,
Perfect embedding,
Perfect implosion,
Perfect gravity
Perfect data compression,
Perfect connectivity,
Perfect symmetry,
Perfect damping,
The perfect way to turn inside out (Labyrinth),
Perfect phase conjugation,
The perfect magnetic monopole,
The perfect scalar wave,
The perfect “singularity”,
The perfect superstring connector (black hole),
The perfect geometry of bubble expansion,
The perfect (& only way) a wave can re-enter itself non-destructively (self
The perfect balance between equilibria/ between liquid/crystal,
The perfect way to SORT anything (magnetic, liquid or gaseous),
The perfect way to SCALE anything,
The perfect way to SYMBOLIZE (or embed) anything
The perfect way to get physical (PHI-cycle),
The perfect (and only) SPIN PATH TO THE ZERO POINT,
The perfect self-awareness,
The perfect pining,
The perfect intent,
The perfect time wormhole (antennae geometry),
The perfect HeartBeat harmonic signature for disease resistance (Irving Dardik,
MD “Cycles Magazine”),
The perfect Brainwave harmonic signature eliminating addiction & attention
Deficit (Wuttke Clinic),
The perfect Planet Schumann harmonic signature eliminating climate chaos &
Atmosphere loss,
The perfect DNA braid to make “Soul”. (Spin memory to survive death),
The perfect sharing,
The perfect compassion and love,
The perfect fractal,
The perfect grail” – Dan Winter

Dan explains how he “believes this is how wave forms become self organizing and self aware. The Grail is the geometry of nesting for waves to become perfectly 1.) Fractal, “2) Self-embedded, 3.) compressible, 4.) distributable/shareable as a wave. The point may be that this electrical spin path to perfect embedding may well be what happens in DNA when braided by perfect ringing sonics in a heart’s EKG feeling bliss!” Many years ago I put out a request to Gaia to bring me my twin flame, I asked from a romantic stand point, as at this time I did not understand the true function of the coming together of the Twin Flames. I asked her to send me my lover and later that day I was doing a tarot card reading for myself asking when my twin would show up. I dropped the pack of cards by accident and they were all right side up apart from one card, I turned the card over and said “ ok this card now represents my twin flame and the coming of him into my life “. I then put it on my altar as a reminder to the Universe that I wanted him to come into my life. It was the Aliester Crowley tarot pack; it was the king of cups. On the card it had a knight riding a white horse carrying the Holy Grail cup.

To cut a long story short a man did come into my life and he turned out to be my twin flame and we went into a very deep process together. He came to my home and saw the card and without me telling him anything about what the card meant, he told me that the card represented him and when I told him what it represented he agreed and said yes that is me, I am your twin flame. He came into my life at a point where I had not anchored myself into the matrix or grid which is Gaia’s fractal. I was not human yet if you like I was still in fairy body and had not created myself a pattern which I could embed into Gaia’s pattern. My twin flame helped me anchor in, he gave me something I did not have myself as I was unable to perfectly nest with Gaia’s fractal, I was incompatible until my twin flame gave me the Holy Grail cup of love. He opened my heart filled me with bliss and the rest you know, the bliss affected the heart harmonics and the rest is history. He did not stay in my life, he was not meant to, he was only to stay long enough to give me the Holy Grail. He had given me a piece of the puzzle that I needed to change my pattern, so it became compatible with Gaia’s fractal and thus I could become magnetic and grounded into her and thus the process of perfect nesting and perfect embedding could occur.

His name was Jon.

“Perfect branching or nesting, of the Grail cup the ancients call the SCION or Zion or Jon.”- Dan Winter. Little did I know at the time how important the Holy Grail cup was to me?
So how do I bring myself to a place of bliss, it is not something that is easily felt, what did I need to do, or was I already doing it.Where there is a tingle this is the focus of tantra Dan explains that the best way to generate bliss is to hold the field affect with your attention in wave cascades where the charge does not leave the body. Being able to move in a continuous flow holding the charge or the tingle of the wave without it leaving the body, this is the principle of many of the marital arts especially Tai Chi. Tai chi, braids charge affects. It is not the only discipline that achieves this, many dance forms do also. One of which is belly dancing. I knew that my new found passion was doing something more than just learning to dance. It was changing my patterns or fractals, it was making this pattern compatible or sharable with Gaia’s pattern or fractal, this dance form was anchoring me here. Each of the movements seemed to be a language, representing codes which all make up my unique yet sharable fractal pattern. I was learning to hold my focus on the movement of the body especially the hands and through the constant focus I could bring my body to an elevated level of bliss. The hand movements especially were compressing my coherent waves in none destructive manner. I am dancing the braiding spin path of my DNA fractals into the zero point, the black hole.

