Channelled Messages direct from Spirit, plucked from the Ether.

I am allowing myself to be a clear channel for Spirit Messages which you as a Lightworker or Starseed need to hear at this time. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Each time you refresh the page it will bring up a new message so you can use it as an oracle. 

Spirit Messages Oracle
  • Spirit message 2

    Message 2

    Dear Starseed,

    It feels like you’ve been waiting forever for a sacred moment to come. It feels like you were born ready like the preparation of this moment was well met in previous lives. You feel ready for something new, a new phase, and new level of understanding and consciousness.  You stand waiting for something you cannot quite comprehend. It is a feeling that you cannot shake like you were born for something special into a time that would be remembered in all history. You can feel it creeping on the outskirts of your conscious awareness like a hunter stalking its prey. This feeling is growing daily and brings you frustration and misdirection in your impulsivity to know the WAY. Let go and trust that the path which has unfolded before your feet through lifetime upon lifetime will not end suddenly now.

    You are a Spirit of the Dawn and of the Night; you have traversed many lifetimes in many different guises. In some lifetimes you were awake in consciousness and in others you slept in the mire, waiting for that special moment to occur. You are ready and waiting now, waiting for the others to awaken from the dream, waiting for the others to realise that this world is one of illusion, and is a dream from which you must awaken. You feel like you have been awake forever- waiting.

    You are a divine being of wisdom; you have reached great heights in previous lives in preparation for this incarnation in the here and now. You carry the white dove of the holy Mother Goddess within your heart waiting for the day to throw open the doors and allow it to fly free. There is great treasure that lies within you buried under false illusions and beliefs. You have been here for too long you have come under the hypnotising sleepy energies of the mire. It is time for you to remember why you came here. You travelled a great distance through both time and space to be here, your journey has been long and arduous. Yet your spirit has carried you like a steady steed that needs no food or water, as it journeys through a barren wasteland of consciousness.  

    It is time to come together with others of your liking and seek wise counsel to both give and receive. For the world is changing and the life is changing too. Many need to hear your wise words and your experience. For it is in the sharing of the life path with others of like mind that you can take solace. Your path has been lonely and still connection eludes you. You desire and long for union with others of your kin and tribe. It is time to get motivated to share your wisdom and your knowledge, it is time for you to open up and look deep within you and bring forward that which you know. It is time for you to read out loud the life book you have been writing in secret.

    In a past life you had great knowledge and wisdom at your fingertips having lived and learnt within the sacred temples of the Goddess. Within those sacred halls you learnt about the divine vibration of words and symbols you were a mistress -master of eloquence and intelligence. Casting spells of magic calling upon the beings of fantastical vibration summoning astral Dragons, and Elements of the air.

    In this life it seems like all you do is wait. Waiting for a sign from the Goddess herself, to tell you to move forward and move on. That time is fast approaching, where you will come out of the shadow of yourself, and move back into the glory of the light of your true identity, and begin to share your light and wisdom with the world. It is time to speak out and communicate all they know both that which you remember, that which you have forgotten. Even though it is all dark around you know that your future is full of dazzling bright white light. Both your consciousness and your world will be bathed in the light of the source. And even though you consider yourself to be awake you often fall back into unconsciousness. Soon this falling back will not be possible any longer, for that special moment in time is fast approaching.

    Love Spirit