Butterfly Tribe

During my Ayahuasca Ceremony I went through many intense healings , one of which was the opening and healing of my heart chakra. I was feeling very distressed like an emotion was brewing from deep in my heart but i was unable to allow it. Mother Ayahuasca told me to hang on , for they were coming. I asked who they were and was told the Butterfly Tribe. As she said this i could sense a vibration which seemed a million miles away however i was still able to sense it. They flew to me in energy and as they hit upon the outer edge of my auric or plasma body they began to take form. I had noticed that all the beings when coming into my plasma field then and only then took form that i could see with my inner eye. It was as if they were pure energy with no form before coming into my plasma body and it was my plasma body which was providing for them a form to act as a vehicle so i could perceive it. Interesting!

As they came into my plasma field they were at first like brilliant laser lights , they contained all the colours of the rainbow and were very bright. As they came more into my field they then began to criss cross over these lasers to form the most incredibly beautiful Butterfly Entities who were also very geometric. I could clearly see the vibration of their energy as it hit upon my plasma field and how this vibration was being translated into a visual image i could see and it was beautiful. There were many of them i am not sure of the number.

They continued on their journey closer and closer to me until they began to hit upon my physical body and enter it in the space of my heart. I could feel their unique vibration entering my body and could see how the geometric patterns which made up their bodies were healing the distorted fractals of my closed heart space. They then fully entered my heart chakra and physical heart and as they did i saw them open their wings. Their vibration opened my heart chakra as it entered my heart it physically massaged my heart with their unique vibration which now had its own music. My heart skipped many beats and became very irregular for a moment or two and then calmed down. They then taught me the song of the butterfly and told me that if i sing these songs when working with my clients it will greatly aid me when helping other people when they are dealing with heart issues.