Birthed from the womb of the Great Mother Goddess

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Dancing with Gaia

vsmallsmall8Alloya invites you to attend a special workshop during which we will learn to remove all blocks to making a full and lasting connection with the soul of our planet the Goddess Gaia Sophia. We will meet and work with the various energies which make up her consciousness.

We will meet and integrate the fairy aspects which we all carry within our soul’s multidimensional identity. Fairies are not beings with wings but powerful forces of nature which can actively enable us to bring healing to ourselves and the planet in general. We will remember our fairy, elfin connections and learn to dance to Pan’s pipes once again.

By working on these levels we can unlock the secrets that Gaia holds in her planetary body and remember how once we walked this earth with full consciousness. We will work with the collective consciousness of humanity, aiding it in bringing more light from the higher dimensions to anchor into humanity’s grid; this will activate keys which will open portals into the inner earth. Once inside we will meet many levels of beings and learn from their wisdom, one of these levels of beings are the mighty Dragons. At the centre of each and every planet resides a Dragon consciousness, which once we meet will show us how to fully anchor all that we are into the cells of our physical bodies and also the Gaian matrix. We are all here on a mission to anchor in higher and higher energies to bring about a planetary transformation; this workshop will aid us, in our mission.

We will also work with the many faces of the Goddess , especially her Serpent self , which sleeps dormant at the base of our spines , by riding the serpent to higher and higher expressions we can bring truth , light and love to this planet.

Please bring comfortable clothes as there will be movement included in this workshop. Also please bring something that represents you as you are now, so we can build a medicine wheel to hold energy during the workshop.

Contact Alloya if you are interested in attending this seminar or organising the seminar in your local area.


As Solar winds wash our planet’s surface , it triggers dormant codes in the dna