NEW EBOOK -Stargates Part One

Come with me Alloya on a journey from Source into the lower dimensions of manifestation. Pass through the star gates of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades to come here to this earth plane. As we take this journey together you […]

Jessica – Light Code Activation Art

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica from Germany and my passion is Light Code Activation Art. What are light language codes? Light language codes are encoded energy patterns and messages that are aligned with our own internal DNA codes, many […]

The Legacy Project: Mind Matrix- Robert Guilik

The Legacy Project: Mind Matrix A very interesting article by Robert, I would agree with 90% of what he speaks about. I would simply change the word Extra- Terrestial for Other Dimensional as these beings are not terrestrial.

Antares 11D self – Channelling

Antares Star Goddess “ I call to the Dreamer that sleeps within, awaken from your slumber for you have been sleeping in the illusionary realms of this earth plane and now you are to awaken, to raise your consciousness to […]

Shared Reading about Lemuria

This was kindly shared by a good friend and client of mine …   You probably need more positive news? You need more stories that give you hope, don’t you? Re: Yes please, give us something to hold on. Something […]

Alloya’s Experience of New Earth Reality – Taken from The Mission of the One Star 1991

For some time, I had considered giving up smoking. I thought it would be too difficult and hadn’t given it any really serious effort. One afternoon in late March, I sat smoking a cigarette in my front room. I thought […]