Attacked by the Artifical Matrix

There is a lot of talk on the internet about the idea that we live inside a computer simulation, which is run by an Artificial Intelligence. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about this topic, and it inspired […]

Quantum mechanics and unified fields by Trevor Poppe

  ” I am a new age nomad with a passion for quantum and unified sciences. I have previously hosted hundreds of astronomy dinners in the desert of Uluru – teaching people about our beautiful Universe above, which has served […]

Planet Earth Matrix Navigation

The Universal Web of Creation is the foundation of all that is currently physically animating itself in the Universe. The Universal Web of Creation is like a brain; it contains neural networks, which connect together to form the intelligence of […]

Soul into Body

As you might have gathered, I am back from India. As you can imagine I had a real adventure. I learnt some hard lessons, and went through a very intense transformation. I got into my body! I have always been […]

How to Integrate your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

On the highest level of creation, you are God. The universal dreamer. The God that you are expresses itself as many different aspects, expressing itself on each and every dimensional level. It is time to integrate. How you may ask? […]


Sound creates the many universes that make up our multi-verse. In the beginning of the forming of a universe, sound vibrates through the medium, the Void, the Plasma field. This vibration causes cymatic patterns to form in the field. The […]