An Elven Story – Chapter Two – Elven Creation Story


I needed some Elven magic , so I turned to Tolkien. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, was born 1892 and died on 2 September 1973, was an English writer, poet, and philologist. Tolkien was a major scholar of the English language, specialising in Old and Middle English. Twice Professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at the University of Oxford, he also wrote a number of stories, including most famously The Hobbit (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954–1955), which are set in a pre-historic era, Middle-earth.

Inspired by the myths and stories of the Norse and Celtic Peoples he crafted a story hidden within, the real history of the Elven people. Whether you consider Tolkien’s work to be fantasy or not, we cannot deny the gateway into another realm which Tolkien left for us. As the ancient stories of the Elves have been long forgotten, we have to turn to the last man who knew anything of this fair race, JRR Tolkien.

Gandalf’s Song of Lorien by J. R. R. Tolkien

In Dwimordene, in Lorien

Seldom have walked the feet of men,

Few mortal eyes have seen the light

That lies there ever, long and bright.

Galadriel! Galadriel!

Clear is the water of your well;

White is the stars in your white hand;

Unmarred, unstained is leaf and land

In Dwimordene, in Lorien

More fair than thoughts of Mortal Men.

Magic Sigil

A magic sigil of Tolkien’s name, I did cast

Empowering it with magic, so it would last

To open me to, Elven records hidden

To remember that, which is forbidden

I sent the sigil my attention, day and night

Calling upon Tolkien, to aid my rite

This book has begun, but its end is unknown

This is only known by Ilúvatar,

Beyond the Dome

In order to write this book I decided that I needed a bit of Elven Magic to open up my creative channels. I have never been one for complicated rituals or structured magic however when a friend explained how to build a sigil, I decided I would give it a go. Maybe this magic would somehow put me in touch with Tolkien and maybe some of his talent would rub off on me. I submerged myself in Tolkien’s words and took Tolkien’s creation story of the Elves to get me going in this new vein of writing.

Creating a Sigil

A “sigil” is a symbol. In this context, it’s a symbol that represents a specific goal, desire or ambition that you’d like to bring into your real life. Sigils are powerful tools, they give a concrete form to an idea, and help to focus all of the power of your unconscious mind on making that idea a reality.

You just need to close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Clear your mind of all thoughts, just for a moment or two. Write down your goal or desire as a sentence. Be clear, succinct and specific. Strike out all the vowels. Words are defined by their vowels. As long as the vowels remain in the words, it’s hard not to see them as words rather than symbols. Rewrite the remaining letters in a jumble. As you read the vowel-free sentence, you’ll find your eye drawn to certain letters, shapes and orders. Rearrange the letters until you have a new symbol. Take a deep breath. Look at the sigil you’ve created. It’s a unique work of art, containing both form and meaning. You then simply focus on the sigil in both meditation, charging it with magical power.

I created a sigil from Tolkien’s name and asked it to be full of creative power, and to give me the ability to write the words of Elves, just like Tolkien did. Every day I meditated with it and sent it my energy charging it with more and more power, it must have worked because here I am writing this today. I needed a beginning to this book, the information that I had so far received came in bits and pieces. Elves think in spirals they do not think in straight lines. Within the whirling mass of memories and information, I needed a starting point. All cultures have their creation stories, and the elves are no different. Their records have been lost in the mists of time, so therefore we have to turn to the last man that had any access to this information. Whether you consider Tolkien’s stories to be fantasy or not, is of little consequence to me. I immersed myself in the words of Tolkien and found my own within the rhythm of his poems. A creation story of Gods and Elves emerged through the inspiration of Tolkien’s Elven script.

In the beginning

Ilúvatar sat lonely in the void, his only company his myriad thoughts. From these thoughts bright spirits of lesser powers did begin to form, Ilúvatar breathed life into them with his intention and they became the Ainur. The Ainur, the bright gods and goddesses with Ilúvatar, created great music in the void. However Melkor, the darkened one disrupted it with his pride.

