Dancing with the Kundalini

 Information about the Kundalini, its activation and Alloya’s personal experience of Kundalini – Serpent Energy.

Dancing with the Kundalini

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “coiled up “, like a Serpent.

The Kundalini is depicted in Indian scriptures as a Serpent Goddess of immense power; she is called “Kundalini Shakti”.

“It is she who is the manifest Universe, and when she wakens, she will sweep one up in her tremendous passion to reunite with her Lord, Shiva, the unmanifest, in order to dance once again in his arms.”

The Kundalini is a sacred energy depicted as a Serpent, which lies sleeping at the base of the spine. It is a powerful and potent force of energy; it is seldom awoken and therefore seldom recognised

The Kundalini lies dreaming until it is awoken by the sweet kiss of the Universal Soul Self’s presence in the body.

The awakening of the Kundalini energy heralds a spiritual transformation full of potency and potential.

Since your birth the Serpent Kundalini has lay sleeping at the base of your spine in its latent form. It awaits the sweet kiss of the Universal Soul Self; it awaits the Soul’s impulse to unfold its many coils, to unleash its potential.

The Kundalini is a primordial dormant energy coiled three-and-a-half times around the base of the spine, in a triangular bone called the Sacrum. The Latin name ‘Os Sacrum’ suggests that it is a holy or sacred part of the body. When the Soul, or life force, enters the physical body in the womb, residual primordial energy, given as a gift by the Goddess, coils itself within this bone, simply waiting to be awoken.

On activation it ascends the spinal column and activates the chakric system that lies along the spine, it releases trapped energy that lies in its path and once it has reached the crown centre, it connects to the Source of all Creation, the Universal Dreamer, bringing enlightenment and transformation.

In its dormant form it is the very essence of all life. It is the basic energy of all motion and activity. It ascends through the spinal column and the nerve channels of the energy body cleansing and clearing blockages as it rises towards the crown, where it merges with the energy of the Universal Soul Self.

The Serpent connects to the Source – the Universal Dreamer, so there is no longer an experience of being an isolated, separated entity, but an experience of being a conduit of the divine cosmic force. The Kundalini literally plugs you into the ultimate power source, the Creator itself.

The Kundalini

The Kundalini is a power source of energy, which lies asleep, dormant at the base of the spine. The Kundalini weaves itself around the spinal column in the form of a spiral. Because of the form it takes, it is often referred to as a snake or Serpent. It lies in this dormant form until a trigger awakens it and then this force of energy is released bringing forth a tremendous transformation to all levels of your being. The Kundalini Serpent is a tremendous force of energy which knows no bounds, it does not sleep again until it has ascended the spine and activated the energetic body’s systems – the chakric and meridian systems. The Kundalini then brings the energetic systems into an elevated and evolved state; the energetic body can then handle an increase in energy and becomes a vibrant body full of power. This enhances the life of the person and also gives the energetic body, the acceleration and momentum to ascend the dimensions in a transforming process.

The Kundalini is an energy which was given to all physical bodies by the Goddess, the conscious being Gaia, (Earth). In the creation of the physical form, (which later became the human physical body) Gaia communed with the Serpent and inserted the Serpent energy into the DNA of the human and therefore throughout humanity’s development, mankind has held a secret at the base of the spine, the Serpent awaiting arousal. The Serpent codes within the DNA helix lie dormant until the awakening of the Serpent occurs. The codes once activated bring to the recipient new and enlightened gifts, talents and abilities. These abilities are not abnormal, they are a natural part of the human consciousness, it is only that in most people the codes lie dormant; therefore they do not have access to these abilities. Once a person has awoken the Kundalini in their body, they then have access to inherent talents. This is a gift from Gaia for all humans on the Earth.

The arousal of the Kundalini brought about the first physical urge, the urge to create and manifest. This was later translated as the first physical desire for sexual exchange. The Serpent has an overwhelming desire to create and this force is responsible for all physical creation in the universe. There are many physical beings in the universe, who too have this amazing power of creation, for without it, they would be unable to manifest or emanate their physical expression or body. In third dimensional human physical terms, this desire is translated in the desire for sexual exchange. The desire of the Serpent can be translated into other creative processes but for the human, sexual exchange is how it is expressed predominantly. Because of the desire that the Serpent brings, the Serpent was feared and loathed by many religions; you can see this reflected in the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible.

In this story the Serpent tempts mankind to explore its sexual power. Man’s sexuality is judged and chastised, resulting in mankind being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Since this time Humanity has feared the Serpent, for it is an uncontrollable, immense sexual power. This fear has been encoded into the very DNA of the human body. This encodement has brought about not only a fear of the Serpent energy itself but also a fear of its expression in sexual power especially in the woman.

The Kundalini is inherent within the physical body, it comes part and parcel to the human form. Within the physical body of all human bodies, there is this dormant energy. Without the Kundalini energy no one would be able to manifest themselves physically, for it is this animating force which lies sleeping and dreaming at the base of your spine that is the creative force behind your ability to create your own reality. This energy lies sleeping, dreaming your reality into manifestation. The Kundalini not only creates your outside reality in the world around you, but also creates you, your physical expression here on the third dimension. Atoms swirl around this Serpent energy bringing an emanated and physically manifest form or body. Without the Serpent energy we would not exist physically.

The Earth is a place of duality, polarity and opposites, yin and yang, light and dark, good and bad. Simply living here in a physical form means that you come under the rules and structures of this polarity. Whilst you live here on the Earth you are influenced by both positive and negative energies. These influences affect the Serpent’s creation of reality. The Serpent Kundalini energy lies sleeping dreaming unconscious dreams, some of these dreams are based around fear and negativity. This is because the emotional body is bombarded by negativity from the outside and this affects the unconscious self and thus the Serpent, then dreams negative realities into existence to reflect the negative emotional state. When the Serpent wakes up and ascends the spine, activating the self on all levels, it begins to consciously create its own reality from an elevated consciousness, from a conscious awake state.

Within this consciously awoken state, there develops a direct connection to the Universal Soul Self. The creating Serpent energy is then directed in its creation of reality by the intent and desire of the Universal Soul self, rather than by unconscious negative programming. The Serpent no longer creates realities from the fears in the unconscious but creates realties in alignment with the desire of the Universal Dreamer. As you can imagine these realities are more positive, more transforming and enlightening than those which are created in the unconscious, asleep state.

The Kundalini is a gift from Gaia;

the Kundalini is the Serpent in the Garden of Eden.

She was given to mankind by Gaia herself, the Soul of the Earth.

Gaia hid this energy deep within the physical body.

Lilith – the Serpent Goddess appears as a snake and tempts Adam and Eve to explore their sexual energy.

Activate their Kundalini and take control of the creation of their reality.

Mankind’s Original Blueprint

The humans you see today do not reflect the original blueprint or plan for humanity. There was an original blueprint that was designed by the Universal Dreamer itself. The Universal Dreamer impregnated the matrix (which was Gaia’s creation matrix), with its idea, its design and Gaia created a form in the physical realms to house the incarnating Souls of man. Man was originally designed to be a magnificent being with full consciousness, and had at one time a natural and unobstructed connection to the Universal Dreamer. Mankind was truly amazing to behold, it is very disappointing to look now at modern man and see how much we have degraded and de-evolved. The state we see man in today, is not entirely man’s own doing, as many beings from other places in the Universe came here to the Earth and manipulated and transformed the human race by changing our DNA, by degrading the genetic codes.

Some of these beings did this tampering of the DNA, for positive reasons, and others did it for negative. Many of these beings were genetic masters and scientists; they spliced and split apart the DNA strands that made up our ladder of consciousness to create a being which was more useful for their purposes. After all this tampering of the DNA, the human race no longer reflected its original blue print. However even though many of the beings from other places were masters in genetics, none were able to control or manipulate the Serpent energy hidden, sleeping in the very cells of the physical form.

Gaia through her gift of the Serpent gave man the ability to undo the modifications and tampering by these other dimensional beings. For the arousal of the Serpent once awoken, rebuilds the ladder of consciousness, the DNA helixes which make up our genetic makeup. Then we are able to ascend the ladder of the DNA to a heightened consciousness, and thus emanate ourselves in higher dimensional expression.

There were many different levels of beings who visited the Earth in earlier times and they had varying degrees of influence on mankind, as it developed, some were beneficial, others were not. The Beings known as the Annunaki came to Earth in mankind’s early days. (You can read more about the Annunaki in my book “Her Perspective “available on this website as a free download). Man was only just coming into the physical forms even though he was primitive he had an innate connection to the planet and her consciousness, through the medium of the Kundalini Serpent. Through man’s dreaming, he had the ability to create his own reality in a pure unadulterated form. He was directly inspired by the Universal Dreamer and Gaia’s consciousness combined. However this was soon to all change.

