Event- Croatia October 2020- Seminar with Alloya

  Soul Integration for Starseeds Weekend Seminar with Alloya Huckfield Croatian Translation of Flyer Travel with me Alloya, through the many dimensions that make up this universal reality. Through deep healing processes and meditation I will guide you up on […]

Alloya’s Experience of New Earth Reality – Taken from The Mission of the One Star 1991

For some time, I had considered giving up smoking. I thought it would be too difficult and hadn’t given it any really serious effort. One afternoon in late March, I sat smoking a cigarette in my front room. I thought […]

What is an NPC or Non Player Character ? – Beyond The Veil + Alloya’s comments

Many years ago, I spent three weeks in Slough in London selling things in a christmas market. To say I was bored was an understatement, so as I sat there in the main high street of the town, I was […]