When you feel the tingle when you hug it is the voltage in the DNA, it is the voltage of the wave of creation. Anyone who has read my work will know that each and every self which I integrated had its own unique dance patterns or style and through dancing especially with certain hand and arm patterns or Katas, I was able to integrate each one into my Soul matrix. Now I am rearranging my fractal (which is made up of all the various multiselves) with the fractal of Gaia through my belly dancing. I move my body in focus and thus go from infinite motion to infinite stillness in grace. This is one way of bringing the self to bliss through dance and movement. Another way is through touch and tantric sex.

Certain touch expresses certain emotions. There are different pressures to represent each emotion. This we call the squeeze rate. Certain pressures especially love builds and then peaks in the middle of the period of time that it takes to hug and this embeds the love or bliss into the DNA. When you first hold someone to hug them with genuine love, you start off with light pressure and then build it to the apex of the hug and then slowly release. The building up to the climax of the hug and the release are at the same rate of pressure, this expression of love in the physical body embeds love or bliss into the DNA. You can touch with all emotions, and the pressure rates are different for each one. By touching in certain waves of emotion, it is possible to translate the alphabet of emotions coherently into the braiding of the DNA. This can bring about healing if you. Emot coherently, dancing in bliss means a good immune system and no infection.

Only embedding creates and only love embeds.

Electrical fields become self-aware and self –organising, changing the matrix.
Infinite compression is fractal.

The first phase of the mission was to integrate each and every one of the star codes. These star codes contained the data of each and every one of the races of beings who reside in this Universe. Some of the star codes represented races of beings who resided in lofty positions, and other codes represented those that had fallen. I have each and every one of them represented in the fractal of my true being.

The next phase of the mission was to anchor this fractal, this pattern into the pattern or fractal which is the Earth. I had been given the Holy Grail by my twin flame Jon. What was I to put in this cup, what was its purpose? Its purpose was to hold the life blood of the Goddess which I was becoming here on the Earth in a physical body. This cup was to hold my menstrual blood. The electronic nature of menstrual blood is so grounding, so embedding it allows one to inhabit the space magnetically.

This is what had happened to me during the ritual in Cornwall, at the Men a Tol. When the blood soaked down my legs and I had run home in embarrassment. I have since found out that at that exact place Aliester Crowley had done a black ritual there to start World War 11. Was I embedding myself into this place, to bring about a healing to the land, to heal the rifts and tears in the fractal fabric which had been caused by Crowley’s ritual? This was not the only place I had unknowingly embedded.

I went to Egypt and fell in love with a Nubian man; this man is from the Crocodile clan I talked about in the previous chapter. I lived with him on his boat on the Nile. One evening he took me to his village in the desert. It was the time of my period. I asked to use the toilet which of course was a simple hole in the ground, I thought to myself “oh my where am I going to put the tampon, I cannot throw it down this hole, it would be impolite “I had no idea what the Nubian women used when they menstruated, I had not seen western tampons for sale in the shops, where did they put their sanitary products I did not know. All of a sudden I felt the presence of the Goddess, she said “go out into the desert and bleed into the Earth”. I walked away from the village as if I was looking for a special place. All of a sudden I felt a tingle and feeling of magnetism in the soles of my feet, I knew this was the place. I sat on the Earth and allowed my menstrual blood to flow into the Earth, it was one of the most overwhelming bodily feelings I have ever had, it was ecstatic. It is only now that I have come to fully understand exactly what I was doing that special night in the Nubian Desert. Now I understand what I was doing I was embedding myself into the Earth fractal of this place, I was magnetically bending the lines that make up Gaia’s grid in this place to inhabit it.

Perfect embedding results in the magnetic fields becoming self organising when they emerge from chaos by becoming perfectly fractaled. “Where menstrual blood touches Earth such a suction is created no Shaman could escape the worming re-directing of his attention, thru the woman’s genetic memory arcing to Earth (embed).” – Dan winter

(As I was writing this during my lunch break at work, my supervisor came in and gave me a delivery receipt he had been given. On the top of the page it read “Magna power – magnetic processing technology”- I wanted to laugh I love it when my outside reality mirrors my inner processes. This happens to me a lot when I am in the zone, when I am in full flow with my spiritual processes. It is like my reality is talking to me. )