The Annunaki came to Earth and wanted to enslave mankind for their own ends; they modified mankind’s DNA, deactivated the Serpent’s connection to the Earth and because of this mankind began to live outside of Gaia’s influence. Without this connection to Gaia, man developed disrespect for nature and the environment. The Annunaki modified mankind’s DNA so they were easier to control .Without a connection to the planet, man was without guidance from within, man began to look outside of itself for guidance and in this searching, they found the Annunaki who they then worshipped as gods. In this way mankind was easily controlled by the Annunaki and still are today.

The Annunaki did not want mankind to have full capability to create their own reality through the activation of the Kundalini, as they wanted to control them, to make them into slaves. The Annunaki not only deactivated the Serpent within the DNA of mankind, they also fed into the psyche of man, the fear of the power of the creativity of the Serpent and its sexual expression. By injecting this fear into the psyche of man, the Annunaki made sure that mankind did not find its gifted power within its body, i.e. the Serpent Kundalini.

The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is the story of the Annunaki and their tampering of mankind. The tree of life referred to in this story is a symbolic representation of the DNA ladder of consciousness. The Annunaki did not want man to have access to the knowledge held within the ladder, as this would mean that they could develop to be as powerful as the Annunaki themselves. And of course they did not want this.

The Serpent transforms you into the being you were intended to be.

So you can realise your potential.

When the Serpent awakens it ascends the DNA ladder and brings you to full consciousness.

It heals and mends the DNA helix which was tampered with by all those different beings and enables you to ascend.

The Kundalini and the chakras.

You create your own reality; you create it on many levels, and animate your reality through your chakric system. The chakras are wheels of energy which spiral around the axis of your spine, within your energetic body. When the Kundalini is awoken and activated it ascends the body. As the Kundalini ascends the spine it passes through the chakric system. There are seven chakras within the body and several more above and below. These are power centres, which draw in energy to feed the energetic body. Each chakra is a wheel, which pulls in energy from the Universe and also expels unwanted energy to be recycled. Each chakra tunes into a different dimension and thus pulls in different frequencies of energy.

Each chakra is responsible for the creation of an element of your reality. The base chakra is creating physical atoms from which you create the concrete world around you. The second chakra is creating the sexual and creative energy which keeps the human race creating and evolving. The solar plexus is creating the idea of individuality and separation; this is also your place of emotions, enhancing your experience of your creation. The heart is creating your connection to each other in compassion and also connecting you to the love of your Soul. The throat is giving you the ability to manifest your thoughts and dreams in a form of communication. The third eye or brow chakra is tuning you into the creative ideas of your dreams in the form of your imagination. The crown is connecting you to the overall desire to create which comes from your connection to the Universal Dreamer.

The chakric system also records your experience of your life and reality, each chakra records the level it is responsible for. For example the solar plexus records the emotions experienced, your reactions. The heart records the experience of the connections you have with each other and with your Soul. Experiences from both this lifetime and past lives in the form of memories are also stored in these energy centres. Everything ever experienced in all lifetimes are recorded within the patterns that make up the chakric wheels, as this is part of their function. Positive, clean energy makes the chakras healthy and bright; allowing them to spin un-obstructed, negative energy makes the chakras spin slower, drawing in less energy. If enough negative energy is stored in these centres, then over time they can become blocked and cease to function correctly, thus bringing the energetic body and eventually the physical body into an imbalanced state.

“Within the sushumna is a subtle nadi called chitrini which is the channel for the movement of the Kundalini…. Whatever thoughts one has come from this central nadi, and all one’s karmas and impressions from many lives are lodged here”. (Muktananda, Kundalini 29).

As the Kundalini awakens, it brings with it an energy, which spring-cleans the entire energetic system; it clears unresolved physical and emotional distress from the body. Some of the distress is from experiences that you have had in this lifetime; some of the distress is from the memories that your body carries, from your experiences in past lives. With the activation of the Kundalini Serpent unresolved physical or emotional conditions come up for resolution and release. Therefore the Kundalini in its ascension becomes a clearing and healing force of energy. And thus the Kundalini awakening can herald a great period of change in your life. It is an important stage in your spiritual development.

These life-transforming energies that the Kundalini brings, can affect the entire physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual systems. In the course of its upward motion, the Kundalini encounters all kinds of impurities that are burned off by its dynamic activity. In particular, the Sanskrit scriptures mention three major structural blockages, known as “knots”. These knots are usually associated with the experience of pain. When the Kundalini encounters these blocks, it works on them until they are dissolved.

The healing that the Kundalini brings.

The Kundalini is an energy which is made up of what is called Prana, it is a Prana Serpent; Prana is the Hindu word for vital energy. Prana released at the awakening of the Kundalini intensely rushes through the energy systems clearing out physiological blocks and stagnation. As deep blockages are released, you may access memories and emotions associated with past trauma and injury both in this lifetime and in lives past. It is important to allow all that the Kundalini brings up for you, it is a powerful force and by allowing its flow, you are accelerating yourself along your spiritual path with great speed.

As the Kundalini surges up the spine, activating memories from your early childhood and beyond, the pain stored within these memories can bring you into inexplicable emotional states, as you clear out your unresolved issues. Tears will fall from your eyes, as the feelings of rage explode from your very bones. These emotions are seldom sourced in the present, but are held in the memories that the cells of your body hold. With your Kundalini activated, you will find that you are on an emotional roller coaster ride, as you swing from feelings of anxiety, guilt and depression, to those of compassion, love and joy, all of which are accompanied by bouts of uncontrollable weeping. For tears are healing, they wash the bad memories from the cells of your body and bring you a fresh and clean space from which from you can grow and learn.

As the Kundalini Serpent rushes up the spine often vibrational or energetic forces are felt in the body. With these forces comes an over whelming feeling of being in the presence of your Universal Soul Self. For your Universal Self rides the waves of Prana that are activated on the awakening of the Kundalini, bringing you closer and closer to your true identity. A rushing stream of energy moves up the spine, spiralling around and around as the Serpent slowly uncoils itself. The reactions to the awakening of the Serpent vary from person to person, some of you may experience emotional states beyond your usual experience, some of you may experience more physical reactions such as involuntary shaking, or jerking movements of your body. Where the Kundalini encounters a “block” (a resistance to flow) strange body movements or emotions called “kriyas “occur. Your teeth chatter, as your muscles flex and contract, you are shaking yourself loose, allowing blocks and stagnating energy to come to the surface to be released by the power of the Serpent.

If you have ever studied marital arts or yoga and have performed the standing stances, you will have noticed that after some time your muscles begin to shake uncontrollably, as the chi energy you are holding in your body works on the blocks that are in your muscles. This shaking is similar to the shaking that you experience when working with the Kundalini Serpent, as it rises through your body and eats away at your blocks. The difference is that the shaking is all over your body and not just isolated to one muscle group. This shaking can become painful and disturbing if you resist it and try to prevent it from happening, it is advisable to just allow the shaking and allow your body to move into this chaotic movement with ease, it is your body’s way of expressing the obstructions to energy. By allowing it to free flow you will come to a clear energy body much quicker, than if you try in any way to control or resist it.

Your breathing patterns may also change. Your breathing may change from being deep and slow to becoming fast and shallow, as you feel the pressure of the Serpent pushing against the blocks in your body. As the blocks are forced against, you may find yourself holding your breath and then letting it go with a forceful out- breath. These breathing techniques aid the Serpent in it’s releasing of your stagnant energy. Some of you when working on releasing your rage and anger will pass air through the teeth with a hissing sound, each block of energy (depending on the emotional tone behind it), will reflect in the different breathing techniques which you will naturally perform as you heal with the activation of your Kundalini. Again it is very important to allow the breathing to be natural even if it feels totally unnatural to you; it is all about allowing the experience without trying to orchestrate it yourself. Once the Kundalini is activated the Goddess will take care of you, remember even though it is seldom experienced here on the Earth especially in the west, the Kundalini activation is in fact a natural occurrence. The Goddess is the guide and conductor of this Serpent energy, not your ego or mind, so just allow her to do what she does best.

