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Hello, lovely beings,

My name is Marco, and I am a father, lover, holistic lifestyle coach, energetic therapist, and energetic artist. In the last decade, I almost had completely forgotten my creative side…well not really forgotten, I didn’t remember how to access it. I spend 12 years working in IT and when I got home I played games until late. I had completely forgotten how to listen and care for myself and because of that, I burned out. I fooled myself into something where my heart wasn’t into anymore…or ever? I did a career switch to become a holistic lifestyle coach and ever since I have followed my heart. In August 2020 I received my Awakening in which I learned to completely let go of all control and to surrender (yeah, a part of me died that night). 

Now I tune into the universal and earth energies daily and I have been gifted the power to translate these energies into powerful signs to help and inspire thousands of people around the world

My mission is to raise the frequency by unlocking the power in all people so we, the human collective, can fully ascend.

Please check out Marco’s geometric dna activating Antari upgrades