In the beginning there was only the void and from this void consciousness arose , this was the Universal Dreamer , the source of all creation, the godhead whatever you want to call it, in the language of the Elves it is called Ilúvatar. As Ilúvatar became conscious his thoughts began to affect the void which surrounded him. These thoughts were contained within a cell whose barrier was a magnetic wave, a serpent eating its own tail. As the void birthed Ilúvatar, a shock wave was sent out into the void, creating a serpent of fire. Within this space the thoughts of Ilúvatar began to become conscious, forming pairs of energies or deities who became the lines, which made up the angelic grid, which holds all of the universe and its many dimensions in form. The thoughts of Ilúvatar, the Ainur, created wonderful geometric patterns in the angelic grid, only to have them distorted and perverted by the sound waves or thoughts coming from one of the Ainur, Melkor. Each of the Ainur had special gifts, special frequencies in order to create, however Melkor had been given all of their gifts and thus he was most powerful, as he wielded his freewill. He sent out a discordant note into the symphony of harmonious sounds coming from the other Ainur to affect their songs, until all was in disharmony.

Silmarillion, Tolkien – Ilúvatar then began the music once more, in which Manwë, Melkor’s brother, sang the leading part. Yet again, the harmony was broken.

The Birth of Eä, the Universe

Eä was conceived in the Music of the Ainur and then visualized in the beautiful vision that Ilúvatar showed to the Ainur, to see for themselves what they sang. The vision showed a world sustained inside the void, but without being part of it, and developing life on its own. The Ainur desired that all this was real, and Ilúvatar brought this into actuality by sending His flame imperishable into the void, to burn at the heart of the world and thus Eä was set amid the void.

The Ainur saw how their thoughts, their geometric patterns of light and sound were creating a vision of a coming universe and they desired it to be so. They created geometric patterns of light and sound in the angelic grid, to form geometric blueprints, design plans for all the wonders they had seen. Ilúvatar spoke Eä into being, just like in the beginning was the word. He set out a vibration of sound, which activated this vision and began its manifestation and with his imperishable flame, he ignited Eä into life.

Silmarillion, Tolkien – Eä is described as being “of “vast halls and spaces” burning with “wheeling fires” and histories unfolding amidst the “Deeps of Time”, such as the waking of the Children of Ilúvatar and the Dominion of Men.

What is meant by “vast halls and spaces” burning with “wheeling fires“. This is a description of the angelic grid. Imagine a void of black with the source of all creation as a mighty sun at its centre. Surrounding this sun is a magnetic barrier, the serpent eating its own tail. From the sun, rays of light are extended, electrical charges of consciousness, just like a plasma ball. As the rays of electrical charge emanate from the sun, they hit and bounce back from the barrier, the serpent eating its own tail. These rays are the thoughts of the Universal Dreamer. These rays or lines of light begin to cross each other and form pockets or spaces in between the lines, or vast halls and spaces. At the corner of each line crossing, an angle would form, or an angel / Ainur would reside. It is said the Ophanim angels of Ezekiel were described as being wheels of burning fire.

The Ainur looked upon the vision and they wished to enter the universe, as the Ainur entered Eä they became the Valar. At the beginning of Time Eä was dark and unshaped and the Ainur who entered it, had to labour hard to realise the vision that Ilúvatar had shown them. Arda, earth was seen to form in the future of light and Melkor desired her so and asked to be allowed to go with the other Ainur into Eä and to Arda the earth. Secretly Melkor desired Arda for his own. Melkor was allowed to enter Eä the universe and come to Arda, the earth with the other Ainur who were now known as the Valar. Once there, Melkor declared to his colleagues that he was the master of Arda. Though he disrupted their work and destroyed much, a great spirit named Tulkas came to Arda to combat him. After Tulkas drove Melkor away, the Valar managed to complete Arda and the world was established.

Silmarillion- Tolkien Arda was first brought into existence with the Music of the Ainur, for the purpose of creating a home for the Children of Ilúvatar, who were yet to come. Ilúvatar appointed the Valar, the Ainur who had entered Eä, as its masters, and was built mainly by Manwe (air), Aule, god of stone and Ulmo god of the waves. They invented its geography, for at the time it was largely without feature and gave it symmetry and form. But then Melkor wanted Arda for himself, and the two sides engaged in the titanic First War where Arda was marred and its plan was altered.”