A Kundalini awakening often generates unusual physiological activity as intense movement of energy releases the toxins in the body. Every block or pocket of stagnant energy has its physical counterpart in the form of a toxin. The activation of the Serpent causes the body to want to rid itself of the toxins that have attached themselves to the toxic thoughts and emotions that you carry from the experiences you have had in this lifetime, and also the negativity that you carry from your past lives. The release of these toxins can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, it is often that you will feel sick with each release and may even rid yourself of the toxins by vomiting or having diarrhoea. The nervous system can also be affected, people have reported sweating and having hot and cold flushes, similar symptoms to the flu, as the toxins are released. Headaches too can arise especially when the Serpent energy comes to the area of the head and pushes through the blocks in the third eye and brow chakra. In fact pain and discomfort can arise anywhere in the body where the block is situated, especially along the chakra points along the spine.

As well as changes in temperature and pain, many internal sensations can arise with the activation of the Kundalini. The senses are often heightened, so over-sensitivity to light can hurt the eyes, as well as loud and harsh noises can make hearing painful. The nervous system can become highly strung and cause hyperactivity, or it can become depleted and cause lethargy. These changes in energy levels can cause you to feel unwell and this in turn can affect your sexual drive and performance. Symptoms can be erratic, coming and going without provocation, but are generally unresponsive to medical treatment. This can leave you confused as you rush off to the doctors only to find that your symptoms have disappeared, only to return a week later.

There are many ways that you can aid the ascension of the Kundalini through your body, you may be guided to move the body into postures and perform certain movements to aid the energy, as it moves through your blocks. Be natural and allow your body to show you which stances or movements it wishes you to perform, to aid the body whilst it goes through this process. Many yoga positions were created, by those who had activated the Kundalini and observed its ascension through the body. It is not important that you look good when you move your body; it is not that you have to be a dancer or acrobat. What is important is that you allow your body to guide you in its movements, you may appear strange to others watching, that is not your concern. What is your concern is that you allow the Kundalini to move through your blocks and to bring you closer and closer to your true self and expression.

Some people find themselves performing yogic postures or hand mudra gestures, which they have never learned or could not do, in a normal state of consciousness, whilst they go through their Kundalini activation. Hand mudra gestures are a sacred hand signing language, which harnesses the cosmic energies of the Universe and enacts them through hands gestures. There are currents of energy, which travel down each of the fingers, and by moving the fingers in certain sequences; it is possible to express the language of the stars and the Universe itself, through the hands. This language if understood goes way beyond anything that words could tell. Those who are riding the waves of the Serpent will naturally and automatically find themselves performing these mudras. This is not just a form of communication; it is a healing tool too. The currents of energy that run around the body which make up the meridian and chakric systems are reflected in the hands and fingers and by moving them into certain positions, this brings the whole body and its systems into alignment with the energy of the Universal Soul Self, thus bringing about balance.

Some people may produce Sanskrit words or sounds, or have an awareness of inner music, mantras or tones. Every energy in the Universe has its equivalent tone or sound. Every species or race of beings in the Universe has its own language; some of these languages have developed into a form of communication, as we humans have developed rudimentary sounds and grunts into a complex language. Other life forms do not need complex forms of communication but never the less; still express themselves and the level of energy that they represent, through sounds and tones. I found that when my Kundalini activated, I made very strange sounds, some of which sounded like an animal, others sounded like a strange alien language, which I believe it was. I found that as the Kundalini moved through each of the chakras the sounds, tones and words changed to reflect the blocks that were present in the energy centres. These sounds changed as I pushed through the blocks, they changed from screams and moans to much more harmonious tones, to reflect the new healing energy that my Serpent energy brought to each of the chakras.

There are sacred healing words and tones which the Kundalini will activate as it ascends the body. Even the negative blocks and memories from past lives which are held in the cells of the body, have their own sounds. All of these energies in the body whether they are negative or positive need to be expressed. Let go and allow yourself to express yourself through the voice, it is a wonderful tool and aid to your awakening. Every chakra in the body has its own tone or sound and these too need to be expressed, this will aid them in coming back into alignment with the Universal Soul Self. It does not matter that you do not understand the language that you will speak as the Kundalini travels through each of the chakras, for many of the words that you speak are of an ancient tongue. (I found that many of the words I spoke sounded similar to Aramaic or ancient Hebrew, a language of the ancient races.)

You are a multidimensional being expressing yourself on each and every one of the dimensions that makes up the Universe. You have an aspect on each and every one of the dimensions; these aspects or selves are also anchored into the body. Each aspect anchors into each of the chakras. As the Kundalini moves through each of the chakras it will activate the self that is anchored there. You will express each of these selves in sounds and tones. By expressing these sounds and tones you are bringing your whole self (made up of its many aspects) into alignment with the Universe. Your fairy self has its own language as does your alien selves; each one has its unique expression of energy which it will express through the medium of tones and words.

As my Kundalini travelled through each of the chakras it activated the energy of each of the selves that were anchored there and each self expressed itself through my voice in the form of words and tones. As the Kundalini moved up into the next chakra it moved me to make sounds that were a combination of the chakra above and below. I could hear the sounds that each of the selves were making as the Kundalini passed through the centre which the self was anchored into and also I could hear the combination of sounds that each of the selves were making, as they merged together. By making these sounds I could feel the imbalance that was there between the selves expressing itself until the selves began to harmonize and produce a new sound or set of words which was a synergy of both of their energies combined. During this process the many aspects were harmonising and becoming one, becoming much more than they were in their individual states. During this process I was realising myself as a Super Hybrid within my chakric system.

Heightened Senses.

Even the olfactory system can be stimulated with the Kundalini activation, with perception of scents such as sandalwood, rose or incense. Many have reported smelling bad smells, as they clear their blocks and negativity. All of the senses are heightened and expanded, allowing you to expand your perception whilst going through your Kundalini activation. I found that each self also had its own unique scent and as they combined so did their scents. Each self added to the over all scent until it resembled a complex and wonderful perfume. This scent stayed with me for some days after my first experience of the Kundalini activation. Even other people commented on my wonderful new perfume.

The Kundalini activation can bring with it an expansion of perception, which is outside of the usual consensus of reality, people can experience visual phenomena, they may have visions of lights, symbols, entities, or a complete review of past life experiences. Some people even lose their sense of having a body, or they feel much bigger than their body, or even find themselves floating outside of their body, this can be rather confusing and disorientating. I went through many states of feeling different associations to my body, sometimes I felt so small and other times larger than the planet itself. I switched from one feeling to another in a matter of seconds and this in itself was rather disorientating, I called this feeling “big, little, big, little “. I remember something similar happening to me when I was a child, I remember finding it hard to go to sleep because of this feeling, was this also Kundalini activation? I realised that as I went through my first activation that this was not the first time I had experienced this. During the other times, it had not been so strong or powerful, however the Kundalini had been activating all my life, waking up and going back to sleep many times over and over.

My vision was opened up immensely during my Kundalini activation. I had always been able to see auras, energies and beings since I was small but as I grew older and went to school and fell pray to the programming of education, I lost my ability to see, and only could see energies when I was alone and in a meditative state. However during my Kundalini activation this ability came back, I could see very clearly the energies all around me as well as the various other dimensional beings that were my selves, guides and friends. It was truly wonderful, now I only have to take a few seconds to tune in and I can see with full sight like I could when I was a child. I could see the energies that were present in my body, both the negative and the positive. I could see the colours that my selves created both in their individual expressions and also as they combined to create a beautiful rainbow.

Often with the activation of the Kundalini there comes an opening up of psychic abilities, a person may experience precognition, telepathy, psycho-kinesis, and may even become aware of auras and develop instant healing abilities. The Kundalini takes you into altered states of consciousness where you can directly perceive the unity underlying the world of separation and experience a deep peace and serenity with a profound knowing and wisdom. You will come to know yourself on a very deep level where words cannot truly express. You will come to know the many aspects that make up your multidimensional Soul Self. You experience your whole self; you gain a sense of being one, as the many selves and many levels of your Universal Soul self show themselves to you during your activation. You gain a sense of not being separated from them, you no longer see them as separate beings to you (seeing them as guides or friends) but perceive them as parts of your over all self. With this new perspective you can look outside of yourself and also see the unity which is in the so called outside world. This sense of unity expands until you see yourself as the whole Universe, with absolutely nothing being separated from you. Separation after all is an illusion.

In some cases, the activation of the Kundalini can be an intense psychological experience, which is so acute that it can resemble a psychotic episode. Many doctors still regard this phenomenon as indicative of pathology because the signs are so easily confused with psychosis, mania, depression, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder. Many people undergoing Kundalini activations are misdiagnosed and treated with medication, which further complicates the process. When Kundalini awakening happens to people who are not on a spiritual path or who have no context or framework to understand the bewildering upheaval of mind, body and spirit, the experience can leave them fragile and confused. As the Kundalini process involves a redefinition and reintegration of self, it adds extra pressure. There were several times during my Kundalini activations that I thought I was going mad. It was only because of the kind loving support of my supportive network of family and friends both third dimensional and other dimensional, that I did not run off to the doctors with my fears of insanity.

