Childhood Shame , Solar Plexus Split & Archonic Etherical Parasites


This is some update information on the archonic parasites. If you are unfamiliar with my work on these parasites please follow the links at the bottom of this article, which will take you to podcasts about these entities. Within the podcasts I talk about who these entities are and the symptoms and effects that they can have upon a person’s energetic body. I also designed a meditation called the obsidian light meditation which is designed to remove these parasites. I also provide a healing service where I can remove these parasites for you, please follow the link to the healing page on the top menu under services.

After discovering that I myself had one of these archonic parasites attached to my energy body and experienced its removal, I began to attract to me one client after another who had exactly the same issue going on. It was this that pushed me to discover and design the obsidian light meditation in order to rid my clients of these pesky parasites. Even though the obsidian light meditation is very successful in removing these parasites from people’s energy bodies, it is not a prevention. A client came to me and I successfully removed the parasite, however the client then went away and did no further work to prevent reinfection , at a later date they became reinfected and returned to me for removal of the parasite once again. I always suggest to my clients that they themselves do the obsidian light meditation once a week to make sure they had not been reinfected and to remove the parasite themselves if they had been reinfected, I think some people do not do their homework but some did do what I advised yet they got reinfected anyway and were constantly having to remove parasites.

So I wanted to understand why these people were constantly being reinfected where as other people seemed immune to these parasitic infections. I discovered in my work that the parasites come through a split in the solar plexus. These parasites are like worm like electrical entities who enter the solar plexus feed off the energy in this centre and then grow and infect the rest of the chakric system in a severe case. They can infect any or all of the chakras and can send tendrils if you like into the meridian system and therefore they can be felt all over the body but they are hosted in the solar plexus chakra. I noticed that they always came in through this split in the solar plexus and it was caused by a person feeling extreme self doubt. When we feel self doubt we feel like we have been punched in the stomach and that feeling is actually the solar plexus splitting.

I now want to change this a little it is not self doubt which splits the chakra it is more extreme than that this, it is SHAME. When we are a child and we experience being shamed by our parents, it can have a terrible damaging effect upon the psyche of a child, splitting the soul into a soul shard which remains locked in this feeling of shame. As an adult we may have no memory of this shame or remember the first time we felt shame and it split the chakra however it is still there keeping the solar plexus in a vulnerable state , prone to splitting when something happens in our adult life which causes us to feel self doubt which is really an adult version of child shame. The cause in the adult life is only really a trigger, it triggers the solar plexus to remember the original wound of shame and this splits the chakra.

I have discovered with working with clients nearly all of them have reported to me that they experienced some sort of child abuse. It is not always sexual or physical abuse ( though sometimes it is) , many report neglect , or some form of emotional or psychological abuse, which caused them to split in the solar plexus, feel ashamed ( whether they were actually guilty of something to be ashamed of or not) and this then sets them up to feel self doubt when they are adults and become vulnerable to these archonic parasitic infections.

As a parent if our child does something to be ashamed of we as a loving parent will guide and show the child how to process that feeling. For example say you caught your child hurting the family dog, this is not something you want your child growing up to do ,hurting animals so you want to address this behaviour, so it is healthy to show the child this is a shameful thing to do , hurt the dog. However you do not want the child to feel ashamed of itself only of its actions which are simply mistakes which can be learnt from. You as the parent guide the child to feel remorse over its actions, to learn from them, forgive themselves and move on. No damage comes from this and the result is a healthy child. However if you shame your child for itself and not just its actions then you are teaching the child to be ashamed of itself. Children who are abused will always blame themselves for their abuse and will always feel ashamed even when they did nothing wrong what so ever and have nothing to be ashamed of. A divorce between parents can cause the child to hold shame and blame itself for the breakup of the parents.

I have noticed that in my clients who have these parasite infections that they have been abused and shamed in their childhood, this they did not address and therefore it has made their solar plexus chakra weak and prone to splitting which results in these parasite infections. So as well as clearing these parasites from the energy body it is important to heal the split in the solar plexus. Again this is something which I can do for my clients and they can also do for themselves but without addressing the self doubt, the childhood shame and the abuse which caused this, it is highly likely they will feel self doubt once again , have their solar plexus chakra split and will become reinfected once again.

It is time to address this childhood shame and heal from the abuse that caused this and build the self confidence in the solar plexus and become immune to these archonic parasitic entities.