“But the Aryan overlords who ruled over mankind in ancient days had a simpler way of acquiring this fluid. Their ancestor-gods, the Annunaki, had endocrine systems that produced large amounts of this and other beneficial substances, so they drank it straight from the Source: the menstrual blood and vaginal fluids of the goddesses themselves. This they referred to lovingly as “Star fire” and drank in a ritual ceremony called the Black Mass, after which the Catholic Mass is said to have been modelled. Later, as direct contact with the Annunaki ceased, the fluids were collected from sacred priestesses referred to as “Scarlet Women,” or “Grail Maidens.” According to de Vere and others, ingesting the fluids of mundane women has only a slight effect, certainly not enough to maintain a royal Dragon family in the manner to which they’re accustomed. And after a few thousand years the genetic purity of their Grail maidens began to deteriorate, so the Star fire lost its potency. This reportedly began around 1960 BC and is equated with the time that an edict was handed down to Noah by God demanding that the consumption of all blood cease immediately. (Gen. 9:4) Thus, a substitute had to be found, and so the alchemical process was created as a means of artificially creating the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone, also known as “potable gold.” This is created using a black powder known as occultism, the universal solvent which has the power to transmute metals.”

“The drinking of menstrual blood, symbolized as “red mead” or “red wine”, goes back to the dawn of history and many ancient calendars were based on the Moon-menstrual cycle. The Greeks called it Ambrosia (“supernatural red wine” of the goddess Hera), while in India it was Soma (the food of the gods) and in Persia, haoma. They believed the menstrual blood was sacred and the life essence that could bring immortality“.

“Blood Royal” or Sang Graal in the “womb of the Dragon Queen.

Le Serpent Rouge” – the red serpent or the serpent blood.
The geomantic’s of creating perception by creating focus on the land…
Dragon’s Egg…

The skin of the cube or the egg is the barrier of the speed of light, which we need to break in order to escape the cube. When we are having tantric bliss, we are able to squirt our DNA through the skin of the egg to travel to the stars. Family Lineage I do not know exactly what began to happen shortly after experiencing having the solar logos symbol appear in my light body but I began to remember things, things I had long ago forgotten. My spiritual journey has always been the same; I seem to be on an interesting and complicated adventure. I am always looking for clues, signs along the way to guide me through the game like maze. Rarely was I given or shown my spiritual path by my spirit in an orderly linear fashion, it was much more fun than that. My spirit would give me bits and pieces , hints, clues and signs which would fit together with many eureka moments, what I came to call my “ light bulb above the head moments” . You know those times when a piece fits neatly and perfectly into the space which is made perfectly for just this piece of the puzzle. I would often have holes, missing pieces in my puzzle, but sooner or later the piece would come and fit in and the puzzle would come alive and I would come to know more about myself. Things had happened to me in my past , information had been given me which has not made total sense at the time , or rather it did not fit anywhere into my map of my greater self. I had not thrown these pieces away I always stored them, put them on the back burner until they made sense. As this process unfolded I began to find bits of information, pieces of the puzzle which fitted so perfectly in to the missing gaps in my dream I was truly amazed. It all started with Egypt, if often does!

Several years ago I had a trapped nerve in my arm, I asked a friend of mine to give me some healing for it. She was reluctant as she said she was no healer; however I intuitively knew it had to be her, so with some persuasion she lay me down and laid her hands upon my arm. I closed my eyes and slipped into an altered state. The room span around and around and I wanted it to stop but I could not move to open my eyes and sit up. I saw many Zeta and other ET faces briefly in the spinning before this stopped and I came too in another life.

I was inside a temple or pyramid in Egypt. My friend was there but in this life she was an Egyptian Priest. I was lying inside a sarcophagus with the lid down, I heard in my head, a voice explain to me that what I was about to see was in reverse. I watched as my friend took off the lid. I lay inside covered in coloured silks; all the colours of the rainbow, under these I was bandaged, my friend removed these also. Underneath my body was painted with hieroglyphics, these were star navigation codes. I held in my hands the Ankh and the Hook. I asked who was I? I got the words “Amenophis IV, Amarna Amuru”. When I came out of the healing I could not move my arm and my friend had to rub my arm to bring back the feeling. My friend was shocked because she could feel the hook in my hand. I remember telling her how awful it was, as I was dead but still inside my body I could feel the stiffness of my dead body. I had the feeling that ascension had somehow gone wrong and I would be trapped there for millennia, who would free me. It was truly awful.

When I came out of this healing session and went home I began to research on the internet. I researched as I knew little about ancient Egypt. (This was before I had gone to Egypt). I found that Amenophis IV had changed his name to Akhenaton. He was especially noted for abandoning traditional Egyptian polytheism and introducing worship centered on the Aten, the sun god. He built a city in the desert called Amarna.