A supportive framework, which allows people to make sense of the connection between spirit and the movement of physical energy in the body, is greatly needed. It is more empowering to understand that the Kundalini awakening is a process, which taps into the blueprint for a higher form of consciousness, which is in fact latent within every human being. While the enormous changes associated with a spiritual awakening may demand psychological and social adjustments, they are not in themselves necessarily indicative of insanity. Communication and connection with others who can provide support and a meaningful context for understanding the process reduces the confusion.

Changes within the self.

Kundalini activation challenges the ego consciousness. It brings with it a challenge to move beyond the unconscious responses ruled by drives and instincts and remove ego consciousness from the centre stage of your awareness. This in itself can cause confusion and imbalance. You have to be prepared to lose the little ego self to gain the much bigger identity of your Multidimensional Soul Self. This giving up of the little ego self can cause great fear, willingness is not all that is required of you, you have to be brave and allow a mysterious and daring process to occur to bring you further along the path that takes you to the source of your true self.

The ego is made up of defence mechanisms which are activated when the Kundalini is fired into action. The ego’s energy is situated in the solar plexus chakra. When the Kundalini moves into this centre, the ego’s structure begins to disintegrate. You would think that you would lose all sense of self with this disintegration. However this is not the case, as the small ego self moves out of the picture, the real true self takes it place. The power that is perceived within the ego is an illusion, it takes focus and energy to keep this small self’s illusion going. The energy that is freed up when the ego disintegrates fuels the transformation and aids you into stepping into the space of your bigger true identity, your Universal Soul Self.

The sickness that many feel when the Kundalini activates is the poison which is released when the ego disintegrates. The Serpent in itself is not poisonous but the process that it takes you through can be toxic, as all the negative energy which is held within the ego is released into the system to be cleared. It is important that this poison is cleared from the body. Drinking plenty of water, for it helps, as water is a carrier of energy and it has the ability to cleanse not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental and spiritual.

The Annunaki inserted into the DNA of man certain codes which once triggered, call the ego into a defensive stance. The fear of letting the ego can cause the body to go into fear and want to stop the process of the Kundalini activation; this is because of the Annunaki codes within the DNA. If you want to go through this process unhindered by these codes it is possible to remove them.

I enclose a process (at the end of this text), that you can do for yourself to remove these codes, or if you would prefer I can do it for you remotely. I provide a Kundalini activation process on my website in the healing section. I can tune into you and see whether you have these codes active or not and if so remove them. Not everyone has these codes active; some of you have removed them in past lives and therefore are no longer a hindrance to your Kundalini activation. However for those who are new to working on this level, you will have these codes present in your DNA, these codes will be ready to activate and stop your spiritual progress. These need to be removed before you will be able to activate your Kundalini successfully.

The activation of the Kundalini is not for everyone, it is no way a judgement as to how far along your spiritual path you are. You should certainly wait for the impulse from your Soul to ask for such activation before requesting a session with me. When a person requests Kundalini activation, I tune into that person’s Soul and I ask the Soul for permission to perform the activation. If I get a strong yes to this request I go ahead, if in any way there is a refusal or if the response is any way vague, I have to refuse the request. In no way do I allow my personality to come into this, it is after all not my decision but the decision of the person’s Soul. I enclose this within this text, so those of you who are thinking of requesting activation are aware that you may be refused. Please do not take this personally as it is not meant this way. There may be a number of different reasons why your Soul may refuse the activation.

You may have too many blocks within your chakras for the Kundalini to pass through without causing harm, as this is possible with premature activations. Your body may not be healthy or fit enough to handle the activation. It is advisable if you want to walk this path of spiritual awakening to become as fit and healthy as you can. It is a tiring and can be an overwhelming process to go through and you need the support of your body. Spend some weeks before your activation eating high energy foods, to increase the power of the physical body. As well as the above reasons it may simply be that it is not appropriate for you to have the activation, it may not be the right time, or the right stage in your spiritual development. If you have fear of the activation or if you are telling yourself you should request this, rather than waiting for the impulse from your Soul, then the activation is not for you. The request must come from the Soul and not the rational mind or ego. Be open to the impulse and if it does not come do not force it, or judge yourself, just know it is not for you.

I am here on this planet, as a guide and teacher, to support you as you go through your process of awakening and if any one needs this support do not hesitate to ask. You can email me at any time. For I have been through this process myself and I have successfully come out the other side so therefore I have first hand experience from which I can draw upon in order to support you. Part of my mission on the Earth is to support those who travel along the same path.

The Goddess Kundalini

The Kundalini is the Goddess in her Serpent form. The Goddess Kundalini is worshipped in her power during the activation of the Kundalini in the body. To ride the Serpent to the stars allows you to channel an incredible life force through your body, connecting you to the stars and the Earth. By allowing the ascension of the Kundalini in the body you are merging the heavens with the Earth within the crucible that is the human form.

In her Serpent manifestation she is a dormant energy waiting for a trigger to wake her up, and thus allow her to uncoil herself, from the tight binds that hold her to the Earth and the base of the spine. As she spirals herself through the middle channel of the spine , activating the chakric system as she ascends , she is gaining wings in order to fly into the higher dimensions , and thus she is raising the frequency of the cells of the body . This in turn brings the physical human form closer to the realms of the Angels.

The symbol that many ancient people worshipped was the Winged Serpent. This symbol represents the ascended Kundalini. In its Serpent form it rises up travelling along the axis of the spine to merge with the Angelic Self which resides in the higher dimensions. Connecting heaven and Earth, they are becoming one within the mystic marriage, thus the Angelic Self and the Serpent Self become one being and thus the image of the winged Serpent is made manifest.

The Universe is a manifestation of the play between God and Goddess, Being and Becoming, Consciousness and Energy. In the human body, which microcosmically mirrors all cosmic principles and levels of existence, the divine energy expresses itself in two principal forms, the life force and the Serpent power (Kundalini). One is manifest and active in principle, this is the male expression which can be seen in the outside world as a tangible force of energy, some call it Chi or Ki. This force is utilised in martial art forms as well as being the energy behind a physical presence. Without Ki someone would have no physical presence or power. The other principle of the Universe is passive, and hidden, this is the female aspect of the Universe. This is an incredible force but remains hidden from most, until the day they awaken their Serpent energy and commune with the Goddess deep inside their bodies. Then and only then can they say that they know the Universe, in its manifest and unmanifest expressions.

The arrival of the Goddess Kundalini in each of the chakras causes each centre to vibrate intensely and to function fully. The departure of the Goddess power from the previous centre voids the energy which was present in that particular centre. For the Goddess purifies the centres and brings the energetic body into true balance. The Goddess is the queen of the Void, you can call upon her to wipe clean your karmic slate, she can void your pain, and bring you into an elevated state of forgiveness. Whilst in this aroused state, you are no longer functioning as a limited un-evolved human but are emanating the Goddess in all her glory. You are literally becoming the Goddess incarnate in physical form here on the Earth.

In her ascent towards the crown centre, the Kundalini invigorates the various chakras and then causes them to shut down again. But this shut-down differs from the earlier state of minimal function, they do not regress back to the original state but are cleaner and more vibrant, functioning more as they should. They are no longer closed down because of impurities (or karmic obstructions) because their energy has been transmuted. Hence when the Kundalini returns to its resting-place at the base of the spine, the chakras resume their respective functions but in a far more integrated or harmonious way.

The goal is to have the Kundalini remain permanently elevated to the crown chakra. At the beginning, however, the Kundalini will tend to return to the chakra at the base of the spine, because the body-mind is not yet adequately prepared. Therefore you must repeatedly invite the Goddess power to unite with her divine God, (Shiva), at the crown chakra. This will gradually remove the karmic inclination toward identifying with the body-mind-ego, so that it is possible to identify the self with the God – Goddess as one’s ultimate identity.

During the Kundalini activation it is possible to make a connection between the infinite divine creative energy – the Source (God) and the finite physical sexual energy – the Goddess. This process is referred to as “The Mystical Marriage”. For the Universal Soul Self to gain its highest spiritual potential while incarnated in a physical form, it has to activate the Kundalini energy locked in the base chakra and thus release this energy to then travel up to the crown chakra. Thus a merging between the heavens and the Earth comes about, this merging of male and female, god and Goddess energies enables the Universal Soul self to express itself here in its entirety in a physical human body. This is true enlightenment.

