You have been lied to- Poem

  You have been lied to, since the moment of your birth Much of which that has been taught to you, has been taught in reverse   You are under a black magic spell, and you have no clue You […]

The Great Lament- Alloya

    Lost in the mists of time Only remembered in story and rhythm. Cast from a branch of a tree Cast adrift on a lonesome sea. Elves mighty and tall We towered above them all. Bodies strong and true […]

Elven Poem – Alloya

  We speak in myth , legend and poetry To capture your imagination so you can really see. To understand the story we hold in tender hand. A story about our green and pleasant land. This story has been lost […]

“Her Story Livened” by Annyor

  “It’s me, it’s you, I am everyone, I am everything, The lies of the Story is NO more! I have waited and coiled and surmounted my store! it’s time to EXPLODE! to IMPLODE! the entire round of SHOW! it […]

” Love, Love , Love ” Poem By Annyor

  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE 🙂 BEHOLD the Velvet of Blackness! Shimmering Glimpse of Starlight Bubbled from around the Paradoxial Vortex, The mammothing instance circled beyond matter, beyond thought, beyond TIME! BEHOLD; the birth of LIFE. 8——————————D […]