Even though I knew a lot about Akhenaton from my soul memories I could never say I was him as it did not feel quite right. I knew Amarna Amuru was my name. Akhenaton died young from being poisoned by parquet, which we use in modern weed killer; this was used in ancient Egypt to poison people. I did not know about parquet when I first remembered this lifetime, I thought I had made up the word, not until I was talking with a friend and she told me, that parquet was a real word and what it meant. I knew Akhenaton was very fine and feminine in his body. Had I been close to him in some way?

I decided to look up the name Amarna Amuru again all these years later and discovered the next pages of my story. I found that the Amuru were serpent beings, humanoid snakes, who originally came from Lemuria and were Lemurian sages.

“Ancient Lemurian bloodlines of the Aramu Muru.

In the final days of Lemuria the Aramu Muru established the Rings of each of the Children of the Sun. With each individual Ring there was then appointed a circle comprising of 13 priests, and 13 priestesses, one head figure became the elected symbolic spiritual leader or Aramu. Aramu Muru for the men and Aramu Mayu for the women; and thus began the Legends of the Ring Lords. Each Ring that was chosen was then instructed to take their records of ancient wisdom to their respective regions and hide the items at specific locations, deep within the chambers of ancient mountains; until it was the time of the Awakening! These individuals were faithful in their belief, and wise in their understandings of the original teachings. Each had been close to the great and wise Sanat Kumara, the Kumara, and the father. School of Amen, Egypt, where the well-known Emerald Tablets were said to be amongst these ancient records brought there, and buried beneath the Sphinx. It is said that later, after the decline of the society in Egypt, the Emerald Tablets were taken from their resting place by non other than Nefertiti, Queen to Akhenaton who was a Kumara and schooled in the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, to the Halls of Records in the Yucatan. “– taken from Solar Brotherhood of Light.

Memories started to return I was not called Amarna Amuru, this was a title I had been a serpentine sage/advisor to Ahkenaton in the city of Amarna, and I was the holy Amuru of Amarna. I had been part of the Solar Brotherhood, the Serpent Brotherhood.

Akhenaton received his teachings in the Brotherhood of the Serpent.

The Kumaras were the Solar Serpent Brother of which I was one. Sanat Kumara is the direct descendent of the original Kumaras who came from Venus. The Kumara, were and remain a highly mystical order of the Great Solar Brotherhood. I was part of this order I was an androgynous serpentine beings, one of the Elder race. I was from a long line of Serpentine ancestry. This Amaru was only one of a long line of lineage which went back into the history of this galaxy. When I first came through the dimensions from the Source of all Creation I jumped or rather skipped from one to another, now it seemed I had missed alot along the way, now I was beginning to fill in the gaps. I was coming to know the different stories which I contained within my soul identity; it seemed it started with my Dragon side.

I always knew I was reptilian in my soul, I knew it was a prominent aspect; other people saw this aspect often. I can remember the first time this happened, I was at a transformational facilitator training workshop. During this time we had worked in pairs and did the eye gazing exercise. You basically gaze (not stare) into each other’s eyes, and see the face change to show past lives and existences. I had seen my partner change into several human faces, obviously the faces of her past lives and had ended in seeing her in a higher light body form , which was absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. When it became her turn I was shocked because she gazed at me and after 5 minutes she had a shocked look on her face and after when we had the opportunity to share our experiences with the group, I was shocked to hear her say “ oh my god she is a bloody lizard “ . I did not think anyone else could see it I thought it was disguised, obviously not. From that day on many more began to see me morph or change into many reptilian and serpentine forms and races. I have many incarnations into the different levels of serpentine consciousness. The Amaru was a Naga, a serpentine sage who was hundreds of years old, assigned here to earth, by Kumaras from Venus. I taught in the inner chambers of the earth Lemurian initiates in the arts of bliss and tantra. Kumara the shining ones, in the Hindu Puranas where they are described as being the first teachers of Tantra Yoga on the Earth.

Maya Naga – a serpent being

Even though I had memories of Venus and the royal family of Kumara I knew that was only one place which I had resided, it was not my original home; I had to go further back in the story. I had originally came to earth (after spending some time studying earth culture in the extensive libraries of Venus )during the times of Lemuria I had trained the Lemurian Priests in interdimensional wormhole travel and lucid dreaming, bliss and tantra. When Lemuria fell I left the surface of the planet and went inside the planet to the underground cities in the serpent kingdom of the Nagas.