The dynamic merging of God and Goddess within the body triggers many processes that are deep and transforming. These processes affect all levels of the being, the mind, the emotions and the body. Chemical and biological processes are triggered into action and a transformation process begins within the DNA codes in the very cells of the body. This process aids the ascension of the body from a third dimensional reality to a fifth dimensional reality.

Personal experience

I had studied a lot of the literature regarding the Kundalini activation, I had always been curious as to what it entailed but thought I was light years away from ever experiencing anything like it. I thought it was only for the enlightened .I tried a few meditations but they had little effect. I read about those who had activated their Kundalini through yoga, chanting and meditation, and those who had been triggered by a guru or master. I thought this was the only route to the activation of the Kundalini. I had not heard of anyone being activated by a kiss from their twin flame.

This is how it happened to me, just like the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty; I was awoken by a single kiss by my prince charming.

I do not want to into too much detail here, as it is not important but a little back ground information is needed. I had been a friend of my Twin Flame for many years, not realising that was who he was, until he began to wake up spiritually and anchor in to his body who he really was, that is when I came to know him as my Twin Flame.

One evening walking home from a techno club we embraced and kissed. The moon was full shinning on the still water of the bay in which I lived. The whole scene was magical and I knew as our lips met that something very special was about to happen. My head span and my energy rose, my excitement was much more than would be expected from a simple kiss. Images of other existences we had had together filled my mind’s eye, fairy lovers in another dimension, as well as past life memories as humans.

 went home and slept deep and without dreams, which was unusual for me. I awoke the next morning very early and the instance that I rose from my bed and thought about the night before something very strange began to happen. An itchy heat began to spread around the base of my spine. The heat increased and as it did a pressure feeling. Every time I thought about my Twin Flame the heat increased and so did the pressure in my base chakra. At first I thought it was some strange excitement stimulated by the thought of how amazing the kiss had been. But as it began to build more and more I realised something much more was going on. The heat increased until my base chakra felt like it was on fire. The pressure feeling increased until my base chakra began to pulse; at first it was only subtle. Then it began to increase in strength until my base chakra began to pound and pump energy up my spine. I could feel my base chakra spinning faster and faster.

As the pumping increased the energy began to move up my body through the middle column of my spine. I realised that this energy was my Kundalini activating, as it spiralled as it ascended up my body. At first the energy was not so strong but it soon built in intensity. I must say that the Kundalini activation was not all together pleasant, I felt fear, as I knew the activation was completely out of my control and I could not regulate the energy that began to surge up my spine. I felt like I was sitting on a rocket that was about to take off.

The energy hit my sacral, second chakra with force. I felt suddenly very turned on; my sexual energy began to go off like a bomb in my belly. This sexual feeling increased until it was something more than merely being turned on, it increased until I felt sexually electrified. I was completely overwhelmed by the sexual energy that was contained in my second chakra. The feelings are hard to describe here, as words do not really express how powerful this energy felt. I was scared stiff. I closed my eyes and felt myself go into a trance. I rose to my feet and began to dance. I spiralled my hips around and around and as I did so I could feel the Serpent rise more and more and get stronger and stronger.

In my mind’s eye images of a dark tunnel began to appear. I travelled down this tunnel until I found myself in a dark and sinister looking temple. I was no longer myself; I was catapulted back in time to a past life. I was not just watching it as an observer; I was completely back in the past life. I was a temple dancer and I worked with snakes. They were everywhere. (You can read all about the Serpent Dancer in my book “Her Perspective “). I was very dark in this incarnation and as I relived the lifetime I felt masses of dark energy surging up from my second chakra. I thought I would be sick, I relived lifetime after lifetime where I abused my sexual power and worked hand in hand with the dark aspect of the Goddess. With the memories of each life surfacing I also felt the energy in my belly growing, it was a dark and poisonous Serpent.

Over the next few days, the energy continued to whirl around in my belly, I felt hot and then cold, vomiting several times, my emotions swinging from one extreme to another. One minute I was laughing amazed at my dark sexual power, the next I was feeling terrible guilt and remorse, crying uncontrollably. I did not feel like I was in my present life at all, I felt like I was back in time, experiencing dark lifetimes that held intense karmic energy in my body. The Kundalini energy was pulling the dark memories from the cells of my body, as it ascended further up my spine. This phase lasted about three days before it finally broke through the blocks in my second chakra and moved into the solar plexus.

I have never felt so much rage as I did when my Kundalini energy moved into my solar plexus. I felt like a bomb went off in my body and I screamed and screamed, I felt so much anger and rage. I cannot tell you how powerful this energy was in my body; it took me several days of being alone in my room, processing these feelings before I felt like I was breaking through them. I called out for the support of every higher being I could think of. Finally I felt the Kundalini energy subside and the feelings became less. I collapsed in a heap and went to bed.

My Kundalini had moved back down into my body and I thought the experience was all over, and for several months, I had no experience of my Kundalini. However I now had a lot of work to do on myself to clear the karmic energy that was trapped in my body, karma that I had incurred during these dark past lives. For several months I processed the negativity from my body, there was a place where the energy was compacted. It appeared in my mind’s eye as a black obsidian stone with symbols powerful and ancient written all over it.

There was one block in particular which did not want to break. This I discovered was holding information about the darkest aspect of the Goddess, Lilith. (You can read all about Lilith in my book “Her Perspective “).

I was travelling very fast down a dark and wet tunnel. I knew that not only was I going down inside the Earth but I was travelling deep inside of my body. Finally I came to an opening which took me into a cave but once I was inside I discovered there was no opening, I did not know how I had got into the cave in the first place. In the floor was a large black obsidian stone tablet which I knew covered an opening into the floor where there was yet another cave. All over the black stone were carved strange symbols. Under the stone in the cave beneath, Lilith was imprisoned. She was held prisoner, the symbols on the stone were symbols of power and prevented her escape. I knew Lilith was imprisoned deep in the bowels of the Earth, and also deep inside my body.

The Kundalini stayed in this place for three days before it was finally broke through this block in my second sexual chakra. Issues of the misuse of sexual power were the most prominent during this time, my emotions intense and strong. I felt the block in the small of my back; it was painful and hot for many weeks after. It seemed that each block held a mountain of information in story form. Even though it was very painful both emotionally and physically, my Kundalini activation was the most amazing experience I ever had.

It was several months later before I had another experience of the activation. I went to Arizona and went on a road trip with friends down to New Mexico; it took several days of travelling to get there. The evening before we set off I could not sleep and as the hours passed I felt my energy begin to rise. It was not so overwhelming as the time before, I guess it was calmer because I did not have so many blocks to pass through. I felt the Serpent energy move up through my base, second, third and heart chakra to come to rest in the throat chakra. My whole body was vibrating with a pulse which came from the base chakra; the base seemed to act as a pump, pumping the Kundalini energy up the spine. It stopped at the level of the throat chakra. I could not speak, eat or sleep for the next four days. I managed to write down on paper an explanation to my friends why I could not speak and they seemed to understand. Without being able to speak I went deep inside of myself and moved into a meditative space. Deep inside myself I found the Goddess.

At first she was a whisper, hard to hear over the chatter of my rational mind, but as my mind became quiet her voice rang out, loud and clear. For the next four days she talked to me, none stop, she told me her story. (You can read all about her story in my book “Her Perspective “.) Throughout this experience my whole body felt electrified, I could feel a cool tingling energy streaming down my body, coming out of my finger tips, I could feel the middle channel that lay along my spine and how the Kundalini energy moved up from the base to the throat chakra and I could feel how this channel continued to the crown. The Goddess Kundalini moved up and down my middle channel, clearing the pathways more and more, clearing the karma from my cells of my body. The whole experience took four days but it took me a further week before the energy subsided and I could sleep again. During this time I came to know Lilith .

During my communion with the Goddess she talked about how I had been a Serpent dancer in a past lives and how I could become one again in this lifetime. She explained that it would take months of training to get my body to the point where it would be fit enough to take the energy that she was going to activate within my body. She instructed me to begin a strict fitness programme; to get myself fit enough to handle the Serpent energy in my body. So I began the next day, a strict regime of running and weight training. She explained to me how fat in the body could not hold the Serpent energy, only muscle was capable of holding the power of the snake. I have never been over weight so there was not much fat for me to lose but I did not have toned muscular body and therefore I worked hard over the next few months to bring my body to the point of fitness that the Goddess asked for. Only when I was fit enough did the Goddess come back into my consciousness and start to instruct me in Serpent Dancing.

