Consciousness of sexual identity

Consciousness of sexual identity, is so strong, that gender may seem an essential part of being human. Yet I have noticed that the main theme which underlies most world mythologies and religions, say that humanity originally was not divided into sexes. The Bible, for instance, states that the first human beings were created male and female, in other words, as androgynous beings. They were a double-sexed race separated into two sexes. They were separated by Zeus into male and female halves “like a hair dividing an egg,” each half thereafter seeking the other, in order to complete itself. Or so the story goes. The hermaphrodites had grown too ambitious; Zeus decided to split them each in half. After doing so, he discovered that the now, separate sexes spent all their efforts, trying to join themselves back together. “Neither would do anything without the other.” Zeus then moved their “privates” in such a way that when any two embraced, they might conceive and thus propagate. This became the energy of innate love for one another, that which drives us to couple, is to make the two into one. (An Ancient Greek Myth). As humanity became more physical, it developed human consciousness centres to express its human aspects through. Mental forces entered consciously into human awareness. This point was the defining moment in human evolution, immortalized in myths around the world as the coming of mind. This was the emergence of human selves .

It was the bipolar activity of their mental faculties that caused the androgynous humans to gradually separate into two sexes. At first, occasional individuals were born in one or the other of the sexes, until finally sexual beings became the normality and androgyny disappeared. Zeus charged Apollo with the duty of bisecting the humans. The neck was turned around, so that this new incomplete body would be able to fully view itself, as a continual reminder of what it had lost. Thus, these strange quadrupeds were made into bipeds. And they were lonely. After the division the two parts of man, each desiring his other half, came together, and throwing their arms about one another, entwined in mutual embraces, longing to grow into one another. They were on the point of dying from hunger and self-neglect, because they did not like to do anything apart. (An Ancient Greek Myth).

A perfect match exists for each person, a literal other half, two pieces of flesh that were once one flesh.
The Goddess speaks
“Apollo did not respect me, the Goddess in form, the essence, the intelligence of the Prima Materia. He cut into my Rainbow serpent’s body, he divided and split my beloved being in two, he separated the sexes and created a being , that he and his friends could incarnate into, in order to live upon my paradise isle.

Through this separation, a grave injury was done to the relationship between male and female. They were driven apart and over time began to physically manifest, great differences between them. “ Limiting consciousness through separation and polarity An illusionary mindset, one principle dominating the other Magnetic-electro energy Gender ,storing energy and the force of action Magnetic feminine force , projective masculine energy Yin and Yang Forces in a constant cosmic dance The sexes were separated so that mankind might understand the operation of the principles and characteristics, that the Universal Dreamer possesses .Without the physical counterpart of the male and female principles; there is no way to understand the invisible spiritual creative process of conception. From these opposites, male and female, comes a new creation. The curse is to be rendered half a person, a being looking for the other half, longing for a coupling that will bring absolute fulfilment. I long for him and him for me. Separated by fate and a decree from on high. Forever searching under ever stone, and leaf, constantly haunted by a memory of a love, divine and true. The pain of separation. Divided in order to divide. Constantly seeking unity and completion. Always only half of something. Maybe during these Venus transits we can find our other halves!

There are many different types of relationships, and much has been written about them. There are also many levels to a relationship, many different ways that you can interact within them .I think you need a model to understand. Before the shifting of the planet began many relationships were what I would call body based. They were predominately sexual. In the times of your caveman ancestors you were moved by the programming in your D.N.A. Codes in your survival programming said in order for your species to survive you had to procreate. Crude as the attraction was it pulled certain individuals together for the prime and sole purpose of mating and surviving. This is the lesson of the base chakra. As the development and the evolution of humans moved into what we now know as modern man, you developed very sophisticated and complex ways to interact in this level of process of relationship.