“ In India there is a strong belief in the reality of the Nagas, a race of serpent-people or lizard-men who make their homes in two major underground cities (or civilizations), Patala and Bhogavati. The latter is said to be under the Himalayas and from there the Nagas wage war on other, human, and subterranean, from the subsurface kingdoms of Agharta and Shambala. To this day, Patala is believed by millions of Hindus to have an entrance in the Well of Sheshna, in Benares. According to herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton, as stated in his book “Venomous Reptiles,” this entrance is very real, with forty steps which descend into a circular depression, to terminate at a closed stone door which is covered in bas-relief cobras. In Tibet, there is a major mystical shrine also called “Patala,” which is said by the people there to sit atop an ancient cavern and tunnel system, which reaches throughout the Asian continent and possibly beyond. The Nagas also have an affinity with water, and the entrances to their underground palaces are often said to be hidden at the bottom of wells, deep lakes, and rivers.

The Nagas are described as a very advanced race or species, with a highly-developed technology. They also harbour a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with, and even to eat. The interbreeding has supposedly led to a wide variety of forms, ranging from completely reptilian to nearly-human in appearance. Among their many devices are “death rays” and “vimana,”” or flying, disk-shaped aerial craft. These craft are described at length in many ancient Vedic texts, including the Bhagivad-gita and the Ramayana. The Naga race is related to another underworld race, the Hindu demons, or Rakshasas. They also possess, as individuals, “magical stones,” or a “third eye” in the middle of their brows, known to many students of eastern mysticism today as a focal point for one of the higher chakras, or energy channel-points, of the human (oid) nervous system–the chakra associated with “inner visions,” intuition, and other esoteric concepts. In China, the Lung Wang (Dragon Kings) closely resemble the Nagas in many respects. The Lung are said to dwell either in the “celestial realm,” that is, the stars and planets, or beneath the surface of the Earth. . They, too, possess a “magical pearl” in their foreheads, a “mystical” or divine eye or source of power. Like the Nagas, some of the entrances to their palaces or kingdoms could be found beneath lakes and rivers, or behind waterfalls. Almost always, such entrances are well-hidden from the intrusive eyes–or feet–of mortal men and women.” – taken from

When I first woke up I was mirror gazing, I off focused my eyes and looked at my face in the mirror and I asked to see what my soul looked like. I was shocked to be shown a face of my soul as an alien. One of the most prominent features was I had what first appeared like a jewel in the place of my third eye. When I reached out and touched it I was surprised to see it was not a jewel at all but was an opening of some sort it was soft and pink in colour and light emanated from it. This was my pearl of the Naga.

The city of the Naga is deep inside the planet. The city is built within naturally forming caves and caverns deep inside the planet. There are many secret ways into the caverns and tunnels but they are all programmed to appear invisible to all that are not initiated. Naga technology is one of illusion and disguise, to those who are not of serpent kind they rarely find their ways into the secret chambers. Those who are of serpentine kind will see doorways and entrances, with carvings of serpents surrounding them, they can easily pass inside. The entrances are often in isolated places hidden. The tunnels move quickly down and are smooth as if they were carved by some technology that we cannot imagine. When we made these tunnels we had technology which enabled us to melt the very rock and with the power of our minds, we directed it to hold its form in any way we wanted. We created tunnels deep inside the earth using this technology. These tunnels take you down into the cities themselves. It is warm down there; serpents like it warm and it is deep inside the earth and the cities are built inside warm pockets within the earth’s crust. The walls of the cities emit a strange etherical light which is dreamy and the air is moist and steamy. The walls and floors are smooth as silk and shine iridescent colours which shimmer, it is divine. There is a scent there which is heady and intoxicating, probably some erotic plant. The environment is very jungle like; there are large leaved succulent plants, plants and trees which shrive in moist warm environments like a rain forest. Large flowers with heady scents, strange colourful birds and animals, small lizards and insects abound. Large crystals emanate the main light from high up in the canopy in the cavern. The place is very dreamy like it is not vibrating at the same rate as our third dimensional world. It shimmers like a mirage, the energy is intoxicating. There is music being played it can be heard floating through the tunnels.

The cities are beautiful to behold, the buildings are pearl like and iridescent. There are no sharp corners or straight lines, it is circular and smooth, and many of the buildings have sacred geometry forms like the inside of shells, the golden ratio very evident. There are not so many Naga, as humans on the surface and therefore there are large open spaces which are like tropical parks with animals which are extinct on the surface live here in harmony. There are elephants which are huge and have shaggy coats not unlike the woolly mammoth. There is harmony here between the Naga and the animals and creatures that inhabit this world.