Serpent Dancing

The energetic body has its own systems, much like the physical body, these systems transport energy. This system is mainly made up of the chakras, which are wheels of power which take in energy and expel it to be recycled. There are seven within the physical body and several outside the body, both above in the stars and below in the Earth itself. This system connects us to the heavens and the Earth , energy passes from above and below into these centres, nourishing us with all the different frequencies of energy that we need to not only feed our physical bodies but also our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These energy centres within the body, lie along the spine from base to the crown of the head.

As well as the chakric system there is a fine network of channels which travels around the entire energetic body, much like the veins and arteries within the physical. This network is called the Meridian system. It is a fine network of channels which transport energy around the energetic body and this also filters energy to the third dimensional physical body. Where two meridians cross a node is formed, these can become congested with negative energy and block the free flow. There are many new age therapies which address this problem, such as acupuncture and reflexology. The Kundalini energy when activated travels up the spine from base to crown clearing out the channels and then passes through the chakras, clearing them of negativity and bringing them back into balance. There are three channels which run up the spine, the main middle channel and two that snake or weave around the middle channel either side. One is called the Ida and it is female in its vibration, the other is called the Pingala and is male in its vibration. The Kundalini travels up the middle channel on activation. If the Kundalini moves into either the Ida or the Pingala, it can have devastating consequences.

The Kundalini moves up the spine spinning the chakras faster and faster enabling them to them push their energy into the meridian system, which then carries the energy all around the energetic body. The meridian system also needs to be cleared of its blocks in order for the Kundalini energy to move around in a free-flowing fashion. It is important that the channels are cleared in order for this free flow to happen, the Kundalini can clear these blocks on its activation but in order for it to move into the meridian channels and activate the codes in the energetic body, the meridian system has to be brought into balance. This is a challenge to clear the meridian system, this rarely happens instantly, even with a full blown Kundalini activation.

Once you have awoken the Serpent you must coax it or tame it, into moving around the body. It is possible to unblock the meridian system by channelling the Serpent energy along various routes, taking it to the nodes in the meridian system which are blocked and are in need of re-balancing. Not only is it possible to unblock the meridian system, it is also possible to be able to bring the whole of the energetic body into an elevated state of consciousness by fine tuning the meridian system. It is then possible to anchor into the body, the energies of the higher dimensional aspects that you have within your multi dimensional identity. The various aspects that make up your multidimensional consciousness enter the body and can anchor their energetic signature into the matrix or network. Their presence alone raises the frequency of the energetic body and in turn this affects the physical body, and thus this aids the raising of the physical body’s vibrational rate. This raising of vibrational rate is a perquisite to your ascension from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. This is the transformation that is occurring on the planet Earth at this time.

I had, had several Kundalini activations during my life. Every one of them had been spontaneous and were in no way orchestrated. I did not think it was possible to activate the Kundalini by will or intent. This all changed when the Goddess came to me and began to instruct me in ways of activating the Kundalini myself. When I say the Goddess came to me, I mean that she moved her energy into my body and I channelled her energy. I have channelled a lot of different beings in my time, however whenever I channel the Goddess it is different, it is much more physical, it does not feel like she was coming from outside of my body, (from some higher dimension in the stars), no, it feels more like I am accessing her from some place deep inside my bones.

As the Goddess came into my awareness, I felt a heavy over powering energy moving up from the Earth and enveloping me. The Goddess is of the Earth and therefore for me she feels heavy and dense, yet strangely warm. The muscles in my body ache slightly, as she enters me, a dull ache that comes from deep inside my muscles. I feel warm all over, not hot, but some how steamy, I can see and feel my aura becoming like steam, like I am in a Turkish bath. I feel heady and dip in and out of a trance that builds more and more intensely.

I begin to lose my sense of self, I do not feel like I am me any more, I am the Goddess and I am her devotee all at the same time. I often feel tired when she first comes into my body and have a fit of yawning, which makes my body shiver and shudder. This is the Goddess moving into all cells of my body. Then I feel completely tranced out, like my mind and head has grown and I do not think rationally anymore, I am like a sponge, simply intuitive. She whispers to me single words or a string of words, to trigger more information but we do not talk in a rational way, with conversation, she uses pictures and intense emotional feelings and physical body reactions, to tell me what she wants me to know.

The Goddess moved into my awareness and showed me again the images of the past life I had had, when I was a Serpent Dancer. I saw again the woman from my past, strong and muscular, with a dancer’s body. She had long hair that was braided with silver threads. All over her body were strange symbols literally carved into her skin, tattoos of a sort. She wore nothing but a silver chain that wound around her neck, and then passed down her chest splitting into two, to pass through two silver rings that pierced her nipples, and then this chain wound itself around her waist. She danced the most amazing dance; she moved her arms and hands in strange patterns of movements that seem to mean something, like it was another language. She spiralled her hips around and around which seemed to build the Serpent energy that began to wake up and ascend her body from the base chakra.

The Serpent energy built until it began to ascend the body and move up the spine activating the chakras as it did so. I saw all the colours of the chakras pure and vibrant radiating their light into the aura of the Serpent Dancer, until she looked like she was dancing in, an aura of swirling colours. I saw how her body began to change appearance; her skin looked like it was covered in shimmering snake scales. Her body looked more flexible and the tattoos shone with strange silver light. I watched as she accelerated the atoms of the cells of her physical body, I realised she was transforming and ascending to a higher dimension. The Goddess explained to me that she was indeed ascending and I had in this lifetime (that I was viewing) totally transformed, enlightened and evolved myself through working with the Serpent in my body. She explained to me how the woman I was seeing had dedicated her whole life to the worship of the Goddess and had danced with the Serpent every day of her life.

The Goddess explained to me that I could greatly aid my transformation in my present lifetime if I learnt to dance with the Serpent again. I thought to myself, “This is going to be a tall order “. Even though I was fit and agile, and could in fact dance well, I did not think I could achieve such movements with ease. I thought I would have to spend a lot of time doing yoga and the like, to make my body as flexible, as the dancer I saw before me. I had read a lot of literature about Kundalini Yoga and the like, I had even attempted the positions but with my busy lifestyle I thought it would take me years to be adept at even some of the simpler positions. To be honest I gave up. When the Goddess gave me this information, I was doubtful of my success. The Goddess reassured me, by telling me that I had the memory in my body and that once my Serpent was triggered it would awaken those memories and I would remember, rather than have to relearn how to be a Serpent Dancer.

The Goddess then went on to show me how I could activate the Kundalini and guide its energy around the body via the meridian system through the medium of dance. She showed me through the Serpent Dancer how I could activate the Serpent and then build its energy until there was enough to push it up the spine and activate the chakras. Once it had got to the crown its energy moved not unlike water out of the crown chakra, to flow down into the meridian system activating it as it did so. She showed me how to build the energy and push it by moving the body in different ways, moving the energy along the arms and hands, creating patterns in the auric field. The patterns seemed to build a network of energy around the body which then harnessed the energy further; building the Serpent energy more and more.

I watched with fascination, I could not imagine that I would ever achieve this. However I was willing to give it a try, what else could I do? I have always loved to dance; I had been a stage dancer in techno clubs in my twenties and thirties. I had integrated my many multidimensional aspects via dance and movement. I was no stranger to expressing the energy of my selves through dance, feeling their energies moving around my body, spinning my chakras faster with certain movements. So when the Goddess told me I could work with the Kundalini through dance I was very happy.

She took me down into the Earth, deep inside her body, to where the Serpent energy lived in its pure form. I closed my eyes and I saw dark and warm tunnels that took me deep inside her body. In what seemed to be the very centre of the planet I entered a temple with images of Serpents painted on the walls and statues of Serpent goddess standing proud in all four corners. Inside this temple was the energy of the Serpent, I could see spirals of light which resembled Serpents everywhere. Whilst I was in this place, the Goddess taught me how to focus on the openings in the bottoms of my feet, where the energy of the Serpent would enter my body. I felt a tickling on the soles of my feet, as the Serpent beneath me began to stir. This tickling changed into a warm tingle which spread up my legs. The Goddess taught me how to breathe in a way which would coax the Serpent energy up my legs, it was not strong at first but the more I breathed and concentrated, the more it increased in intensity. As I breathed, I made my “ in” breath much longer than the “ out” and at the same time I visualised the snake moving up my legs.

I could feel two currants of energy running up my legs but also I could feel how the energy was spiralling in a figure of eight weaving from one leg to the other. I could feel how when the energy lines crossed each other, the energy was increased. It was as if one line of energy was positive and the other negative and when they crossed they were completing a circuit and building the energy stronger and stronger. As the two currants came up to the base of my spine, I felt a heat and a pressure feeling building up in my base chakra.