The Valar

The Shining Ones as they were known to the Elven Race, were the Valar, those who came to earth before it was formed. They were created by Ilúvatar, the creator of this universe, in the depths of the void before the beginning of time. Gods and Goddesses of celestial light, they were the heavenly ones, those with bright radiance. Fifteen was their original number, each allocated a reality to govern. Seven Lords and Seven ladies did dance in the space of the serpent, yet there was one more who created discord. Each one a resonate note upon a scale, each one a colour within a celestial tapestry of design, one a broken thread.  


These are the Valar in their order of pairs

Manwe Lord of the air, his 

wings blaze against the sky.

Vadar is his consort, the lady of the stars.

Ulmo, the Sea-King and the Lord of Water, his waves crashing upon a distant shore.

Nienna, the Weeper, his consort, Lady of Mercy, a deep lament.

Aulë, the Smith and the Lord of Earth and the father of the Dwarves, his mighty anvil striking a perfect note.

Yavanna, the Fruit-Giver his consort, the Lady of Earth, her bounty is laden.

Oromë, the Huntsman, the Lord of Forests, he rides the white stag.

Vána, the Ever-young, his consort, her beauty a breath-taking sight.

Námo, the Judge and Ferrier of the Dead.

Vairë, the Weaver, his consort, weaving the fates of time.

Irmo Lord and Master of Dreams, casting illusions about the mind.

Estë the Gentle, his consort, Lady of Rest, healer of wounds.

Tulkas, the Wrestler, the Champion of Valinor, his strength of a thousand men.

His consort Nessa, the Dancer, her blazing skirts a flow.

Only one remained whose name is now not spoken, who had one evil eye.

Ilúvatar the creator did bring forth bright spirits from the imperishable flame and the Elven Race were born from the depths of the great dark void womb of the mother Eä. They created a great song of their own design, they brought many things into creation, through magic and poetry they did weave, dreams and spells through which we now perceive. The first Elves were born from the breath that blew through the leaves of the world tree. Warmed by the light of the Black Sun, the Imperishable Flame.


Valinor, home of the Valar, an island near the Black Sun. The undying lands where the crystal cities of the Valar shine bright. Two trees exist at its centre, one of silver and one of gold, Laurelin and Telperion were their names. They fell at the hands of the Dark One. Only the Eldarin, the eldest of Elves remember the light of the trees of Valinor.

The Awakening of the Elves

It is said that Ilúvatar birthed the Elves through the heart of the Black Well of the Mother , birthed through the imperishable flame and they awoke upon earth under a star lit sky, as at this time no sun or moon were born. They walked the shores of Arda and found others and awoke of their kin. Soon a troupe was seen to form, making sweet music and poetry upon the lapping waves. Sweet was the song of the Elves as it passed along the breeze, warm were the words they sang naming every tree and flower.

The Elves had what they call magic tone , the ability to speak in such a frequency that it causes the plasma field to morph and change, causing trees to sprout from the earth , and flowers to form on the bough. The Elves sang all of the flowers, buds, and fruit into being. Before they came all was dark and a shadow hung over the land, only large jungle vines with dark roots could survive. Vadar the star goddess smiled sweetly on the Elves and created the stars to guide their way, casting the whole of earth in pale starlight, blue and soft. The Elves woke up upon the earth and cast their eyes to the skies and wondered at the jewels that hung in the sky. Through poetry, song and rhyme inspired by the stars they sang the earth anew. Flowers which bloom in the night are the remnants of these times.

It is said that the Elves named all they did see. The Elves sang all the flowers into being by speaking the frequencies in tone, song, rhyme, and poetry. The Elven script is an electrical discharge within the plasma field if you look at it is looks just like a complex lightening flash, caused by the frequencies of their song. By singing the songs of frequency, the Elves were able to magically affect the plasma field of Arda and cause these kind of wave formations or this Elven script to form. This script then became the spiral, turning into a vortex creating the sacred geometry of the flowers in the etherical layers of the earth, creating blueprints upon which the flowers could base their form.