During the times of Lemuria I had been a missionary; I taught in the yogic school of the Seven Rays and presided over it as Amarus, the Inca-Quechuan word for Serpent. I was the adept Aramu or Amaru Muru, the “Serpent” Muru; I bought from Lemuria priceless records and the great Solar Disc, which was now burning in the chest of my light body.

“ Their Lemurian leader was the adept Aramu or Amaru Muru, the “Serpent” Muru, who brought with him from Lemuria priceless records and the great Solar Disc, a power object that had come with the Sons of God from Venus and was then placed in one of the important temples on Lemuria. After changing his name to Manco Kapac and founding the Inca Empire, Aramu Muru hung the Solar Disc in the main temple of the Incas, the Inti Wasi, the “Place of the Sun,” which was covered inside and out with thick sheets of gold. Following the Spanish invasion of Peru, the Solar Disc was taken to Lake Titicaca and is said to currently lie at the bottom of the sacred lake…” – taken from Our Goal: Re-Uniting the World’s Spiritual Traditions by Mark Amaru Pinkham

When Akhenaton came to power I came to the surface again, to become a holy Amuru in the city of Amarna. An advisor to Ahkenaton. I lived for thousands of years as this serpent being, my name was Ananda Hari. I originally came from the house of Assuru in the constellation of Orion. Ananda means Bliss and Hari mean Avatar, I am a bliss avatar. As Ananda Hari I am a serpent of bliss from the eighth dimension. I am the silver serpent I am the one who is made of many. I am the worm who travels at the speed of light through the wormhole in the centre of the DNA. I am superluminal.

Time for a history lesson I think.

There were two families of Angels, the Seraphin and the Ophanim. The Ophanim were the one of the feathers, the ancient Bird Tribes and the Seraphin the family of the Dragon. They were responsible for the seeding of gene pools within the systems of our galaxy. They were one of the core galactic cultures who administrate the propagation of the DNA among the stars. They discovered that star birth within the galaxy were established by gene pools who could superluminally travel the wormholes to the stars. They wanted to create a body in which star consciousness could inhabit and incarnate into. Involved in a star’s evolution, its stellar journey is fractal, evolving life systems creates DNA which creates gravity, which holds stars together. Gene pools make a substance that is critical to stellar evolution. These Galactic core cultures seed DNA which they think will function as a gravity centre for stars.

G-a-i-a-, gravity’s angels in action.

To be a sun god is to inhabit and stabilise a star.

The Seraphin created a gene pool which was strong enough to survive in a hostile place Alpha Draconis and the Draco were born. The Seraphin were the Angelic Elders of the Empire of Uru – this was the lineage of Mags, the Magdalene. The Assarus came from the Uru snake capital and later entered Egypt.

Seraphin- Ananda Hari Ophanim – Shektah

Orion/ Draco Dragon/Serpent Beings – Uru Assuru Bird/ Dog Tribes Paa Tah –Ibis Aku

Feather and the Serpent – became the winged serpent Quetacotl who was Hermes of the Thoth Lineage who is son of Enki (Ra Merduk) A person who is one with their passion and fire is one with AKU – the bird tribes. The gift of the feather.

It seemed that I was made up of these different kinds of Angels, the Seraphin (snake) part as Ananda Hari and the Ophanim (Bird tribe) part as Shektah. Shektah is the name of my angelic bird tribe self, who was the first being to make itself known to me and later guided me to meet the other aspects which made up my multidimensional identity. She told me she was a she avatar and came from the family of Paa Tah; you can see this family connection in her name. I originally thought it my bird tribe name was Shektar, now I have come to know I am from the family of Ptah, I can see that the names are similar showing the line of lineage and in fact is Shek Tah and not Shektar. These two groups of Angels had created on the lower levels humanoid beings in which some of their kind could later incarnate into. The Seraphin the mighty dragon created the Reptilian/ Snake humanoids and the Ophanim created the Bird/Dog humanoids which now inhabit much of the Sirian star systems.

The Draco / Dragons of the Seraphin had conquered all of the inhabitable planets in the galaxy, the only culture they could not control were the Bird Tribes of the Paa Tah, the winged ones worshipped by the Dogon tribes. An agreement was made between the Assuru and the Paa Taa, the Orion Assuru Queens would marry to each of the Sirian Paa Tah Bird Tribes kings one of their high telepath wormhole navigator Assuru high priestess, an Ida. This would enable the Orion Uru Queens to have a priestess in each of the Sirian royal houses across the galaxy. The Orion Seraphin Mags now had a spy in each of the bird tribes systems. Much later the two gene pools were mixed together and from this merging came the winged serpent, which we know as Quetzalcoatl or as some knew him Enki, Son of Anu. Enki had high serpent DNA from Ur and Bird tribe DNA from Paa Taal. Enki had Seraphin and Ophanim DNA, just like me! Was I from the same line as Enki?