The base chakra began to pump as it had done in previous activations. I allowed this pumping however the Goddess told me to not allow the Serpent energy further up my body, not until it had built enough energy. She explained to me that if I let the Serpent energy rise without building the energy first, the energy would not be potent enough to reach the head and it would not then shower down over my body and run through the many channels that made up my meridian network. This building up of energy was required to give me enough energy to not only ascend the middle channel but also spill over into the channels that made up my meridian system.

I could feel the Serpent energy wanting to rise, I did not know how to keep in locked in my base, and then the Goddess taught me how to do the root lock that is often talked about in Kundalini yoga texts. I tensed the muscle that lies between the anus and the vagina, it felt just like it does when you want the toilet and you are holding yourself. The more I tensed this muscle and breathed into this place, the more intense the Serpent energy became. Once there was enough energy the Goddess told me to let the tension go and allow the Serpent up my body into my second chakra.

As the Serpent moved into my second chakra, I felt an amazing feeling; it was very sensual, sexual and very powerful, I almost swooned with the intensity of it. My whole belly became very warm; the Serpent began to swirl in my belly. Again I could feel it wanting to rise further up my body, but the Goddess told me to not allow this, but to move the Serpent around inside my belly in a figure of eight. This I did by moving my hips around and around, using the belly dancing techniques I had learnt in Egypt. This made the Serpent very happy I could feel joy coming from my belly and spreading all over my hips, and lower back.

I could keep up this swirling for as long as I wanted to, I could tease the Serpent and as I did so I started to orgasm. At first the feeling was localised to between my legs but as the energy built and built this feeling spread until I could feel myself orgasming in all my muscles in my lower body. It was simply amazing I have never felt anything quite like it. Waves upon waves of pleasure swept over the lower half of my body, building in intensity, almost becoming too much. It was also quite tiring as if I was not strong enough or flexible enough to take the intensity of the Serpent energy.

This was my first Serpent Dancing lesson with the Goddess. At first I could only get the energy to build enough to take me to the second chakra. I felt suddenly tired as the Serpent energy moved back down my body and went back inside the Earth. Over the next weeks I worked daily with my Serpent energy. Sometimes it would come into my body and want me to really dance for long periods of time, other times it would move me to stretch and flex like a cat. At the same time I ran 8 miles everyday as well as doing weight training to build my muscles. It was not that the Serpent dancing was really hard and strenuous physically, it was that muscles could hold the Serpent energy much better than fat or bone. I needed to be fit to be able to hold the Serpent energy for longer times in my body. So I ventured on to a challenging and intense training programme.

Over the next months I danced with my snake daily, and moved through many blocks until the energy was all the way up my body, from feet to the top of my head. I danced the most amazing intricate dance patterns and movements and was amazed at how I could move my body. It was as if I was possessed by some other self which was adept at moving their body like this. I could not imagine myself being able to move in such a way on my own. I could feel the whole network of my energetic body responding to the Serpent energy running through my body. When I closed my eyes I could see it, it looked like silvery blue lines of light which created the most incredible patterns within my energetic body. I had seen this before whilst working with the Antari (alien beings from a very high dimension who work on the light body- you can read all about them in the beings index). The energetic body looked like it was made up of mandalas, amazing patterns of light. By dancing intricate hand and arm movements, I performed mudras, balanced my meridian system, cleared the nodes where the energy crossed in my meridian system until I balanced the lines, and brought the whole system into an elevated state.

Most of the patterns were mirror reflections of each other. I found that if I performed a certain pattern of movement on the right hand side, I had to do the same on the left. All the patterns were connected and seemed to fit together, always in figures of eight, the symbol of the Serpent. By moving a block that I found in my solar plexus (for example) into the right side of my body and working it through an already balanced pattern, I was able to clear the block from the left side of my body. I did this over and over until I removed enough of the blocks and the Serpent energy moved into a new place and began its work on rebalancing this part of my body too. The network was highly complex and made up of layers and layers of patterns, which were individual, yet all came together to create the most incredible matrix of energy. By dancing and performing specific movements I could feel and see myself bringing my energy systems into balance.

The currants of energy seemed to travel along certain pathways, just like blood travels around the body in a set path. The Serpent energy travelled around the energetic body along certain routes, in specific directions. By moving the energy in the correct direction, I found I could heal myself on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I found that certain emotions or sets of thought patterns were expressed within the movement of a certain pattern, to bring the emotion or thoughts back into alignment with the perfection blueprint. As I worked more and more with my matrix I began to see a desired perfected blueprint which was not yet realised, or manifested. This blueprint was layered over the top of my energetic body. It was faint but as I worked more and more with the Serpent energy it became more vivid. I realised that I was not only healing and rebalancing patterns, but I was in fact weaving in new patterns to bring the energetic body into a higher expression.

As I created new patterns and I worked to the designs of the blueprint, new codes were set in place. Where the main nodes of the meridian system were situated in my body, symbols began to appear. I could see how these symbols represented codes which were being activated within my DNA. These codes had always been there, given to me by the Goddess, they were inherent within my physical human body. The codes were not fully activated; the building of these new patterns within the energetic body activated the codes within my DNA. I could feel this process going on inside my body. I could feel a tingling in the cells of my body; I could feel the sparks that were created in my DNA as I activated the codes within the helix. I could feel the same network of energy inside my energetic body reflected in the cells of my physical body, it was as if I was awakening a hidden power in the cells of my physical form.

I looked at my skin when I had finished working with the Serpent I could see what looked like tattoos symbols all over my body. They were in the places where the nodes of the meridian system were situated. I have since physically tattooed one of these symbols on my body. I have a small symbol on the nape of my neck. This symbol released a huge block in my energetic body and allowed a gap in a main line of energy within my energetic body to be healed, so the Serpent could complete its journey up the spine to the crown of my head. I remembered many past lives during which I tattooed symbols all over my body. One past life in particular I activated all the codes in my DNA through working with the Serpent and had expressed this in the form of tattooing all the codes as symbols all over my body. (You can read about this lifetime in “Her Perspective”).

The choreography of this dance is incredible, it would take years to learn it, but as I close my eyes and let go, the Serpent moves me and I find myself dancing in the most incredible way. I can move my body in ways that I cannot when I dance on my own without my snake. It is a truly ecstatic experience; I feel incredible energy in my body, which makes me feel alive, energised, ecstatic and blissed out. I feel my heart chakra open and love pour into me from the Universe and I also feel it radiating out from my body to world around me. I feel totally in tune with the Earth beneath my feet and the stars above my head. I feel the currants of energy moving up and down my body in showers of love and ecstasy. Sometimes I even swoon and feel light headed and a little faint the energy is so strong. It is very sexual and I orgasm, not only in my sexual centre but all over my body, I can feel this orgasm going off in all of my chakras. My vision explodes I can see other dimensions and beings in bright colour and also I can see other Serpent energies all around me. I can feel the Goddess like warm water all over my body, inside and out. It truly is amazing.

When the Serpent goes back down inside the Earth, my body is left with a hum, I can feel a vibration in the cells of my body, places where the snake has burrowed and dissolved my many blocks. I can feel the streams of energy still moving around my body, and even though I am a little tired I do not hurt or ache in any way. I feel like my body has had a good massage.

Throughout the whole dancing session I dedicate every movement to the Goddess, for I feel that when I dance with the Serpent I am honouring the Goddess, giving her myself in dance as a gift. In return she is taking me on an amazing adventure deep inside of myself. Not one session is the same; some are hard work as I work on intense and stubborn issues. Others are full of power and I feel totally elated when I finish, other times I feel I have worked hard and have come to a stuck place and will have to work on it more. I also find that the blocks or issues become highlighted in my outside reality, in my third dimensional life. I see them in their entirety; get to see how they operate in myself and my life. I also see how they affect other aspects of myself as well as other people. Then I will call the Serpent energy into my body and work on the pattern that houses the energetic pattern of the issue or block and once it is cleared in my energetic body, it also clears from my life. This truly is an amazing tool for transformation.

Once I was able to move the Serpent through all of my body unobstructed, the Goddess told me I was ready to teach other people how to activate their Serpents. I then went on to teach women mainly within my “Hidden woman “seminars how to activate and work with their Serpents.

