Ritual performed in Brussels – english and translation- Author Anonymous

Of course, this is a time of fast revelations. At the same time, those revelations of false truths and fake news make us less naïve and more aware of things. But too many people are losing hope because they can […]

Quantum mechanics and unified fields by Trevor Poppe

  ” I am a new age nomad with a passion for quantum and unified sciences. I have previously hosted hundreds of astronomy dinners in the desert of Uluru – teaching people about our beautiful Universe above, which has served […]

Maya Sophia – Kristien Vangeninden

  I’m Kristien, inspired by my Elven energy… I create Nature Spirits to bring the vibration of Mother Nature closer to the ones who listen with their heart. I love the energy of dragons, wise trees and mystical beings. They […]

Rachel Murray – Life & Soul Purpose Coach

My whole life I have known I was a bit odd, I was often told I was “off with the fairies” as i was more often than not in deep thought, pondering the many facets and intricacies of the Universe. […]

The Mission of the One Star translated into Croatian by Daniel

Misija jedne Zvijezde My wonderful star friend Daniel , very kindly and skillfully translated my book the Mission of the One Star into Croatian for which i am very grateful .

Other People’s reports of Hat Man, shadow beings, and other strange entities

  Within this post I am going to place other people’s experiences of strange entities which are being experienced by many all around the world. People are writing to me every day with their experiences so therefore I am compiling […]