The Quetzl’s and the Coat-els The Birds and the Serpents The Ophanim and the Seraphim The Aku and the Draku The Isreali’s and the Arabs .The Ibis and the Ur Ibi & Uru mixed became Hibiru or Nibiru Dragon/ ASSA-Uru(UruShalaim / Uru-an / Din-Ass-ur / Asuras)MAG in Magalen

Dan Winter talks about these being which the Seraphim created in the lower levels, how they made many different reptilian races one of which were called the Azzos. The name of the Nubian Man who I fell in love with in Egypt who had been part of the crocodile clan was called Azzo. How incredible I love it when I place another puzzle piece in to the puzzle to reveal so much more of the story.

“ This quest (for the grail, of charge embedding in DNA) was both Enlil/Yahweh’s problem of how to ensoul DNA, and the Dragon (Goddess) ancestor Queen Mom (Reverend Mother) urge to make an egg which could implode (turn inside out recursively/consciously) and make a soul. It is why the reverend Mother’s in Dune sheparded blood lines for centuries – eggs-act-ly like the Essenes (Akhenaton’s /Enki renamed Moses) planned the Tut / Jeshua birth – to plan Muab Dib / Avatar / Messiah. One who could steer whole genepools into star inhabiting. Laurence Gardner and others of the Sitchin-Sumerian blood line studies (’Realm of the Ring Lords’ book) are clear – that the great mother – Sumerian goddess of the Ubaid – is none other than Innana / Ninhursag, the sister of the half Draco (Ibi / Uru) Sumerian Anunnaki family from Sirius – we later called – ’An’ (Dad – in Aboriginal: Biki) & sons – Enki (Adonai/Atun/Ptah/Merk/Lucifer/Hermes/Quetzlcoatel in Aboriginal- “Dolphin Fish God”), vs his more snake like (Levite) half brother Enlil (Yahweh/Michael/Michabo-Indian/Encoder in Bible Code/Amun/Ahriman to Steiner) ”- Dan Winter

“The blood line cross between them (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), was the outside inside, turning inside out, of those blood lines, into a new container for the incarnation of Ophanic, Time Lord, Angelic Logoi family which conceived the plot in the first place. On the practical side, it meant emotions powerful enough to bend galaxies, would be born, here at the nexus.”- Dan Winter

Time It is hard for us on earth to get our heads around the idea that time is not linear, past, present and future. When infact time, and all time lines are going on at the same time. There are past selves still living in the past and future selves we are yet to become, living in the future. They are many times lines some of which cross and merge at certain junctures. Are we as a consciousness choosing to embed ourselves in the time matrix into our past, so we can affect and bring about change in our future. Are we time travellers moving backwards and forwards in time rearranging our past to affect our future? It is said that many of the beings and races which are communicating with us now here on earth are from our future. Some of these beings tell us they are US in the future. Some are saying that the Greys are us from a future time line; they have come back into the past to address issues which are affecting them in the future. It is said that the Annunaki have come back in time to embed themselves into our time matrix to bring about a much needed transformation in their future.

You see the whole universe is transforming. Now please excuse me if I do not relay this to you correctly or clearly as I myself, do not fully understand this process. So therefore I will describe it the best way I can to you and you can fill in the gaps for yourselves. It seems that I am a super hybrid as you are too. We have within us all the star codes of all races, all levels of beings that have ever existed in the universe. Each one of these codes makes up our overall soul matrix, a fractal pattern if you like. We are on a mission to take ourselves through all the dimensions from the very top the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons, to the very null zone to the zero point. We are to pass through the zero point into the void and then recreate ourselves at the speed of light into a brand new universal reality. As we do so we are recording our experiences into the fabric of the universe. We are imprinting our journey into the fabric of the universe so all beings, all races can follow our steps and walk through the zero point to be recreated as one in the new universe. It is a mission indeed; in fact this mission has been going on since we first left the Source on its out-breath. For millions of years this has been our task, to incarnate into all systems to become all beings and take the codes of these beings into our soul matrix. We are doing something which has never been done before, not one being in the universe had ever been through this process before.