During this seminar I ask the women to leave the room and I prepare the energy of the room for the entrance of the Goddess and the Serpent. I cleanse all negative or unwanted influences from the room; it is amazing how many other dimensional energies can stand in the way of the activation of the Serpent energy. For example high dimensional beings such as star beings can pull the recipient out of their body and thus the Serpent can not be activated because they are not in their bodies. I ask for only the energies which are going to aid the facilitation of this process to stay in the room. I then call in the energy of the Goddess.

I sit in the centre of the room and close my eyes and put out a mental request for her to come into the room and my conscious awareness. I spend as long as it takes for this to happen. I then go around and activate the vortexes under each of the participant’s chair. These vortexes are all over the planet and can be activated at will. There are huge Serpent channels and vortexes which run all over the planet , some call these channels dragon lines or ley lines and the vortexes are often shown by the placement of sacred sites upon them , such as Stonehenge here in England.

It is just my intent which activates the vortexes, I also use my hands to spiral around the vortexes, increasing their spin until I am satisfied that they are completely activated and strong. In truth the individual Kundalini Serpent is located at the base of each person’s spine, but there are also the Serpent energies of the planet which live inside the Earth and aid the activation of the Kundalini in a person’s body. I see these beings as smaller spirals of silvery light, which resemble snakes, which weave together and move up the legs and then spark the Kundalini into action. The Goddess explained to me that this is her energy in Serpent form. There have been those who have activated their Serpent through yoga and meditation and this is still valid, however she explained to me that in these modern times, this process can be easier and much more successful if the support of these Serpent beings is called upon. For as they move into the body they activate the Kundalini with ease. This is a gift from the Goddess and it is only because I have become a clear channel for her energy, am I able to call in these Serpent beings to aid me whilst I support the participants of my seminars.

Once the stage is set I call the women back into the room. I ask them to treat the space as if it is sacred, as if it is a temple dedicated to the Goddess Kundalini herself. It is not the physical space itself which makes a room sacred but the energy it contains and the power of the intent which named it as a sacred space. By doing all the preparation work before hand I am able to create a sacred space out of an ordinary space and the women on entering this space can feel it. The talking ceases and the women feel and know in their bones that something special is going to happen when they enter this space. As they take their seats, I go around the room and ask them one by one how they feel, what impressions, and thoughts they have now they have taken their seats. Many feel a fear as the blocks in their bodies begin to react to the presence of the snake energy. Many have a feeling of being over whelmed by the power of the Serpent. Some feel sick and want to vomit as the Serpent power is strong and potent, like a strong wine or beer intoxicating them and making them feel nauseous.

I explain to the women what is going to happen and what energy we are working with and this sometimes throws the women into more fear, as some are accessing the fear of the Serpent which is encoded into the DNA of the physical form. They are coming up against the programming of the Annunaki which is present in the DNA; this was inserted in the early days of mankind’s development on the planet and has been there ever since. Every time someone accesses the Serpent energy this code in the DNA is fired into action and produces a fear of the Serpent energy in the body. This program is trying to prevent the full activation of the Kundalini. The Annunaki did not want and still do not want people accessing this power, as it would mean they lose their control. Many of the women fall into this fear and I have to hold the energy of truth and transformation, so they can process out this fear, deactivate this code and totally remove it from the DNA. This allows them to become free of the Annunaki programming and they then have full access to the Serpent energy.

I do this by asking them to close their eyes and go into their bodies, feel how they feel in that moment; I ask them to really feel the fear and the sickness. I ask them to call in the energy of the Goddess and breathe her into the place where the discomfort is, the discomfort is a signal from the body to where the negativity and the fear is situated. The Goddess helps them clear this fear until they are clear enough to allow the Serpent to enter their bodies through the feet. I talk the women through the process and also I channel the Serpent energy into the room to intensify the process. The women feel the Serpent enter their bodies, activating their chakras as the Serpent ascends the spine. The Serpent energy moves through the blocks in the chakric system and lights them up in each of the chakras, I can see the chakras opening up like flowers, radiating the pure colour of the chakra now that they are healed. Not all of the women manage to get the Serpent energy all the way up the spine to the crown and therefore they know they have more work to do to remove the blocks to the Serpent’s passage. For those who are able to allow the Serpent energy all the way up their spine to the crown, move into the frequency of ecstasy , often they are over whelmed by the feelings that accompany the activation of the Serpent.

The women often rise to their feet once the Serpent has moved up into the heart centre; they often dance spontaneously performing the same movements that the Goddess taught me over the weeks of preparation. It is a wonderful scene to behold. The women look different with all these new and vibrant colours emanating from their auras. Even their physical forms look different; they look more beautiful, emanating the energy of the Goddess. They feel very different about themselves and this becomes evident when the process is finished and I ask each one of them for feedback on the process. Many do not have the words to describe what they have experienced; words like amazing, wonderful and ecstatic are used often. It brings me such joy to share this gift with the other women. I know then that I am doing my work well and I can feel the appreciation of the Goddess for what I have achieved.

I was asked by a friend of mine in America if it was possible to perform the Kundalini activation from afar. I did not think it would be possible, but we tried anyway. We did it over the phone; it was not as successful as she had to keep listening intensely to what I was saying. So we decided to set up a time when she would simply tune into me and allow what ever was going to happen to simply be. It was very successful and therefore I began to work with people in this way. The Goddess told me that this service would not be for everyone and I was to be aware that I would have to ask her first before going ahead and that for some I would have to refuse as it was not appropriate for them at that time. Since that time I have performed this service for a hand full of people, all have been very successful.

I offer Kundalini activation sessions remotely if you are interested in beginning this amazing journey too. And most importantly your Soul says that it is appropriate for you to request this. (You can see this in the services section of my website.

Process to remove the Annunaki codes from the DNA.

Sit quietly and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax the body and mind. Take your awareness into the body, shut out the distraction from the outside and focus within. Ask your Soul to build its energy in the air around you and when you intuitively feel that there is enough energy, then breathe the energy in. Try to get as much of your Soul’s energy into the body as possible. Also ask your Soul to put a protective bubble around you, as this will prevent the energy of the Annunaki disrupting the process.

Imagine the DNA as a spiralling ladder of light which is made up of patterns not unlike snowflake patterns. See the patterns working in harmony with each other, balanced and functioning correctly. Inspect the ladder to find the Annunaki codes. You will spot them straight away, as they are not in harmony with the other patterns. They may appear as dark strands of the DNA, or they simply may stick out as if they are an after thought, they are not flowing with the overall design of your DNA ladder.

Take your focus into the place of these Annunaki codes and also breathe in the energy of your Soul into this place. Ask your Soul to bring you the energy of harmony. Keep breathing in this energy into the Annunaki codes and also see the pattern changing to resemble the other harmonised patterns. Allow any feelings or emotions to come up as you may find that past life issues arise whilst you work on the removal of these codes. Many of you have had dealings with the Annunaki and their energy before in past lives and these memories will surface in the form of buried emotions to be cleared. Keep breathing in the energy of your Soul and your Soul will clear the negative energies from your body and DNA. When your DNA patterns look the same as the others and are radiating a bright light, then you know you have achieved the removal of the negative Annunaki codes.

Men’s Kundalini activation.

Whilst I was running the “Hidden Woman “seminars a lot of my male clients asked me when I was going to do a male seminar. I explained to them that as I was not a man myself I would find this difficult. When I worked with the women I knew how to work with their energies, as I had the same energetic setup as the women and I was not sure that performing the same energy techniques would work on the men. I then went away and thought about it and decided this was ridiculous as the Kundalini must be the same in women and men. I asked my best male friend if I could experiment on him and he agreed. I performed the same energy technique on him as I had with the women and it worked in exactly the same way. It may seem that this article is only for women but this is not true.

I did other seminars during which I worked with both the men and the women on their Kundalini activations and the only difference that I found between the sexes, was the women were much more allowing with their emotions than the men. I also noticed that the women internalised their sexual energy, where as the men externalised their sexual energy. Apart from this they were exactly the same. The men had a problem sharing their emotions as they all had the programming “big boys do not cry”, this was seen by them as a weakness. They were more concerned in how the other men in the group would see this weakness than the women. However the Serpent was powerful and after some time they could not control their emotions and a torrent of repressed emotions came flooding out. The Goddess held them too in her loving embrace and they too healed, I watched the Serpent energy move up through the chakras of the men and reach the crown and they too moved into ecstasy. It was an awesome sight to behold.

I am still working daily with the serpent energy; I cannot say that I am able to hold the energy continually in my body, which is my aim. However each time I call in this amazing force I remove more and more of the blocks and am able to hold a little more energy each time. I dedicate the rest of my life to this endeavour and wish all those of you out there who want to walk this path, great success and ecstasy.