As you as a species developed you began to access the complexities of the second chakra. This was a very interesting interplay with the creative energy of the male and female energies. You were moved into the lessons of the second chakra and creatively related to each other on this level. Mirrored in your history there were many times of very male predominate, patriarch civilizations and female, matriarch societies. The procedure went on and the development of relationships began to move into a more fourth dimensional expression. This is where you first begin to commune with the other’s soul and begin a very deep and challenging process. Those of you privileged to be in what you would call a soul mate relationship are venturing onto the first rungs of the ladder of ascension. There are many roads back to God; it is, possible to ascend yourself through the process of relationships. Why so many relationships, you may ask? By combining energies on all the different levels of the multi-dimensional consciousness you can ascend planets. On other planets in other dimensions, beings are in all sorts of constructs of relating; here on earth you are experiencing the very extremes of polarization and are ascending your planet through relationship dynamics. The two significant others, do not think this is only confined to the relationship of male and female body expressions, all beings carry a mirror refection of another.

Let me talk about the other half. It is a well-known term. On the higher light planes you can experience yourself as a unified angelic light being. Many of you spilt your consciousness at this level into two halves. One experiences one level of consciousness, the other experiences different levels. You are brought together on the earth plane to balance aspects within yourself, heal and reunify back into the whole. These types of relationships can be very hearty and emotional. You may feel that you cannot survive without this other. The other has the energy that is an important part of you. Many earth relationships are this type of interaction, many unfortunately fail. The aim of these types of relationships is to heal out relating traumas from past experience and unify the hearts together as one. You are in fact each other’s school, not to judge or undervalue these types of relationships; they are creative and angelic in nature, bringing great joy and pain to the experience of the partners. This can move you up through the dimensional experience of the fourth dimension. All relationships where heart soul connections are made allow you to rise in vibration to access the higher levels. Many relationships find that as one rises and the lessons are completed they move away from each other, no longer needing the other, having healed and integrated the other. They have on the other dimensions become one being, whole, no longer needing the other energy to survive. As you rise you begin to come under the influence of the magnetizing energies of the Twin Ray. It is your challenge here to finish the lessons of the other half relationship and move higher to meet your twin. It is important that the hearts of the other are not spilt, but kept together on the level of soul even though they may not be in a partnership in a totally third dimensional and earthly way.

Many of you are being asked to end and move on from your current relationships, this is a direct result of the shifting and rising in vibration of the planet. The challenge here is not to actually split but to stay united on a soul level. The challenge is to finish the lessons of this type of relationship and stay in love but become free in the relating. You get to a stage in your spiritual development, where you have healed out all negative patterning regarding to your relationship to yourself and to the other. Remember the other is also you, your other half. You get a unique and valuable opportunity to have relationships with yourself. The other half reflects to you, your hidden self, and the part of you that is unconscious in you. It allows you direct experience of the other spilt part of your soul. How many of you are noticing as you awaken and integrate the many aspects of your soul, discover that the aspects are completely different than your partners. For example, one is very earthy, grounding and rational, whilst the other is more spacey, ungrounded and imaginative. You give each other your knowledge of expertise as regards dimensional experience. Once this is complete it is time to move on.

Meditation to meet and connect with your twin. “Close your eyes take a few deep breaths and begin to breathe in the energy of your fifth dimensional self. In the air a round you the energy of your fifth dimensional self is building, do not worry if you can see anything, just be aware and trust that it is there. Breathe it in as if it is the energy of the air. Breathe it in into every cell of your body; whilst you do this, it is raising your frequency to a level where it is possible to connect with your twin. Once you feel yourself getting lighter and lighter, request the connection to your twin ray. You may get pictures, you may get words, and you may only get a feeling. For those of you who are only just starting with this process, you will connect to the aspect of the being, which is on the highest level. Twins from this level usually appear as beings of light, for some they will see or feel a beautiful pattern of light that resembles a spiralling ball containing many intricate patterns and colours. As the twin gets closer, you may find yourself feeling negative emotions in your body. The reason for this is that it is a process of transformation to connect with your twin. The high vibration of the twin’s energy brings up all that is blocking you from aligning and ascending with the twin. Breathe the energy of the twin into your body and allow them to see the pain, and negative beliefs your body holds about life and yourself. “