It is said in the stories of the Elves that a rider on a white stag did ride through the night, he was one of the Valar, Oromë, the Huntsman, the Lord of the Forests, he rides the White Stag. He invited three ambassadors to visit Valinor, home of the Elven Gods and Goddesses, the Valar. On their return they spoke of the splendour of Valinor and thus the first seed of descent was sown. Many of the Elves dreamed to see the golden realms of the Valar and followed Oromë on a great journey to finally rest in the arms of the gods/goddesses of Valinor. However not all were convinced and wished to remain in the arms of Arda, so they refused to journey and became known as the refusers, the Avari. They spread across the earth and sang more flowers into bloom, increasing their numbers walking in bodies of light. This is the first parting of the Elves, those who remained behind on the earth had no idea how it would feel when their kin, boarded the celestial boats and sailed to the golden lands.

Those left on Arda – The Teleri

The Teleri got to the shore too late, they heard the great horn of Oromë as he blew it through mountain pass and deep valleys, the celestial boat was leaving, they were delayed in the searching for their king who had become entranced by the love of a Maia, Melian was her name. They stood gazing into each other’s eyes for a thousand years or so it is said with the forest growing up around them. The Teleri fearing for their king remained behind searching for him, when they arrived on the shores the boats had left, there was no way of crossing the great sea and therefore they remained with Arda and from then on, they were known as the Forsaken.

We looked to the horizon and saw the last white sail of the celestial boat as it passed unseen into the stars, we cried out with all our might but our voices were drown by the waves. For some the anguish was too much and they cast themselves into the sea but their way was blocked by a rolling tide. They floundered and were cast back upon the shore, their tears mingling with the cool shallows. It is said that you can hear the cries of the sorrowed if you listen to the waves.”- The Elves

Long ago there were high Elf princesses of the high king of Zaneda on the eastern coast of a land which no longer exists. It is said that these princesses were so adept at water magic that they lived beneath the waters, and wove ocean gowns of blue white crested waves, with pearls around their necks. Woven into their hair were many rare and precious shells and on their toes there were cockle shells. They brought thunders storms upon the worlds of men when they did poison the seas and even today you can still see faces in the waves that crash upon the beach.

The Teleri were a divided family some had made the great journey, some were left behind, those that were left, wandered the shore line not sure on what to do. However after a while they contented themselves in sailing the oceans of Arda in boats of impeccable design.

The Avari

The Teleri were also called the Avari the refusers, a name which implies more than is meant, they simply could not leave Arda as it would be a lament, they loved to watch the flowers as they came into their bloom, nothing could of made them part from the gift that is Arda, so therefore they closed their ears to the horn of Oromë and moved deeper into the trees. Silvarin they became known as from those days, wood Elves, creating forest cities in the canopy of the trees.

The Noldor

Feodor was a prince of the Noldor, eldest and most beloved son of Finwë, creator of the Silmarillions holder of the light of the two trees. Consumed with revenge against Melkor he led his people from Valinor across the great sea in boats he stole from the Teleri. Murdering his own kin in the process, he shed Elven blood on the sands of the shore line city of the Teleri. Forever cursed he and all those of his descendants carry the mar to this day. Mighty battles did he fight against the dark forces , wounded he left Arda never to be seen again, some say he is now a Fade lost in the mists of time , some say he made his way as a wren and came to rest in Valinor .


Elven fury of the flame

Slaughter and maiming the profane

Calling upon the imperishable light

The Noldor did make their plight

Our king blinded by the fury of the flame

His mind did go insane

Using Elven magic of a darkened kind

To wrap and suffocate the mind

He died in battle from wounds unhealed

His deathly fate was revealed

He turned to dust upon that day

And the piper did carry him away

To the shore of Valinor

To pass through the secret door

To rest with kings and queens of renown

To wear the funeral gown

To cease to be in Elven form

No longer able to look upon the dawn

Chapter Three

 NB * This is an ongoing project , these are the first chapters more to come

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