Alloya’s Top Tips 4- Voiding negative people

Have you fallen out with someone , or had an argument or disagreement , only to experience what feels like a psychic attack coming from that person ? Do you suddenly have flashes of the person’s face in your mind […]

Alloya’s Top Tips – Tip 3 -The Dangers of working too much with Pendulums

Over the years of working with many clients, I have come across a very concerning phenomenon, within people who are using pendulums too much. I have had over fifty people who have come to me in a distressed state, depressed, […]

Alloya’s Top Tips, Tip 2 – Brain Sync

We are living in an electromagnetic smog which is caused by the energy emanations of mobile phone masts, mobile phones, TV masts, electrical pylons, and the electrical appliances in our home. Living in this electromagnetic smog can cause the right […]

Alloya’s Top Tips, Tip 1– Earthing

Earthing- As we move forward in this age of transformation we are going through many energy shifts. It is very important at this time that we remained earthed and grounded, being connected to the Matrix of Gaia within the earth […]

The Body Consciousness

The body is an amazing vehicle of consciousness, which is often unappreciated for its capabilities. Many look at it, as if it is just a lump of flesh which carries their consciousness around the physical third dimensional plane. There are […]

Soul Facilitation

The cells of the human body are like a storehouse of information; each and every cell contains information from this lifetime and beyond. All the experiences that you have ever had, whether from this lifetime or past lifetimes or expressions […]

Protecting from the Manmade Negative Energies

There are lots of energies fields around us all the time; some of them or rather many of them, can be detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing. Here in this article I want to give you some ideas on […]

Past life themes

There are very few people on the planet who are new to earth life; seldom are there people that are incarnating for the first time. Some of the Crystal children are new to earth but their numbers are very few. […]

Native American Indian sweat lodge

I have always wanted to attend a Native American Indian sweat lodge. And I had my chance , in the deep countryside of Straubing, Bavaria, Germany. We spent the first day constructing the tent like structure. We chopped down flexible […]