Maya Sophia – Kristien Vangeninden

  I’m Kristien, inspired by my Elven energy… I create Nature Spirits to bring the vibration of Mother Nature closer to the ones who listen with their heart. I love the energy of dragons, wise trees and mystical beings. They […]

Talking with the Plants

  In ancient ages past, these present times were foretold, in long forgotten stories told by old men and women. We live in a feverous world of duality, contradiction and intrigue. Pushed hither and tither by the desires of men. […]

Wasp Consciousness and Brain frequencies

During my Ayahuasca Ceremony I went through a brain healing. I have never been able to fully close my one eye ever since I was a child I have not been able to completely shut it and when I go […]

Two Earths

There are currently in this space that we find ourselves in, two Earths. Two Earth realities. One reality is the old reality and one the new. The old Earth is still battling light against dark, stuck in polarity. This world […]

The Frog and the Waters of Life.

A week before my Ayahuasca Ceremony I went outside and discovered a dead and flattened frog in the driveway. Seeing this dead frog made me think it had a message for me. So I went inside and researched what the […]

Sacred Language of vibration

Since I was a small child I have been able to sing and speak a strange fairy language. Every time I went to the woods alone I could tune into a tree, or a flower, and suddenly I would find […]

Horned God –Pan

During the first night of my Ayahuasca Ceremony I was in a bad place, I was in hell; I was experiencing many past lives during which I was raped, and abused. As the night wore on it turned for the […]

Gaia’s various bodies

I am a multidimensional being travelling through all dimensions and levels of consciousness, coming from the source on high to navigate my way through all dimensions to finally enter the underworld of the second and first dimensions on my way […]

Embracing the Decay!

When I looked at the pain of the planet and the environmental damage that humans caused, it made me weep. When I went to the woods and saw condoms, beer cans and damage to trees I could throw myself upon […]