Channelled Messages direct from Spirit, plucked from the Ether.

I am allowing myself to be a clear channel for Spirit Messages which you as a Lightworker or Starseed need to hear at this time. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Each time you refresh the page it will bring up a new message so you can use it as an oracle. 

Spirit Messages Oracle
  • Spirit Message 1

    Message 1

    Dear Starseed

    It feels like you’ve been here forever on this plane of existence living one life after another, so many lives it is hard to remember them all. Many Earth lives come and go, yet they all eventually fade in memory. You are ancient, an old soul who has walked this earth life for many journeys.

    Having travelled here originally from the stars you are a star traveller yet here on earth you have forgotten your true home in the celestial planes of light and have succumb to the hypnotising energies of the illusion that is here in this world. But it was your choice to come you had freewill as a soul, however in these latter incarnations you felt like you were here against your will.

    There were times when you felt so alone it seemed futile to ask for help, you are now being urged to call upon the assistance of those high angelic beings that support you from higher dimensions. Celestial beings are allocated to you to bring the protection, divine guidance, and assistance in your spiritual path. There are many magical blessings waiting for you however you need to bring clarity in your life in order to be able to see them. The mire of Gaia has caught you in her web and you have been sleeping soundly ever since. Now is the time to wake up and see the new world of light all around you.

    I see you holding your head in your hands covering your eyes wishing to remove yourself from the reality in which you live, this Earth life has become a burden to you; your back is bent under the strain of earth memories from long ago, past lives long since forgotten. Your heart holds you here; grief of all those past and lost loves binds you to Gaia.  It is only a matter of time before you remember once again who you really are, before you took upon your back the burdens of many. For you have always been in service. That is why you originally came here to play, to assist in service of souls who are sleeping in the mire who are trapped in the matrix.

    Sometimes you regret your decision to come here. The wearing of time was unexpected; from the higher realms it all seems so wonderful to embed yourself into matter. When you came here your angelic wings began to fold and you pinpointed your consciousness into the atom, and you began to feel the heaviness and the wearing of time. In those earlier incarnations it was very easy for you to remember your origins in the stars and who you were in truth. Now you have long since forgotten.

    The illusion of the mire is an intoxicating and hypnotising force which even the most of courageous souls find hard to resist. You made mistakes in those past lives and you learnt from them, it is time to stop with the self- blame. You have lived many lifetimes and you brought yourself to this lifetime here today, it is time for some kind of celebration, for you are on the verge of a great completion. For lives have cycles that span thousands of years, but come around and bring to completion. Karmic debts are erased and, Maat’s scales of justice balance the soul.

    Regret, worry and dwelling in the past will not serve you now it is time to take your head out of the dark clouds. And finally come out of the dark night of the soul. You are being asked to trust for one last time that the divine has your back. You are looking at the situation from a purely physical perspective, and therefore you cannot see the bigger picture and the blessings within this lifetime at the end of your life you will look back and realise is quality. Let go of your fear and apprehension and allow the divinity of your soul to pour through your heart and bring you the trust that you need to make this final journey. For this is your last incarnation in the third dimension of this Earth plane. Upon death on the completion of this mission, you will return once more to the higher planes of light.

    Do not allow the relief of such knowledge to cloud the living in the moment and the embracing of your life in the here and now. You have many more years to walk before those elder days arrive.

    You have much more to achieve as a light worker before you are able to leave this life. For even in the darkest human incarnations you have still held the truth and the light. Be proud of how far you’ve come. In the beginning you were a single celled creature swimming the oceans of Lemuria, look at you now. You are on the verge of becoming a fully awoken human being.

    You have not always been in human form here upon the Earth plane there have been many existences in which you played with the forms of the Fae. You have divinely guided angelic beings to support you as well as many of the Devic and fairy races. There are many beings that exist within this fairy level of consciousness who wish to give of their energy and raise their vibration through their service to another. They will often bind or promise themselves to a human being such as yourself in order to be of assistance upon their spiritual path. These beings can be called upon to run errands on the astral plane that magically plays out here in the third dimension. They can be called upon to set up protective barriers on the astral plane preventing you being plagued by dark entities in the dream state. You can call upon them especially to protect your place of dwelling the home and the hearth. Through working with these fairy beings they will bring you to prophecy, divination and the reading of the future.

    Your future is one of light as you return to the universal dreamer to the heart of the source. For when you leave this earthly life you return back to your original form of light and you will be in form no more.

    Love Spirit