Native American Indian sweat lodge

I have always wanted to attend a Native American Indian sweat lodge. And I had my chance , in the deep countryside of Straubing, Bavaria, Germany. We spent the first day constructing the tent like structure. We chopped down flexible […]

A Miasm

“ Miasms are energy realities that exist independently of and within life systems. A miasm may be viewed as a localized pocket or concentration of energies comprising elements that do not enhance, stabilize or maintain the balance and well being […]

Living without Pipes

 As many of you will know, we are living in matrix-controlled world. We live on a planet, which manifests realities that are governed by preset programs. These programs run in the matrix that surrounds and permeates our world. We are […]

Soul into Body

As you might have gathered, I am back from India. As you can imagine I had a real adventure. I learnt some hard lessons, and went through a very intense transformation. I got into my body! I have always been […]

Dancing with the Kundalini

 Information about the Kundalini, its activation and Alloya’s personal experience of Kundalini – Serpent Energy. Dancing with the Kundalini Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “coiled up “, like a Serpent. The Kundalini is depicted in Indian scriptures as […]