It is not easy to navigate our way through the various dimensions and time lines. We are complex Time Lords. It is not simply that we started out from the Star that illuminates a thousand Moons and then made a direct path from the Source to here on earth. We have looped around ourselves, moving forwards and backwards in time, retracing our steps over and over, picking up one more code that was missed along the way. It is not simply that we can go back into the past or move into the future to retrieve all codes of one certain being or race for instance, it is much more complex than that. Each code or each being or the race that being represents , has to be braided into the DNA spiral in the same way as the heart harmonics weave the ponytail of the DNA. I have moved backwards and forwards in time, crossing time lines, picking up threads to weave into the fabric of my universal cloth.

Not all time lines are successful, some end in the annihilation of the whole universe. Many races (within this time line) cease to be as we pass through the zero point, as they have not been able to braid themselves into the DNA. The Greys and the Annunaki are some of the beings who have failed in this future time line. They need to find a way of re-splicing themselves into our DNA so they too can transform with the rest of the universe. I think many are confused as to who is who in the universal drama, myself included. There are some people who have had experiences with the Greys for instance which are awful and very negative and then there are people like myself who have had communication with the Greys from a future time line, which is totally different to the experience that other people have had. Are we communicating with the same race of beings from different time lines? That would certainly make sense of the confusion. I know that I have come from a future earth time line to be here now on the earth. I remember this and I remember how I got here.

When I was small I had lots of dreams (or what I was told by my parents that they were dreams) of a future earth. In these dreams I was always with my father, this future earth was a terrible place, full of pollution, disease, war and death. There were not many people left, and those of us who were, were constantly on the run and hiding from the military. Night after night I would see myself travelling down a wormhole to hide in this past time line. I came from the future to hide in this time line, as I was constantly being chased by beings that looked human but I fear they were not. The time police were after me. I often saw these police in the middle of the night standing by the doorway of my bedroom. One evening I was taken from my bed by these time police, my mother was standing in the doorway frozen as if she was hypnotised. I screamed out to her but she did not hear me and only continued to stare into space whilst the time police took me from my bed, I remember no more. These dreams went on for most of my childhood, to the point where it started to bleed through into my life here and now. At school I would play a game in my head that I was hiding in this time line and that as long as I stayed in disguise and kept moving the police would not be able to pick up on my energetic signature and capture me. I must admit I got into trouble for day dreaming. Several times I had dreams where I woke up with dirt in my bed or I landed on top of my bed with it made from the night before, it is only now in my adult life that I have begun to question whether they were dreams at all.

I tried to put all of this behind me as I grew up but when I woke up spiritually as an adult this all came flooding back to me, especially when my dad went mad. My father said that men dressed in some sort of uniform were coming into his house uninvited. At first no one took too much notice, even though we thought it was strange as my father was a very rational person. One day he ran into his neighbour’s house screaming that these men were after him, and were in his house. The neighbour went into his house to find he had covered all the reflective surfaces, mirrors, window etc with newspaper. When she asked him why he had done this he told her that it was to stop the men from the future coming through the window and mirrors. He was later taken into a mental hospital and later died of premature senile dementia. When she told me this all my dreams and strange occurrences from my childhood came flooding back. I visited my father and he did not know who I was. I do not know what they did to him or whether this was a side affect of his dementia, but he not only did not know who I was, he could not stand to have me in the room. I was not allowed to see him after a few visits, as he could not stand having me in the room, other members of the family, he did know and accept, me however he only screamed until I left. Were these more than just dreams, did I really come from the future?

It seems to me that there are lots of different agendas going on , lots of different races all competing with each other for our attention in the here and now. We are obviously important to them. We have beings and races contacting us from different points in the time line, some are still aligned to service to self orientation, some have appeared to have instantly transformed from their former service to self orientation to a service to others orientation. Is this because we are contacting them from different sectors of the same time line? Have they transformed themselves in the future from the work we are doing with them in the here and now? Interesting ah!

There are certain places on the planet which act as magnetic lens to allow whole soul groups the ability to pass through at the speed of light the skin of the egg, to escape the cube and fly into a newly transformed future. Many of these places the ancients built monoliths upon to act as lens to the stars. The hall of Amenti is one of these places.

The halls of Amenti was a fabricated magnetic lens designed to allow whole soul groups to go through the speed of light ( skin) to escape the cube and fly home to the stars. The Halls of Amenti are the secret ways out of the matrix and cube. This allows there to be a migration of souls. The Mayan calendar holds the codes of the matrix, we have the encoded ourselves into time, and we did this via the calendar. In order to inhabit time we had to embed ourselves into time fractalisation. Certain gene pools can walk down the time corridors and bring back memories as lucid dreams.